Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes

  • Published on Jan 4, 2018
  • Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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  • Stanton Landreth
    Stanton Landreth 6 hours ago +2

    Does anyone even notice that he has the Phub beat in the video..

  • racingdriver05
    racingdriver05 13 hours ago

    Your cookin in a burnt pan ya Donkey. 😥😨

  • Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin Rhodes 19 hours ago

    There’s nothing better than penis and chilli seasoning lol jk Gordon

  • Robert Knight
    Robert Knight Day ago

    Minty Mushy Peas are amazing! I cannot imagine eating them any other way now!

  • Lesly Benavides
    Lesly Benavides Day ago

    How hot should the oven be for number 5?

  • john jessup
    john jessup Day ago

    can you tell me how to cook swordfish ? love it. thanks

  • Samuel Dixon
    Samuel Dixon 2 days ago

    Combining penis and chili flakes is pretty daring! 3:45

  • Dr. KiwiYT
    Dr. KiwiYT 2 days ago

    I just wanted a simple fish not a hole ingredients I dident know was possible for fish

  • Mary Hunt
    Mary Hunt 2 days ago +1

    I have never been hungier, or hornier, in in entire life. 😘😘💧🌊

  • Fiore Vitola
    Fiore Vitola 3 days ago


    AUBAME YANG 3 days ago

    Was about to throw up when i found out that the bowl of salt wasnt flour

  • Lucky Team
    Lucky Team 3 days ago

    Great ! Thank you for sharing great information. new potential project @

  • MR. B
    MR. B 4 days ago

    Its f@#kin burnt



  • Shiela Holman
    Shiela Holman 4 days ago

    And your kitchen!!!! That's my dream kitchen!!!...it's beautiful!!!

  • ed 3000
    ed 3000 4 days ago

    When he says peanuts it sounds like penis..

  • Jacques Ingram
    Jacques Ingram 5 days ago

    Bobby Flay vs Gordon Ramsay

  • patricky persto
    patricky persto 5 days ago

    What's season flower?

  • magnetictheory
    magnetictheory 5 days ago +1

    Yeah nobody's wasting all that salt in a domestic kitchen. Just do something else.

  • Mystrohan
    Mystrohan 5 days ago

    Wonder what Gordon would do with a fish curry.

  • TheEvil
    TheEvil 5 days ago

    Why I always watch food video when I am hungry?(

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 5 days ago


  • CubedNoob
    CubedNoob 6 days ago +3

    Is it me or is it that intro sounds like pornhub

  • stockart whiteman
    stockart whiteman 6 days ago

    Its not the weirdest food but a chip butty is just fries on bread right? Seems like a strange thing to become popular but i also don't live in the uk so...

  • husserliana
    husserliana 7 days ago

    That's disgustingly unhealthy. I'm French, and we here will never understand know how the English call what they eat "food", and the guys who prepare it "cooks". No way. British are certainly good at a lot of stuff but it's not cuisine. HAHAHAH..... That's not food, that's crap, sorry.

  • J Furrow
    J Furrow 7 days ago

    Want that beautiful blue cooking pan

  • JohnLoCicero
    JohnLoCicero 7 days ago +1

    With a word like "peanuts," it's really important to put some effort into pronouncing the "T."

    • Manfromvegas
      Manfromvegas 21 hour ago

      @4k Starfish This must be a no fun zone

    • 4k Starfish
      4k Starfish 2 days ago

      It's more important to not be 12 year old boy about it

  • sargonsrobot2
    sargonsrobot2 7 days ago

    Melania Trumps greasy fish finger?

  • nobudget show
    nobudget show 7 days ago

    not professionally made but not bad tvclip.biz/video/oR0Qy5AplRE/video.html

  • Anjan Aireddy
    Anjan Aireddy 7 days ago

    I’m gonna give that thumbnail fish my dick if it don’t stop lookin like that

  • Josefina Hernández, Santo Domingo; Rep. Dom

    Hola Cheff; Mis saludos desde Santo Domingo RD.

  • Change Pegasus
    Change Pegasus 8 days ago

    I like so much this Chanel and I’ve already made many recipes. Im from Brazil and our gastronomy is very rich. But Gordon uses all the ingredients and spices of the world, so I had to learn English and spices, fruits and vegetables in english to make these recipes, becayse brazilian food loves variety ! And because there arent subtitles!! Lol Im still learning this language but step by step , Im better and better and Now, I can understsnd many full recipes Thks!!!

  • Malin Boyle
    Malin Boyle 8 days ago

    Gordon on a plane:
    Gordon: sits in first class
    try the food...
    Gordon: This is fookin dry!!
    Flight attendant: bro we is on dat plane dou wat you expect maine


    I almost got in trouble you now the song when it says the numbers my parents I was watching p-n hub

  • Cola Sol
    Cola Sol 9 days ago +5

    My mouth is celebrating 😂😂😂 I freakin love this guy!❤️

  • Robert J Cotter
    Robert J Cotter 9 days ago +8

    5:44 Turn on you captions, you can thank me later.

  • Deacon Blues
    Deacon Blues 9 days ago

    Why Chef Gordon, you don’t have your chef 👨‍🍳 hat on, WHY NOT? LOL 😆

  • Daisy Gourmand
    Daisy Gourmand 10 days ago

    Top 5 Pasta Recipes in my channel

  • Maria Pombo
    Maria Pombo 10 days ago +1

    I need to know oven’s temperature for each dish

    • nobudget show
      nobudget show 7 days ago


  • jerome kerviel
    jerome kerviel 10 days ago

    Whats the nuts in number 1? Im french, translate pliz ;) thx

    • Abi
      Abi 5 days ago

      At the beginning of number 1 he says hazelnuts :)

    MUDSWAT 10 days ago

    Don't you have enough television shows? Suprised you don't have an industrial deep frier in your kitchen?

    • nobudget show
      nobudget show 7 days ago


  • Bengali Cooking With Sharmila


  • Patrick Finnan
    Patrick Finnan 10 days ago

    The greatest just kicks ass once again i cant pick between him and jamie. Legends

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 11 days ago

    The penis is in.

  • soul southern
    soul southern 11 days ago

    Im hungry

  • John Benson
    John Benson 11 days ago +1

    Never use metal with Teflon pans. I just wanted to let you know what my wife says

    • Sullivan's Papa
      Sullivan's Papa Day ago +1

      I've been told that applies to "old" teflon pans, the new teflon pans have a much harder finish; you see almost all of the video chefs using metal utensils on teflon but not knives.

  • Nicholas Izquierdo
    Nicholas Izquierdo 12 days ago

    Is that drum line the porn hub drum line or have I just been watching too much porn

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 12 days ago

    Why not slice on an angle?

  • Dogu
    Dogu 12 days ago +1

    Who else thought it was a vagina on the thumbnail

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle 12 days ago +1

    if I was wealthy I would buy a cottage in the countryside with a real old fashioned rustic kitchen well stocked with everything one needs for cooking, that would be my bit of heaven, I love those big solid wood tables island big enough for making pastries etc, with pots pans hanging above and a huge deep sink, when you live in a tiny council flat one can only dream , lol

    • andrea
      andrea 9 days ago

      old soul triangle yyeeessss so much people choose to spend their money on stuff that gives temporary gratification. i would love to also be self sufficient and have solars panels...lol the whole spiel!! i really admire this girl LIZIQI on youtube..check her out. her lifestyle is so simple and non materialistic. Race you to winning the lottery

    • old soul triangle
      old soul triangle 11 days ago +1

      that's exactly what I would love to do too, animals too, but I would definitely have staff to help with the workload, I would build another place for staff to live on on the land rent free, that way they can work and save their money, I would have to win the lottery first though , but its a lovely dream isn't it Andrea ? homegrown veggies too, and giving rescues a good home sounds amazing. many people want to be wealthy to live this superficial celeb lifestyle but I want to be wealthy to help animals and just live a quiet natural life up to my knees in mud lol if I ever win the lottery before you? I will ask you to come and join me. xx

    • andrea
      andrea 11 days ago +1

      old soul triangle id want my cottage to have a big field where i can keep pet horses or shelter homeless animals then every christmas invite all my neighbors (or anyone) to a dinner i prepared with my family and... ohwait im getting carried away lol

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle 12 days ago

    I really feel sorry for people who can't cook and live off convenience ready foods, you guys don't know what your missing. one can make some amazing food on a very tight budget,

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle 12 days ago

    I remember the very first time I made beer battered fish......., I never ate from a fish shop since.

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle 12 days ago

    I love my own garlic and herb roasted potatoes, being on a tight budget I always make something from nothing that's really yummy,, unlike the crap takeaways that really are a waste of money where I live, if I'm not in the mood for cooking I won't cook as its pointless unless I put all my love and attention into what I make ,

  • James Conroy
    James Conroy 12 days ago

    He uses FROZEN peas?

  • Lebecc The Computer
    Lebecc The Computer 12 days ago

    5:45 Now, for the penis and chili

  • Corey Roberson
    Corey Roberson 12 days ago

    A KNOB of buttah 😂

  • tomgreene121
    tomgreene121 12 days ago

    WHY do people still insist on using black pepper for every dish? LOL The only reason it was used in the first place in cuisine, was to make rancid food on ships taste palatable a hundred years ago. There is no need for it anymore. As soon as I see a chef say salt and pepper, it's time to watch a different video. I haven't cooked with black pepper for years,and don't miss it at all!

  • Ap_ Labs
    Ap_ Labs 12 days ago

    This man just made a potato sandwich. Absolute mad lad.

  • minoan next door
    minoan next door 13 days ago +2

    Will i not die with that much salt?

  • madestro
    madestro 13 days ago

    I love watching this videos because I know there's no way in hell I'll be able to cook like that or even afford half of the ingredients. Oh well, back to my can of tuna

    • Calon Halilintar
      Calon Halilintar 12 days ago

      Ye those ingredients r way too expensive to spent for learnin

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 13 days ago

    Take a lovely healthy piece of pollock and then serve it with crap loads of butter, oil, breadcrumbs, flour, white bread, salt and chips. Really?

  • Lord Sacha
    Lord Sacha 14 days ago

    Crush your nuts. Dont over pound them.

  • Binamrata Sharma
    Binamrata Sharma 15 days ago

    What is in the seasoned flour? I wish Gordon was more descriptive with that

  • nazmun nahar
    nazmun nahar 15 days ago

    wow crunch bite....

  • Rich Pryor
    Rich Pryor 15 days ago

    "Never slice on an angle" Then explain french dips?

  • ctcole77
    ctcole77 15 days ago +1

    Awesome Gordon!

  • Mai Crespo
    Mai Crespo 17 days ago

    "penis in"

  • Najma Style
    Najma Style 17 days ago

    Woow so delicious 😋

  • Errin Mora
    Errin Mora 17 days ago

    Just made the fish fingers with Red Snapper...ridiculously good!! Def recommend.

  • Matrimix ximirtaM
    Matrimix ximirtaM 17 days ago

    The little music bit when it goes to the next clip, sounds like the PH community sound 😂