Casually Explained: Red Flags

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
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  • Cash is King trucking

    I just washed your playlist. Good stuff man great job

    • mikeldab
      mikeldab Day ago

      Nigga did you use soap

  • OnixTV
    OnixTV 4 days ago +1

    "If you're into girls who are still in high school, the best way to get over that is to talk to one of them." That is very true.

  • Unraveled Soul
    Unraveled Soul 4 days ago

    Russian spy lol

  • NerdSayz
    NerdSayz 4 days ago

    I wouldn't have to deal with red flags. I never had girlfriend😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • ThrunkEx
    ThrunkEx 5 days ago +1

    "they have the same last name as you, that's a bad sign, in most places"

  • taras kreslavsky
    taras kreslavsky 6 days ago

    You cant tell so thats a red flag

  • Avital Alef
    Avital Alef 7 days ago

    10/10 reference 🙏

  • Eduardo Rocha
    Eduardo Rocha 10 days ago

    in Brazil, the age of consent is 14. so usually, you wont get arrested. but if she makes up some shit about you, like saying, you sexually molested her, or if she hit herself to acuse you, you're doomed! the judges will believe her 99% of the time. age of consent is a matter of keeping your guard against extortion, not sexual drive.

  • Felix Klinger
    Felix Klinger 10 days ago

    2:38 best son, 2nd

  • Ethan N
    Ethan N 10 days ago

    As a Canadian, I am insulted to hear him claim I use internet explorer.

  • Sankalpa Dhungana
    Sankalpa Dhungana 10 days ago

    "My self-esteem is based on what others think of me" this hit the spot ouch

  • Angelo Tognon
    Angelo Tognon 10 days ago

    I just discovered I'm canadian

  • FairNut
    FairNut 11 days ago

    **very soft and quiet click**

  • Mikki Hintikka
    Mikki Hintikka 12 days ago

    my only problem is that no girl likes me 😬

  • OneRichMofo
    OneRichMofo 12 days ago

    8 inches

  • IBennx77I
    IBennx77I 12 days ago

    Cast off the crutch that kills the pain
    The red flag waving never meant the same
    The kids of tomorrow don't need today
    When they live in the sins of yesterday

  • DankMemeQueen ExtremeSupreme

    I like how having the same last name is only a low-tier red flag. The Alabama folks gotta breed somehow!

  • Eric van Wickern
    Eric van Wickern 13 days ago

    Anyone else feel like they're listening to slowmotion CGP Grey?

  • honganh
    honganh 13 days ago

    Does she have to be a hot Russian spy girl?

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 14 days ago

    The same last name as me isn’t a red flag. It’s too common a name and I know all my cousins and sinblings that share that name... so, it’s not likely for me to meet someone with my last name that’s, unknown to me, actually related to me.

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 14 days ago

    "They hold the door for you as soon as they see you park your car." LMAOOO yeah, that'd piss me off too...but I guess he's right, it's not the worst thing.

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 14 days ago +1

    2:40 I think I'd rather have a stripper at that point tbh.

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 14 days ago +1

    1:30 Perfectly timed and flawless delivery. You must have been practicing since...middle school?

  • Steven Schmitt
    Steven Schmitt 16 days ago

    This entire audio with childish Gambino this is America video over it

  • Inge Bolme
    Inge Bolme 16 days ago +1

    What if im the one who's trying to passive agressively tell me something? :thinking:

  • ClockLiuOG
    ClockLiuOG 16 days ago +1

    xD Surrounding yourself with "1's" :P 3:57 dang

  • Duck Bread
    Duck Bread 17 days ago

    That part about treating waitresses bad is so true. My brother is rude to waitresses, so when he got married to what is now my sister-in-law, he eventually became rude to her too.

  • NecromancerAdr
    NecromancerAdr 18 days ago

    3:32 Man, you speak truth.

  • Opinions
    Opinions 22 days ago +13

    “ohHhHhh casually explained how many subscribers do you have”

    *2 millllliioooonn*

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 22 days ago

    A great way to get over high school girls is to talk to one of them 😂

  • Bob B
    Bob B 22 days ago +1

    This is to funny 😂😂😂👍

  • Terry van scorpio
    Terry van scorpio 23 days ago +2

    The ship is names Unsinkable 2😂😂😂✌🏾

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck 24 days ago +7

    they´re under 18. unless you´re into.... FBI open up

  • Austin Hibdon
    Austin Hibdon 26 days ago

    I must disagree, sir. Use of Internet Explorer is an enormous red flag.

  • Mr Viking
    Mr Viking 26 days ago

    Subd so you can brag in the sack.

  • Huma Onyango
    Huma Onyango 27 days ago +1

    Talk to one of them! 😂😂😂 ... That should cure it fast!

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H
    S T Ξ Λ L T H 27 days ago

    People who lick the yoghurt of the lid are monsters

  • Imtotallydiggingthis
    Imtotallydiggingthis 27 days ago

    Canadian! :D

  • Prazed Platoon
    Prazed Platoon 28 days ago

    "If you do find yourself attracted to someone still in HS, best way to get ivervthat is to talk to them." Fucking dead😆😆

  • oalmaftool
    oalmaftool 28 days ago

    I'm I the only one here just because of how funny he is and not really to learn something, LOL.

  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields 28 days ago +1

    That Minesweeper joke is next level

  • Mountain Ritos
    Mountain Ritos Month ago +9


  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man Month ago

    Why Red though.

  • Ian Hall
    Ian Hall Month ago

    What if she laughs at some but not all jokes

  • MyMagicalLittleUniverse

    In korea i think it was illegal to marry people with the same last name but now they changed that law

  • Tom Buchan-steele
    Tom Buchan-steele Month ago

    Bruh my current girlfriend has a secretive past and doesn’t laugh at my jokes lol

  • GSToujou
    GSToujou Month ago

    0:22 Peru

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young Month ago

    Age of consent in alberta is 16 bro (idk about the rest of canada. Go alberta)

  • Bluey
    Bluey Month ago

    0:40 no a peruvian 🇵🇪

  • Nimirium
    Nimirium Month ago

    That minesweeper flag could be in another place!!!! You're bad at minesweeper.

  • Nicholas McLean
    Nicholas McLean Month ago

    I like that you left in the click sound when you navigated to your script after hitting record x

  • Vokelfree Vokelfree

    0:25 AUSTRIA

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones Month ago

    Excellent usage of Minesweeper for analogy. :-)

  • Crome
    Crome Month ago

    “In most places”

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller Month ago

    This is the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while

  • howard baxter
    howard baxter Month ago

    Ok, the under 18 part is only applicable if y’all are more than few years apart. Like, as a 19 year old, it wouldn’t be weird to date a 17 year old since we are just 2 years apart. If I was dating a 15 year old? That would be weird.

  • Kenan Aragon
    Kenan Aragon Month ago

    I loved the last name joke and the Canadian one

  • Yosef
    Yosef Month ago


  • JoshJLMG Productions
    JoshJLMG Productions Month ago +5

    "They're under 18."
    Unless you're in-

  • sor3999
    sor3999 Month ago

    Minesweeper reference on point

  • Diane IsMyName
    Diane IsMyName Month ago +1

    I love how when he imagines a girl in bed with him, she calls him "Casually Explained"! Made me lol!

  • Roo Saxton
    Roo Saxton Month ago

    What if there a drug dealer?

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    "In most places"

  • rcpwProductions
    rcpwProductions Month ago

    haa people only came to me because they liked my friends but inevitably stopped talking to me due to my awful social anxiety and apathetic topics

  • APG95
    APG95 Month ago

    “It’s impossible to see the red flags when looking through rose colored glasses.”

  • Pertrique75
    Pertrique75 2 months ago

    Minesweeper reference!

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez 2 months ago

    I am such a wreck in relationships that I actually FOUND this video, no one sent it to me. :'(

  • My dog is in a lemonade pitcher

    Furry moms take their kids to a con, thinking they’ll find a red flag, then they find none. FURRIES ARE NOT BAD! STOP HATING.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 2 months ago

    Plot twist, they are the one:

  • Rosenblätter und Dornen
    Rosenblätter und Dornen 2 months ago +1

    "Oh a Canadian.."🇨🇦 😂😂😂

  • GlockinmyGuac
    GlockinmyGuac 2 months ago

    Meth is a red flag....

  • You Will Be Afraid
    You Will Be Afraid 2 months ago

    That 8 inches bit was genius 😂😂😂

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 2 months ago

    please, anything but pessimistic, superstitious russian girls. they are absolutely insane.

  • bionic link
    bionic link 2 months ago

    I'm an American Canadian apparently lmao

  • ThomasRichardHaroldson
    ThomasRichardHaroldson 2 months ago

    The minesweeper joke got to me.

    CAREorDIE 2 months ago

    8 inches

  • Toadally Anonymous
    Toadally Anonymous 2 months ago +1


  • Ed's Music Room
    Ed's Music Room 2 months ago

    holy fuck that minesweeper thing was genius

  • Alexys0706
    Alexys0706 2 months ago

    Um, sorry, but uh, I’m Canadian, and am extremely angry that you lumped all of us together in this big collective. I lick the yogurt of the lid. Again, I’m sorry to waste your time, but I felt this needed to be said.

  • Thomas Bequette
    Thomas Bequette 2 months ago +2

    Ohh this is going to be good.

  • Neko Koishi
    Neko Koishi 2 months ago

    A girl punched me a lot for telling a really bad joke.

  • GamerMomRenn
    GamerMomRenn 2 months ago +1

    In the deal breakers section, an addition from something I personally watched my brother go through:
    If they have multiple children, are single, are from another country, are here on an extended stay of their visa (meaning they could get deported any moment)... oh and also doesn't speak the same language as you. Probably a deal-breaking red flag.

  • BlackStar Senpai
    BlackStar Senpai 2 months ago +1

    When you're looking at someone through rose tinted lenses, all the red flags just look like flags.

  • Ben Lash
    Ben Lash 2 months ago

    this is why you don't share videos before you watch them all the way through

  • Prudvi Kamtam
    Prudvi Kamtam 2 months ago

    Oh a Canadian. Ded 😂😂

  • Brendan Armstrong
    Brendan Armstrong 2 months ago +1

    Where would collecting dead animals and human teeth lie on the spectrum?

    • Ma Pa
      Ma Pa 2 months ago


  • Noe Königseder
    Noe Königseder 2 months ago


  • Nischay
    Nischay 2 months ago +1

    The minesweeper analogy was nice xD.

  • Max_Kevin
    Max_Kevin 2 months ago

    At least that's one friend...

  • ObjectManiacLewis 27
    ObjectManiacLewis 27 3 months ago +3


  • Ugandan Knuckle
    Ugandan Knuckle 3 months ago

    *8 inches*

  • Lwen
    Lwen 3 months ago

    again you cant tell if she likes you or not so your going to walk away to prevent humiliation from asking her if she got a bf or not.

  • Thewolfpack23x
    Thewolfpack23x 3 months ago +1

    3:28 but what if you're under 18?

  • Rock
    Rock 3 months ago

    Hey I keep tissues on my desk too! I sneeze a lot.

  • Dylan Doran-Smith
    Dylan Doran-Smith 3 months ago

    I honestly love your videos so much!

  • AmbitionZ
    AmbitionZ 3 months ago

    This dude loves Margery Tyrell lmao

  • Ariel Cohen
    Ariel Cohen 3 months ago

    Oh fuck my new girl has 2 of the mid tier red flag, what should i do...
    Edit: 3 she might be a german hitman or connected to one.😬

  • Rufitz
    Rufitz 3 months ago


  • Sami Bitat
    Sami Bitat 3 months ago

    Who else thought he was gonna say unless you’re into that when he said “if they’re under 18”

  • Irakli L
    Irakli L 3 months ago

    Minesweeper reference was lit