Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet!

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • This week's One Day Build is a collaboration with new Tested contributor Bill Doran, aka Punished Props! Bill visits Adam's workshop to help make a replica of Adam's Ringwraith Gauntlets using thin sheets of foam, showing the versatility and accessibility of this popular cosplay material!
    Watch Bill's paint-up of this build here:
    Find the patterns to make your own here:
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch edited by Joey Fameli
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    Adam Savage
    Norman Chan
    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
    Kishore Hari
    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
    Kayte Sabicer
    Bill Doran
    Ariel Waldman
    Kristen Lomasney
    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set build by Asa Hillis
    Set design by Danica Johnson
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Saintly Sinner
    Saintly Sinner 15 hours ago

    There is so much positive and calm energy from this video, I love it

  • Oli
    Oli Day ago

    I at first thought Adam said "Builder Ann" until I saw the "Bill Doran" on the screen! Nominative determinism anyone?

  • Chad Pugh
    Chad Pugh 4 days ago

    I WANT A PAIR THOOOOSE. The steel ones plz.

  • Elijah Rideb
    Elijah Rideb 5 days ago

    I made mine with spike edges on the the knuckles and it's fully functional. I could not be more happy with my build. Thanks guys

  • Sean Darling
    Sean Darling 5 days ago

    Making this outside of your workshop would be a tedious, disorganized nightmare.

  • Allamericanfrog Dragonborn

    "a shrine to obsession."
    Best line ver.

  • Meriam
    Meriam 7 days ago

    @28:21 "That's what I also love about this specific hobby, is how accessible it is" after being told that the foam that was used is only $5 worth, and while using a real armor arm shield and heavy equipments and laser cutter that I will have to starve myself for 2 years to be able to get.

  • Jake E Hobbs
    Jake E Hobbs 8 days ago

    Just had to buy a few of those rulers. Thanks Adam!

  • Ignis King
    Ignis King 9 days ago

    I want to learn how to make armor, but I can't seem to find a good enough guide to recommend the most cost efficient and appropriate eva foam to use. Like should I order online, or go to my local home depot and get those huge tile squares in a 6 pack for $25 which measure 24" x 24" x .375" ? The glue and heat gun seem simple enough, and I just recently had an epiphany about how templates are made/can be made.

  • Carol Whittlesea
    Carol Whittlesea 10 days ago

    That was very cool love one like that but in silver.

  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee 12 days ago

    I guess one way you get and stay worth $8 million is to charge people $40 a year to watch content you are going to do anyway. (and charging WAY too much for a t-shirt) I guess I shouldn't complain about $3 a month. But even that is a lot for "starving" students and other lacking-in-financials people. I might do it. I hope it's worth it.

  • Wol Flo
    Wol Flo 15 days ago

    Subtítulos en español

  • Das Inhaberlicht
    Das Inhaberlicht 16 days ago

    Is that a young jamie hymamen

  • Candy ker
    Candy ker 16 days ago

    Wow Frank, what happened, you actually knew what you were doing and didn't stress out at Norm for once

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 18 days ago

    man those gauntlets, the metal versions, look soooo badass. I'd love to have a pair.

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte 18 days ago

      wow the foam ones ended up looking pretty damn good too, even unfinished. I'd love to have a pair of those too!

  • Iri Neko
    Iri Neko 18 days ago

    It makes me happy when he jumps up and down XD

  • Robo Dragon
    Robo Dragon 20 days ago

    Is your thermostat not working in your cave( it looks cold)?

  • Manda Maggs
    Manda Maggs 21 day ago

    Question for the hive mind: Where does one get this kind of foam in large quantities/cheap? Bonus points if you can point me to a place that distributes in Canada. :)

  • gregstiles
    gregstiles 23 days ago

    adams got the best shit

  • French Cyndaquil
    French Cyndaquil 29 days ago

    1:31 JOJO

  • jua'n marque'z
    jua'n marque'z 29 days ago

    Thank you from me and my future life if so

  • thelitlewiseowl
    thelitlewiseowl 29 days ago +1

    "this is a shrine to obsession"
    I like this sentence a lot.

  • MotherOfDragonzz 123
    MotherOfDragonzz 123 Month ago +1

    22:05 we see you Adam!

  • Stephen Cihanek Photography & Cinematography

    Hey Adam. Check out Lindy's version. Especially her rivets. You might might be aware if her, but if not, she might be someone to bring into your Tested community.

  • Pavel Krupets
    Pavel Krupets Month ago

    Will those plans work for steel? I would love to make steel ones.

  • assassin x
    assassin x Month ago

    Ever chance he gets he brings up blade runner lol

  • Hayden Meynders
    Hayden Meynders Month ago

    Hey Tested can you please tell me the gauge of the metal used for the Nazgul Gauntlet?

  • Hayden Meynders
    Hayden Meynders Month ago

    Do you know if you could use a plasma cutter to make metal gauntlets instead of foam gauntlets?

  • Austin Knorr
    Austin Knorr Month ago

    Can I BUY that steel gauntlet from you?!

  • Brie. Farmer
    Brie. Farmer Month ago

    Is there a video of him making the metal ones?

  • Kittsuera
    Kittsuera Month ago

    nice, a whole library of screws rivets etc.

  • Cullen Byrne
    Cullen Byrne Month ago

    adam look like andy warhol lmao

  • A Smart Lemur
    A Smart Lemur Month ago

    6.43 that could be todays rap song

  • Joseph atkinson
    Joseph atkinson Month ago

    You know Adam, as a programmer, I to am contently asking myself how I can automate a process to void the tedium.
    I'll spend hours trying to get out of doing just a minute of work if that minute of work is an everyday task.

  • Graeme Brumfitt
    Graeme Brumfitt Month ago

    And a big thanks for the patterns.

  • Graeme Brumfitt
    Graeme Brumfitt Month ago

    God I love information :-)

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez Month ago

    Nah that’s a daedric gauntlet

  • Tigre Demon
    Tigre Demon Month ago

    Where do you find 5 buck worth of foam, in France it would probably cost me something like 40€

  • Ziggy Zag Gaming
    Ziggy Zag Gaming Month ago

    Would a plasma cutter work ?

  • Melting Doggo
    Melting Doggo Month ago

    I’d love to have a mechanical arm, and just wear sleeveless shirts just so people could see by armored mechanical arm, then paint it the same color as the gauntlet, it’d looks so badass! Then I’d be a mechanical armored cyborg, I’d proudly take that title.

  • David Clark
    David Clark Month ago

    2:14 you see that color correct kick right in

  • Rock Cyclone
    Rock Cyclone Month ago

    I start the video and then I see the gauntlet. I'm like that's pretty cool.
    At 1:32 I'm like: I NEED THAT GAUNTLET

  • YkrOpChik
    YkrOpChik Month ago +1

    Ну пиздец ты плагиатишь

  • the swedish wanker
    the swedish wanker Month ago

    can anyone please link me a site where i can buy a iron ringwraith gauntlet?
    and not at the cost of over 100 dollars plz

  • Retired_Fiance
    Retired_Fiance 2 months ago

    Can this be your New TV show?!?!?! ♡♡♡♡

  • dead pool
    dead pool 2 months ago

    ive seen this dude thats helping adam on the modern rogue

  • Conor James Mahoney's Reich.


    JOSEPH STORY 2 months ago

    Adam is starting to get mad scientist hair.

  • Aiden Sugg
    Aiden Sugg 2 months ago

    22:03 man Adam your shop must be cold

  • Thomas Lawson
    Thomas Lawson 2 months ago

    I have several sheets of 20 Gage .032" 40"×66" aluminum I got as scrap, I rescued them from the trash pallet. I want to make your gauntlet out of that material. Is the pattern strictly for foam? Or will it work with my aluminum.

  • Pikachu1102 8
    Pikachu1102 8 2 months ago

    Can you please make a Fortnite skin

  • Teh Hyper Gamer
    Teh Hyper Gamer 2 months ago

    So this is what Adam is doing after Mythbusters ended. Now I'm just curious what Jamie is doing :U

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist 2 months ago

    When egos clash...

  • Mikayla K
    Mikayla K 2 months ago +1

    Make an infinity gauntlet with aluminum and metal on both sides

  • Hireme Only
    Hireme Only 2 months ago

    Quick question. Can i use 2mm eva foam. Please reply fast. Thanks

    • Hireme Only
      Hireme Only 2 months ago

      lol its there in video. my bad thanks. U guys are brilliant.

  • Chris White
    Chris White 2 months ago

    They sound like high school girls off of movies

  • Sophia Fuchs
    Sophia Fuchs 2 months ago

    GOD I love information! lol

  • skybornesniper r
    skybornesniper r 2 months ago

    Y didn't I know this guy existed until now more so to me a young aspiring engineer HE IS AMAZING.😐LOVE THIS

  • SevenClouds
    SevenClouds 2 months ago

    Omg, Adam getting excited af... same bro, same !

  • oliver barnett
    oliver barnett 2 months ago

    That guy is a straight up "dremel-aholic

  • Ballisticwaffles The third

    Weird thing, I always thought that his "Name" was Builder Ann

  • Miss Weirdo
    Miss Weirdo 2 months ago +1

    We should see adam reverse engineer more stuff 😆

  • Brandon crafter
    Brandon crafter 2 months ago

    Your always talking to you self you a TVclipr so your talking to a camera

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell 2 months ago

    That my favorit show

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell 2 months ago

    Adam y u cancle mythbusters

  • Zac Irvine
    Zac Irvine 2 months ago

    RIP Mythbusters

  • Freddy Sutanto
    Freddy Sutanto 2 months ago

    pease make more nerf mods

  • Jade Lilly
    Jade Lilly 2 months ago

    I love Adam's boyish glee at this project, actually, almost every project on this show has him acting like a kid in a candy store!😊😄💚

  • Zalasta88
    Zalasta88 2 months ago

    Hey there Adam, you showed up this waxband and i have to tell u, that i use this in this days for cableworks, so it is not historical, there are is still use for it today :)

  • jon wast12145
    jon wast12145 2 months ago

    And I live at Madera California my house address is 313 😍

  • jon wast12145
    jon wast12145 2 months ago

    This is the best Christmas Eve ever had because I'm big fan of The Lord of the Rings the glove is nuni nuni meek and the architect and the movement I wonder how much you want for two pairs of the glove

    • jon wast12145
      jon wast12145 2 months ago

      I live at madera California​ my home is 313😍

  • Al Capwned
    Al Capwned 2 months ago

    i would pay thousands for full set of steel armor that is wear able

    M.E.P ENSAR PAMUK 2 months ago


  • Natalie Palmer
    Natalie Palmer 2 months ago +1

    The foam looks super awesome but you don’t get that super satisfying metallic clinking noise. I wonder how hard it would be to do with aluminum 🤔 I don’t know how hard it would be to get the right color with aluminum either

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones 2 months ago

    Now you just need an oversized gold band to fit on the index finger to complete the look.

  • Fonzo J
    Fonzo J 2 months ago

    First time I heard you curse in all the videos I watched lol.

  • Novice King
    Novice King 2 months ago

    No matter what material you use, you can only have the best feel with steel.

  • Almost Brilliant
    Almost Brilliant 2 months ago

    Casual laser. The future is awesome.

  • BadNewsBears
    BadNewsBears 2 months ago

    Where can I gey one of those steel gauntlets

  • 凱旋GOD
    凱旋GOD 2 months ago


  • Janus Oo
    Janus Oo 2 months ago

    24:28 Well fuck you too !

  • Dylan McDonald
    Dylan McDonald 2 months ago

    What kind of foam is used in this video?

  • Camilo DeCalisto
    Camilo DeCalisto 2 months ago

    24:55 LMAO

  • Robbievlogs
    Robbievlogs 2 months ago


  • johannes schmidt
    johannes schmidt 2 months ago

    Support over establish ideal personal grade overall tire best hit

  • Hudddysan
    Hudddysan 2 months ago

    I didnt realise the Sortimo system had an entire list (i assume in alphabetical order) of whats in what box

  • julianne davis
    julianne davis 2 months ago

    Ive never seen two people so in love with their work. I love it so much.

  • wilcox2146
    wilcox2146 2 months ago

    After watching this, I can only imagine how long the metal work actually took for that gauntlet. Geez. Cheers from imgur.

  • Alicia Robayo
    Alicia Robayo 2 months ago

    You are like the world best mad scientist

  • Twilight Twilight
    Twilight Twilight 2 months ago

    It is omb original mith buster

  • Twilight Twilight
    Twilight Twilight 2 months ago


  • BreakTheTable
    BreakTheTable 2 months ago

    It be pretty cool if they made a foam infinity gauntlet

  • WayneTwitch
    WayneTwitch 2 months ago

    dude i want that

  • Judah Baker
    Judah Baker 2 months ago

    Dude you should make Daedric Armor

  • Noodle Inc
    Noodle Inc 2 months ago

    Bill likes fallout right?

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg 2 months ago

    This guy is a genius! Hey Adam I want to see u build an infinity gauntlet!

  • Becky Hamilton
    Becky Hamilton 2 months ago


  • Samuel Wallis
    Samuel Wallis 2 months ago


  • TheGameLecturer
    TheGameLecturer 2 months ago

    I did something like that when I was a kid, out of paper and tape ! It was awesome but not very durable...

  • Itz Robotz
    Itz Robotz 2 months ago

    at 22:20 he was cold he put his shirt on the heater thing lol