Black Ops 3 "CUSTOM GUNS" - Multiplayer Gunsmith! - (Call of Duty BO3)

  • Published on May 1, 2015
  • Black Ops 3 "CUSTOM GUNS" - Multiplayer Gunsmith!
    ● Black Ops 3 CAMOS! -
    ● Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES! -
    YES - Black Ops 3 multiplayer will have the ability to make CUSTOM GUNS in the Gunsmith! Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the OFFICIAL Call of Duty for 2015. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (COD BO3) and will continue from Black Ops 2, developed by Treyarch. I am a huge fan of the Black Ops series so to see Black Ops 3 be officially confirmed for COD 2015 is epic. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for the latest information on Black Ops 3 as we lead up to it's release in November 2015! :)
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    Video uploaded by Ali-A ( Matroix / Ali A )
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Comments • 1 888

  • Zodiac011
    Zodiac011 Year ago

    Funny how this wasn't at all what happened, gunsmith was just a way to customize a gun and set it so your character was holding it in the main menu, it was the most pointless feature in the game XD

  • Jayk Roach
    Jayk Roach 2 years ago

    it's 2d.not 3d.

  • bleach 4 U
    bleach 4 U 3 years ago

    the gun in the thumbnail is from brink

  • Manny Herrera
    Manny Herrera 3 years ago

    ur vid sucks.JK lol

  • herecomes datboi
    herecomes datboi 3 years ago

    does anyone know how to actually use the gun they made in gunsmith on multiplayer

  • TCB Lone Wolf
    TCB Lone Wolf 3 years ago

    why do you push the y button 500 times a game??? a.d.d. should be your name

  • Pegatron
    Pegatron 3 years ago

    What level do you have to be to do this?

  • Titan Tactic
    Titan Tactic 3 years ago

    I heard that this custom paint Is only for ps4/xbox1 & not for ps3/xbox360

  • Brian Gil
    Brian Gil 3 years ago

    So you can decorate it like a barbie doll? That's not badass. Is this what COD has come too?

  • Chrispyyy Cream
    Chrispyyy Cream 3 years ago

    Will there still be the option of customizing your player like AW?

  • Tyler Austin
    Tyler Austin 4 years ago

    Fore grips are my favorite attachment in every COD 😎😎

  • Bobs Dan
    Bobs Dan 4 years ago

    damn you +GizmoGuy99

  • Alonzo Monterroso
    Alonzo Monterroso 4 years ago

    Why the fuck does he keep pressing Y/🔺

  • Elliott H
    Elliott H 4 years ago

    cant wait for this

  • Thomas Jakle
    Thomas Jakle 4 years ago

    Get ready to get killed by the AnalReker_69

  • Lieutenant ライト
    Lieutenant ライト 4 years ago

    +Ali-A it said this has been copywrite by GizmoGuy99 :( i cant watch it :( :( plz fix

  • MrMythics
    MrMythics 4 years ago

    His name was GizmoGuy99

  • MrMythics
    MrMythics 4 years ago

    Ali a noob who has 4 videos total not one the same as yours put a copyright claim on the camo video.

  • David Nogueira
    David Nogueira 4 years ago

    So basically blacklight:retribution?

  • To MLG 4 You
    To MLG 4 You 4 years ago

    I preordered bo3 and I didn't get the bo3 camps in aw

  • Hamish Norris
    Hamish Norris 4 years ago

    What a little bullshiter he makes up so much crap lmao !!!!

  • DangSqueakers
    DangSqueakers 4 years ago

    The trickshotters have soo much hype for black ops 3 lmao

    • yuki
      yuki 4 years ago

      Guys, imagine underwater trickshot... or wallrunning quickscope

    • Hamish Norris
      Hamish Norris 4 years ago

      Obit the hype is real boys the hype is real!!!!!!

  • brother heaven
    brother heaven 4 years ago +1

    your the best cod player

  • cory speagle
    cory speagle 4 years ago

    hey dude that's cool and all but that's black opps "2" not 3 sorry ive played black opps 2 you cant lie like that cuz black opps 3 isn't out yet the release day for it is 11/6/15 plus ive watched the trailer for it and its MUCH MUCH different and more bad ass than that your playing

  • Ukspeedy 10
    Ukspeedy 10 4 years ago

    oh ali more misleading thumbnails and videos , oh you devil

  • fire _princess
    fire _princess 4 years ago +1

    HEY TRLL ALI A TO CALL 817 8629

  • The Streamers
    The Streamers 4 years ago

    I would make a full frontal gun with no stock acog grenade launcher suppressor some other

  • DCMDoesYT
    DCMDoesYT 4 years ago

    The camo link says the video was closed due to copy right claims by a guy named "GizmoGuy99".... weird...

  • Hexspa
    Hexspa 4 years ago

    sick kill streak

    • Hexspa
      Hexspa 4 years ago

      +Hexspa good asf

  • Sabian Neely
    Sabian Neely 4 years ago

    Did my dick just get hard...boing... YES IT DID

  • Scribblez z
    Scribblez z 4 years ago

    Awe the link isn't up anymore

  • Jonathan Modoh
    Jonathan Modoh 4 years ago

    I just really wish these "3 year development cycle" cods had an upgraded engine, I mean I saw the black ops 3 gameplay reveal trailer and the graphics are just balls..... honestly they look the exact same as AW's graphics, no downgrade but no improvement either *sigh* 😧
    I'm sure the game's gonna be fun as hell though! 👍

    • Jonathan Modoh
      Jonathan Modoh 4 years ago

      +Barry Allen yup! :'( I honestly wish they would improve their engine! Its been the same for ages now!

  • Poki dat way
    Poki dat way 4 years ago

    Copyright claim omg

  • William Ellis
    William Ellis 4 years ago

    Wait so you couldn't customize guns and there were no 3D gun models?

    Lel battlefields so much better

  • Arka Roy
    Arka Roy 4 years ago

    Is this black ops 3 footage? I can't really tell

  • DarkRoninNB
    DarkRoninNB 4 years ago

    Why is he double-switching the whole video his weapon... it looks annoying

  • Mabinogen123
    Mabinogen123 4 years ago

    Inb4 people at Treyarch playing "Resonance of Fate"...

  • Julian Navas
    Julian Navas 4 years ago

  • Mukta Saha
    Mukta Saha 4 years ago


  • Ruben Madrid
    Ruben Madrid 4 years ago

    They better make sure attachments don't reset after a prestige because that will only piss everyone off after spending time to make a weapon and crap on a cool new feature

  • lol gay
    lol gay 4 years ago +1

    Anyone else thought that was the Remington from COD: Ghosts?

  • ayan egal
    ayan egal 4 years ago

    This game is way better than the entire halo franchise

  • Spartan Gamer
    Spartan Gamer 4 years ago

    I wish there's going to be throwing nifes so it would be fun

  • Marwan Shalash
    Marwan Shalash 4 years ago

    Will black ops 3 have a wide variety of guns like advanced warfare or around the same amount in black ops 2?

  • Yaboy
    Yaboy 4 years ago

    2:27 - 2:33 PAUSE

  • GmD_DinoTheOdst RiotTheFurry

    Welcome black ops 3 bye Black ops 2 :(

  • Jonathan America
    Jonathan America 4 years ago

    Stop the pick 10 bull shit

  • Neckis Huts Games
    Neckis Huts Games 4 years ago

    Give it a second and than we can customise our bullets

  • HardstyleBeats_Mixr
    HardstyleBeats_Mixr 4 years ago

    I hope everything is unlocked in private match. So you could try everything out, all the customization in the private match lobby. Cause i think it is stupid that some of the stuff is locked in private match. Like in Bo2 the camo's were locked of you didn't unlock them in public matches. Only IW doesn't lock the camo's in private match. Private match is just for random fun, no stats or anything. So why not Treyarch and SHG?

  • AccE RyMr
    AccE RyMr 4 years ago

    Are u on 360

  • Anthony Harker
    Anthony Harker 4 years ago

    Ali your amazing man but the funny thing is the gun smith was taken from ghost recon future soldier you could do that in that game way before bo3 was announced... now let me say again not your fault ali your amazing and just giving us information you know to help us get excited and I thank you for that!!!! :)

  • wtf
    wtf 4 years ago

    I had egg and sausage for breakfast.

  • Imm Spdz
    Imm Spdz 4 years ago

    bum camo :3

  • Tom
    Tom 4 years ago

    Cod are gonna copy StatTrak™ from cs go

  • ITemifarter
    ITemifarter 4 years ago

    All of your video titles regarding black ops 3 are misleading and shit

    • yuki
      yuki 4 years ago


  • Kid Uub
    Kid Uub 4 years ago

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier had were you can customize your weapon, if anyone has played this game you will be familiar with it in black ops 3 :D

  • ZeroSevenTen
    ZeroSevenTen 4 years ago

    Dear Ali-A, do you play Cheat Codes in the background of all of your videos? I'm new to your channel but I've been subbed to Monstercat for so long so it's funny to see it there! All of your vids I've seen have had this song in it!

  • Melissa Hauck
    Melissa Hauck 4 years ago

    Pink and long

  • Danny Moran
    Danny Moran 4 years ago

    Wait its already out?

    • yuki
      yuki 4 years ago


  • Im Mousey
    Im Mousey 4 years ago

    Omg the waffle gun😮

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 4 years ago


  • ORaY Beast
    ORaY Beast 4 years ago

    1:36 You killed me :(

  • Chase Meares
    Chase Meares 4 years ago

    What happens to your created variants when you Prestige?

  • kylequinten
    kylequinten 4 years ago

    are we seriously going to look like a dildo?

  • UnsafestPony81
    UnsafestPony81 4 years ago

    All I want is the M8A1 to return in Black Ops 3. That was my personal weapon in BO2 and quickly became one of my top best out of all the COD games I've played.

  • John Kart
    John Kart 4 years ago

    Now we wait for some scrub to make "the ultimate weapon" and post it on the interwebs for all the newfags to use.

  • Dragon Ryuki
    Dragon Ryuki 4 years ago

    I hear that Bo3 will have 5-6 attachments turns out it was true and I said were gonna have attachments on a attachment damn

  • goku black
    goku black 4 years ago

    U can have that many attachments in battlefield

  • Nova Rampag3
    Nova Rampag3 4 years ago

    Seriously Treyarch? can you not come up with one original idea? First Deus Ex, then Ghost Recon? Next COD will have shields and no ADS and it'll be Halo.

    OWXSLA 4 years ago

    Gun smith? Co op campaign? Golden gun? Sounds like destiny to me 😂👏

    • yuki
      yuki 4 years ago

      +BiG MO, Co-Op campaign has been since WaW

  • donovan stolz
    donovan stolz 4 years ago

    will you be posting gameplay video of the BO3 beta?

  • chillbillloz
    chillbillloz 4 years ago

    what do you think Ali A of the rage quitting discussion on David Von twitter? Do you agree? Is there something about reverse boosting- like what you did- i hope so

  • Nitay Mondal
    Nitay Mondal 4 years ago

    The nice video clip it is ! I like it all most.

  • Nityananda Biswas
    Nityananda Biswas 4 years ago

    It is a very challenging & interesting game . I like it very much.

  • oInflux
    oInflux 4 years ago

    No wonder you reg gun in FFA, your accuracy is crap and you get out gunned with an M8A1....

  • jack rynn
    jack rynn 4 years ago

    Wats name of the song playing in the vid

  • Skreepy y
    Skreepy y 4 years ago

    +Ali-A wil there be a kind of rpg7/smaw?

  • khaki man
    khaki man 4 years ago

    Omg I hate the pick 10 system. Ghosts got it right. Perks and attachments SHOULD NOT ALL COST THE SAME.

  • Grunty
    Grunty 4 years ago

    I cant wait for those dick guns xD

  • ImFAULKn
    ImFAULKn 4 years ago

    So you don't make your own gun, you just get to customize attachments.

  • d3fod
    d3fod 4 years ago

    Stock grip silencer red dot and noob tube

  • Joe Alsko
    Joe Alsko 4 years ago


  • Artem
    Artem 4 years ago

    How are you going to know what gun your opponent was using when they kill you in the final kill cam if you can change the name and look of the gun?

  • xViperGaming
    xViperGaming 4 years ago

    so basically battlefield

  • Caleb Walsh
    Caleb Walsh 4 years ago

    is there a firing range

  • Cryzk
    Cryzk 4 years ago


  • Humbled Goku
    Humbled Goku 4 years ago +1


  • BaxiusPrime
    BaxiusPrime 4 years ago

    so CoD is becoming ghost recon? i may play it if in the next 6 games the gameplay matches ghost recon as well.

  • M Mahaffey
    M Mahaffey 4 years ago

    Hope they didn't bring target finder back.

  • Gxnocide
    Gxnocide 4 years ago

    Tbh I think bo3 is over doing it like cmon u can have different camos for different parts of ur gun I think there over doing it but I think that's just me

  • Luis Roman
    Luis Roman 4 years ago +1

    Hey Ali A,Huge Fan lol.I was wondering if you could do some search and destroy gameplay plz,I do not seem to find any of your videos based on it.💯

  • goldwizzard77
    goldwizzard77 4 years ago +1

    I want nuketown back in bo 3

  • heyyitsrhii
    heyyitsrhii 4 years ago

    It's the exact same as ghost recon bo3 is a cross of aw and ghost recon

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  • Melevisium Games
    Melevisium Games 4 years ago

    Nice Gameplay video

  • Shockwave
    Shockwave 4 years ago

    10/10 making an awp asimov

  • xxxRyanxxx
    xxxRyanxxx 4 years ago

    Bullshit-elites are amazing don't get rid of them.

  • Spartan Gamer
    Spartan Gamer 4 years ago

    And why rain bow I get it make a rain bow and taste the rain bow know I get it

  • AHS Snooze
    AHS Snooze 4 years ago

    @Groovy Fishys nice

  • Spartan Gamer
    Spartan Gamer 4 years ago

    I really want it to be at June 20