7 Surprising Uses For Diamonds

  • Published on Nov 5, 2015
  • Diamonds are usually seen atop an expensive engagement ring, but these precious rocks hold more worth than you think.
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    How These Microscopic Diamonds Are Going to Shape the Future
    “No doubt you're already familiar with the many ways graphene promises to save us all, but there's another (so-called) miracle material out there vying for your attention-and it's sparkly, to boot. Say hello to the latest and greatest substance to kick science's ass straight into the future: the nanodiamond.”
    Molecular-sized fluorescent nanodiamonds
    “Here, we show that isolated diamond nanoparticles as small as 1.6 nm, comprising only ~400 carbon atoms, are capable of housing stable photoluminescent colour centres.”
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Comments • 393

  • Schaksimo
    Schaksimo Month ago

    I'm not sure how expensive it is to reproduce a diamond in a lab, but after hearing all its properties, it looks like it is overrated. This feels like the Tulip mania back then. No wonder diamonds aren't saving anyone, and probably could be replaced. www.barrons.com/articles/the-real-story-of-the-dutch-tulip-bubble-is-even-more-fascinating-than-the-myth-youve-heard-51557666037

  • 901 ic33
    901 ic33 3 months ago +2

    y r yall watching a science video outside of school

  • Massy cvd DIAMOND
    Massy cvd DIAMOND 11 months ago


  • mar mar - agar
    mar mar - agar Year ago +1

    7 more suprising uses for diamonds

    1. craft diamond sword
    2. craft diamond pick
    3. craft diamond axe
    4. craft diamond shovel
    5. craft diamond hoa
    6. craft diamond armor
    (armour if french)
    7. if u have 9 diamonds u can a diamond block

  • Arc Valles
    Arc Valles Year ago

    Finally diamonds have some use. Not just being a useless stone on a ring

  • Carbonman
    Carbonman Year ago

    Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Petroleumize society where demons come out and plaay!!!!! Hollar ass!!!!!! Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy0_o star wars!!!!!

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous Year ago

    That's why I'd rather chemically form a ring or make one similarly to the one Cody'slab made.

  • Manchikanti Karthik

    In all d news , Trace is good speaker ....

  • Ms Bunny
    Ms Bunny Year ago

    At this point the only way to tell you have a real diamond is if i go dog one up myself lol cmon everyone......hi hooooooo....hi ho hi ho its off to work we go....LMAO

  • Toutou st
    Toutou st Year ago


  • L
    L Year ago

    A planet made of diamond

  • Star Wars Fan 2187

    That’s not a nice thing to say

  • Royal Noble
    Royal Noble Year ago

    Diamond + Titanium = Armor for your spaceship

  • RivaledRandom
    RivaledRandom Year ago


  • Prayag Kakoty
    Prayag Kakoty Year ago

    A diamond is my brain? No thanks!!

  • FoolWise
    FoolWise Year ago

    Why do so much name-dropping of applications and then not even explain why the diamonds are good for it?
    This was a bit frustrating to watch.

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore Year ago

    What does boiling diamond look like?

  • Ceryk
    Ceryk Year ago

    Now these are proper uses for diamonds. Using them in jewelry when there are better looking stones for lower prices is just wasteful.

    DINSTAR-AS Year ago

    Diamonds are foolish girls best friend and dumb guys folly

      DINSTAR-AS Year ago

      Better investment is to buy each other guns and go hunting together

  • Tu'Orb
    Tu'Orb Year ago

    could you make liquid diamonds ?

  • Cherry Dragon
    Cherry Dragon 2 years ago

    BOOM! i am gonna be a criminal! what am i stealing? fucking solar panels bitches! free diamonds!!

  • Hoàng Trần Minh
    Hoàng Trần Minh 2 years ago

    Wait, diamonds are not electrically conductive but is the best thermally conductive solid known to man? Well ever since the early days of thermal paste, some manufacturers have tried mixing grinded metals to their thermal paste to increase the thermal conductivity. But it also has a bad side effect of being electrically conductive so if you over apply it on your heatsink, you risk it touching the contacts on the mobo and frying your board. Now, we can grind artifically created diamonds to mix them in with thermal paste to increase thermal conductivity without the risk of frying your shiny new mobo and cpu.

  • Bob N' Gip
    Bob N' Gip 2 years ago

    can you use plasma to make diamonds

  • Terceiro Ano
    Terceiro Ano 2 years ago

    So sad we cant use some materials just because of their value

  • CH.A.O.S TV
    CH.A.O.S TV 2 years ago

    So what would the Crystal gems do after they shatter the Diamond Authority

  • Lughaidh Kennedy
    Lughaidh Kennedy 2 years ago

    Diamond in a hydraulic press

  • Son Toro25
    Son Toro25 2 years ago

    "Take a look at this Really? ...really old video of me" lol the awkwardness

  • Son Son
    Son Son 2 years ago +1

    So this is all about industrial diamond.

  • JECG
    JECG 2 years ago +1

    Wait... there were American camels?

    • Thommy Two Toes Times Three
      Thommy Two Toes Times Three Year ago

      IhaveaPlaystation4. Camels were at one time native to North America prior to the last ice age but they died out along with the wooly mammoth, sabre tooth, and a host of other unique creatures. And you thought i was just another pretty...dot figure.

  • Jason Foks
    Jason Foks 2 years ago +1

    MELBOURNIAN F***K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zachos 2000
    zachos 2000 2 years ago +3

    how much does a diamond cost to make (in a lab) i mean theyre all the same and you said they werent that rare, like how much are we talkin? $400-$800? or more?

    • zachos 2000
      zachos 2000 2 years ago +2

      and how much does graphine cost?

  • Asterio
    Asterio 2 years ago

    I never knew my university had such research on practical use of diamonds... learnt something new!

  • Herfmonster
    Herfmonster 2 years ago

    Don't forget Turntable Styluses.

  • Drink alcohol, not bleach

    Pause @ exactly 3:14
    Thank me l8er my m8s

  • Elite Gaming
    Elite Gaming 2 years ago

    They look perty XD

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer 2 years ago +18

    What kind of cpu cooler do you have? Diamond Heatsink

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade 2 years ago +1

    shitty video, trying too hard to be funny.

  • Fire Blade
    Fire Blade 2 years ago +3

    ppl who didnt already know many of these facts should concentrate more in school.

  • Dread White
    Dread White 2 years ago +2

    BOOM! Diamonds!

  • Yonatan24
    Yonatan24 2 years ago +14

    Diamonds act as great heatsinks. Yes, if you have billions of dollars.

    • Luis FF
      Luis FF 2 years ago +1

      You can buy the equipment to make a heatsink diamond. It will be much cheaper than order a company to make one for you.

    • Electrofizz
      Electrofizz 2 years ago +4

      Probably cheaper than you'd think. It'd be like normal thermal paste but with diamond dust in it, and diamond dust is much much much cheaper than pretty diamonds because they are made from ugly diamonds that are not worth anywhere near as much

    • BloodyRain2k
      BloodyRain2k 2 years ago +1

      As Xan said, industrial made ones are cheap and will become even cheaper over time, so in a few years we might get actual diamond heat sinks, but before that we will have a lot of fake shit because that's how we roll.

    • Xanderqwerty123
      Xanderqwerty123 2 years ago +2

      Yonatan24 Industrial grade diamonds can be made pretty cheaply, all things considered. It might be more affordable than some common methods of cooling if it was well supported.

    • Hat Duck
      Hat Duck 2 years ago +6

      best gaming heat sink ever for richies

  • Herbert Bert
    Herbert Bert 2 years ago +5


  • fun-with-nickline
    fun-with-nickline 3 years ago

    Trace I love you please reply.💙💙💙

  • fun-with-nickline
    fun-with-nickline 3 years ago

    I am Aries' thank to my God J' and my connection to our Universe so to speak to my Birthstone is the number one stone White DIAMOND. thankz to the Holy Mother Mary too and all the Divine.

  • fun-with-nickline
    fun-with-nickline 3 years ago

    You are my Diamond Guy thankyou I love you.

  • Loralyn Sanders
    Loralyn Sanders 3 years ago

    Am I the only one thinking about Sherlock?

  • Loralyn Sanders
    Loralyn Sanders 3 years ago

    Am I the only one thinking about Sherlock?

    • Boobs FTW!
      Boobs FTW! 2 years ago

      Hell no, you are not/were not the only one thinking about Sherlock!

  • Allen McKinney
    Allen McKinney 3 years ago

    He forgot about Mr. Freeze.

  • TheTacticalBanana
    TheTacticalBanana 3 years ago +2

    I just want to find a girl that will accept my Netflix password or a tub of ice cream as a token of courtship

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores 3 years ago

    Diamonds can melt!!!?

  • Scarlet Inky
    Scarlet Inky 3 years ago

    nah Phones are everyones best friend nowadays. I prefer a single atom

  • Invis Ghostie
    Invis Ghostie 3 years ago

    I wouldn't want diamond deposites in my DNA unless it's super powers

  • mrnani045
    mrnani045 3 years ago

    For your information, diamonds were being used in jewelleries in India many ages ago. Don't thank that black and white guy.. ... :D

  • Constantinos Vasiliou
    Constantinos Vasiliou 3 years ago

    Really old video that I made.*

  • Luis FF
    Luis FF 3 years ago

    0:53 - People love diamonds because of the high value.
    For the jewelry, it's possible to do a similar effect with plastic. Without the high value of the diamonds, the people wouldn't give so much importance if someone give or lost.

  • scrollsung
    scrollsung 3 years ago

    Shoulda played diamonds dancing in the background

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones 3 years ago +2

    how amazing carbon is, graphene, carbon nanotubes, diamond, the basis for life on our planet. It's amazing how just one element can have so many different amazing uses!

  • Klaus Ventures
    Klaus Ventures 3 years ago

    Blue diamonds conduct electricity

  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson 3 years ago

    Pls release diamond cpu heat sinks.

  • I want die
    I want die 3 years ago

    the only reason they aren't more popular in building ect is because that would cause a problem with supply and demand which would make diamonds not valuable which would put julery makers out of business which would cause them to need new jobs which would cause a need in more jobs which make the pay go down because more people are working and that causes people to run out of money which causes people to lose there job then it is just a cycle from there

  • andreweasty
    andreweasty 3 years ago

    i know your not from Australia but Melbourne is pronounced Melbin and diamonds are pretty cool

  • ryan cliff
    ryan cliff 3 years ago

    where's melburn?

  • Mr. Sobota
    Mr. Sobota 3 years ago

    Loved the video. Showed it to my 6th graders and they ate it up!! BTW, from a drama director's perspective- Trace is doing a great job of script writing and delivering the content. Anyone who can hold the attention of a 12 year old had it down!!

  • KadashiHeartsGaming
    KadashiHeartsGaming 3 years ago


  • ConsciousCara
    ConsciousCara 3 years ago

    If diamonds are so strong that they can be used to cut pretty much anything then what is used to cut the diamonds?

  • erik nydam
    erik nydam 3 years ago

    I use diamond blades for my job, they're kept under lock and key and most are kept off site.

  • Pratz M
    Pratz M 3 years ago

    i want that t-shirt...

  • Inky Hip
    Inky Hip 3 years ago

    Feminism is a form of sexism and scientology is a cult. Thanks for the video!

  • Anonymity Ix
    Anonymity Ix 3 years ago

    zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out. stop!

  • Mycobiont
    Mycobiont 3 years ago

    I love how Trace is always so excited about the topics he talks about

  • Reverend Jynxed
    Reverend Jynxed 3 years ago

    Oy vey! Shut it down!

  • Henry van Megen
    Henry van Megen 3 years ago

    How about diamonds used in quantum computers? :)

    NATESOR 3 years ago

    "easily" manufactured. Not really.

  • Angelofdeth20
    Angelofdeth20 3 years ago +1

    diamonds are badass

  • shan rosen
    shan rosen 3 years ago

    At this point I'm not really even watching these videos for the scientific information (which is still awesome) but mainly for Trace's commentary & his attempt at joke-making. Good job Trace👍🏽

  • Elhuggante
    Elhuggante 3 years ago

    Humberto Fernández Morán in the 50's created the diamond scalpel. PS: He is Venezuelan

  • Cooper Perry
    Cooper Perry 3 years ago


  • Jonathan Kosyjana
    Jonathan Kosyjana 3 years ago

    diamonds represent evil to me with all the lies with marriage and so forth but there good for saw blades though

  • Leana Gonzales
    Leana Gonzales 3 years ago

    They ain't my goddamn best friends.

  • Hamlet Pig
    Hamlet Pig 3 years ago

    Is the nano diamond thing for cancer in the works?

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 3 years ago

    i like diamonds

  • ryan sim
    ryan sim 3 years ago

    Diamonds are everyone's best friend

  • Hells Wind
    Hells Wind 3 years ago


  • Benpai
    Benpai 3 years ago

    So, what exactly is the blood-brain barrier? Could you do a video on this?

  • Donald Chump
    Donald Chump 3 years ago


  • Canooples the mad Titan

    Talk about thorium, I want to see if it can do what people are saying it can do.

  • idk lol
    idk lol 3 years ago

    Yay! you kind of said Melbourne correctly!

  • D. Brandtair
    D. Brandtair 3 years ago

    Why didn't you say teleportation???
    They used daimonds to teleport data over 1,3 km on the TU Delft that would be the most important thing to name in this video.

  • isaac gans
    isaac gans 3 years ago

    You could make a badass hammer out of dimonds

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 years ago

    Diamonds are also artificially rare, they are fairly common and just kept in vaults to keep the price higher.

  • Jio Salcedo
    Jio Salcedo 3 years ago +7

    Diamonds for a PC heatsink?

    • 2Awesome
      2Awesome 2 years ago

      only if you have hundreds to spend and don't need heatsink fins...

  • William Gosal
    William Gosal 3 years ago

    When diamond is used in solar panel cells, the thieves all over the world will sacrifice anything to steal them.

  • Ryan Rudnick
    Ryan Rudnick 3 years ago

    Is it me or was this just so boring

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 3 years ago

    The graphene vid is the first d news i ever watched and therefor subscribed....

  • ironcityblue
    ironcityblue 3 years ago

    According to the forums real light sabers are like 5-7 years away and diamonds will be obsolete for cutting by then, as well as replace the common engagement ritual.

  • Sheldon S
    Sheldon S 3 years ago +1

    whats the D stand for in DNews?

  • dankerlordx
    dankerlordx 3 years ago

    Can we mix diamonds with steel, Kevlar and Golden Orbweaver silk to make the strongest armor in existence?

  • Korawich Kavee
    Korawich Kavee 3 years ago

    " diamond are britttle " should be mention in this clip.

  • Koder
    Koder 3 years ago

    Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam - Adam Ruins Everything

  • MrWynterpaladin
    MrWynterpaladin 3 years ago

    Grabbing some carbon, 'cause that stuff is "tight," about made me spit-take my coffee. Thanks for that gem! (buhdumbum)

  • deisisase
    deisisase 3 years ago

    What happened to Graffine Batteries? Why don't we have them yet?