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Fifty Shades Freed - "Are you crying?"


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  • Yulia Yulia
    Yulia Yulia 51 minute ago

    Was so romantic and now is so domestic...

  • luna a
    luna a 4 hours ago

    why did she suddenly SIT UP that would never happen wtf

  • Nelly
    Nelly Day ago

    wow no one will ever love me like that thanks hollywood

  • AnShuvalova
    AnShuvalova 3 days ago

    Это новая часть?

  • Анастасия К

    это какой сезон ?

  • SugaCube
    SugaCube 3 days ago

    I don’t even remember this scene.. I got drunk and when the movie was over I said “that sucked”. Then I went home with my bf and did all the things I thought were going to be in this movie

  • Asya Reix
    Asya Reix 3 days ago

    А что с ней случилось? (😐

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 5 days ago

    Oof 2min and a few tears were shed

  • Karina Kurniati
    Karina Kurniati 6 days ago

    😍😍😍di dunia nyata 1:10 kali ya macem cowok begini😁😁lucky banget kalo memang ada bukan sekedar film.

  • Gabrijela Vuja
    Gabrijela Vuja 7 days ago

    I love it...

  • Deux Cherry
    Deux Cherry 7 days ago

    Her coma wakeup maker me laugh soooo much!!!this movie is a parody,really really funny

  • Susanne Frank
    Susanne Frank 9 days ago


  • Maria Schwartz
    Maria Schwartz 9 days ago

    A vulnerable man who needs her ? Sexiest of all ❤️

  • jasmine henderson
    jasmine henderson 10 days ago

    Love is small word! But! So big and powerfull!!!? And if find it your sent for life! True love is all you need ! Notting else matters! In sickness and in healthTill the end😙😍😘🤗

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man 10 days ago +3

    How did I get here? I was looking up clips of the Grinch..?

  • Mia Jaksic
    Mia Jaksic 11 days ago

    In the book coma was something different and whole the Freed this is all bulshit...

  • Hid Aia
    Hid Aia 12 days ago

    i donn't think that there is some one like christen

  • Sihamo Sihamo
    Sihamo Sihamo 15 days ago

    Bye my vampire

  • Manuelle Andersen
    Manuelle Andersen 16 days ago

    You guys. Seriously. ALL I care about while watching those three movies is : Jamie Dornan.
    Did (and still) love the books tough.

  • Crystal Simmon
    Crystal Simmon 16 days ago

    I wish they make another movie, I wanna see how the babies grew up..

  • Melissa Dianne
    Melissa Dianne 17 days ago

    Beautiful scene, this scene made me tear up a bit.

    SAMMAYA BUTT 19 days ago

    You wouldn't wake up from an accident and be filled with enough energy to sit up.

  • stadaradim111
    stadaradim111 19 days ago

    This is so bad its hilarious

  • Yanice monteiro
    Yanice monteiro 20 days ago +1

    He is so fineeeeeeeeeee I cannot

  • Lili Khalid
    Lili Khalid 21 day ago

    At least the man in this movie understood the meaning of lost. I should wait until my birthday to hear directly from my man about his sorry.

  • Aniya Koning
    Aniya Koning 21 day ago

    They had a wierd type of love for eachother

  • raghad ahmed
    raghad ahmed 21 day ago

    I wont the film

  • raghad ahmed
    raghad ahmed 21 day ago

    عايزة الفلم كامل

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M 22 days ago

    I wake up every morning more disoriented than this woman who was supposed to be in a coma

  • 매명
    매명 22 days ago

    he looks sooooo Stunning. wow 😅

  • Fatima CB
    Fatima CB 23 days ago


  • Emma Karamehic
    Emma Karamehic 23 days ago

    Is this a deleted scene or do I have a memory of a squirrel😂😂

    HAJIRA FATHIMA 23 days ago +7

    Is the baby fine 😭... That's mom love

  • Lisette Figueroa
    Lisette Figueroa 23 days ago +1

    Let us have your wife

  • Ingrid Carolina
    Ingrid Carolina 23 days ago

    Esse e qual ?

  • Dana Pineda
    Dana Pineda 24 days ago

    What kind of hospital is that

  • aissa camara
    aissa camara 25 days ago

    It's sow different when you see "cincuenta sombras más liberadas " in engleish. You hear the voice at the actors

  • Aguajulia
    Aguajulia 25 days ago

    Badass Grey lost his charm

  • Yessica Ivonne Suhajda

    She's the worst of all.. They ruined the book

  • Thais elaine
    Thais elaine 26 days ago

    Esse é 50 tons de quer alguém sabe??

  • Lyzzie K.
    Lyzzie K. 26 days ago

    I dont like how she went through all that and instantly sits up as if she doesnt have pain

  • Ziva DiNozzo
    Ziva DiNozzo 26 days ago

    I watched this beginning to end and now I'm crying... Chrisana romantic moment... 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿 Such a masterpiece... If anyone didn't cry after watching this then no offense, but u just have a cold heart.

  • cha cha
    cha cha 26 days ago

    I'm crying

  • Charles Christianson
    Charles Christianson 27 days ago

    She was asleep for a long time. I wonder how bad her breath smells while she keeps on whispering just right on Christian's face. Lmao

  • Hookie Doo
    Hookie Doo 27 days ago

    Oh god..they reproduced...disgusting.

  • sweetcupcake408
    sweetcupcake408 27 days ago +1

    I love how Christian was cuddling and holding Ana so close at the hospital. He has made so many changes and sacrifices to be with her and Christian was willing to accept he needs Ana in order to have love and happiness.

  • Prayawolfie ps
    Prayawolfie ps 27 days ago

    "I wanted your world to begin and end with me" ....Here wishing I could find a man who says that to me one day...

  • Donnamark yang
    Donnamark yang 28 days ago

    Wow..... he was mad and upset she got pregnant and now you care... you should have care more now

  • Shama Soyab
    Shama Soyab 29 days ago

    I wanna husband like Christian 😍😍😍

  • Vartika Gaur
    Vartika Gaur 29 days ago +1

    His mom’s a little weird

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson 29 days ago

    Charlie gunman should of played the part couldn't cause of s.o.a.

  • Maria rin
    Maria rin 29 days ago

    ese despertar no puede ser mas falso, que horror

  • Paulina Mikołajczyk

    Where can I watch this movie?

  • Alina Kalinina
    Alina Kalinina Month ago

    i thought the baby something happened, but it's okay

  • family world
    family world Month ago


  • Li Ki
    Li Ki Month ago

    Dein Lilian kiefer

  • Li Ki
    Li Ki Month ago

    Gott sei dank das du lebst meineliebe. Mein leben mit den Downsyndrom anklicken. Alles. Liebe. Ind dein frund

  • Noi Rahman
    Noi Rahman Month ago

    I am enjoying the comments to this clip rather than the clip itself. 😂😋

  • rea cuyopan
    rea cuyopan Month ago

    I really really really enjoy

    Reading the comments ahahaha they are so funny
    I literally clicked this short clip just to read some comments cuz i know there would be some crazy comments here and im not mistaken hehehehehe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pandora’s Box
    Pandora’s Box Month ago +1

    Omg how would cry

  • Chlxo Chlxo
    Chlxo Chlxo Month ago

    Turn on captions

  • JustYourAverage Blonde

    Constipated? Watch 50 shades of porn..gray I mean gray..

  • شهد محمد
    شهد محمد Month ago

    ايش اسم المسلسل

  • Alecia Chapin
    Alecia Chapin Month ago

    To any young impressionable people out there: never make someone your whole life, your world does not start and end with one person. And if someone demands that of you, run. Run fast.

  • shinksy William
    shinksy William Month ago +1

    My christian did fall in love and fell really hard.......i can never get enough of this two never

  • Angela Altintas
    Angela Altintas Month ago

    Her mother and the rest of their clan were born with triple D through F's. Angela, on the other hand, only wanted a life and small rockets. Angela did not want to be left to die as a bleeder was closed up. There was no S and M scene. He was simply sloppy, period. Let us make a movie out of the scene and call it a day. He, in fact, had his wake up call. many moons ago.

  • Angela Altintas
    Angela Altintas Month ago

    What, in fact, he said was that my mother had a boob job and a bad one. He then left her to die under the care of a receptionist.

  • • Crystal Blog •

    Это какая часть???

  • Nikki Ruiz
    Nikki Ruiz Month ago

    This is the worst acting I’ve seen in my life....

  • callon541
    callon541 Month ago

    His momma got out of there quick. "I'll call Dr. Bartlet!"

  • Allyson x
    Allyson x Month ago

    Sucky movie

  • tata Li
    tata Li Month ago

    which part is that?

  • Gabby
    Gabby Month ago +2

    These are wattpad books combined

  • Brandon Nathalie
    Brandon Nathalie Month ago

    Très belle scène

  • Nicole Watson
    Nicole Watson Month ago

    🙄🙄🙄🙄 not what happened in the book🙄🙄 Horrible cast and acting.....

    ARMY GIRL Month ago


    no my are just Sweating 🙂

  • Prizie
    Prizie Month ago +35

    how can I hate a movie and love a movie so much at the same time

    • Kei Nari
      Kei Nari 4 days ago +2

      Hahah xD seriously it’s so bad that’s it’s good xD it was sooo hard for me to watch by myself I’m like uhhh cringe... but can’t stop watching xD

    • Prizie
      Prizie 15 days ago

      +Rishitha Jahnavi cuz dude it's a really bad good movie lol

    • Rishitha Jahnavi
      Rishitha Jahnavi 15 days ago

      y hate

  • Seilyn francisca Vivas lopez

    Is doing

  • Tracy Gardner
    Tracy Gardner Month ago +9

    I love these movies all three, you haters out there try giving it a second chance, I would rather watch 50 shades over star wars who don’t know when to quit making them.

  • Cindee Lopez
    Cindee Lopez Month ago +9

    I need me a Christian grey

  • Aqua Nymph
    Aqua Nymph Month ago +1

    wHY aRE yOu CrYinG

  • Emma McIntee
    Emma McIntee Month ago +2

    Who gets a head bandage OVER their hair??

  • slime42 24
    slime42 24 Month ago

    When u watch this and ur only halfway through the freed DAMN IT SPOILERS

  • Anya Somova
    Anya Somova Month ago

    what kind of movie is it ??? who knows

  • Jm place
    Jm place Month ago

  • Дашунчик Лето

    Когда будет продолжение?) хочу в 2019😘🌹🌹🌹🙏

    • Virineia R.
      Virineia R. 3 days ago +1

      +Ангелина Иванько'" 50 оттенков серого ", это первая часть .
      2 часть -" На пятьдесят оттенков темнее ."

    • Ангелина Иванько
      Ангелина Иванько 3 days ago

      Как называется фильм?

    • Virineia R.
      Virineia R. Month ago

      Если узнаете , скажите и мне 🙏 за ранее спасибо.

  • Acquario
    Acquario Month ago

    Какой мужчина!

  • SpinXO!
    SpinXO! Month ago +3

    I thought he didn't let anyone touch him!

  • Nicholas Heiser
    Nicholas Heiser Month ago

    He’s too small for the character he plays😩

  • Heaven Arora
    Heaven Arora Month ago

    Not everyone have this luck😊

  • ur mom's name
    ur mom's name Month ago

    how do i watch this whole whispering and breathing thing without people thinking that i’m watching porn

  • Just a small town bicycle

    This was so overly dramatic

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Month ago

    These auto generated closed captions kill me "falafel" lol

  • atxiri Caramelodulce

    Pinche Anastasia se levanta super rápido, pues no que se estaba muriendo. Tan bueno el libro y hacen ma película con las patas

  • Jê Alves
    Jê Alves Month ago +2

    This part in the book is wonderful... Christian talk about baby all the time is so cute

  • Ben Weagle
    Ben Weagle Month ago +1

    Dude she barley got hit. How is she unconscious?

  • Toni Engel
    Toni Engel Month ago


  • Tamzin Hudspeth
    Tamzin Hudspeth Month ago +1

    That lady looks like someone off leather fave the new one

  • Donna Lightfoot Taney
    Donna Lightfoot Taney Month ago +2

    Best Love story ever. (minus the S & M)

  • Phaedra Clarke
    Phaedra Clarke Month ago +1

    Oh dear God. She just sat up like yeahhhhhhh. Save me.