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  • Josh PReutzel
    Josh PReutzel 29 days ago

    2 ply only

  • Abby Zaporteza
    Abby Zaporteza 2 months ago

    hi come back to vancouver pls ❤️

  • Golden Goof
    Golden Goof 2 months ago

    Hello people of the past. I am Cash from the future. Everything is still ok. Kinda...

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  • Ruben M
    Ruben M 5 months ago

    Even though I'm a year late to the party, I just wanted to say Thanks Megan! I hope you're doing well!

  • Nuk3dNeBulA
    Nuk3dNeBulA 6 months ago

    I thought she was gonna talk about her and Andrews relationship

  • Austin Patterson
    Austin Patterson 6 months ago

    2 ply

  • Kidd_ JMF
    Kidd_ JMF 6 months ago

    The duck analogy was really strong👌🏻💯

  • Racquel Robinson
    Racquel Robinson 6 months ago

    Thank you for this video!!!!! I actually thought it was going to be funny because you once said that a lot of questions you receive you put a humorous spin on it. But I love your videos and support you regardless of if you're hilarious or deep. Or both! @meganbatoon

  • samuel
    samuel 6 months ago

    2 ply only

  • big bi bitch
    big bi bitch 6 months ago

    Megan: " i would never date a girl because i prefer sloppy, always late, and doesnt know the difference between toupe and brown".
    Me, a girl, a mess, always late, and doesn't even know what toupe is: "so what time should i schedule the wedding!!"

  • Calysan _07
    Calysan _07 6 months ago +1

    Yes the best thing is the karaoke part because it’s so fun.

  • RainbowAlpaca
    RainbowAlpaca 6 months ago +1

    I thought she was going to confess that her video with Shane (blind date with Anthony) was staged just to get more followers.

  • gypsy
    gypsy 7 months ago +1

    okay god damn she’s gorgeous but also i can’t unsee her hairline, i’m screaming.

  • m a n r i r i g m a
    m a n r i r i g m a 7 months ago

    i know im TOO late for this vid to watch but im a new fan and exploring ur channel and i just noticed ur shoulder has "Mahal Kita" on it 😂 sorry just noticed lol

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  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 7 months ago

    she is Filipino??!?!! that explains that glowing faaaace

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  • JRS
    JRS 7 months ago

    Megan are you a filipino

  • SHINee's Yeobo
    SHINee's Yeobo 7 months ago

    Now that I know that she's Filipino, I used to read her surname as "Ba-toon" now I read it as "Ba-to-on"

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 7 months ago

    Ur so fine

  • Graham Clayton
    Graham Clayton 8 months ago

    WHY AM I PERFECT FOR YOU?! Yet I'm here stuck in NC but even if I wasn't I'd still be to young. Why can't people who were meant to be grow up in the same time in place? So that the truly hopeless romantics can experience the real thing instead of settling

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  • John Palcon
    John Palcon 8 months ago

    you can tell she watches tons of US The Office LMFAO that Pam wit

  • Dre1738
    Dre1738 8 months ago

    You would think she would just say, “no I’m not gay”

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  • videos 2 infinity
    videos 2 infinity 8 months ago

    4:06 that’s me. You basically just described me. Huh.😉

  • Just Because24
    Just Because24 9 months ago

    I clicked on this video to find out if she was dating Shane's cameraman

  • Katie Schleicher
    Katie Schleicher 9 months ago

    So what happened to her and Andrew?!!!!!

  • C J
    C J 9 months ago

    I thought tope was a blue shade until this video

  • Eyy Bebe
    Eyy Bebe 9 months ago

    ... your love for andrew?

  • Noobionic
    Noobionic 9 months ago

    How are you not on tv

  • Abdullah Jimmy
    Abdullah Jimmy 9 months ago

    How was this internet icon?

  • Richard
    Richard 9 months ago +8

    Andrew was way too hot for her anyways!!!!

  • Lizzy Luna
    Lizzy Luna 9 months ago +2

    What about Andrew??

  • Nate River
    Nate River 9 months ago

    Why is this video from 2016 being recommended to me and why are people legitimately asking if she was talking about Andrew if they didn't even meet then???

  • Laced Anne Lee
    Laced Anne Lee 9 months ago

    Wow you’re a dope soul! Positive energies I got from this! Subscribed.

  • youboring
    youboring 9 months ago

    Yo is Meghan dissing Andrew in the beginning question ??????

  • Hadassah Rivera
    Hadassah Rivera 9 months ago

    Does she have a lazy eye

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    Nathaly 9 months ago

    2 ply only

  • Jairo S
    Jairo S 9 months ago

    Is there something up with her eyes?

  • Cody
    Cody 9 months ago

    Sending my love all the way from Manila ❤

  • junekowsky onez
    junekowsky onez 9 months ago

    Your a trap! No?

  • Maria Kelly Rose
    Maria Kelly Rose 9 months ago

    If I was Ross’ AKA David Schwimmer’s age I would so date him.😍❤️

  • Madison's Potatos
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  • Rundberg 512
    Rundberg 512 9 months ago

    She's so sexy

  • anabellearias alejo
    anabellearias alejo 9 months ago

    Are u seeing Andrew??

  • OceanBlue -Chill Channel

    r u still dating andrew,lol its ok if u dont wanna answer, i love u tho

  • Ana is Lost but Found
    Ana is Lost but Found 9 months ago

    I love this mix of sarcasm and seriousness... lovely!

  • Melisa Marinaro
    Melisa Marinaro 9 months ago +1

    Did she address her (or lack of) relationship with Andrew? (shane's cameraman)

  • Angelina Ftw
    Angelina Ftw 9 months ago

    ✌️ply only

  • Solniadora
    Solniadora 9 months ago

    Hope she and Andrew are still dating ❤️ anyone knows something?

  • abby dunbar
    abby dunbar 9 months ago

    she's clearly never heard of a butch lesbian

  • Angelica Lorraine Polintan

    I cant believe you're a Filipina! Go pride!!!!!

  • Laurana Gonzalez
    Laurana Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I honestly want to be her

  • Aliishe Mikelāne
    Aliishe Mikelāne 10 months ago

    Thank you for making me feel better!

  • Dennis Clause
    Dennis Clause 10 months ago

    2 ply only

  • I’m not Here anymore
    I’m not Here anymore 10 months ago

    I ship Megan and J-Fred

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    JLPlays 15 10 months ago

    2 ply only

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    2 ply only

  • Meghan Sanchez
    Meghan Sanchez 10 months ago

    i seriously needed the stop waiting for the right moment advice right this moment. thanks for saying what you did.

  • David L. Nguyen
    David L. Nguyen 10 months ago

    her look in this video was proper

  • Jennie Lynn Schmitt
    Jennie Lynn Schmitt 10 months ago

    2 ply only

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    Madeira Davis 10 months ago

    2 ply

  • Emily Henry
    Emily Henry 10 months ago

    i LOVE "the office" vibes from this video! i wanted it to keep watching (':

  • Shar Co
    Shar Co 10 months ago

    You are so pretty… Dang

  • Cobra.mp4
    Cobra.mp4 10 months ago

    i feel like as an artist, you deserve a lot more fucking respect in your comment section. i can tell you aren't someone who cares about strangers telling you that you look pretty and/or beautiful over the internet. you're a great person, and an artist. hope life starts making more sense for you. hope you attain the happiness you've been dreaming about all your life. hope you become content enough.

  • Carmela Aimee
    Carmela Aimee 10 months ago

    Great vid :) Really enjoyed it. I'm never stressed either... ... ...

  • Rafael Collado
    Rafael Collado 10 months ago +2

    I feel like Megan is my soul mate which sucks cause she doesn’t know me 😔

  • The Danielle Diaries
    The Danielle Diaries 10 months ago

    I literally was wondering who she was looking at when she was answering these questions & then she said something about it.

  • QueSarah
    QueSarah 10 months ago +1

    Why would someone ask if she'd date a girl?

  • Selah Z Pollard
    Selah Z Pollard 10 months ago +1

    @MeganBatoon where u on a t.v show or like a dance crew b/c u look really familiar and SUPER pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SST GAMING 11 months ago +1

    Go on jk news please it's been too long 🙌

  • Rebelliouswolvez
    Rebelliouswolvez 11 months ago

    That thumbnail got you cross eyed

  • Isabela Franco
    Isabela Franco 11 months ago +2

    omg megan, what highlighter r u using!!!!!!!

  • NasserAlsh
    NasserAlsh 11 months ago

    after watching the tv show " Arrow " I realised.. u really remind me of a character from that show called " Felicity Smoak "

  • scott's tots
    scott's tots 11 months ago

    Megan is easily one of the smartest and most creative youtubers out here.

  • Travis Takamori
    Travis Takamori 11 months ago

    The echoes!!!

  • Angel Ramos
    Angel Ramos 11 months ago

    2 ply only

  • Albert Enchia
    Albert Enchia 11 months ago

    Geese, I'm fanning out on Megan again, this video is really old, I know she won't see this comment, so I'ma go all in, like how she forgot the best part about being Philipiano is the sun kissed skin, the naturally glowing hair, dem juicy a** lips but she did get the food part right, I totally just seen a lugow how to because she was sick and I happen to find myself liking her content, I seen a pool photo shoot just to see her in a swimsuit and seen a palm tree leaf attached to scenery, she knows how to swim, cooks with coconut oil and eats burgers with no bun, and I am clearly fanning out because I see myself remembering all this sh*t about her like I'm studying for a test, am I trying to say she Unforgettable? I seen her dance at a concert, I seen her show off go to dance moves but if you ask me "SkyWalker what you have for dinner two nights ago?" I couldn't tell you...probably take out, I don't cook, but I remember "Na, I'm good" and "no small talk."

  • 1100 handlezs
    1100 handlezs Year ago

    No it’s true af tho!!! Filipinos are talented. What do you guys eat? What’s in the water you drink

  • Blossom501 Krzyzanska

    I like Ross from friends too

  • Blossom501 Krzyzanska

    love it. good advise

  • AxZxTxExCxA
    AxZxTxExCxA Year ago

    Her eyes are way off...

  • Caden Summers
    Caden Summers Year ago

    Your sexy smoking hot

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  • Charles Finch
    Charles Finch Year ago

    Best message ever You're aways gonna feel unready until you do something, Everyrbody waits until the perfect circumstances or their ducks to be in a row before they pull the trigger....your ducks could be in a column, but if you take a step back, change your prospective, that column is also a row, in a different way of looking at things, Things re never going to be perfect, do it anyways.

  • Happy Little Nomad

    2 ply only

  • AM BR
    AM BR Year ago

    Yes she is beautiful and has a smart brain

  • Ulrik Salazar
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  • Lawrence Lacanilao

    I agree with most of the questions you answered, but I would go to bed earlier at 10 and watch HBO or Netflix and I would pick Phoebe from Friends :P

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore Year ago

    You just changed my day from meh to yay w/ this video

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  • koko ya
    koko ya Year ago

    This was cleverly made, I loved it.

  • Rick Ruben
    Rick Ruben Year ago

    I can't focus on this video.. Why is she so beautiful and where is SHE LOOKING AT!?!?

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters Year ago

    Megan you're so beautiful and your personality is on point!!!! You are definitely my celebrity crush!!!!

  • Alexis Wallace
    Alexis Wallace Year ago

    #megfred jfred and megan would be the cutest anyone else agree honestly sooooo cute