memes that make me cry laughing

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
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  • Memecorp
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  • The Great Andrew
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  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 days ago

    These memes are trash

  • Unknown Astroid _
    Unknown Astroid _ 3 days ago

    “Ha your wife died”

  • clickbaitboi123
    clickbaitboi123 3 days ago


  • Spyder Snipez
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  • unseen blade
    unseen blade 5 days ago

    Omg its 3 Am now 😂😯

  • Lucas Gartner
    Lucas Gartner 6 days ago

    I dare u to read more

    read more

  • Lucas Gartner
    Lucas Gartner 6 days ago


  • Eat toes Or die
    Eat toes Or die 8 days ago

    This video was pretty epic until the horrendous unspeakable and uncultured game came up

    Fort nut

  • Rachel Duchesne
    Rachel Duchesne 8 days ago +1

  • Rachel Duchesne
    Rachel Duchesne 8 days ago +2

    Me: i cant fall asleep
    Cat: hisses
    Me: what, i just told i cant sleep
    Cat: hisses
    Me: whats wrong with you
    Cat: i hate you
    Mom: whats all this fighting
    Me: umm cat is not listening
    Mom: i hate you both
    Cat: hisses
    Me: i need to run

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  • Dr. nipples
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  • Dr. nipples
    Dr. nipples 10 days ago

    3:24 shrek toilet

  • Yazieᄒᄃᄉ
    Yazieᄒᄃᄉ 10 days ago

    Hehe,I do a Gacha life Meme but i will try to make gacha to a Funny meme

  • jojo acebo
    jojo acebo 12 days ago


  • Lotus Lotus
    Lotus Lotus 12 days ago

    Why is everyone giving a code name just say water

  • Sasha Maxwell
    Sasha Maxwell 14 days ago

    hey guys did you realize it said he lied seven

  • Violett Bogard
    Violett Bogard 14 days ago

    0:05-0:08 class be like

  • Starlightglitter
    Starlightglitter 14 days ago +1

    Hello people of this website, I don’t really know how to tell you this, but I really need your help with something that I don’t even understand..
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    The police of that town had obtained a search warrant and what they found was sickening. Their investigation determined that the stepmother would lock Carrie in a small, dark room off of the basement, where she would tie her up and torture the girl by stripping Carrie’s flesh away from the bone. She would cut into the skin and then cut deeper and deeper, peeling the flesh and muscle away with a squelch and a ripping sound as warm blood gushed out of the viens and arteries, drenching the room in it. She forced Carrie to sing and dance as she was being tortured, she threatened to starve her for a week if the child did not comply. And so she did, and the terrible woman took a sick pleasure in watching a small figure pirouette while chunks of flesh hung off her legs, arms and face as she let out screams of agony. This had gone on for some weeks, until Carrie eventually succumbed to her terrible injuries and was discovered dead by her stepmother. When the stepmother discovered her, she cut away the strips of flesh that were still hanging on and left the mangled body on the ground.
    The stepmother had been given a life sentence with no possibility of parole, and I felt like I had seen enough to confirm the despicable things that the police had found. I began to drive home at sunset, and drove on as the road became steadily darker.
    As I turned a corner, I saw what looked to be a twelve year old girl dancing ballet. I didn’t think anything of it and continued driving. She danced towards me, and as she grew closer I heard a haunting melody that I couldn’t exactly make out the words to, and I started to realize something was wrong. I got this unsettling feeling, my hair stood up on the back of my neck, and I felt chills go up my spine. She got even closer, and oh my goodness, I have never experienced worse pain then I did at that very moment. It felt as though every nerve in my body was on fire. The pain worsened as she got closer, and as I sat there, completely paralyzed by agonizing pain and unable to do anything, I saw her completely in the light. There is no was this girl was alive. Bits of flesh were hanging off or missing entirely from her arms, legs, and part of her face, you could see the bone in some places and she was continually bleeding, though it didn’t seem to affect her in the slightest. The only part of her that was not mangled beyond recognition was most of her face and her brown hair, which was up in a ponytail. She opened her mouth very slowly, and blood began to drip out of it too. “ will dance until you die....” I remember hearing her say in a high pitched voice before I blacked out from the pain.
    I woke up in my office the next morning, safe and sound.
    Then this morning I made a discovery that terrified me.. As I was making myself a cup of coffee, I suddenly began to dance uncontrollably as I tore my flesh off my bones. I can’t stop. I can hear the sound of the flesh being ripped away, can feel the agony and I have absolutely no control over myself, i simply rip and tear until i see the bone. This has been happening for hours. I have almost torn all of my flesh off of my body now.
    I don’t know how much time I have left. I post this here in the hopes that I can spread this message, and I someone anyone, I beg of you, please can help me stop this, I will be forever grateful. Please... help me.

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    WYATT EGGERT 17 days ago


  • OrangeLion
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  • boomychi
    boomychi 19 days ago

    8:32 I was literally playing skyrim while watching these memes.

  • Jake :3
    Jake :3 20 days ago

    5:16 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • Jake :3
    Jake :3 20 days ago

    Burger king and bud weiser in a nutshell

  • s a d n e s s
    s a d n e s s 20 days ago

    video: 0:19

  • Abhirup saha
    Abhirup saha 21 day ago

    Its not that funny at all...

  • Faded Wisteria
    Faded Wisteria 22 days ago

    *W A T E R*

  • Christian Cole
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  • Juana Chavez
    Juana Chavez 23 days ago

    These arent funny sarcasiem that its funny) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so funny !(not)

  • Nobody
    Nobody 23 days ago

    Not funny , didn't laugh.

  • Fuzzy Boi
    Fuzzy Boi 24 days ago +1

    My fav 2:09

  • Re*5 Emilia
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  • BritishBoyJames
    BritishBoyJames 27 days ago

    water if you watched until the end

  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 27 days ago +1

    Logan Paul lookalike was so 😱scary..

  • Wacky Book Reviews
    Wacky Book Reviews 28 days ago


  • captain camo
    captain camo 29 days ago

    # water. Love your vids

  • autistic dalek
    autistic dalek 29 days ago

    Joe died of Ligma

  • MVP Dragon
    MVP Dragon 29 days ago

    + Just

  • Little Kinq
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  • Doctor Potato Animator


    Mi CHANNEL Month ago +18

    "memes that made me cry laughing"

    Me: Not funny, Didn't Laugh

  • Email Address
    Email Address Month ago

    This was terrible

  • WierdWolfLoves 10000

    When they ate the minecraft diamond my reation was: NOOOOOO THAT IS NOT ALLOWED! I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! REEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Unibabe The Great
    Unibabe The Great Month ago


  • guide for beginners

    Water of course i cant miss your memes if i were missed, i would probably died

  • Lukas hallo
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  • Meow cat 123
    Meow cat 123 Month ago

    I love your funny memes 🤣

  • Enzo Babboni
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  • LivingAJ
    LivingAJ Month ago

    Minecraft. Update 9.6.0 bedrock=diamonds bedrock does equal mine able

  • Cakra Arjuna
    Cakra Arjuna Month ago

    this is my meme 5-5 = my frieds say how many girls love you 5-5=0

  • 133_eli
    133_eli Month ago