Top 5 Episodes By Play Count - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 326

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Top 5 Episodes By Play Count - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 326
    In this video, we are taking a look at some of the most popular videos by play count as found on our Muscle Car Of The Week TVclip channel. Keep in mind that these might not be the most popular muscle cars, but rather, videos that have been watched and shared by our viewers resulting in high play counts. Which one is your favorite? You can see more of these great cars from The Brothers Collection at or by subscribing to this channel. Thanks for watching!
    5. Muscle Car Of The Week Video #21: 1970 Dodge Super Bee 440 6-Pack
    This 1970 Dodge Super Bee is not the car you want to drive if you don't like attention. This Top Banana Yellow example from the Brothers Collection is not only visibly noticeable thanks to the bright color and white interior and stripes, but the 440 6-Pack Pistol Grip under the hood causes a stir on the street anywhere you go!
    4. Muscle Car Of The Week Video #69: 1969 Hurst / Olds
    Back before 1970, GM had a mandate that limited the engine cubic inch displacements in midsize "A" body cars like the Chevelle, GTO, and Cutlass 442 to 400 cubic inches. However, George Hurst and Doc Watson were able to create a special version of the Olds 442 that broke the mold, and allowed for an Olds 455 to be installed and sold through Oldsmobile dealers. Called the Hurst / Olds, these cars came to be in 1968, and by 1969, they were widely known for their outlandish styling, fully-loaded option list, and excellent performance. This example from the Brothers Collection is an unrestored survivor, an original car that was driven often... the way Hurst would have wanted!
    3. 1969 Camaro Vs. 1969 Mustang: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 266 V8TV
    Which would you pick, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS396 with the 375 HP L89 aluminum head big-block and a 4-speed Muncie transmission, or the 335 HP 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet 4-speed? Tough choices for sure, especially with these two fine examples from The Brothers Collection!

    2. 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R: Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 229 V8TV
    The original GT350 hit the streets… and tracks… in 1965 and is still regarded as one of the most capable American performance cars ever built. The ‘65 was a no-nonsense purpose built street legal racer in a Mustang 2+2 body comprised of hand-picked parts and smart modifications made by the Shelby team in Venice, CA. It was light, nimble, and basic, and it rocked on the street or track. The Shelby name has since been applied to just about everything you can think of, and there is no doubt that some Shelbys remained more true to the original concept than others, but the 2016 GT350R is one hundred percent deserving of the snake and stripes. From The Brothers Collection.

    1. Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode # 179: 1967 Shelby GT500 427 Side Oiler
    The ‘65 and ‘66 Shelby Mustangs were very successful cars, but Shelby upped the stakes for ‘67 by introducing a big-block version of the GT cars with the GT500. However, this one takes it up another notch with a 427 "side-oiler" V8. From The Brothers Collection.

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    Top 5 Episodes By Play Count - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 326
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Comments • 44

  • Joel Beaudoin
    Joel Beaudoin 26 days ago

    mUsTaNg iS a pOny CaR NoT a MUsCle caR

  • Musical Help
    Musical Help Month ago

    You're right. It certainly doesn't mean that they are the coolest muscle cars, not the fastest, not the best, only what the kiddies want to look at :D

  • CANUSA Kommando
    CANUSA Kommando Month ago

    a 302 solid lift cam 4 spd Z/28 would smoke any option rustang! not even close.

  • jim colegrove
    jim colegrove Month ago

    Time for me to stir up trouble: You don't like the modern "muscle" cars. But they are definitely legit. The 2016 is true to its heritage. Here's where the trouble starts. The 2004 thru 2006 Pontiac GTO was straight out of the muscle car handbook. Take a light medium sized rwd car and stuff the biggest baddest motor you can. In that regard, the GTO was truer to its heritage than ANY other modern muscle car.

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez Month ago

    Wow que autos tan fantásticos, me dejan con suspenso de ver que joya es la que presentaran en el siguiente episodio, muchas gracias por compartirlo.

  • Justin Sanders
    Justin Sanders Month ago

    I'll take one of each.

  • martin martin
    martin martin Month ago

    At 0:45 in the intro we saw a fine green Cougar but can't see which episode ? Your complete episode listing doesn't provide my answer . Always find the body lines of the Cougar interesting but not at first glance and only in a livery without excessive trim ( vinyl top and molding )

  • 289pinto
    289pinto Month ago

    Completely agree with the #1 spot

  • my name is 905
    my name is 905 Month ago +1

    As long as y'all have some good tire frying in there,well, I'm pretty happy. Love the original muscle, that's what I grew up enamored with, hearing those rumbling dinosaurs cruising through the neighborhood, taking rides in friends cars,the stripes, hood scoops, shiny wheels and tire shredding horsepower taking us over 100mph like it was nothing, ahh to be young again with a time machine and unlimited fund$,now that'd be awesome! That, and the Brothers sharing their incredible collection with us!!! Thanks again guys! Kevin, you must have one of the greatest jobs in the world! ▪☆☆☆▪

  • Victor Xavier
    Victor Xavier Month ago

    Did the brothers sell the yellow 1970 super bee I watched the same exact car sell at auction recently?

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire Month ago +2

    I guess I have to keep watching the Corvette videos over and over... if that would be a problem!

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M Month ago +3

    Any new car don't belong on this site, especially those with ugly Black Wheels. Chrome is where it's at, was, and should be.

    • zo maq
      zo maq Month ago

      Not a fan of chrome, black is nice imo. However, on classic muscle black rims & tint is a no go

  • Louis Kats
    Louis Kats Month ago +3

    Hi Kevin
    Another great video, I was so sure a Mopar would be number 1.
    Happy that a Shelby was Numero Uno I can live with that.
    Keep the great videos coming ☺

  • PlymouthDuster 225
    PlymouthDuster 225 Month ago +2

    My favorite is the 1970 Dodge Super Bee.

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 Month ago +3

    I'm guilty on the modern car videos. Form me muscle car era doesn't go past 73' and for all practical purposes 71'. I don't have an issue with the pre-muslce car era cars though, or including the sports cars from the time. Not even sure I would mind if a vintage Ferrari or likes was throne in from time to time, just to see how they compares.

  • Joseph Romano
    Joseph Romano Month ago +2

    In my honest opinion the 1970 yellow Dodge superbee is my pick. Such a cool car especially in that color with the 440!

  • James Mata
    James Mata Month ago +3

    Glad to see 442 hurst/olds on the list on of my favorite

  • BubbaSmurft
    BubbaSmurft Month ago +5

    I was SOOOO worried when my MCotW episode didn't show up yesterday. I called all the local hospitals and scoured the news for any info' regarding whether Kevin was safe and alright. Pheeeuw, the latest episode has appeared and all is right with the world. Thanks again K, my FoMoCo, blue-blood is fortified. :)

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina Month ago +2

    All great looking cars I like the hurst olds not to many around

  • Steve Kostura
    Steve Kostura Month ago +1

    Why don’t the brothers have a 2003 to 2004 svt terminator cobra if you want reviews get one of these it’s one of the best modern Day performance cars ever made

  • Patrick Jerzak
    Patrick Jerzak Month ago +2

    67 side earl that’s right lol

  • Jason Leedham
    Jason Leedham Month ago +2

    I watch every one, unless its a F**d, so the top two surprised me ;)

    • Dale Ostrom
      Dale Ostrom Month ago +2

      Jason; Did not surprise me, always top muscle-sports car is some type of Mustang.

  • blackheart 1502
    blackheart 1502 Month ago +2

    Great channel I love old and new muscle cars, what I really like is I learn about and see old muscle cars I never saw before . Thank you for the videos.

  • TheFokker03
    TheFokker03 Month ago

    i do like the '67 Shelby GT500,but prefer the 500KR version.(i know it was a short run engine option,& the KR words were left off later 500's.).

  • Ken H
    Ken H Month ago +16

    Who in there right mind would thumbs down Muscle car of the week?? Love every episode!

    • Colin
      Colin Month ago +4

      Who in their right mind? : Liars. They secretly love it and await new episodes just like you and me. What they like doing more is trying to cause trouble. The polite name for them is Trolls ..... There are other names but I try to take the high road and keep it family friendly (well mostly ) :)

    • Pete Medina
      Pete Medina Month ago +3

      Hopefully no one but there's always a knuckle head or two out there somewhere.

  • Michael Baumgardner
    Michael Baumgardner Month ago +4

    I likem all however that ole super bee is bad to the bone.!!!

  • 413x398
    413x398 Month ago +1

    OK guys, who thinks we should have an in-car vid of The Kevinator behind the wheel doing a burnout?

  • Curt Brennan
    Curt Brennan Month ago +4

    Thanks....this was fun to say the least. I grew up back then and saw them all over the streets in town (and had a few myself).

  • Mark Fonseca
    Mark Fonseca Month ago +4

    Beutiful job good stories and to the point No fluff!.

  • Bob Silver
    Bob Silver Month ago +10

    Not trying to insult new car owners, but I just don't like modern cars. Cars from the 60's to early 70's are just the coolest looking cars ever to be made.

  • Jeffrey Rubish
    Jeffrey Rubish Month ago +3

    My fave? The hemi Dart!

    • Jeffrey Rubish
      Jeffrey Rubish Month ago +3

      @just enough It's interesting what an impact the Hemi had considering that they were in street cars for only 6 years and in much lower numbers than the other V8's.

    • just enough
      just enough Month ago +1

      Absolutely! No one had a factory car that was as quick as the Hemi Darts and Plymouth and ford don't even come close to the race Hemi's performance in the Darts and Plymouth Barracudas.

  • Peter L
    Peter L Month ago +9

    I think half the views on the Dodge Super Bee were from ME! I love that car.

    • Stu
      Stu Month ago

      I did it

  • Knightmare 1690
    Knightmare 1690 Month ago +2

    66 red chevelle, 69 blue mach 1, 68 hemi charger in blue, a 70 454 corvette, and the gsx stage 1. My top 5 but they are all tied 😂 not fair to pick favorites lol

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago +7

    Very nice Kevin great job as usual. My heart skips a beat every time I see the Shelby GT500 - Mine was a '68 white vert which 'only' had the 428 -- but hey I loved it and so did everyone else. Love reminiscing on your channel -- I had many more that you highlight and thank you for allowing us to see them once again. Cheers from Canada.

  • Ian Fosbrook
    Ian Fosbrook Month ago +9

    3 fords in top 5... me likey.. 🤘

  • The Fett Fan
    The Fett Fan Month ago +5

    Excellent choice of top muscle machines. I totally agree with all chosen models!! Great show!!