Pat McAfee Reacts To Patriots Cheating Scandal

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show presented by Westwood One.
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  • Randy Morehouse
    Randy Morehouse Month ago

    Boy that’s typical media right there. ‘’I don’t know that any of this is verified, but wow” I have an idea, why don’t you wait for facts before you spout your shit.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    bla bla bla get a job

  • Isaiah Marquez
    Isaiah Marquez Month ago

    What no one understands is that this was all part of a much more elaborate scheme. “OH! You caught us! Yeah, here’s the film.” Meanwhile there’s a fucking satellite trained on Buffalo, NY transmitting in real time to Pats HQ. Misdirection!!! 😂

  • Kimberly R
    Kimberly R Month ago

    Patriots are so lame LMAO! How hard is it to win at poker when you can see everybody else’s cards? It’s Hammertime! Hope the Cheats are ready to be banned from the playoffs cuz that’s what’s gonna happen. Then the rest of us will have to have the smiles surgically removed from our faces! LOSERS.

  • Dominic Faatau
    Dominic Faatau Month ago

    As a Pats is crossing the line lol wonder if they’ll strip trophies 🤔

  • Manuel Ventura
    Manuel Ventura Month ago

    we need proof

  • Joel Heffner
    Joel Heffner Month ago

    Lmao the Bengals really 😂

  • Kevin Greenwood
    Kevin Greenwood Month ago

    Sounds like a setup by the bungholes!!

  • Jacob Pelley
    Jacob Pelley Month ago

    It would be one thing if this was practice this was a game very different

  • Anthony Graham
    Anthony Graham Month ago

    the tapes are out. They were cheating. Case closed. It still doesn't change my opinion of em just like PEDS doesn't change my opinion of bonds and clemons. All are great. But, it still is cheating.

  • Luke A
    Luke A Month ago

    As long as the Bengals don't win 2 games we'll get Joe Burrows and that's all the Bengals want now

  • Sean Mcbrearty
    Sean Mcbrearty Month ago

    Pats cheating is like, school shootings. Everyone got all worked up about them for a while,
    But after realizing all of the yelling and screaming is not actually going
    To change anything we just kids moved on and stopped caring.

  • macmikemo
    macmikemo Month ago

    Suspend Belicheck one year, take away 3 first round draft picks, and have Giselle blow the 6 super bowl losing coaches.

  • Cody Cha
    Cody Cha Month ago

    Patriots are spying on the coaches and coordinators not the team. How shitty the Bengals are a mute point.

  • BJW414
    BJW414 Month ago

    it's too easy to steal sideline signals. maybe the nfl and ncaa should allow all players to have a speaker in their helmet. right now, only 1 player on the field, for each team, is allowed to have a helmet speaker.
    also, sign stealing is affecting baseball. remote communication between coaches and players might be good.

  • ChrisXCXCX
    ChrisXCXCX Month ago

    They all cheat who cares

  • Geoff Foster
    Geoff Foster Month ago

    It's depressing seeing former players rush to the Pats defence despite NEVER HAVING SEEN THE TAPE. Well, thanks to the Bengals (whose quick-wittedness to secure a copy of the tape prevented the NFL from burying this story) we can now see it in all its glory. Quote of the year from the camera operator after the Bengals official pointed out that HE WASN'T FILMING THE SCOUT, "Erm... yeah I was trying to get a wider shot. MY BAD"... so he DID know the rules after all. Sooooo Busted!

  • John Sorrentino
    John Sorrentino Month ago

    The Jealousy is pouring out of your ass. You people think the Patriots have Won for 20 Straight years because they cheat. Do the Patriots Players know they are Cheating, because wouldn't a former player who doesn't like the Patriots open his mouth and Rat on the Patriots. Is Belichick like the Godfather and threaten to kill their Families if they talk. For Example Jimmy G or Jacoby Brisset or Maybe Wes Weller Why don't they spill the beans and Rat on the Patriots. All you People are just Jealous, you Hate that they WIN ALL THE TIME. Get over it you bunch of LOSERS

  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala Month ago

    Press box gate and equipment gate

  • alan mcintyre
    alan mcintyre Month ago

    I’ve seen America’s Game! Raider rule No1 cheating is encouraged!

  • Kris Hammer
    Kris Hammer Month ago +1

    Whodey think gonna cheat with my team. Da Bungals

  • Jared -Wraith
    Jared -Wraith Month ago

    Why is everyone making such a big deal about this. The patriots just got a little video of a dumpster fire. You don’t get to see that too often, I would have videoed it too

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith Month ago

    Bill-A-Cheat should be banned from football permanently!

  • Jeremy Davis
    Jeremy Davis Month ago

    Patriots have been known to film team practices prior to big games all the time for an advantage such as the suberbowls they won. They filmed the teams practicing before the big game. By the way they won those superbowls

  • David Nadig
    David Nadig Month ago

    Someone needs to be Lance Armstrong’ed. Banned for life?

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey Month ago

    The patriots are the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct. Watching their games is irritating because they consistently do all the dirt the refs don't directly stop. They swing fists and say it was at the ball. They're frequently hitting after the whistle or away from the play anytime the refs allow it. Trying to report eligible receivers late. Blowing up guys in the end zone clearly after by definition the play is dead. . They league should have cleaned up that franchise years ago. Play between the whistles and follow the letter and spirit of the rules. You want to cheat, fine, impose the penalty and keep it moving.

  • John Kaitlyn
    John Kaitlyn Month ago

    Can we just send them off to the CFL?

  • Jessie Hernandez
    Jessie Hernandez Month ago

    nah patriots jus wanna win so the bengals can lock up the #1 so miami can’t draft tua or joe burrow haha. they’re being smart lol

  • Game2Game
    Game2Game Month ago

    If we was going to war
    I would know everything about you

  • UKFan4Life
    UKFan4Life Month ago

    As a Bengals fan, I dont understand why they did this to us. It's not like we have a chance to win. I wish we would win, but we have less then 1% of a chance to win this game. So it's not like they really needed to get an advantage on our signs. We are 1-12. The only other games we had a chance to win was against the steelers but Boyd fumbled the ball near the endzone and the first game of the year against the seahawks which they should have not lost that game

  • Kyle Steele
    Kyle Steele Month ago +7

    If any team deserve to lose all their super bowls it's the Patriots. There's a reason why they couldn't be beat. They've been cheating for years and now have nothing but bandwagon fans that think they're the greatest team ever.

  • Michelle Auville
    Michelle Auville Month ago

    Did everyone already forget about the person on top of the building spying on the Dallas Cowboys practice? Isn't it random that they were versing who that week?- the New England Patriots

  • mossmusic
    mossmusic Month ago

    What signals do they actually use? Hasselbeck is right or not?

  • Scott A
    Scott A Month ago +1

    Ray Sylvia This may be the all time low of stupidity for football fans. Pink Tie productions (I believe that’s the name) produces a web series entitled ‘do your job’, about different members of the patriots organization and what they do. I remember seeing one about an equipment manager, another about the travel agents who boom all their flights and lodgings. This was the production crew for that show, doing an episode on advance scouts. The man in question was credentialed by the patriots and employed by Robert Kraft and was filming one of the patriots scouts at this game as he did his job. The fact that people cannot comprehend this and are still calling it cheating is just another black mark on America’s education system. It’s downright pathetic. If they did want to tape signals, having a man in patriots gear with a huge HD camera and credentialed by the patriots would be a pretty damn stupid way to do it. The original spygate controversy was also a nothing burger. It wasn’t illegal to tape signals at that time. What was illegal was the location they were taping from. Look it up. Not cheating. It’s a sad state of the country that when someone is simply better than us, we must sink to accusing them of cheating, because mommy told you that you were special and no one can be better than you right? Please. Grow up and do some research before forming an opinion.

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 28 days ago

      Scott A the sample size over the last 20 years have convinced millions of fans that rules have been broken repeatedly. This is my opinion and you have yours....enjoy the rest of the holidays and good luck to you and yours.

    • Scott A
      Scott A 28 days ago

      or you are simply immune to facts and real life. shocking. It's and 2019 some internet genius cant figure out reality because of their own bias. won't refute or offer evidence or a case to support their position, but they are sure they're right somehow. typical. I'm a Giants fan btw.

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Month ago

      Scott A or they really are cheaters...good luck convincing people outside of the Boston area code lol.

  • Jason Rhodes
    Jason Rhodes Month ago

    They should have to forfeit the game against the bengals. This is at least strike 4 against the patriots.

  • M Gomes
    M Gomes Month ago

    Lol!!! I love how much people despise the Patriots! I’m not even a Patriots fan and this is all ludicrous. The Patriots are the best at making the media look so dumb

    • M Gomes
      M Gomes Month ago

      FaktFitness what’s the scandal?

    • FaktFitness
      FaktFitness Month ago

      How exactly does the media look dumb here or in relation to their other scandals?

  • neffyo
    neffyo Month ago

    No wonders Patriots suck now if they trying to spy on Bengals.

  • Matthew Mercer
    Matthew Mercer Month ago

    The problem is their history of cheating. If you you're an ex con then you don't do anything that could get you caught up with law. It's either a high level of stupidity-which doesn't seem to be a trait of the Patriots- or they're trying to get a competitive advantage by breaking rules. So either stupid or cheaters- pick yr label.

  • B Fishing
    B Fishing Month ago

    They got caught for the one incident, but how long have they been doing this? They very well could have been doing this for years, just didn't get caught for any other incidents.

  • Fluke
    Fluke Month ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that polamalu lined up in the c-gap

  • Wondermitedelight
    Wondermitedelight Month ago

    LOL do you morons think that sidelines are some ultra protected screened in area that no one can see? THOUSANDS of people can view them, and 90% of plays are radioed now. But sure go ahead and think the pats have 20 years of success because of the location they filmed in. Get real

  • Tony G
    Tony G Month ago

    The bengals are 1-12... WTF would be the point of them spying on them? The ravens, more understandable but come on.
    It’s like Gordon Ramsey spying on Jeff from Waffle House to scout the “competition”.

  • Christopher Perkins

    Court of public opinion doesn’t care about the facts.

  • B Miles
    B Miles Month ago

    The Patriots dynasty is tainted. No matter what Pats fans have to say, everyone knows there’s more to all this than what they’ve been caught with. We don’t have to respect their run, and Pats fans don’t have to care.

  • NastyNati0527
    NastyNati0527 Month ago

    my team has won 1 game this year lmao what the hell they filming them for?

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot Month ago

    IT's Genius to make some stupid video with a "3rd party" to cheat. It's sneaky.

  • North carolina guns

    Billy them really had to be bored 😬😬😬😬😬😭😭😭😭😭

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Month ago


  • Paul Duarte
    Paul Duarte Month ago

    Patriots... the Trumps of the NFL

  • Big Will
    Big Will Month ago

    The word secretly makes this fake news.
    Wasn’t a secret, and just like in politics if this happened to any other team”or the left” it wouldn’t be news.

    LIES IN THE SKIES Month ago +1

    Robert Kraft is a Loser, he knows all about this.

    LIES IN THE SKIES Month ago

    Belicheat and Tom Shady have been cheating all along. Super Bowl wins are a sham. Frauds.

  • kidney bean
    kidney bean Month ago +3

    Im annoyed that they have had litterally no repercussions

  • DTepel Youtube
    DTepel Youtube Month ago

    all pats super bowls should have asterisks, and if this investigation is to be found true, Patriots should have to play all playoff games on the road for the next 5 years. And to top it all of Brady/Kraft/Bellicheck should not be seen as eligible in their first official year of Pro Football Hall of Fame eligibility.

  • p w
    p w Month ago +8

    Why everyone acting like this is a surprise

    • Doctor Shoes
      Doctor Shoes Month ago

      Because they're so stupid, they literally BELIEVE the New England Patriots are American patriots and represent their false 'white race' nation. That's why the Pats are exempt from their Kappernick ratings ban on the NFL. Another reason phonies levitate to the Pats is because they admire their unaccountability in whatever they do; lie, cheat, steal, billionaires gettin $50 handy j's, and they get their rocks off on knowing they're allowed to do whatever they want while maniacally screaming, "Christian killers! Leave my country! I'm big, loud and gross! Respect!" They're borderline insane (brainwashed sophists), and the louder they grow the more important they feel in their Abrahamic, Imperial certainty. Think 'Quantum Fields for Trailer & WWF Folk'.

  • murf murf
    murf murf Month ago

    is that pat also in the back right behind the glass

  • John Deaux
    John Deaux Month ago

    Once a cheater always a cheater lol

  • Michael Hoke
    Michael Hoke Month ago

    Was it confirmed Ernie Adams?

  • Micscience
    Micscience Month ago

    This is garbage. Everyone is piling on the Patriots desperately wanting their collapse but it's not going to happen. This is a bad season and we are in the top 3 teams in the AFC and top 5 of the league so once we get a healthy offense we will be right back to business as usual. The fact that deflategate was a big issue shows how people are reaching for any reason to shame the Patriots. There has to be a point where haters just say damn that team is legendary.

    • Micscience
      Micscience Month ago

      @TheSoundgarden01 Omg I'm going to lose sleep on that one.

    • TheSoundgarden01
      TheSoundgarden01 Month ago

      Micscience legendary cheaters!

  • Michael Phillippi
    Michael Phillippi Month ago

    Shit runs down hill. The Patriots cheat. Facts. Deflate gate was a lie, Patriots deflated the footballs to reduce fumbles and tipped passes that result in turnovers. Not so Brady could throw better, the public is stupid for believing that line of crap. Look at Patriots fumble rates compared to other teams overall. Then look at the rate for Patriots at home.