Puppy Picks My Makeup!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to let my puppy, Finn, pick my makeup!!! 🐶He's seen me film a few beauty videos so I wanted to put him to the test and see what products he would pick... Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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Comments • 13 560

  • Maria BTW
    Maria BTW 2 hours ago

    Hope you're not a zoofill now

  • Connie Ndlovu
    Connie Ndlovu 3 hours ago

    Ur dog is soo *CUTE*

  • Amy Talbot
    Amy Talbot 3 hours ago

    Sis ya foreheads fine 😂 stahp worrying

  • Ingrid Paez
    Ingrid Paez 3 hours ago

    James Charles you’re my favourite TVclip

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer 4 hours ago

    James Charles tour the one who makes my day!!

  • Emanuel Murguía
    Emanuel Murguía 7 hours ago

    Perro: Huele el maquillaje
    James: Que quiere un cut crease de arcoíris dice.

  • Amy Quijano
    Amy Quijano 8 hours ago +1

    How many times has the dog. Walked Away🐩

  • Just wandering.
    Just wandering. 8 hours ago

    James: *try to get his puppy to pick out makeup for a TVclip video*
    Me: *trying to get my dog to pick out when I should do my homework*

  • Just wandering.
    Just wandering. 8 hours ago

    I was waiting for Finn to try and eat one of the powders.

  • Katelynn Coleman
    Katelynn Coleman 11 hours ago

    do a video where you ruin all your makeup

  • Family Of Shepherds
    Family Of Shepherds 13 hours ago

    He looks the a peacock! 💚💙❤

  • Itz Yui time
    Itz Yui time 13 hours ago

    This is literally the 1st video that i watch from you and already in the first 4 seconds i subbed :> (sry for mah bad English greetings from GERMANY ;3)

  • Mia Verdugo
    Mia Verdugo 13 hours ago

    The look is amazing but dogs are color blind just so you know. Love u James

  • Sila Taungahihifo
    Sila Taungahihifo 14 hours ago

    Yesss JOKER makeup just what I needed 🥰🥰

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 15 hours ago

    “Earth Day?”
    *No, no he’s got a point.*

  • KrisPrudence Selgas
    KrisPrudence Selgas 15 hours ago

    He made a nature makeup

  • KrisPrudence Selgas
    KrisPrudence Selgas 15 hours ago

    Okey but why Ur soooooooooo cute Lil puppy I mean... BRUH WHO LOVES JAMES TOO NOT ONLY THE PUPPY GAWD

  • Adrina Nickoleff
    Adrina Nickoleff 16 hours ago

    I think you should call this look the peacock

  • ˈkēnwä
    ˈkēnwä 20 hours ago

    Throw some yellow in there somewhere and would be a cool macaw look

  • ameilia smith
    ameilia smith 20 hours ago

    "i was gonna say..."
    "PIN did FICK this one"

  • Lauren Ventresco
    Lauren Ventresco 21 hour ago

    Finn is so cuteeeee!!

  • avery nicole
    avery nicole 22 hours ago

    my dog has the same name🥺

  • Squirt 101007
    Squirt 101007 23 hours ago

    My 10 year old dogs name is finnigan

  • It’s me Sydney

    6:38 made me laugh so hard

  • Donette Searcy
    Donette Searcy Day ago +1

    My dogs breeds are amaricanbully and pit bull and a dog that looks like a fox

  • Donette Searcy
    Donette Searcy Day ago +1

    I love your tiktoks your awwsom

  • Lillian Francis
    Lillian Francis Day ago

    Omg sister James I love your beautiful light brown eyes! I can't help but notice them in every video they are just so pretty and good and fresh!😍
    -love u sister James 😘

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched Day ago

    The dog was shaking for life

  • Maria Mcknight
    Maria Mcknight Day ago

    Omg I know the name for the eye shadow it's a peacock eye shadow look like if u agree

  • Lilly._.playzzz Roblox

    Awwwwww that dog is so cute I wish I had that dog!! Good video James I might make my dog do my makeup which ima child but I wanna where makeup lol awwww good video cya James 💕

  • Casper Van Eynde

    I have been waiting for a video with this cutie!

  •  Day ago

    Loveee youuuuuuu

  • cxld mia
    cxld mia Day ago

    The dog chose the colours for the eyeshadow that represent earth and when you turn dog the other way it’s god so 🤯hm.

  • Hannah Harvey
    Hannah Harvey Day ago +2

    Ok I freaking love James Charles he is so funny and omg his make up is stunning. I tried to re create one of your amazing makeup looks and let’s just say it was a disaster ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂also your dog is so cuteeee 😩😩😩😩💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰

  • Paula García
    Paula García Day ago

    your dog are so cool pikiing make up

  • Paula García
    Paula García Day ago

    Your chanel are so cool

  • Paula García
    Paula García Day ago

    Is good

  • Anastasia Savacool
    Anastasia Savacool 2 days ago

    It is Anastasia that is my name sweetie

  • Cameron Cunningham
    Cameron Cunningham 2 days ago

    You should become an egirl

  • Mariya Syed
    Mariya Syed 2 days ago

    Please slow down 😂

  • Tsumugi Cat Lover
    Tsumugi Cat Lover 2 days ago

    It looks like a beautiful peacock

  • Tiffani Edwards
    Tiffani Edwards 2 days ago

    “Festive for what holiday?...Earthday.”
    I’m sister shook😂😶

  • Alexia Sato
    Alexia Sato 2 days ago

    I actually love the red with the eye look. But then again I’m not a makeup person...?

  • Mazie Johnson
    Mazie Johnson 2 days ago

    Yassss sister

  • Mazie Johnson
    Mazie Johnson 2 days ago

    Aww he is so cute

  • jealous sugar
    jealous sugar 2 days ago


  • Catch Queen
    Catch Queen 2 days ago

    Those lips tho...

  • Hannah McCann
    Hannah McCann 2 days ago +2

    Omg in the intro he looked so sweet

  • Маргарита Чипец

    Very beautiful guy

  • Lee Albee
    Lee Albee 2 days ago

    LOL So cute

  • Leah Semple
    Leah Semple 2 days ago

    Hah he put treats next to them

  • Shaylee love yall
    Shaylee love yall 2 days ago


  • iamDirtyWater
    iamDirtyWater 2 days ago

    I bet he can *really understand* you

  • carys
    carys 2 days ago

    When james said 'do you get it?'
    I sat there thought about it for a seconds and audibly said '.no'

  • Nikki Køki
    Nikki Køki 2 days ago +1

    Awwww the dog is *CUTE*

  • Lisa Pragnell
    Lisa Pragnell 2 days ago

    Is your dog a girl or a boy

  • Mateo White
    Mateo White 2 days ago


  • Brenda Michelle Rodriguez llamaz

    Donde puedo comprar las paletas originales aqui en mexico especificamente en aguascalientes

  • chloe van staden
    chloe van staden 2 days ago

    no one:
    james:what that was funny

    love u sister xx

  • Isabelle The Crackhead

    Awwww he’s so cute