Clone Commando gameplay Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clone Commando gameplay, coop and Instant Action! Absolutely love this, fantastic update! NEW T-Shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Presented by EA Gamechangers.
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  • Dr_PalmTree
    Dr_PalmTree 5 hours ago

    What about vehicles in instant action?

  • SilentStorm
    SilentStorm 5 hours ago +1

    When the AI are smarter than normal players and don't shoot Anakin during heroic might 😂

  • GermanNoobGaming
    GermanNoobGaming Day ago +1

    Wait a minute... Darth Maul can BLOCK?!

    • Studio Tefałen
      Studio Tefałen 14 hours ago

      Yep they added a block because anakin made him trash

  • General Glitter
    General Glitter Day ago

    Way too op the arc troopers op and now this fml

  • LJ
    LJ Day ago

    what if they added an ability where when you’re in range with other commandos you could get a tactical buff or could do commandos

  • Jorge Godinez
    Jorge Godinez 2 days ago +1

    "DC-17M Sounds amazing. Packs a punch"
    0/10 Not accurate to the source material.

  • V!g!l3nt DJ
    V!g!l3nt DJ 2 days ago

    I would really like first person renforcements. Not only for the Commando but for the Deathtrooper too!

  • Crazy Fish
    Crazy Fish 3 days ago

    I need to get republic commando now

  • Bearshark
    Bearshark 4 days ago

    Kind of hope they have different difficulty levels for vs AI modes.

  • Jackattack809
    Jackattack809 4 days ago

    All we need now is customisable commandos.

  • RedShot57
    RedShot57 4 days ago


  • Brickmaster E
    Brickmaster E 5 days ago +1

    Shouldn't they be Infiltrators though?
    Example: literally the game Star Wars: Republic Commandos
    I mean, Enforcers are meant to be front-line destroyers. If anything, ARC Troopers and Clone Commandos should swap roles.

    • Master Chief Petty Officer
      Master Chief Petty Officer 4 days ago

      Brickmaster E By name yeah, but in terms of gameplay Commandos are more tanky, so they fit into the enforcer role.

  • GhostFace
    GhostFace 5 days ago

    Can i play the coup mode with randoms

    STORM 5 days ago

    This game is complete trash

  • slicer940
    slicer940 6 days ago

    Can you retrieve bacta? Lol

  • Hedgehog0zero
    Hedgehog0zero 6 days ago

    Why is it still not here? I hate using the freaking lame wookies!

  • TXNICK96
    TXNICK96 7 days ago

    These are Mods right?
    For PC only

    • Limbo Slam
      Limbo Slam 6 days ago


      Unless you're being jokey.

  • Randy Daigle
    Randy Daigle 7 days ago

    I am so glad that DICE is reviving almost everything about the OG battlefront 2. Now all we need is galactic conquest, preferably co-op GC as well. The number of times my brother and I played the chess game of GC against each other. I was disappointed they never had battle of Corusant like in episode 3

  • Ryan Cullum
    Ryan Cullum 7 days ago

    It makes no sense to me that this game still does not have proper fps support

    • Alex Michael
      Alex Michael 9 hours ago

      You are able to switch between first and third person. They are both in the game on the troopers, but not on the reinforcements.

  • OfficerAmuricun Gaming

    PS4 doesn't have the comando

  • OfficerAmuricun Gaming

    When does This update come out?

  • R. Harrison Holt
    R. Harrison Holt 8 days ago

    Felucia is gonna look so good

  • Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell 8 days ago

    When does it release

  • James
    James 8 days ago

    I’m guessing not but can you rank up in instant action? That’s would be great

  • VelvetMidnight
    VelvetMidnight 9 days ago +1


  • scp-096
    scp-096 9 days ago

    When will it come to ps4

  • PNY Rifle
    PNY Rifle 9 days ago +1

    I thought when the Clone Commando pulled out the dagger it kinda looked like the middle finger

  • Donavon Mac Gillivray
    Donavon Mac Gillivray 9 days ago +2

    It would nice to think this is a teaser for a new republic commando game

  • Bailey Jack
    Bailey Jack 9 days ago

    I just can't wait

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan 9 days ago +1

    DICE showing respect for LucasArts games devs

  • Jean Carlo Trochez
    Jean Carlo Trochez 9 days ago

    The heat thing goes down because he need to reload is go up that the heat that doesn't reload sooo that why

  • GrammarPolice
    GrammarPolice 10 days ago

    The current form of the game is how it should have launched.

  • Dream Koala
    Dream Koala 10 days ago


  • crimson autumn
    crimson autumn 10 days ago +1

    I'm a super competitive try hard player. I need those "sweats" 😂

  • Theragingsparten 1
    Theragingsparten 1 10 days ago +1

    The AI in this game is trash, I really hope they fix it for when this mode comes out.

    • Theragingsparten 1
      Theragingsparten 1 7 days ago

      @Aaron Cook no, OG battlefront was challenging, you actually felt like you could lose, this one is just to easy

    • Aaron Cook
      Aaron Cook 7 days ago

      Theragingsparten 1 its supposed to be trash just like the og battlefront that’s what makes it fun

  • Tuananh Pham
    Tuananh Pham 10 days ago

    When is this damn update coming out? Can't find any info on it.

  • Active Impact
    Active Impact 10 days ago

    Why does it look like he is wearing a diaper

  • Sams Arcade
    Sams Arcade 11 days ago

    really hope they update Rey's character model and her moves. Like if she gets to saber throw. Bro.

  • Varacity Gaming
    Varacity Gaming 11 days ago

    1:24 what a way to go lol

  • Sergeant Cyro
    Sergeant Cyro 11 days ago

    8:44 the best thing about this clip is.... only white P1 Troopers. god, its beautiful.... no skin-madness... just pure immersion

  • Gun Ther
    Gun Ther 11 days ago

    When is the update out?

  • Causality Merges Constantly

    Until I can pilot a LAAT again I could care less, all they had to do was make a Star Wars battlefield 4 clone and it would have been amazing

  • Dragongamer1301
    Dragongamer1301 11 days ago +1

    I stuck with this game since the horrific lootbox debacle, before the Geonosis update it was clear to many people that there was no saving this game heck may I dare say the hate is equal to that of the hate against bfv? I am so happy that dice saved this game finally we the star wars game that we've been looking for! I'm so excited for the future of this game

  • Killer Croc
    Killer Croc 11 days ago

    The game still sucks and it takes forever to kill anyone. Time to kill sucks. Original Battlefront 2 is still better.

  • Mark Stapels
    Mark Stapels 11 days ago

    Clone commando Gregor promised he would make it home... and he just did this September!!! :)
    Also let's get the 4 heros we have all been wanting...
    Asajj Ventress, Asohka Tano, Cad Bane, Padme Amidella
    2 light and dark, lightsaber on both sides, and pistols on both sides... equally equal:)

  • ProStashio
    ProStashio 12 days ago

    Is it out now? Just loaded my game & don't see it

  • Aversivebark
    Aversivebark 12 days ago +1

    They actually leaked voice lines not for the clones but the troops I heard a droid say "Ah clone commando!" Something like that

  • The Eastside
    The Eastside 12 days ago

    So ugly..

  • Colton Nemitz
    Colton Nemitz 12 days ago

    I’ve been looking forward to this

  • MrSean5123
    MrSean5123 12 days ago +1

    Glad i stuck with the game since launch.

  • Sam Kingma
    Sam Kingma 13 days ago

    Dude im the guy that has battlefront to kill bots so when i heard that a new offline gamemode was coming i pooped my pants, but this coop thing might kill multiplayer, which i have love and hate feelings for

  • Erik Mundhenk
    Erik Mundhenk 13 days ago +1

    The Clone Commandos are the only Enforcer type unit to not use the Overload Ability.

  • jwivan28
    jwivan28 13 days ago

    This game is super unbalanced and buggy

  • Clone Troopers
    Clone Troopers 13 days ago

    Finally we see the commando is fantastic

  • Belestair Mamoru
    Belestair Mamoru 13 days ago

    gun hero ai might be abit more imposing.
    if boba flys about he might be tricky.

  • Phenix
    Phenix 13 days ago

    But can we just have normal Loadouts with Ammo? And droids that give us ammo and health? :>

  • Pete P
    Pete P 13 days ago


  • mikan
    mikan 13 days ago rly gonna have to buy this now ffs

  • Skylar durrant
    Skylar durrant 13 days ago

    Um about time they added them

  • Nic Flores
    Nic Flores 13 days ago +1

    Why does the Commando look like he's wearing a diaper???