Hyenas attack a deer (edit gazelles) ไฮยีนาจู่โจมเนื้อทราย


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  • NOVUS ORDO ATHEOS .Atheist Leopard

    i swear i saw a hyena running away with his balls...

  • Nonka Dzivkova
    Nonka Dzivkova 19 days ago


  • FARAEDOON Hassan
    FARAEDOON Hassan Month ago

    ئەبێت لەژیانۆ ئاگادری خۆت بیت گورگ و دڕندەانی تر نەتگرن بتکەنە ژەمێک خواردن

  • Roseann Estrada
    Roseann Estrada 4 months ago +2

    Powerful jaws

  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 4 months ago +1

    Haha this was so good! And the warthogs at the end.. 'excuse me, hyena is it ok if we just eat this gazelle shit?'

  • Sweets Royale
    Sweets Royale 6 months ago

    LMAO @Edit: Gazelle😂😂😓

  • Demba Diop
    Demba Diop 6 months ago

    farba teela

  • magentamilky
    magentamilky 7 months ago

    I think thats a topi. They are from the psterodactil family. That means as the same as impala, gazelles and zebra. They are also called deer.

  • magentamilky
    magentamilky 7 months ago +2

    Damn, that hyena next to a thomson's really big.

  • راضي حسين
    راضي حسين 7 months ago


  • Samir Abdullayev
    Samir Abdullayev 7 months ago


  • Karry Sidhu
    Karry Sidhu 8 months ago

    Yr kehdi language e saali smj ni aundi

  • shyam kishor satyawadi
    shyam kishor satyawadi 8 months ago


  • Karol Swet
    Karol Swet 8 months ago +1

    hyenas should not exits.

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 4 months ago

      ~ they are a crucial part of the African ecosystem, without them the herds will get too large and they will over-eat the grasslands. Nature knows what is right, this has how it has always been. History shows if you remove big predators from an area, the herds of herbivores sicken. As proven when all bears, wolves, mountain lions and lynx etc. were killed in Yellowstone national park. They had to bring them back! All of them. Then things were balanced out once more.

    • Egda Andrade Santander
      Egda Andrade Santander 5 months ago


  • ponchai allen
    ponchai allen 8 months ago

    Sawasdee Krup from California ..Carb kun mak krup for sharing..

  • Gokul Rathor
    Gokul Rathor 9 months ago +1

    Chirag Rathor

  • Helen Sfakianaki
    Helen Sfakianaki 9 months ago

    Ότι χειρότερο στο ζωικό βασίλειο είναι οι υαινες χειρότερες και από τα λιοντάρια!!!

  • 范國慶
    范國慶 9 months ago

    感覺這種羊好像很笨 明知掠食者就在附近 還躺在草地上休息 真不知死活👎

  • 呂洸豪
    呂洸豪 9 months ago


  • Anis Oprea
    Anis Oprea Year ago

    I hate Hyenas so much because they are very ugly bad and dirty animals with now good qualities!!F**cking hyenas!!🤣😂😡😠

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 4 months ago

      Educate yourself, they are fascinating, not a dog nor cat, more like a giant mongoose type animal. The female, bigger than the male has a 'mock' penis, really an elongated clitoris, I guess that's why you don't like them? She has a bigger one than you! hahaha

    • oatthai 73
      oatthai 73  Year ago

      Anis Oprea I'm too ^^

  • Kevin Owens
    Kevin Owens Year ago

    Why are they not running away when they know a single hyena can hurt them too as hyenas can't run like cheetahs

    • Muganee H
      Muganee H 8 months ago +1

      Hyenas have the stamina to run something down and tire it out where as cheetahs don't... cheetahs have those short burst of speed and then have to rest afterwards and before they eat, if they get lucky. Where as a hyena chases it down and start eating as soon as it bites it.

  • Doctor Hyena
    Doctor Hyena Year ago

    Topis not deer.

  • Cool kid Summer
    Cool kid Summer 2 years ago

    What a stupid animal

  • شايب طالعه روحه

    الحقيقه :
    انه واضح انه كلنا نموت !!!

  • A Chaps
    A Chaps 3 years ago

    0:56.. GoPro cam on the hyena ? Wow, it was siesta time for these Gazelles, and they don't even come to each other's aid or use their God-given horns to smack the attackers. Gazelles and Zebras suck!

  • Joh Drinda
    Joh Drinda 3 years ago

    It's evolution, which gradually perfected the carnivorous animal's abilities. They now progressed to talented, brutal murders! Obviously they revel in the lust of merciless tormenting/ torturing of their prey, by dismembering and devouring it piece by piece!
    We, the highest evolved animal species, could and should put an end to it. - Yet, most of our textbook scientists aim at defending, protecting, fostering and perpetuating this kind of morbid animal behavior. - According to them "we should leave nature alone..." I wonder why they agree fighting Isis? A: ...their textbooks say so...

    • tas tiger
      tas tiger 4 months ago

      ~ you are scary if you believe what just come put of your pie hole, how dare you suggest that carnivores need to be rid of. I bet you eat meat yourself you hypocrite of the highest order

    • Cheryl Hylin
      Cheryl Hylin 3 years ago +1

      +Joh Drinda Oh grow up! Hyenas need to eat too. It's not like they can trot down to the local supermarket and pick up their meat in neat little packages..., after someone else has done the slaughtering for them. They can't afford to sit around and wait politely for the prey to die before they eat. Lions are all too happy to steal the hyena's kill before they've had a chance to finish their meal as it is.

  • Joh Drinda
    Joh Drinda 3 years ago

    It seems all carnivorous are nothing else ..than serial murderers of the animal kingdom! - Since it's a fairly disconcerting matter, causing lots of confusion/ controversy, let's do a bit of deep philosophical pondering about what's right/ wrong in this case:
    Evolution made us choose an evolutionary path, for evolution is about changes for the better! - Hence, my reasoning is that the evolution path of of humans progressed successfully, whereas the evolutionary path of carnivorous animals has gone wrong; became outdated! It's a bit like with the lifestyle of murderers, because they too apply a lifestyle of morbid tactics in order to satisfy their perverse desires.
    I read that leopard enjoy killing up to forty sheep only licking their blood without eating a bit of their flesh. Worst of all, many carnivorous animals dismember their victims alive! Since their cruelty is unlimited, how can any animal lover support this type of behavior?
    I don't know about you, but to me that says a lot about the evolution of carnivorous animals has gone wrong!! - Since their evolution misled them to virtually enjoy this morbid lifestyle, we "higher evolved specie" are entitled to treat them, like we treat our mentally handicapped criminals", by locking them up in a more comfortable enclosure, such as zoos and parks, offering them veterinary care and security, where they won't harm anyone anymore. There they live peacefully and longer, too (like me!) and are fed "humanely slaughtered" meat or meat of died zoo animals.
    For Millenniums the lifestyle of wild animals was correct, under the given and still prevailing conditions. Also, our human caveman mentality of hunters & gatherers was right, too.
    The problem is that now the world has changed, rendering the lifestyle of wild animals increasingly unsustainable, because humans won the evolution race and need more space and natural resources.
    Since the evolution of wild animals is unable to adapt to present conditions, we are the only specie able to help them to do so. - It's a matter of change or be changed! I.e. they need to reduce their numbers to a sustainable level, which secures their survival and we offer them veterinary care and zoological gardens, where they live happier and longer. Our Labs are able to create antibiotics to save human lives and rescue wild animals. So, don't rely on wild animals to rescue us, for they merely enjoy torturing and devouring us piece by piece alive and then viruses finish them up, too.

  • Ahmad Gadar
    Ahmad Gadar 3 years ago

    الله لا يدوقها لا حدا هيدي الموتة

  • Daria Robyn
    Daria Robyn 3 years ago +5

    what a stupid animal it should have used its horns!~And all the others just standing watching instead of helping out.

  • Takis Anton
    Takis Anton 3 years ago

    σιχαμενες αυτες οι υαινες

  • JLL
    JLL 4 years ago

  • Evelin ALencar
    Evelin ALencar 4 years ago

  • Med Amine Ben Hadj Yahia

    -look like bob have problemes,should we help?
    -...........nah :D

  • InsertName125
    InsertName125 4 years ago +2

    Not a deer.

  • SingerGirl LetMeSing
    SingerGirl LetMeSing 4 years ago +1


    • Hgcff Ggftycc
      Hgcff Ggftycc 7 months ago

      SingerGirl LetMeSing iyjggfvulvccdcbbdzcvj

  • fahIm M_
    fahIm M_ 4 years ago

    hyenas cant kill they just know how to steal... assholes

  • William Rommel
    William Rommel 4 years ago

    Language of Thailand,very cute

  • B N
    B N 5 years ago +3

    3:50 "Open Chin Chin" translate - And the winner got the deer balls!

  • bernie sharp
    bernie sharp 5 years ago

    0.50 seconds .... hyena cam ?

  • bernie sharp
    bernie sharp 5 years ago

    if your going to upload a video on you-tube please have the decency to speak english , gratci

    • bernie sharp
      bernie sharp 3 years ago

      i have took some offence !!

    • Macrodermagigas
      Macrodermagigas 3 years ago

      If you are going to blame other people for their English, make sure yours is correct. It is not "if your going to", but "if you are going to", or "if you're going to". (No offence!)

    • sleepydogg100
      sleepydogg100 4 years ago +1

      As an American, it irritates me when English speakers think that EVERYTHING should be spoken or written in English, even in foreign countries.....and I don't speak Thai...

    • Stormie33
      Stormie33 5 years ago +6

      TVclip is not only for English-speaking people. Not everything revolves around you.

  • A lê Dư
    A lê Dư 5 years ago

    oh my god

  • Eche Nwadiaro
    Eche Nwadiaro 5 years ago +2

    i love animals there awesome

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden 5 years ago +2

    Whoh..! That'll teach you taking a nap with such thugs in the neighbourhood...

  • Yu Toob
    Yu Toob 5 years ago

    the warthogs were eating poop

  • Recked
    Recked 5 years ago

    Bad Camera!

  • Napolion Dynmomite
    Napolion Dynmomite 5 years ago

    I had a full on rager watching this

  • HodySensei
    HodySensei 5 years ago

    did he said cock ???? on 0:06

  • Sandokandu13
    Sandokandu13 5 years ago

    Too bad there are no Tigers
    hyenas would all be dead

  • James Ferguson
    James Ferguson 5 years ago

    Those aren't deer, they're antelope.

  • JaceTheAce555
    JaceTheAce555 5 years ago

    No but you could simply search it, there's a video I saw here.

  • Mohammed Khalid
    Mohammed Khalid 5 years ago

    Hi jace how are you? have you got a video of the hyena fighting a lion, i hate hyenas...

  • Low Life Crew4L
    Low Life Crew4L 5 years ago

    It's a topi or topia, 1 of those

  • Atiff Chaker
    Atiff Chaker 6 years ago

    Dude, you're pathetic , First you're giving false information , Hyenas kill ratio is 10 % , you can see this in this video , Hyenas don't hunt that often , They normally feed on " corpses " , Sick animals , over-take a pray from another predator etc , lions kill ratio is 40 % while cheetahs kill ratio is 20 % , Second you don't like lions ? sure because a lot of people like lions i'm gonna be different and like hyenas , I'll also act like i am expert and give false information , Pathetic.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 6 years ago +2

    3:49 a female hyena wants the balls. Hillary?

  • Michael McNamara
    Michael McNamara 6 years ago

    The deer was like, "Why did you pick on me?!"

  • Mariana Frederico
    Mariana Frederico 6 years ago

    dizem que a mordida de uma hiena é mais forte do que a mordida de um leão...

  • Robert Pike
    Robert Pike 6 years ago

    It's Thai

  • Giorgio Manieri
    Giorgio Manieri 6 years ago

    YOU are the ugliest animal on this planet!

  • MrHimthere
    MrHimthere 6 years ago

    That is not a deer! its a type of antelope.

  • Claudio Borg
    Claudio Borg 6 years ago

    who told you these statistics?

  • critterfreek82
    critterfreek82 6 years ago

    Kind of. They were eating the partly-digested grass that had been inside the topi's stomach and entrails.

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez 6 years ago

    Did anyone knows wich lenguage is this?

  • magnanimous
    magnanimous 6 years ago

    3:50 Mmmm, look at that he's got himself some balls. How appetizing.

  • hell caw
    hell caw 6 years ago

    That bite force is amazing. No matter what, that Hyena wasn't letting go.

  • savonbra silva
    savonbra silva 6 years ago

    que gostoza vc , tem msn?

  • Azoz Alrshidi
    Azoz Alrshidi 6 years ago

    اول المقطع يقول عليااااااااااااان هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • John Bear
    John Bear 6 years ago

    Hyena at 3:49 is like "I'll get the balls I don't care. Shit, I'm hungry"

  • Aqua Boy
    Aqua Boy 6 years ago

    bicho fdp

  • Missy Squirrel
    Missy Squirrel 6 years ago

    Sooo many different animals!!! lol

  • vanuza campos
    vanuza campos 6 years ago

    A vida não é justa.

  • Tealie
    Tealie 6 years ago

    exactly, even the way they kill is the same as someone's pet dog

  • Tealie
    Tealie 6 years ago

    Hyenas have the stamina to chase prey for several hours and a bite that can shatter bone. All big cats are ambush predators that can only catch prey when they manage to get close enough without detection, and can only kill the prey by suffocation. Cats have poor stamina and can't chase prey for long distances.

  • andy the gardener
    andy the gardener 6 years ago

    its an antelope not a deer.
    deer have antlers, not horns

  • jonny96
    jonny96 6 years ago

    Its not a deer, its a Topi

  • Shofend Simon
    Shofend Simon 6 years ago

    @0.50 It looks like a horror movie cliche when the person turns around and screams because he or she saw the monster or the ghost....

  • ZR1Terror
    ZR1Terror 6 years ago

    Gangnam Style

  • thegrazzle12
    thegrazzle12 6 years ago

    I don't think that's a deer.....

  • terminator847
    terminator847 6 years ago

    I really don't get why people find them ugly. Aesthetically speaking, they don't look that different from your ordinary house dog. I think whatever it is that people associated with hyenas, if it really is just the evil villains imprinted in their minds in Kindergarten stories or cartoons from their childhoods, it changes the way people look at them mentally. Like if you taught people from birth that a pink rose smells like a man's anus, they would all find its smell repulsive today.

  • tito troble
    tito troble 6 years ago

    muito bom

  • Numan Zafar
    Numan Zafar 6 years ago


  • atpcliff
    atpcliff 6 years ago

    I would appreciate it if someone would translate my comments into Hindi.
    Thanx for the help!

  • atpcliff
    atpcliff 6 years ago

    The animal killed is is not a deer. Africa only has Red Deer in the Northwest.
    It was a Topi, a medium -sized Antelope. There are approximately 70 species of antelope-they are related to cows, and are found mostly in Africa, and then Asia, including India (there are also deer in India).
    For the US reader, the "Pronghorn Antelope" is not an antelope, just like the "Buffalo" is not a Buffalo. The US "Antelope" is the only species of "Antilocapridae". The US "Buffalo" is really an American Bison.

  • flotech66
    flotech66 6 years ago

    Fax it to GOD.

  • jackforpresident22
    jackforpresident22 6 years ago

    This is what disney movies does to people.

  • animelover5076
    animelover5076 6 years ago

    man, hyenas have balls of steel, and flippin hell,those birds are everywhere! they smell death,

  • JetScreamerJr
    JetScreamerJr 6 years ago

    Hyenas are one of the ugliest animals on this planet!

  • Maugly
    Maugly 6 years ago

    No need to run away from the jackals - we need to beat them!
    Then everything will be good.
    So among the people.

  • jrdaboss
    jrdaboss 6 years ago

    that a antalope

  • Zhukov TV
    Zhukov TV 6 years ago

    acho que no final era tudo que o veado tinha comido no dia todo rsrsrsrs

  • jay villegas
    jay villegas 6 years ago

    LOL hyena slice trough bone like butter jajajajajaja dont exaggerate man.. hyenas do have very powerfull jaws and they are able to break bones but come on they cant do it like if it was butter jaja what are you 12 years old??? :P

  • John Lennon Jr
    John Lennon Jr 6 years ago

    lol a hyena's jaw will crush a pitbull's head mate!...hyena's slice through bone like butter!

  • Sultan140611
    Sultan140611 6 years ago

    اهبي يالضبعه تعشت وعشت ربعها

  • Jam SF
    Jam SF 6 years ago

    Strength in Numbers...

  • amin jomaa
    amin jomaa 6 years ago

    i knwo that hyena have the strongest bones , but my dog have a really devastating bite

    BRUTALIDADFULL 6 years ago

    haha ridiculous. hyena kill your dog within 30 seconds.

  • amin jomaa
    amin jomaa 6 years ago

    i would like to see my pitpull fighter rip one of those pussy hyenas

  • Ziyod
    Ziyod 6 years ago

    Nothing waste

  • JaceTheAce555
    JaceTheAce555 6 years ago

    Hyenas have a 76% Kill ratio
    Lions have a 34% kill ratio

  • suran shrestha
    suran shrestha 6 years ago

    This video shows that hyena couldn't hunt alone.....

  • Aljeron Colis
    Aljeron Colis 6 years ago

    Hey who ever makes this vedio must go to jail until he or she died I wil call who makes this vedio stupid and I don't want to see more