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    DJRICKYDEEUK 4 days ago

    Ooh la la, vive la france et bon happy'tits.

  • BrownGirlWhiteBoy
    BrownGirlWhiteBoy 4 days ago

    What a complete idiot. He deserves his pain.

  • navajocapi
    navajocapi 5 days ago

    Riding a motorcycle with shorts and a T-shirt?... you deserve it

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige 5 days ago

    It only takes one case of road rash to make you realize you need to wear clothes

  • Noneya Buizness
    Noneya Buizness 5 days ago

    If he's standing and picking up his motorcycle..why would you stop and help?

  • OsiedlowyMichał
    OsiedlowyMichał 7 days ago

    I know it’s hot outside but why don’t you wear gear when riding?
    Looking cool is more important than health?!

  • identity for name, and file for channel, welcome to document yourself!

    buddy you got off easy, wear the gear!

    EDWARD BEAVEN 11 days ago

    I'll bet Mr. Road Rash will wear protective clothes after this. Any bets?

  • Karolin Koza
    Karolin Koza 12 days ago

    He hit the turn to fast

  • pentti makkonen
    pentti makkonen 12 days ago

    That Honda person fell because he did not know how to drive a motorbike. That moron should have atleast leather jacket and so on... nobody stopped passing by because there was no reason; driver was ok! He was just campling with his own problems - caused by himself. He should by 4 wheel wehicle.

  • Chris Page
    Chris Page 13 days ago +1

    Just started riding again after years off a bike, when I go out I look like a astronaut gear up ppl

  • Technical BeatBox
    Technical BeatBox 14 days ago

    4:08. Oh man!!!

  • Country Boy
    Country Boy 14 days ago

    Off to buy some leathers now dumbass

  • AmericanPatriot 1776
    AmericanPatriot 1776 15 days ago


  • 1142 Eat my Ass
    1142 Eat my Ass 16 days ago

    No sympathy! You're morons!

    ADZ ADI 17 days ago


  • Grand NarbonneCentquarante

    Le 1e sur Honda est vraiment un gros tocard. En short, torse nu et petit pompe. Il va prendre cher avec les brûlures... ça a l’air de piquer ! En plus il se filme ce gros naze.

  • sirmarek78
    sirmarek78 20 days ago

    You are a lucky idiot!!

  • xavier crinon
    xavier crinon 20 days ago

    alors lui sans protection il a tous bon le kéké

  • Vivien Tanguy SRFC
    Vivien Tanguy SRFC 20 days ago

    C’est bien ça au US is ont manie de ne pas s’équiper dont le pourcentage énorme de décès malheureusement

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 22 days ago +2

    Can someone answer why the hell these guys can't turn a freakin curve?

  • Route Rider
    Route Rider 23 days ago

    you just can't tell an idiot that he's an idiot

  • MrFourseven
    MrFourseven 23 days ago


  • German Biker
    German Biker 24 days ago

    Many bikers do not check the air pressure in the tires before driving
    too little pressure makes the front wheel slip away

  • rocketman697
    rocketman697 24 days ago

    Why he crashed? Because he can't ride.

  • Joseph Hilo
    Joseph Hilo 25 days ago

    Riding shirtless??? What a complete fucktard

  • Audi A3 Fahrer
    Audi A3 Fahrer 26 days ago +1

    Kommt davon wenn man ohne schutzkleidung fährt

  • Chris L
    Chris L 26 days ago +1

    time to take some riding lessons.

  • NotaDumbYank
    NotaDumbYank 27 days ago

    first one is a stupid wanker

  • Jesus Galindo
    Jesus Galindo 27 days ago +1

    Se tira solo

  • Alan High
    Alan High 27 days ago

    Geez, wear the proper clothing if you're going to ride.

  • mutterschied
    mutterschied 27 days ago

    I use to ask myself where's the reason fot retards to love so madly the wheelies....

    IL FACCIO TUTTO TM 29 days ago

    Al primo gli sta bene va in moto senza protezioni

  • tigre stud
    tigre stud Month ago +1

    Soo sorry but they get no sympathy from me public roads are not race tracks

  • Fotzbauernsepp Fotze

    ahhh omg

  • Jaguaro SAN MARLEY
    Jaguaro SAN MARLEY Month ago

    Non sapete correre

  • Christian  Strüve
    Christian Strüve Month ago +1

    Never Go Full Motard!!!

  • Eric Surrena
    Eric Surrena Month ago

    Yeah you're pretty fuckin stupid. Go buy yourself a nice bicycle.

  • Eric Surrena
    Eric Surrena Month ago +2

    Probably just used to seeing him and his bike in the grass

  • sniper king
    sniper king Month ago

    he crashed because he slited he's hole body on the bike

  • dogdipstick
    dogdipstick Month ago

    Poor Honda.

  • Phil Starnes
    Phil Starnes Month ago +2

    Why would you just ride with shorts on hope it hurt knob jockey

    • Phil Starnes
      Phil Starnes 11 days ago

      Mike Lincoln not as hard as it bit him 😂

    • Mike Lincoln
      Mike Lincoln 12 days ago

      Phil Starnes lets hope karma, bites you hard for your twisted thinking

  • raphael ROQUES
    raphael ROQUES Month ago +1

    je vais paraître méchant probablement, mais j'espère que le gogole en short a bien morflé après ! c'est à cause de ces tanches que derrière, les assurances moto coûtent si chers ! pour compenser l'inconscience d'une poignée....

    • Maurice Raffin
      Maurice Raffin 27 days ago

      raphael ROQUES cet été un gars me double avec un gros cub sur une route vicinale 3 m de large première petite courbe la moto a passé le fossé montée le taluté 1m 50 Ét retombée dans le bois arrive à sa hauteur j ai vu qu il se relevai je lui Ét rien demandé j ai continué ma route

  • mckays1224
    mckays1224 Month ago

    If you can’t pick up your bike, you need a scooter.

  • darrell phipps
    darrell phipps Month ago +4

    You forgot to mention he has No brains either, LMAO

  • John Ammons
    John Ammons Month ago +1

    Wheelie + Crash = Massive Laughter in my house. You have two wheels not one for a reason

  • Freedom 1
    Freedom 1 Month ago

    1st one, was jut a little road rash, no biggie, just a kid, not knowing how to ride....edit......none of them know how to ride, grow up kids

  • Jeff Mullinix
    Jeff Mullinix Month ago

    Stupid Americans operating a motorcycle with NO fking body armor at all .

  • Joey F
    Joey F Month ago +1

    the knee in the first one was gross

  • James Munn
    James Munn Month ago +2

    That’s gona hurt in the morning

  • Ken Roman
    Ken Roman Month ago

    Riding a bike sickle your riding on top of a motorcycle you got to be the stupid things you can ever do. Thanks to god your alright.

  • Markus Knöpp
    Markus Knöpp Month ago


  • Chuck Pringle
    Chuck Pringle Month ago +1

    But you look sooo cool in your shorts, backpack and no shirt.......thinking about the PROPER clothing for motorcycling now???

  • Evan Greenlee
    Evan Greenlee Month ago

    Pain tolerance over 9000

  • Keckeman46
    Keckeman46 Month ago

    Well he gets what he deserved

  • mark findlay
    mark findlay Month ago

    Driving about with no gear. Come on its sad to watch please wear proper gear.

  • david lol
    david lol Month ago

    Tain le 3 eme ct magnifique c con qui se soi louper a la fin

    MAD MAX Month ago


  • steven skacal
    steven skacal Month ago


  • Defcon 5
    Defcon 5 Month ago

    Così impari ad usare l'abbigliamento corretto per andare in moto...

  • J sand
    J sand Month ago

    I have had a few MC's in my life so far, I am lucky to have no major mishaps, was thinking of another but after watching YT MC vids for a few days, I have decided 1) I must have a guardian angel, 2) Some bad MC'ers give the good MC'ers a bad reputation (i.e. defensive riding is not in their vocabulary), 3) Not in the city!!!, 4) etc, etc, ...

  • J sand
    J sand Month ago

    Required watching for every beginner Motorcyclist??? (among others)

  • drumsnbass
    drumsnbass Month ago +1

    Road rash is asphalts way to telling you that you're a major dumbfuck

  • Ebina Cellular
    Ebina Cellular Month ago +1


  • Eki Apriliady
    Eki Apriliady Month ago

    i dont care about your wounds, because you're not using good safety

  • Howard B
    Howard B 2 months ago

    They never learn wearing shorts and not a jacket...

  • Ketil Overby
    Ketil Overby 2 months ago

    why did no one stopped to help the first idiot ? americans cares no more about it's fellow
    people then they do about the rest of the world. the only good american is a dead one ....

  • Martin OConnor
    Martin OConnor 2 months ago

    Dress for the crash, not the ride! He asked for it and he got it, no sympathy!

  • ageingtrucker
    ageingtrucker 2 months ago

    Retard, proud of his stupidity.

  • Ride With Patrick
    Ride With Patrick 2 months ago

    The first one crashed because he shat his pants when he came in the turn and insted of controling the throttle he blocked the front brake

    • Ride With Patrick
      Ride With Patrick Month ago

      and you can see that if he had blocked the rear brake tha back would slide firt and this did not happened

    • gumsrob1962
      gumsrob1962 Month ago

      Ride With Patrick and

  • russ carney jr
    russ carney jr 2 months ago

    The wounds will heal faster if you cleans the areas with a brush, alcohol and salt.

    • john dawkes
      john dawkes Month ago

      Then you can do the post crash road rash dance, totally preventable by purchasing a bit of cowhide, oh and engaging brain before the right hand.

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz 2 months ago

    The first squid learned his lesson....hopefully.

  • J
    J 2 months ago


  • marlena asprey
    marlena asprey 2 months ago

    That is going to hurt.

  • Merfeller T4
    Merfeller T4 2 months ago

    Exactly this Happens without protection wear

  • Sauron FPS
    Sauron FPS 2 months ago +3

    J'espère que le chien qui s'est fais renverser va bien et le motard aussi 😣🤔😓🐕🏍

  • Benjamin Felt
    Benjamin Felt 2 months ago

    Le premier n’est un motard je suis désoler en moto on s’équipe même si il fait chaud

  • survivor
    survivor 2 months ago

    Surprises me he was wearing a helmet.

  • donald day
    donald day 2 months ago

    Helmet and gloves,saw guy die on a Kawasaki H2 in the early 70,s had flip flops,no gloves ,no helmet, shorts,t- shirt and was first time on a motorcycle borrowed from owner on hwy 17 in California

  • Rainbowsmash 127
    Rainbowsmash 127 2 months ago

    The first one is an idiot bc he should have had protection!

  • Ima Paine-diaz
    Ima Paine-diaz 2 months ago

    no skin on the legs also

  • etu digger
    etu digger 2 months ago

    At the Motorcycle Safety Foundation we use the acronym ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time.

  • Jmiller74848 Miller
    Jmiller74848 Miller 2 months ago


  • Thomas Herbert
    Thomas Herbert 2 months ago +2

    Sure can't fix stupid

  • jiří kubíček
    jiří kubíček 2 months ago

    Blbec,příště se alespoň obleče.

  • Ronan Molloy
    Ronan Molloy 2 months ago +13

    1st guy in the shorts is a total gobshite and deserves what he got

    • dwayne marshall
      dwayne marshall 15 days ago

      Why would you say that no one deserves that. people make mistakes and i bet he has jeans and a long sleeve shirt on from now on.. he was not being reckless

    • Tom Mallon
      Tom Mallon 17 days ago

      At least he was honest.

  • philippe copie
    philippe copie 2 months ago

    j'ai des milliers de bornes en motos mais jamais en danger des autres

  • philippe copie
    philippe copie 2 months ago

    ben voyons un blaireau

    WESTON TAYLOR 2 months ago

    Please keep your bike in low gears and high RPMs

  • penganguran berat
    penganguran berat 2 months ago

    puas anjing

  • Dirk
    Dirk 2 months ago

    für Selbstverstümmlung in die Klapse

  • Nobible Black
    Nobible Black 3 months ago

    Sacre bleu, call Pepe Le Pew!

  • Никита Амелин

    первое видео отчетливо говорит "Я ДЕБИЛ" точка.

  • Angel Licca
    Angel Licca 3 months ago

    idiot riders 🤣🤣

  • Marco Salvo
    Marco Salvo 3 months ago

    Segaaaa non guidare sei un pericolo

  • Alain Nicolas
    Alain Nicolas 3 months ago +1

    les gars mal équipés sont hyper nuls.lamentable.

  • emmanuel laurent
    emmanuel laurent 3 months ago +1

    sa va t'apprendre trop lol

  • Amy Scotch
    Amy Scotch 3 months ago


  • Hùng Lý
    Hùng Lý 3 months ago


  • MuggShotGaming
    MuggShotGaming 4 months ago

    You would have to be outta your damn mind to ride a bike in Russia.