Best Dubstep Mix 2019 [Brutal Dubstep Drops]

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Best Dubstep Mix 2019 [Brutal Dubstep Drops]
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  • Alex MTCH
    Alex MTCH  10 months ago +420

    🔥Thank you guys for the support!🔥
    🔥2019 will be an year full of Brutal Dubstep Mixes!🔥

    HENRY Day ago

    Fucking good mix 🔥✌

  • 1nDeKatOr
    1nDeKatOr 2 days ago

    The beat dropped harder then my grandma down the stairs

  • francisco ontiveros
    francisco ontiveros 3 days ago +1

    is that the bubble bee from trasnformer

  • James Hare
    James Hare 5 days ago

    So what different from 2009?
    Nothing lol

    • The Meating
      The Meating 2 days ago

      Very. This has hectic electric influence. Less rhythm and flow

  • Skyler Mcmorran
    Skyler Mcmorran 7 days ago +1

    you should probably make a timeline for when the songs start

  • Buck Zero
    Buck Zero 7 days ago

    Was ist denn das alles nur noch für eine Kinderkacke? Entweder so ein Vocalsschrott der gesungen wird, als wären es Schlager oder irgendwelchen piepsigen Kindersounds. Alles nur noch Commerz Dreck.

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man 7 days ago

    пиздец рекламы, невозможно слушать

  • Adrián
    Adrián 7 days ago

    Wallpaper pls ?

  • Suzanne Falzon
    Suzanne Falzon 13 days ago

    2nd one is my fave I think i’ Listen to it all

  • Suzanne Falzon
    Suzanne Falzon 13 days ago +1

    No one can dislike this I swear but why and how, hate that this and others hmmmmm..... lemme think, THERE HEADS HAVE BEEN HIT BYE YA METEOR INT CONCRETE, that’s how messed up there heads are for not liking dis

  • Suzanne Falzon
    Suzanne Falzon 13 days ago +1

    Not bad not bad.pretty good I gotta say I love all dubstep but one time I don’t like

  • Giovani M
    Giovani M 14 days ago

    Ads, ads everyfuckingwhere

  • NaRoXy
    NaRoXy 15 days ago

    it's very harrd

  • 日本のローマ市民
    日本のローマ市民 19 days ago +3


  • Cavemanfbs1
    Cavemanfbs1 22 days ago

    Not my style wheres the riddim

  • だこいけ
    だこいけ 23 days ago

    1:30:00 これ押した後にもう1回再生するボタン押したら広告消えるで

  • ирина семакова

    Сраная реклама посреди трека нахрен не обосралась!

  • 黄冠翰
    黄冠翰 25 days ago


  • Mau Carballo
    Mau Carballo 27 days ago

    i thought the dubsteb has been die hahahaha

  • Kayleb Phillips
    Kayleb Phillips 29 days ago

    12 ads...

  • junyoung jo
    junyoung jo Month ago

    Just drag scroll bar of this music until almost end. After that, wait for end of this music. If you play again, you can enjoy this mix without any commercials!!!!!!

  • саша баранчин

    а я русский мне похуй

  • korpan gaming
    korpan gaming Month ago

    It sucks very bad try searchin up most brutal dubstep shows disturbed on it

  • ксифирс игры

    This is Amazing

  • Тринитро -Оксиметилфурфурол

    it sounds like a 2020 y

  • Adrian Peia
    Adrian Peia Month ago +1


  • Владимир Словецкий

    новое дай мне к слуху

  • Leandro Veloso
    Leandro Veloso Month ago


  • 王某某
    王某某 Month ago

    whoever made that background picture of whatever random eastern street, doesnt know any Japanese

  • Kevin Sahlström
    Kevin Sahlström Month ago

    2013 vibes

  • David Haber
    David Haber Month ago +1

    Damn son, always looking for badass playlists. Great Job! Love it

  • Zachary Soun
    Zachary Soun Month ago

    Sick dick dude. Sick dick

  • chenxjaja
    chenxjaja Month ago

    Dubstep is the only thing it can defeat kpop

  • Adrian Peia
    Adrian Peia Month ago


  • Evgeny Reebok
    Evgeny Reebok Month ago


  • Anthony Bruno
    Anthony Bruno Month ago

    Brutal drops with no melody.

  • Pixelated Cats
    Pixelated Cats Month ago +1

    I have a name for these type of characters that have human features but are robots

  • Star Boring
    Star Boring Month ago

    Panda Eyes not here ; [

  • I'm Awesomess
    I'm Awesomess Month ago

    Seeing my boy James at 49:32 is a nice fucking touch 🤟🏼

  • Jarret Taylor
    Jarret Taylor Month ago +1

    0:00 Fukkk Offf - Bang Your Head (Naeleck & KATFYR Remix)
    2:27 OmegaMode - Shade Rider
    7:33 Nanoo - Feed Them (Original Mix)
    10:07 Wubbaduck - Savior
    12:46 Wild Boyz! & R3x0R - Game
    16:11 Audioweapon - Champion Sound
    19:49 Evilwave - Parasite
    23:08 Rob Gasser - Love Is Over
    26:11 Radeye - Hafla
    29:35 MONXX Vs. Virtual Riot - Virtual Wonk
    32:15 Zeneth - All I Ask Of You (Bootleg)
    35:21 OmegaMode - Arrival Edit
    38:35 RAVACHOL - YOI BOI
    41:19 Blaize - The Elephant
    43:45 bassReaper - Horus (VIP)
    46:05 Nyptane - Broken
    49:42 Control Freak - Guillotine
    53:19 Rebound - Saturated
    57:04 Room 302 (Original Mix)

  • Ushton Fljabon
    Ushton Fljabon Month ago

    Dave Crowe Would approve

  • Tyty White
    Tyty White Month ago

    Day 8 of no fap , I rather stop listening to hip pop and rather listen to this , I feel pure listening to this .

    PANSTUDIOS Month ago

    i listen to dis while playing minecraft hardcore

  • Cruz Virata
    Cruz Virata Month ago

    Here's to dUbStEp Pandora could NEVER give you.

  • awesome sauce 3000
    awesome sauce 3000 Month ago +1

    Do a Brutal Dubstep baby shark remix

  • Freedeoxide
    Freedeoxide Month ago


  • toosloww
    toosloww Month ago

  • Ravior Metal
    Ravior Metal 2 months ago

    God the design of that mask is so bad

  • Iguana 037
    Iguana 037 2 months ago +1

    why do u never add a tracklist there where so many songs i wanted to add to my playlist but i didnt know what they where so if u see this u know what u should be doing . . . sick songs btw! :D

  • Edwin M Edwin M
    Edwin M Edwin M 2 months ago


  • Andrei P
    Andrei P 2 months ago +1

    8:00 two transformers getting it on ~!!~

  • Edwin M Edwin M
    Edwin M Edwin M 2 months ago


  • K. PacificNW
    K. PacificNW 2 months ago

    Gets a little too complicated. Some points are not perfectly on beat. Not repetitive and monotonous enough; those things are *good* for dubstep and trance type music; it can really hypnotize you. So don't get too tricky. With that said: What the hell do I know. Nothing. Keep up the great work!

  • moi700 HN
    moi700 HN 2 months ago

    Name song plis

  • Prasanna Jeebi
    Prasanna Jeebi 2 months ago

    This is lit bro🤪🤪

  • sub human scum
    sub human scum 2 months ago


  • Zeke the freak
    Zeke the freak 2 months ago

    I first listened to dubstep videos in 2015 throughout these years I like this the best

  • Артур Масленников

    Personally for me, - dubstep is dead. Where is old Mt.eden?

  • Tio Ratnasari
    Tio Ratnasari 2 months ago

    Main Gabi's bg