Natalie Portman explains the ending of ANNIHILATION with the cast


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  • Mitsuyoshi
    Mitsuyoshi 17 hours ago

    0:36 0:36 0:36

  • Andreas Hedqvist
    Andreas Hedqvist 5 days ago

    My idea rest on the assumption that the alien creature is intelligent. It could copy the emotions of the main character. The creature found a value in the main character and implications that superseded the aliens plot. The alien gotten sad and accepted destruction in sadness and guilt for what it had done after a realisation or something.
    Humans have the abillity to give to make things better. The alien creature want to change things but not for the same reason. The alien creature feel superiority. The alien creature simply is a superior creature in other ways and has nothing to give humans. The alien creature gotten hope for life on earth.
    The alien process things faster than humans as shown. We couldn't see all the processes it gone through. The alien creature is intelligent because it posess technology that is very advanced. The alien also first wanted her to stay. It tries to learn while it propagate it self. The creature maintanes the information of the original organism as stated in the movie.
    The main characters theory that the organism really doesn't want anything isn't as strong because the alien propagates something and shows emotions that aren't copied. There is also the theory that nothing can happen without a will of some sort. It's a slippery argument at this point but this goes down to belief. The alien creature wanted something based on other life forms we know of. Why would an intelligent life form cause this and understand and commit suicide and on top of that copy life forms emotions if it didn't have motives.
    Theories about the unobservable that have more substance tend to be tested and believed first until disproven. Then my would be the theory preferred if this had happened in reality.

  • Awais Khan
    Awais Khan 5 days ago

    The whole movie she was just looking for an another black dick.

  • Kyle Grasso
    Kyle Grasso 12 days ago

    What I take away from this video is there is no explanation of the ending.. they intentionally made it make no sense at all so ppl like us will debate it. Stupid and also the reason Paramount wanted the creator to make a different ending.

  • Der Klassiker
    Der Klassiker 15 days ago

    Natalie Portman, - es müntschi!

  • sakamuras s
    sakamuras s 16 days ago

    even the director has no clue what the hell happened...they just throw it out there for people to figure out and come to their own conclusions. don't bother trying to figure it out... it's moviemaking 101.

  • Coco Nal
    Coco Nal 17 days ago

    i see no god damn interpretation here. ok???

  • Chris Van Rensburg
    Chris Van Rensburg 17 days ago

    As lena is overwhelmed to see Kane at the start of the movie, he barely has any memory of her. At the end of the movie, we learn that the real Kane took his life with the grenade, after ordering an exact copy of him to find Lena. Thus what actually happened was the real Kane entered into the lighthouse, saw the same eye/metallic figure and presumably also got into a brawl with it while it was mimicking his moves. After countless failed attempts he saw no way out, and thought he was losing his mind, as the shimmer influenced his thoughts and as the now exact copy of himself stood in front of him hence the question "If im not Kane, what am I?". Becoming entangled with the metallic figure, he gave over his identity (as we learned from Lena's experience when she touched the figure)and presumably enough of his memories for the fake Kane to find Lena. The fake Kane is a part of the shimmer and has no problem finding his way out of the shimmer (the metallic figure can teleport as seen when Lena runs away from it at first, thus the Fake Kane can aswell). Real Lena defeats the shimmer and is interrogated. The tattoo on her arm shows clear mutations derived from previous people in the shimmer and aswell as a mutating effect with the water on the glass. When she goes to see Kane she asks him whether he is the real Kane (which she already has the answer to) and his reply " I dont think so" settles it. Thus, this fake Kane being the metallic figure which Kane fought and gave his form, is not dead because it was outside of the shimmer when Lena destroyed all the cells. This means he is essentially another copy of the figure Lena already fought, and has the ability to take on another form. When he embraces her, he infects her and her eyes start to glow in the same way the thing glowed in the lighthouse

  • Fabrizio Crameri
    Fabrizio Crameri Month ago

    It being an american movie, it could have ended within 5 minutes: why don't just nuke it? ahah

  • Joe Wambwa
    Joe Wambwa Month ago

    This film is odd... too many unanswered questions... why does Josie turn into a plant? Was it because she gave up? ... and why don't the rest turn? Same with the duplicates... why were some animals duplicated and not all? (I have a theory to that one actually, probably did have duplicates but they killed each other due to their instincts... but then mutated? The croc and bear). Hmmm...
    Plus the ending, only reason i think the clone Lena is the one that got out (apart from the eyes) is when the one left in the light house is on fire, she goes to her husband and seems to hold his head then proceeds to spread the fire around... why didn't they both ran out as they were mimicking each other?
    Good film overall though, would recommend it

  • Royal Risto
    Royal Risto Month ago

    Lena cant be the clone version of herself as when one of 'Lenas' died, it died very slowly and there was no screaming when it was burning. So no clone atleast

  • amy li
    amy li Month ago

    Honestly I loved the idea of this movie but seriously the paging of the movie kinda bored me for some reason. It feel bit lazy. They could’ve done bit more better. It has some really creepy moments and I would say that was some of the best part of this movie. Overall it’s a well-made sci fi movie but due to bit lazy paging, this movie kinda forgetful for me. Though it’s unique experience.

  • Red Pilgrim
    Red Pilgrim Month ago

    Natalie Portman reminds me of Millie Brown with that hairstyle.

  • John Cena
    John Cena Month ago

    Heres why that lena is a clone and the real lena mutated like the alien her leader turned into. It didnt mimic. That whole encounter was to no resolve and the alien survived as a clone of the couple.

  • MMM
    MMM Month ago

    So noone actually answers the question lol

  • MsTrailerGuy
    MsTrailerGuy Month ago

    It was released straight to netflix here... I wish i saw it in cinemas as the soundtrack would be make the movie so much more intense on a big sound system

  • Arnell Long
    Arnell Long Month ago

    Title should be...
    Annihilation Ending *NOT* Explained.

  • MrTeleiomenos
    MrTeleiomenos Month ago

    explanation-noun [ C or U ] UK ​
    -the details or reasons that someone gives to make something clear or easy to understand

  • Koaasst
    Koaasst Month ago

    schizophrenia is a hard pill to swallow. i was crying at the pinnacle when i could feel the despair and anguish of the character. i wont try to explain to myself what the movie was about, but i felt it deep inside.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon Month ago +1

    Does the film as a whole and the film ending make more sense if lena's eye did not glow like kane's at end of film?

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon Month ago

    How did Kane "clone" get back to his house when he doesn't seem to know anything about the real kane's past life.

  • MoarPower
    MoarPower Month ago

    Why are people so confused?? Its not as simple as is she a clone or not a clone. The shimmer alters her DNA. Therefore she is part of herself and part of everything else in the shimmer, ie - her suddenly having a tattoo that Anya had. SHe is changed, altered, the end.

  • Preeti Mawale
    Preeti Mawale Month ago

    I think that Lena never made it out of the light house.. she must have changed during the fight when she has a blackout.. cause Lena's doppelganger didn't have to go inside the core of the light house while she's on fire, she could have left easily but she didn't... Even when she didn't have her true form but she subconsciously remembered to destroy the shimmer..
    The way doppelganger looks it's like Mercury which looks like a shinning mirror and that would explain the prism theory that it's reflects the DNA..

  • Doru Anton
    Doru Anton Month ago

    "explains" my ass, you pieces of shit

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzy Month ago

    the answer is to all of your question are just two words DNES SEDUN. if you can solve it you will have the answer.

  • Steverino
    Steverino Month ago

    The movie is amazing to look at, and makes you think, but unfortunately for me, I think it is too slow paced, lacks any kind of real story for a full length feature film, and has issues with plot holes and a lack of logic. Like how could the tattoo get transferred? A tattoo is not a genetic trait, it is caused by outside forces (the ink needle). You could say the same for memories too. synaptic connections occur in response to experiences. Also, if the whole thing could be stopped simply with fire, wouldn't the army have tried that already? And speaking of fire, if the phosphorous grenade that Lena set off could cause a fire like that, how did that not happen when the original Kane set one off? (while leaning right up against the wall, no less?) And it was a little too convenient that the wife of the guy who escapes the shimmer and is brought in because of him, also just happens to be a cellular biologist.

  • Parvez Jamal
    Parvez Jamal Month ago

    This movie has taken my peace. 😰😰

  • R Green
    R Green Month ago

    Great casting job 👍🏽

  • Moongold7
    Moongold7 Month ago

    HATE movies like this - as if ANY of us can completely work it out. Waste of time, even though it would have been a good movie with a sane ending.

  • Animesh Sharma
    Animesh Sharma Month ago

    Howty N$%%#r

  • Juan Fernando Serpa Raymond

    what is it about the forearm "infinity" tattoo?

  • Simon Grey
    Simon Grey Month ago +1

    "Audience finishes the conversation" presumes existence of conversation. Series of farts is not a conversation.
    Whole movie is series of random bits and pieces that do not make any sense, glass of water or not. Its like having 100 jigsaw pieces from 10 different jigsaws and expecting to make a coherent picture.

  • Leonard Hoffman
    Leonard Hoffman Month ago +2

    It is amazing how the entire Hollywood and all the top people even in Google are excited about the movie they themselves called "The Annihilation". A movie about an alien dimension that spreads like cancer on earth. I wonder what exactly excites these elites so much about it. Perhaps, it is because they are already doing it. Artificial Intelligence, financial enslavement of human beings, environmental pollution, demoralizing and dehumanizing the population. They are turning this world into 'something else'. And nobody seems to mind it.

  • Jecth Sin
    Jecth Sin Month ago

    There is little to interpret. According to how it has been shot, the grenade destroyed the alien form, and the one left was the original Lena. Then she was somehow already "infected" as she proved to herself using a microscope. The director should instead explain why the grenade destroyed all shimmer and its creatures, but saved the Kane's doppelgänger (who had to die) and didn't cure Lena instead. This is an artificially created doubt thrown at the end of the film, put there just to pretend to be as cool as Kubrick and Scott. Too bad because I loved Ex Machina.

  • cill521
    cill521 Month ago


    I think the film is about the the relationship. It starts with her alone and it ends with them together. The film is their journey to reconnect. Which meant for Kane, who talks about looking to the same stars as his wife, his naïve version had to die. The fire metaphors self destruction. Where the real Lena, who has an affair, kills the naïve version. I think their travel to the lighthouse is Lena's journey to self discovery. We have the one dimensional characters, they all represent her feelings in a marriage. The angry ones, the accepting ones, the ones that want to just complete the journey. All of them in the end are distractions.
    The new version of Kane couldn't live while Lena's naïve version was still alive. When both naïve versions have died, the mutation disappears and the conflict solves itself. Lena's naïve version and Kane's naïve version die together. I think the film is our journey in what it takes to be with a partner that's in the end different. Anyways my words do the film short, there are still many fragments that can fit better into the entire metaphor. Recommend this film to everyone, I had a FUCKING BLAST. Wonderful work

  • Rasssberry Sparkle88

    Soooo funny, after she said all that confusing unexplained bullshit, the other actress nodded and said "yeah", like she had really explained something. WTF

  • California Ghost-Hunters

    i understand the ending.

  • Watch Geek
    Watch Geek Month ago +40

    I LOVED the movie, a true Sci-fi treat, and unbelievably NO SHAKING CAMERA so you can actually see what's going on 👍
    The ONLY stupid decision was the first bear attack. At first I was like "oooh that's smart, sleeping up in the guard tower!" But then for some reason 2 of them decide to keep guard on the ground... EXPOSED... And not only that, but as soon as they hear something tearing thru the fence like it was nothing, instead of moving up to the guard tower, MORE of them COME DOWN, I mean come on, I wanted to run up those stairs of how scared I was of a potential creature coming my way!!

    • Matthew Watkins
      Matthew Watkins 21 day ago

      In hostile situations you gotta get as much information as possible, while leaving armored positions, sometimes they can make you weak to area of effect weapons.

    • Aki Roo
      Aki Roo 27 days ago +1

      my thoughts too. the bear kinda popped up right in front of them and in the next frame he is so far away from them xD i was so confused on which spot he exactly bit her. bad scene. everything else was pretty dope.

    • Eemeli Perälä
      Eemeli Perälä Month ago

      My thoughts exactly

    • Denaamisdaan
      Denaamisdaan Month ago

      Watch Geek amen

  • Spladam
    Spladam Month ago

    Booooooooooo!!!!!! We leave it up to you to decide and interpret, because we're LAZY AS SHIT AND THAT'S ARTISTIC. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Spladam
      Spladam Month ago +1

      Yep, the ending is the hardest part, it's the part you worry about letting down the audience or not. This is the easy way out of that.

    • anthony hoang
      anthony hoang Month ago +1

      Can't agree with u more. Only lazy or non-talent "artist" "leave it up to you to decide and interprete". Some "artist" just have some ideas and make a story about it, but have no clue how to conclude the story. Hence... leave it up to the audience. What a load of crAb!

  • Cj Asa
    Cj Asa Month ago

    She's not the real Natalie Portman!

  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd Month ago

    Good movie

  • Gareth Griffiths
    Gareth Griffiths 2 months ago

    The movie is about cancer hence the title. The two clones at the end represents surviving cancer cells after a major operation to remove a tumor

  • mario figueroa
    mario figueroa 2 months ago

    this movie is about lucifer coming down from heaven to change creation by altering dna thats why he is in a lighthouse cause he is a angel of light lucifer means light bearer luci means light in in latin

  • André Cayatte
    André Cayatte 2 months ago

    pfffff....parvoice, nem elas sabem masé o que fizeram...filme sem sentido, se n fizerem o 2 para explicar tudo este filme foi uma merda....

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez 2 months ago

    What people need to understand about this movie is that it's NOTHING like the book, and that's why it's SO BRILLIANT! Yes, the concept of the book is there, but I'd say maybe about 15%of the actual book content made it into the film. When I saw the movie, at the end I thought: "NOW YOU'RE GONNA PUT THIS IN THERE...?" I just had this feeling of everything being left and right and up and down. I can't even describe how complicated this film is. The ending is the beginning of the book, and the ending of the book simply never happened. Lena, or THE BIOLOGIST, never returned home to her husband in Annihilation. And this Alien thing... is not an alien, but something so much more complex than life itself. I'm rambling now haha It's just SO BEAUTIFULLY made into its own film with a few hints of the book here and there.

  • terrasprite
    terrasprite 2 months ago

    Certainly material for a sequel, even though the interpretations of this film give us enough satisfaction. However, there is no way the research centre wouldn't have tested and tracked Kane's and Lena's DNA, blood cells etc and noted the change. Researchers would have had their own hypotheses on what may have happened too. Further, Kane and Lena were in an isolation ward in the last scene so there is reason to suggest the research centre is not done with them yet. I just hope any sequel doesn't go the way of Species 2.

  • xKiSuGix
    xKiSuGix 2 months ago

    I believe this movie was about ANNIHILATION of an alien species which escaped to a different planet (Earth) to start a new life. The sphere (The Shimmer) was it's own environment to survive but unwillingly the sphere changed every DNA within it. In the end it tried to escape the sphere in a new form and this is why Kane let it escape. Lena however wanted to survive and escaped herself, but with changed DNA by the sphere. So in other words Kane was an original alien copy and Lena was just somekind of hybrid (more mixed the closer she came in touch with the alien in the lighthouse).
    So right now she could possibly even give birth to an alien baby with Kane, because her DNA has changed.
    The only missing detail is why Kane suffered outside the sphere and suddenly it stopped after the sphere got destroyed/disappeared?

  • fikaso
    fikaso 2 months ago

    Ego. What you resist persists. Everything as one. I am, you are. Choice.

  • RoodoLFF
    RoodoLFF 2 months ago

    Клёвый свитер, видать за дорого искусственно закашлаченный.

  • Ted Baroody
    Ted Baroody 2 months ago +2

    The movie is about undead bears spawned from assimilated chaos thriving to conquer earthly dominions. Nothing more. Nothing less. "Heeellpppp meeeee!"

  • Brittany Edwards
    Brittany Edwards 2 months ago

    I like this movie

  • Duda Saints
    Duda Saints 2 months ago

    Review of Annihilation (2018🌱🐉🍃) by Brilliant Director Alex Garland (Ex-Machina) A "A Psychedelic Allegory of Human Tragedy"
    Another pessimistic thriller and at same time a grim warning for a Civilization that seems increasingly distanced from the conditions that have guaranteed the success of humanity's journey for thousands of years to the present day such as: empathy, solidarity, cooperation and, fundamentally, a sense of unity with nature and the universe based on shamanic spiritual practices.
    In Annihilation, the Director Alex Garland once more distills all his pessimism against us, humanity, and makes use of several resources to validate his version of the original book: first through a kind of "ecological rebellion" where nature literally decides to "annihilate" the “cancer " of the earth (the human race) through both by a complex botanical-genetic reconfiguration and by triggering a dramatic DNA mutation processes which affected all other living things around and by doing it, tries to reconfigure the whole planet.
    Garland´s version is a dramatic interpretation of the famous Gaia hypothesis (by James Lovelock, 1979), which claimed that the earth is a "self-regulating" living being, with fever, caused by the frantic industrial and urban activity of mankind in last 700 years and, therefore, it is about to expel these undesirable beings ...
    On the other hand, It is also an interesting approach to the profound "transformation" that happens with those who experience an authentic psychedelic journey (references to mushrooms, fungi and mycelia are everywhere in the movie) and once on the other side "would come across a totally different "environment" from the so called "real " world of language, culture and ideology built by human beings in the last 10,000 years to support the male centric, dominator civilization ...
    It is important to mention the hypothesis advocated by the psychedelic philosophy on the dissolution of ego-delusions, on the rationalizing dimension of the human psyche which underpins the culture of civilization. Such approach appears in the final scene in which Natalie Portman´s character (after an induced psychedelic trip in the interior of the magical tower) wages a desperate struggle against his own "other" (her ego) to immediately fall back on what it means to become aware of things and become a conscious being ...
    Such dissimulated posture of the protagonist, now “self-conscious” manifests itself throughout the film, in the cold interrogation carried out by various narrow minded scientists and their useless technological machines, unable to understand what happened (or is happening!) on the other side of the shimmer without understanding that , as Natalie's character, in order to get into the swings of things, they also would have to go through the experience of crossing the boundaries of the language / culture / ideology of the so-called "human reality" (the psychedelic experience itself).
    That would be a sine qua non condition for "understanding" the truth that Nature (through its own "alchemical" language) has been trying to tell us for centuries and the stoned hunter-gathered humanity that lived at 12000BC knew very well: that the transition to agriculture and its tragic corollary, the alpha dominant Technological Civilization, is an evolutionary misfortune, ultimately an error, an unwanted mutation that transformed those special primates into blind, belligerent, misguided and deluded beings with their alleged superior technological civilization and for that very reason, destined to self-annihilation.

  • simmsquee
    simmsquee 2 months ago

    I think a question people should ask themselves is if it really matters by the end if the surviving Lena is the original one or not, aren't they both the "real" and "fake" one either way?

  • Alfamari
    Alfamari 2 months ago

    Complete and utter click bait, the ending is never explained and the guy even says himself at 2:07, "we don't want to give away too many spoilers". Everyone who is here should have already seen the entire film and therefore cannot be spoiled because the title of the video is "an explanation of the ending"! Anyone who hasn't seen the film shouldn't be here because the title of the video claims that there will be spoilers, and then you refuse to give them. Click bait to a tee. If your here you've seen the film and want spoilers/explanations, if you aren't here you don't want them. You bait us in with the title and switch it with something we don't want to see. The title should be "Cast of Annihilation explains their feelings of the movie", has absolutely nothing to do with the ending and you even admit to refusing to giving it to us even though thats what the entire video should be about hence the title.

  • Jovanny DC
    Jovanny DC 2 months ago

    Didnt like the movie, to vague & the cliff hanging movies are always the worst..

  • Kronn
    Kronn 2 months ago

    authors be like: this film make no sense. i was just on acid writing it.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx 2 months ago

    “FRACTAL TRANSFORMATION” would be a more fitting title to this movie. Because the alien ‘organism’ doesn’t (want to) destroy anything - it simply exists.

  • psilo cybin
    psilo cybin 2 months ago

    I need more drugs to self destruct and scramble with my fleshlight.. I mean date! Awesome interpretations by the cast.

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 2 months ago

    .............How did Natalie Portman skirt every pedo in the ocean of pedos that we we call Hollywood? She doesn't seem to have any stories to tell....but she has had a constant supply of work................hmmmm.

  • Murdoc Sicàrio
    Murdoc Sicàrio 2 months ago

    after seeing the movie you understand why she says "echoes"

  • MrKushSmoke
    MrKushSmoke 2 months ago

    I think it was the Russians

  • pulp fiction
    pulp fiction 2 months ago +2

    Bear scene didnt let me sleep👀. It was scary

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • gus dupree
    gus dupree 2 months ago

    Horseshit , the last ten years or so directors, writers ,simply don't have an ending

  • samantha ferrell
    samantha ferrell 2 months ago

    Anyone ever heard Natalie Portman rap its awesome she could be the next gangsta rapper

  • Shartika Wright
    Shartika Wright 2 months ago +2

    Gina had me shook when she turnt up in the movie bugging out. I stopped smoking because I felt she was messing with my mind making me feel like her. Paranoid. Great acting.🙌🏾 I passed the blunt & told my friend to smoke the rest up I’m good. 😩😂

  • Dylan H
    Dylan H 2 months ago

    Chris (After the interview): Uhhh... uhh .... Do you girls really know what you are talking about?
    Natalie, Jen Jason Leigh, Tessa, Gina: Ah.. um... No !

  • Lex352
    Lex352 2 months ago

    It’s a play on our ego in terms of its ties to reality....but for the movie, she comes back different, but also the same....her ego wants to identify as the same person, but her being encompasses her experience (referring to the explanation the physicist gave of the area and its effects)

  • Chrissy Forever
    Chrissy Forever 2 months ago +56

    Could someone explain the ending a little better. I thought Lena came out the lighthouse as herself . Then when she gets with Kane and they hug 🤔 her eyes changed.

    • diggy pigger
      diggy pigger Day ago

      eleskimo no it’s not her

    • Andreas Hedqvist
      Andreas Hedqvist 5 days ago

      The ending hug is vague. We don't know if the her ex came in contact with the thing or not. We don't know exactly what the shimmer does or what contact with the alien creature does. We donät know for how long she hugged him but something is strange. All the people are not there still. The lights are out in the hallway. We don't know what happened in the timne skip. The ending is up for a secuel and is unexplainable. Based on the interviewers reaktion the alien hadn't changed him. But why not him if the others. That makes it probable that the alien hadn't taked her ex or anyone over. WHy wait until then when she is there. But we don't kn ow for sure because we don't know how the alien operates at that point. The movie is a mystery, psyshological horror movie.
      Edit. Now I rewatched the ending. Both characters mirror each other and seem apathetic. Might be that the alien creature propagated it self to them both in one way or another. Wither philosophically or by mutation. But there are so many answers that are as likely. The siple answer is I don't fking know.

    • Liz Gaby
      Liz Gaby 5 days ago +1

      Reiss Metz I don't think fake clones can have actual memories of the original. The clone husband knows about Lena because the original spoke about her, and he says in the video find Lena or something like that. I might watch It gain tomorrow hahaha

    • Liz Gaby
      Liz Gaby 5 days ago

      ウェズリー that doesn't make sense.....the only ones cloned where the ones who reached he lighthouse.....😒

    • Ayad Omr Ayad
      Ayad Omr Ayad 5 days ago

      Chrissy Forever same i was like wtf

  • Ghost Warrior
    Ghost Warrior 2 months ago +3

    This Movie is about our reality and im conCERNed about this multiverse, paralell Dimensions, Aliens, DNA, Human Genome Project, Black Goo, Clones all this is no fiction. Evil entities will "clone" humans and replace their consciousness with AI and in the worst case with the help of chemtrail manipulation of the human DNA and triggered by radio frequencies or EMFs they might be able to reprogram the human brain and turn everyone into Alien like Zombies 😉

    • Nvr Slp
      Nvr Slp 2 months ago +1

      Ghost Warrior "conCERNed" i SEE what you did there 👌

  • epocs
    epocs 2 months ago

    stupid movie where she denigrates and dehumanizes herself with a black dude

  • Predrag Markovljev
    Predrag Markovljev 2 months ago +1

    The movie is shit. If he wanted to make a great quality movie which made audience talk about it for hours then he should have made something like Shatter island or Inception. I watched it 2x and it is utter garbage.

    • Predrag Markovljev
      Predrag Markovljev Month ago

      jshariff786 Cuz i wanted to be sure i didn't miss some plot twist or any crucial thing and because i love Natalie Portman.

    • jtron84
      jtron84 Month ago

      Why the hell would you watch it second time if it were utter garbage? Your behaviour belies your stated opinion.

  • Kian Jacobsen
    Kian Jacobsen 2 months ago

    Fuck this dhit movie

  • LeFalseMe
    LeFalseMe 2 months ago

    "What we need to pay attention to in this movie ?"
    The bed scene obviously.
    I mean sceneS.

  • juan martinez
    juan martinez 2 months ago

    the shimmer/alien reminds me of Unity from Rick and Morty, an all powerful life form that is able to become the new host in any organism.

  • violetwitch
    violetwitch 2 months ago +1

    Absolutely loved this movie. It definitely goes in my top 10 of all time, and I still don't really understand it 😂

  • WallyWinka
    WallyWinka 2 months ago

    Fucking cop-out , lazy movie-making and explanation when the pretentious actors/film-makers say "leave things to interpretation! Whee!". A good movie should not try to imitate real abstract art, sculptures or paintings where you see what your mind lets you see. Movies are STORYTELLING MEDIUM. This "leave open to interpretation" laziness is akin to ripping out the pages of the last half of a book, or charging 12 bucks to sit and watch a blank screen, so that you can "make up your own conclusion". That's not art, that's just fucking laziness and bad film-making, and labeling it "ART" by hiding behind that whole "leave to your interpretation" bullshit.

  • rupiter2008
    rupiter2008 2 months ago

    Tessa was the best with a single line - that the movie is more a question than an answer 👍

  • The Heron
    The Heron 2 months ago

    My theory:
    all about her story are not real and she just made it just to go away from being suspected.. in the first batch that went in the shimmer were all men (soldiers).. the alien pick one of those men to imitate it's form and mind.. and it succeeded to exit the shimmer and made Lena to actually go to shimmer.. obviously the 2nd batch were all female.. the alien pick Lena among them and made it's way to exit the shimmer.. then eventually the shimmer served its purpose and removed.. after telling all her lies.. she got away with it and reunited with Kane.. their glowing eyes were the hint that they're actually alien couple that will annihilate everything in the earth..
    it's my understanding of the concept of this movie..

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 2 months ago

    This movie is so f*cked up.

  • skitters9
    skitters9 2 months ago

    Natalie Portman really explained the ending here. Amazing!

  • I'm Negan
    I'm Negan 2 months ago

    Clickbait = Dislike

  • stephen meinhold
    stephen meinhold 2 months ago +1

    not going to explain, explinations dont actuly explain anything we just think they do.

  • Jannett Lopez
    Jannett Lopez 2 months ago

    But has anyone read the trilogy?

  • Thomas Crown
    Thomas Crown 2 months ago

    I am way to lazy to watch this film...going to google "Natalie Portman Bikini"

  • Sleepy Alligator
    Sleepy Alligator 2 months ago +1

    I loved this movie.

  • Mr Vernik
    Mr Vernik 2 months ago +8

    Tattoo on Kane's chest is the bear - TOO DEEP

  • Felipe de Oliveira
    Felipe de Oliveira 2 months ago

    Gina Rodriguez... so talkative and forthcoming... she sucked balls in this movie.

  • ImEasyAs
    ImEasyAs 2 months ago

    Visually the best movie I've seen in a long, long time. Plot wise ... this was pretty average and predictable.

  • J Bro
    J Bro 2 months ago

    Natalie Portman is beauty personified.

  • Marcin Świątko
    Marcin Świątko 2 months ago

    This fatass lesbo destroyed the movie

  • Shartika Wright
    Shartika Wright 2 months ago +17

    Watching this movie while high off the Mary Jane was one of the best feelings ever. Movie busted my brain; I’m going to look at it again for the 3rd time.

    • PucaAtPlay
      PucaAtPlay 28 days ago

      Incredible when i was high

    • HashishFTW
      HashishFTW Month ago

      Shartika Wright check out Iorigins if you haven't seen it. And the oa series :)

    • aedivian
      aedivian 2 months ago +1

      Dont do drugs and stay in school

    • Nvr Slp
      Nvr Slp 2 months ago

      Shartika Wright riiiight? Was on some flight took an edible

  • nicougrikify Pelletier
    nicougrikify Pelletier 2 months ago

    so, title says natalie explains the ending.. video: natalie doenst expalin ending. so yeah go fuck yourself and eat a giant load of cow jizz, you fucked faced duck eating whore. DONT CLICKBATE ME FAGGOT !

  • Kable
    Kable 2 months ago +7

    The shimmer is an immortal cell line that is actively removing ways that it can self destruct.
    I don't see any flaw in this answer after what I've read. This video doesn't even come close to the details that were in the movie that explained everything. If you want to understand it for yourself research this book "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" which lena is shown to be reading near the end, and at the beginning in the narration we are told that death is nothing more than a genetic disease. As far as the ending goes and who's who... kane actually is the clone, his original was too damaged to be repaired so he died. Lena is lena, but because she came into contact with the entity at it's strongest point, her cells went under extreme alterations. Immortal cell lines, such as HeLa, are known for contaminating other cells and altering them; these are facts of science. Unfortunately what we know of immortal cell lines doesn't literally mean they are immortal in the sense that they can't die though. They are biologically immortal, meaning as long as the cells are in harmony they are sustainable indefinitely however they are still subject to disease or harm. That's the whole point of the movie. This new entity fell to the earth, a planet filled with death and disease, and the entity started altering the genetics around it creating a field of harmony. If you noticed, the alligator and bear were not harming anything that had been altered, only the destructive genetics that hadn't been altered yet. They were protecting their-selves.
    This entire movie was based on real science, just on a larger scale than what is currently and momentarily possible. This movie is based more on prediction than sci-fi. The name of the movie is very much relevant, and what they said repeatedly throughout the movie about it eventually consuming everything was straight forward. But the question of WHY? is a different story. It was removing genetic defects, it was creating harmony across all things. Why was it doing that? Simple, that's just what the immortal cell is programmed to do, infect and fix, to cleanse.

      FUERZA DE MAPUCHE 21 day ago

      Kable ......I gotta say that yours was/is the best (and even though possibly most complex it is also the easiest to understand) answer as a whole to this awesome movie. Thanks for your input!

  • Moto GP
    Moto GP 2 months ago

    Natalie Portman was in one good movie when she was 12 and then it all went downhill.

    ELLY GAMES 2 months ago +25

    The bear scene was the most unsettling part of the movie

  • Lost Fear
    Lost Fear 2 months ago

    I do believe this movie has many interpretations. Each one I hear sounds pretty interesting and fits almost perfectly.
    I can’t help but feel like this movie is about the psychedelic experience. I’m no stranger to DMT and other psychedelics. I’m sure anyone who’s taken psychedelics will certainly agree that this movies alien, especially in its orb form looked just like a DMT fractal.
    Even the plot had some psychedelic undertones. Portman’s character having to reflect on herself, going on a journey of ego death, being stripped down, body and mind. Basically dying and coming out the other end better understanding herself and what she needs to do.
    Obviously the tone of this being psychedelic is very glossed over by the cancer metaphor’s, the other characters narratives and the aliens motivations if any.
    However I think it’s still interesting to see directors use this sort of imagery in movies.
    I watched it with my dad and even he said the movie felt like a bad trip that never ends. 😂

  • McKayonaise
    McKayonaise 2 months ago

    Gina is a great actress! I couldn't believe it was Jane the Virgin freaking me out in this film, she can clearly adapt to very different roles

  • Feline Grace
    Feline Grace 2 months ago +56

    My interpretation is that Lena DID make it out. Because it doesnt make sense that when the real Kane killed himself, it didnt make everything else explode. The doppleganger killed herself which caused the chain reaction. The reason her eyes shimmered is because even though it is the original Lena; she's been mutated by the shimmer (just like everyone else) and isn't "original" anymore.

    • diggy pigger
      diggy pigger Day ago

      Feline Grace it wasn’t her tard that came out

    • xKiSuGix
      xKiSuGix 2 months ago +4

      SuperFunnyGuy Yea some kind. I think in Lenas case it is more altered DNA and in Kanes case he is really a clone of the copy.

    • SuperFunnyGuy
      SuperFunnyGuy 2 months ago +3

      Feline Grace Lena made it out. But the alien is still inside of her, and her husband. This is why their eyes glow purple.

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog 2 months ago +1

    Well many think this is how we humans were created. We are partly alien to this dimension.