IG Makeup Brands: Worth the Hype?! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • Hi babes! Today I'm testing out "instagram makeup brands". Can they stand the Jackie Aina seal of approval? Are most of these instagram brands worth the hype? Find out today ;)
    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    Huda Beauty Primer bit.ly/2zn7Ugw
    Huda Beauty Brush bit.ly/2zlDQ50
    Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation bit.ly/2hkHoxu
    Amazing Cosmtics Concealer bit.ly/2howsyN
    RCMA No Color Powder bit.ly/2hkEKrI
    Beauty Bakerie Flour bit.ly/2hkNUnV
    Iconic London Eyebrow Cushion bit.ly/2zpHFDH
    Natasha Denona Sunset Palette bit.ly/2hjaugD
    Farsali Jelly Beam bit.ly/2yFbnYn
    Eyeris Beauty Sriracha Lash bit.ly/2m3aFOB
    Coloured Raine Tootsie bit.ly/2jcPau0
    Coloured Raine Pink Cafe bit.ly/2zqHd8l
    Coloured Raine Butter Luv Gloss bit.ly/2hjmPBo
    Kaylux Thongkini Glitter Bomb Gloss bit.ly/2hkiQVe

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    For business inquiries please contact jackie@rare.global

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina  Year ago +10274

    it would be helpful if people watched the video thoroughly AND listened very carefully to what i said, word for word, before commenting regarding my comments about Huda Beauty 🙃

    • Chocolate Is My Vice
      Chocolate Is My Vice 22 days ago


    • Hydie 007
      Hydie 007 5 months ago +1

      girl..you have no idea how excited I am I just found your channel! I absolutely love the good the bad and the ugly truth about review's and you're brutally honest in a great way! Because if I want to watch a commercial that's what I'd do...I truly respect your honest opinion and the fact that you don't sugar coat bulls×+! I know this is an old video but I can't wait to watch your other videos....I so wish I could be that honest! You rock! 😉😉😉😉

    • Rakshasas Raksha
      Rakshasas Raksha 5 months ago


  • Viola Maria
    Viola Maria 6 days ago

    JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE JACKIE * wiggles shoulders**

  • sukanya jain
    sukanya jain 8 days ago

    LMAOOO 6:26😬😬🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Kt Jabs
    Kt Jabs 10 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • Lilimonster 0514
    Lilimonster 0514 19 days ago +1

    I like what you said about Huda. Sometimes I’ll see a company have all these shades and diverse packaging, then the darkest person I see on their insta is lighter than me (I’m a pretty tan Mexican if that helps)

    • Lilimonster 0514
      Lilimonster 0514 19 days ago

      Or I’ll also see companies where the shade range is like 5 shades and they don’t even have MY shade, so I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to be a darker African American woman and try to find cheap foundation. Most drugstore companies stop at shades that aren’t really that dark.

  • Emma Jachi
    Emma Jachi 20 days ago


  • Bashar Alabeli
    Bashar Alabeli 20 days ago

    The foundation was too dark but it looked fire on her

  • MauiStarz *
    MauiStarz * 21 day ago

    We love your videos, we're mixed bloods from Maui, my daughter (4 years) and I love your videos. We're Polynesian, Caribbean, ect. You can actually keep her quiet for a good 3 hours of watching lol. Brilliant!!! Finding the right foundation for me is hard (I know in my picture I look fair) my skin is orange right now after water sports in a week lol. I'm a water athlete. That's what happens when I go to the far north of the USA for 6 months lol. Point is as a water athlete in Hawaii my skin fluctuates in color here lol it's a pain in the ass to find shades that match. My spf doesn't last long after a 7hr day in the sun, hence tan to orange. Help meee🤙

  • Poised Her Beauty
    Poised Her Beauty 24 days ago

    Your vid gives a different perspective on huda shades of foundation. But I noticed after hours pass you were looking a little oily. I wonder was that particular brand of foundation has that much oil in it. It seemed to fair off towards your color after hours. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

  • Maria Abrego
    Maria Abrego 25 days ago


  • Noga Shalev
    Noga Shalev 26 days ago

    just saying I don't think the contour was bad I just think it was the same shade as the foundation which is too dark for you so you just didn't see much but if they sent you multiple shades there should have been one darker than that for a more intense contour.

  • Ayla
    Ayla 27 days ago

    It’s just me or the foundation WITH THE COUNSELOR is the perfect color for Jackie ??? 👌🏾😍

  • Rhonda Marie Henderson

    Gurl that ish is dark and red as hell on you.

  • Cassie
    Cassie 27 days ago

    Jackie, I don't like this makeup on you. Lol... But you tried.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Month ago

    I started singing the intro when i was watching the advert XDD

  • Daisystar The brave

    That face though at 1:00🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m screaming!!!!!

  • Samyriah Crain
    Samyriah Crain Month ago

    You're hilarious! I poked m head into Sephora yesterday and tried on their Huda Ruby nine pan palette and loved it and Im a senior. But, youre presentation is unique. I love your fingernails.

  • ChrisAnne Little
    ChrisAnne Little Month ago


  • utopianeverness
    utopianeverness Month ago

    woooow that's so dark LOL

  • GamerGrl90
    GamerGrl90 Month ago

    I lol’d at the sneeze

  • Natalie D
    Natalie D Month ago

    Is it just me or does the foundation look patchy?

  • Victoria Hale
    Victoria Hale Month ago +1

    Havent watched one of your videos in a hot minute! so glad you came up in my recommended, couldnt resist singing along to ur intro

  • joe seeler
    joe seeler Month ago

    Personally I’ve never liked Huda beauty. Especially after the setting powder fiasco and huda’s attitude on insta.

  • Alexis Johnson-Blue
    Alexis Johnson-Blue Month ago +3

    I’m mad Huda had my Auntie Jackie out here looking like a completely different black woman 💀

  • C. Leighann
    C. Leighann Month ago +1

    You: the foundation isnt my match
    Foundation: matches your complexion perfectly.

  • Alessandra Lin
    Alessandra Lin Month ago

    Subscribed for the intro

  • Bethany Prahst
    Bethany Prahst Month ago

    How the fuck do companies make so many “rich” shades orange,slick looks like shitty fake tan half the time

  • is.nash
    is.nash Month ago

    Love your energy!

  • Zaynab Sakha
    Zaynab Sakha Month ago

    Luv you

  • Esther Da silveira
    Esther Da silveira Month ago

    Hi bitches

  • Mamie Powell
    Mamie Powell Month ago +1

    I love you videos and appreciate your honesty. I’m of medium complexion with red and yellow undertones and let me tell you it’s hard to find foundation that doesn’t make me look like I on death door.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly if a company doesn’t have enough shades to include ALL races and tones, they’re not getting my hard earned coins

  • Siofra Gallacher
    Siofra Gallacher Month ago

    You’re so pretty

  • Cryssie Love
    Cryssie Love Month ago

    Jackie, I don't like this makeup on you. Lol... But you tried.

  • The_Lonely_dinosaur !

    I started singing the intro when i was watching the advert XDD

  • Rasmus Pettersson
    Rasmus Pettersson Month ago

    Doesn't look to red to me, but definitely too dark

  • Arlene Ameerali
    Arlene Ameerali 2 months ago

    RCMA makes me look like a ghost.

  • K Freeborn
    K Freeborn 2 months ago

    Wow your house is beautiful!

  • CallherMimi
    CallherMimi 2 months ago

    I appreciate this video 😘

  • Randomness Zoe
    Randomness Zoe 2 months ago

    Please try Charlotte tilburyyyy and the perricone no makeup, makeup line

  • d beary
    d beary 2 months ago

    Love your honesty!! It's so refreshing and one of the things I love about you and your channel. 💯

  • Th3lite
    Th3lite 2 months ago

    I've used vagina wipes to wipe my hands.

  • Amber Fillman
    Amber Fillman 2 months ago

    Huda Beauty is terrible 🤗

  • Vixinaful
    Vixinaful 2 months ago

    Why do I love watching people putting on make-up so much?

  • Nicole Moore-Williams
    Nicole Moore-Williams 2 months ago

    No it does look red

  • Sarah O'Brien
    Sarah O'Brien 2 months ago

    Obsessed with the Natasha Denona Sunset palette!

  • Chelley's Vlogs
    Chelley's Vlogs 3 months ago

    Thank you. I always stick with the same few brands.

  • Elizabeth George
    Elizabeth George 3 months ago

    No matter what I do I can’t stop my under eyes from creasing

  • chris andrus
    chris andrus 3 months ago

    You’re so freaking adorable and funny not to mention beautiful!! I love all your videos they are so entertaining!!❤️

  • GayRachell Gates
    GayRachell Gates 3 months ago

    Jackie is hilarious...love her

  • Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson 3 months ago

    Show me how to contour

  • Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson 3 months ago


  • Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson 3 months ago

    Boo! Don't do that let us black girls find our shades please

  • Zeena Hanno
    Zeena Hanno 3 months ago

    But I think the foundation shade is okay

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 3 months ago

    I don’t like Huda’s hustle because she just panders but i like her eyeshadow palettes. Is that bad lmaoo

  • Celia Stoltz
    Celia Stoltz 3 months ago

    At 16:55 imagine being that person that’s name is Lisa 😂

  • Crestin Sidderwhite
    Crestin Sidderwhite 3 months ago

    That foundation....miss ma’am we gotta chat

  • Diamond_ Divaa
    Diamond_ Divaa 4 months ago +1

    I died at "i had to reclaim my time"...i swear i want to hang out with u...swear I I ould spend the whole time laughin!

  • ChubbyAndCute Channel
    ChubbyAndCute Channel 4 months ago

    I literally loveeeeee your channel my niece and I are always dancing when you sing the Jackie song lol we love it!!!

  • Hanna Cbr
    Hanna Cbr 4 months ago

    Never saw a video of you and I loved you ASAP😂 Girl Ur so damn beautiful and funny, THAT'S the content I need! Keep doing! 😍

  • DeOndrea Walker
    DeOndrea Walker 4 months ago


  • Maria Sirlene
    Maria Sirlene 4 months ago

    Eu amo muito ela gente ela e simplesmente umas das melhores TVclip negra que mostra maquiagem e as lace dela e uma mas linda que a outra

  • Monica Okada
    Monica Okada 4 months ago

    Is it true that huda can dry ur skin? Someone told me that its not good for combo skin like mine

  • Monica Okada
    Monica Okada 4 months ago

    I like how real you are. Ur beautiful without makeup and ur one of the youtubers that i can tell is so confident to show the naked skin

  • Sarah Grafstrom
    Sarah Grafstrom 4 months ago

    Haha, I freakin love you... “if you don’t like it you can just watch someone else who will just push coupon codes down your throat all day long” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny!

  • Tink Byers
    Tink Byers 4 months ago

    Anyone else think she sometimes sounds like Erica mena?

  • manikya saxena
    manikya saxena 4 months ago

    Can someone tell me where's her necklace from?

  • Alex Alkaline
    Alex Alkaline 4 months ago

    AISLE 3

  • La Dawn
    La Dawn 4 months ago

    I’m the fairest human on the planet and my sister is the darkest ... and we both get so much from your videos ! Thank you !!

  • christine webster
    christine webster 4 months ago

    It looked great though very prettyyyy

  • SwimmingInTheSeas
    SwimmingInTheSeas 4 months ago

    Ive never really watched your videos but after this one I’m hooked

  • Glomonkey!
    Glomonkey! 4 months ago

    I've always heard of her ... this was in my recommended so I figured why not plus I think I gotta subscribe because I don't like being judged lol

  • ayla
    ayla 4 months ago

    jackie, you’re a babe. you’re one of the 4 beauty youtubers i can actually vibe with

  • Samantha Grace
    Samantha Grace 4 months ago


  • anna james
    anna james 4 months ago +1


  • Jenny Pierre
    Jenny Pierre 4 months ago

    Damn Jackie they really tried you with the foundation shade. It didn’t even match your chest

  • ryleigh clark
    ryleigh clark 4 months ago

    an... eyebrow cushion?

  • Minyae Mckenzie
    Minyae Mckenzie 4 months ago +3

    That palette does look gorgeous but there no way in hell am I paying over 100 for a palette

  • Lisa Fill
    Lisa Fill 4 months ago

    Omg sis, you shocked me when you said my name at 16:54 like I almost had a heart attack 💗

  • Nyomi Ammarito
    Nyomi Ammarito 4 months ago

    If I was to make a foundation brand I’d make a super dark and super light color in the range because there are some people who are super light like maybe albinos and some people have very deep beautiful skin and it can be hard for them to find shades they are able to use.

  • Tyesha
    Tyesha 4 months ago


  • Sofia Sanches
    Sofia Sanches 4 months ago

    I never understood why she has so many subscribers. But now I see. Sooooo genuine and funny. Your videos are not boring. And I love it ❤️❤️❤️

    MARIAM JADO 4 months ago

    Her thought about Huda’s foundation was so stupid. Like stfu lmaooo what is you sayingggg

  • aaliyah bagley
    aaliyah bagley 4 months ago

    Factsss sis. Love how real you are!

  • Vicky Ho
    Vicky Ho 4 months ago


  • Marlyon duncan
    Marlyon duncan 4 months ago

    Can you do a decluttr video of your makeup

  • kitty girl
    kitty girl 4 months ago

    I have no words..

  • Gabrielle Geleta
    Gabrielle Geleta 4 months ago

    if you look at her insta now she has feat darker women using her products

  • Hong Mai
    Hong Mai 5 months ago

    Am I Servín you TX cheerleader yet😂😂😂i cant with youuuuuuu💙💙

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    Alyssa Aune 5 months ago

    I watch one of her videos


  • OSoGorgeouso
    OSoGorgeouso 5 months ago +1

    You are and will FOREVER be my FAVORITE MUA. I love your realness! Told you this some years back - You inspire me! Xoxo

  • Hydie 007
    Hydie 007 5 months ago

    Could you imagine if it were the other way around...Seriously...I am so happy I found your channel gurl...you are hilarious!...I could listen to you talk all day! Tell it like it is...I know you will....I can't wait to see your other videos! xo😉😉😉

  • Shayna Lou
    Shayna Lou 5 months ago

    True talk, I feel the same!

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    Tanisha Rodriguez 5 months ago

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    Lilia Mora 5 months ago

    *Vagina wipes* I died hahahaha

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    Jada 5 months ago

    small channel send ❤️

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    Jessica Erjavec 5 months ago

    21:45 had me dying idk why😂

  • caretwins24
    caretwins24 5 months ago

    I know the foundation was the wrong color for you, but your skin looks flawless:)

  • livv livy
    livv livy 5 months ago

    Omfg you beautiful with and with out make up! How do you keep your skin so clean?

  • g f
    g f 5 months ago

    my name is Lisa so when she went “LOOK AT MY PINKY LISA” I felt that in a personal level😂

    MONIESDURAG 5 months ago

    love this videoooo and sis you look good!