7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone | Malavika Varadan | TEDxBITSPilaniDubai

  • Published on Jan 11, 2016
  • “We mustn’t speak to strangers.” Malavika Varadan, challenges this societal norm, by presenting 7 ways to make conversation with anyone.
    RJ extraordinaire, Malavika Varadan, creates waves quite literally with her morning show, Breakfast No.1 on City 101.6. An avid fitness enthusiast, positivity ninja and drama queen, she has chiseled a benchmark in the radio industry. At TEDxBITSPilaniDubai she will choose to redefine connections.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Drouxuza Cuprahz
    Drouxuza Cuprahz 4 hours ago

    Man, she is so beautiful 😍

  • mwells219
    mwells219 Day ago

    Just start talking to people. Don't even worry about if they respond. Just start talking.

  • Batman
    Batman Day ago

    He is very .... Fill this space

  • Vijay Saini
    Vijay Saini Day ago

    she is a good presenter and I could relate with whats she said.... will try to apply his advises

  • Prasad Reddy
    Prasad Reddy Day ago

    Well said

  • Martian101
    Martian101 2 days ago

    Pakistanis are exceptions just remember that

  • Batman
    Batman 2 days ago

    Hey stranger how are you ?

  • Chikoo
    Chikoo 2 days ago

    U have a wonderful personality..I wish I would be like you..

  • thats f'ed up
    thats f'ed up 2 days ago +1

    you sound like that lady who called me a month ago asking for the last 3 digits of my social security number

    • Jaaroow
      Jaaroow 2 days ago

      @Travis Scott its prolly tru tho lmfao.
      thats the more fuked up part tbh

    • Travis Scott
      Travis Scott 2 days ago

      thats f'ed up LoL

  • yemerican
    yemerican 3 days ago

    She is very or .. actually too polite.. cant be that way with strangers .. what she is saying are all her opinions .. can not apply to most people .. I would not want her to be mine .. going around talking to the whole population.

  • Md Arian
    Md Arian 3 days ago

    Point are to be kept in mind

  • Rabin Rai
    Rabin Rai 4 days ago +1

    i would definitely approach her for a coffee date

    MONZIR 5 days ago

    she's charming

  • MB savage
    MB savage 6 days ago

    shes hot but the indian accent, cant do it

  • Ramjan Islam
    Ramjan Islam 6 days ago

    Totaly speech is very nice ...great is your speech

  • Sachin Jain
    Sachin Jain 6 days ago

    I need a partner to improve me English whoever wanna learn English and enhance their English contact me I also want to improve English

  • Nishil Parmar
    Nishil Parmar 6 days ago +15

    "7 Ways to make a conversation with anyone"
    Social anxiety entered the chat

  • Ramy I
    Ramy I 7 days ago +1

    how do you make eye contact with your driver .... isn't that dangerous.

  • Komeel Ali
    Komeel Ali 7 days ago

    She totally moved away from the main the topic....

  • Ruhul Amin
    Ruhul Amin 7 days ago


  • Rosalinda Sasmita
    Rosalinda Sasmita 8 days ago

    In college, everytime I try to find topics and finally talk to someone, they just respond me with "mm yeah" "hahaha yea" "of course yes". Dude, I'm tired to be the only excited one -_-

  • Saurabh Gusain
    Saurabh Gusain 8 days ago

    Be real
    Like you are with your brother or friends

  • Mazdy Soraya
    Mazdy Soraya 9 days ago +1

    Civilization came to the point where you need a mentor on how to talk and listen. We are not talking about rhetoric talking which is an art that few masters.

  • الباش الباشا

    any one sent to me

  • الباش الباشا

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    wats nu

  • ChamplooMusashi
    ChamplooMusashi 10 days ago

    But what if you aren't introverted and just actually hate talking to boring strangers who don't want to engage in meaningful conversation

  • Nico M
    Nico M 11 days ago


  • Vishy
    Vishy 12 days ago

    TedX devaluing their brand by allowing simplistic talks like this to be associated with them. Sure there are some useful enough thought nuggets but it’s all a bit whatever. It’s like a desperation topic for someone that wants to add “did a ted talk” on their resume, and wants to do the ted talk walking around on stage, and wear the ted talk mic, and get ted talk laughs from the crowd, and tell the crowd to do little ted talk activities, etc. Formulaic meh-ness personified

  • And_U Experience
    And_U Experience 12 days ago

    great speach ...thx

  • Miramar Prison Garden
    Miramar Prison Garden 12 days ago

    starts at 3.32

  • Miramar Prison Garden
    Miramar Prison Garden 12 days ago

    starts at 3:32

  • Nwachukwu Chigozie
    Nwachukwu Chigozie 13 days ago

    Good tips but is it really necessary to start at first?

  • SGH 2018
    SGH 2018 14 days ago

    it is easy for you to say Georgeous-)

  • rajib uddin
    rajib uddin 14 days ago

    Pruncation you're very good

  • Jim Cuddy
    Jim Cuddy 15 days ago

    Did you watch the new Bollywood movie?

  • Khalid Hasan Zibon
    Khalid Hasan Zibon 15 days ago

    BORING!!! 😐

  • Bekzhan Kabulbekov
    Bekzhan Kabulbekov 15 days ago

    The book can't tell you "No"

  • Shrishti Kafola
    Shrishti Kafola 16 days ago

    Her voice is like that of Priyanka Chopra❤️

  • Fizz alie
    Fizz alie 16 days ago

    Find the me toos : don't always disagree, no negativity
    Me remembering all the times I have said I don't mostly like humans...


  • Alexander Andrade Leão

    What a cute!

  • Cosmin
    Cosmin 16 days ago

    Hello miss, please show bobs and vegana.

  • padmanabhan subramaniam

    Always listen to their stories. People like to be listened .Say motivational words. All people are craving for motivational words.

  • AJAY dayma
    AJAY dayma 17 days ago +1

    Coping This from below Comment,Posting Here for your help:
    1. First word floodgates (3:33)
    "Once you've said the first word, everything just flows."

    2. Skip the small talk. (5:20)
    Ask personal questions. Be bold, and you might be surprised how much someone might share.
    Asking about family might help elicit response.
    The lady gives a neat tip, and a neat story at (6:27)

    3. Me - too's (7:34)
    Don't start with negatives. Start the conversation on the same side.

    4. Pay a unique compliment. (8:45)
    Someone may forget what you say or how you look, but they would never forget how you made them feel.
    There are words and compliments that people are immune to.
    Avoid them and pay a genuine, unique compliment.

    5. Ask for an opinion. (10:19)
    Ask generic questions like "what's your last movie and how did you find it?" instead of "what do you think about how this affects the oil prices?"
    That is the difference between generic conversations and exam questions.
    And when someone gives you an opinion, really listen; listen to listen, don't listen to reply.

    6. Be present. (11:40)
    Don't look at your phone etc.
    Make eye contact. You literally feel the conversation.

    7. Name, place, animal, thing (12:42)
    Remember their name. It's really important. Say it back to them. Places they want to go to. Their pets names, their children's names.

  • Dzedrus
    Dzedrus 17 days ago

    First question that comes to my introvert mind is not how to make a conversation with anyone, but what's the point? Like, ok conversation with some beatiful girl or your coworkers to establish better realtions, but what is the point to talk with e.g. some guy in the bus? I really prefer silence and only talk to someone if it has some reason to do so. Talking about weather with some stranger is worthless to me. Anyway pretty good presentation, but I think it's for shy, extravert people(yes they exist, and on the other hand i'm not shy and i'm introvert).

  • crispy noodlez
    crispy noodlez 18 days ago

    I don’t like your left eye covering hair style.mulaka

  • John Doe
    John Doe 18 days ago +1

    Bull shit.......n u r full of it hoe. Lol

  • naveen joee
    naveen joee 19 days ago

    Watched till world wide web👋

  • Alx Leon
    Alx Leon 19 days ago

    This talk is just about her...nothing to grab from it

  • Shah
    Shah 20 days ago

    100% of my problems is money , nothing to do with this video , but just saying .

  • Sonu Negi
    Sonu Negi 20 days ago

    After watching your video, I willing to talk with strangers. And now I know it, I can learn so many things from them.

    ANTENEH NEGA 20 days ago

    waw so nice looking dear

  • Avnish Choudhary
    Avnish Choudhary 20 days ago +1

    Thor after seeing this girl's advice " i like this one" 😂😂😂

  • BOZ Gaming93
    BOZ Gaming93 21 day ago

    Shes a baddy lol

  • Sayedu Zzaman
    Sayedu Zzaman 21 day ago +1

    She is my girlfriend

  • Moo2oob
    Moo2oob 21 day ago

    If after you say the first word, and it's going south, you can always pretend you were talking to someone on your phone. Then say "Just a sec...there's some creepy person giving me a weird look...ahhh...everywhere you go!"

  • RxSwolldier
    RxSwolldier 22 days ago

    she is hot

  • Raja Ram
    Raja Ram 22 days ago

    She is an actor

  • Liew w
    Liew w 22 days ago

    Love her energy and this presentation :))

    HEMEN BEAMLAK 26 days ago

    how to develop confidence in any public speaking so,please help me strongly because i'm still highly suffering i want to try speak out

  • stuti swarnkar
    stuti swarnkar 26 days ago

    haha I am very happy that I can talk to anybody...Literally... ANYONE