10 MOST COMMON BRAZILIAN BABY NAMES | Pronouncing Brazilian Names | Ysis Lorenna

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • In today's video I'm pronouncing 10 most common Brazilian baby names for boys and girls in Portuguese and in English. Click the link to watch me pronouncing the top 10 Baby Names in Brazil for 2017: ysis.me/brazilian-baby-names
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Comments • 44

  • Claudia Ines
    Claudia Ines 26 days ago

    João it's not a brazilian baby name

    • Raymson Barbosa
      Raymson Barbosa 8 days ago

      You're wrong. Is a tipical brazillian/portuguese name.

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  • BlueChu
    BlueChu 3 months ago +1

    My neme is Mária Alice end is brazilian name!

  • Emily Loves
    Emily Loves 3 months ago +1

    Um where is the Brazilian accent? Lol 😂 10 years of UK over 23 years of Brazil 🇧🇷 it’s interesting 😊

    • Ysis Lorenna
      Ysis Lorenna  3 months ago

      I don't know how I lost it so quickly! :)

  • Larissa de Abreu
    Larissa de Abreu 9 months ago +3

    I absolutely loooove the way English speakers pronounce my name when I talk to them, sounds so cute!

  • CapturingLifeinProgress
    CapturingLifeinProgress 10 months ago

    My name is Carolina and when I moved to the US it took me a while to get used to the way people say it here. I usually go by Carol, just to make it easier. It was hard picking my girls' names because we wanted names that could work in both the US and in Brazil.

  • canal da jeeh Alves
    canal da jeeh Alves 10 months ago

    Tem outros nomes brasileiros, Jonas , jhonatan ou Jonathan e Jonatas, Allan, Fernando, Thiago ou Tiago, Diego ou Diogo, Maria, Mariana ou Marina, Lucas ou lucca, Mateus ou mattheus e Matheus, Matias ou Mathias, Manuela ou Manoela , Manuel, Emanuelle ou Emanuelly , Isabel ou Isabela e Isabella, Isabelle, Isadora, Viviane ou Vivian, Letícia, Christina, Amanda, Rebeca ,Bianca, Juliana,Júlio, Felipe ou Filipe, Alisson ou Alison, Bruno ou Bruna , Kátia, Yasmim ou Iasmin e jasmim, Betânia, brayan , Julie ou Júlia , Ana ou Anna,

  • Rhiannon Wilmott
    Rhiannon Wilmott 10 months ago

    Cecilia is pr the same in both languages, I think!

  • Amethyst Perez
    Amethyst Perez 10 months ago

    What you forget to say ,is the there are all Spanish name!! What about Portuguese name? Is the same as spanish?

  • Princessmiiaa
    Princessmiiaa 10 months ago

    My Name is Lailah but with H at the end and I live in California and they pronounce it like Leila and I Absolutely hate it. I pronounce it like you do. I'm puertorican and I pronounce the names the same way you do.

  • giulia diaz
    giulia diaz 10 months ago +2

    mano tem varios nomes ai que eu nunca ouvi no Brasil kkkk

    • Ysis Lorenna
      Ysis Lorenna  10 months ago +1

      Imagino mesmo! A variedade de nomes no Brasil é imensa 😊

  • SJ Strum
    SJ Strum 10 months ago +3

    Such gorgeous names! It’s so sweet that Matthew goes by the Brazilian version; Henrik’s family struggle with Sarah-Jayne as they don’t say J they say Y so it’s more like Zara Yayn; which I quite like 😂😂😂 Amazing video; I love your baby names xxx

  • Sara Basturk
    Sara Basturk 10 months ago

    My husband handles his difficult-for-English-speakers name by never correcting people when they try to say it back to him for clarification🤔 He gets called Boris, Bush, Barsh, Bart, or just a panicked stare when he introduces himself.

    • Raissa Macario
      Raissa Macario 6 months ago

      Sara is a very common name in Brazil 🤗

  • Letícia Ribeiro
    Letícia Ribeiro 10 months ago

    I absolutely loved this vídeo. I've always been curious to know how my name is pronounced in english and it couldn't be more different than the way we say in Brazil haha I love the "shh" sound in the english pronunciation. Almost like it's Latisha haha And funny fact: since high school my nickname is Tish which I think it's the english nickname for Leticia. I used as my username on Twitter cause I thought it was such a cool onomatopoeia back then and my friends just couldn't let that pass lol Oh and I'll never understand how Guilherme is the portuguese version of William and Tiago is the portuguese for James.

  • Lori D
    Lori D 10 months ago +1

    My name is Lorena. In English, I pronounce it like you. But here in the US, ppl never get it right, even after I correct them. They continue to say Lorayna or Loreeena. Quite annoying.

  • SuperSeventeen1717
    SuperSeventeen1717 10 months ago

    My surname has 'jão at the end, I don't usually use the accent but No one can pronounce it.
    When I'm asked my surname, I just start spelling lol

  • Ben Witager
    Ben Witager 10 months ago

    So interesting this video Ysis:)

  • Soraya Mohideen
    Soraya Mohideen 10 months ago

    South African here! Many of the pronunciations would be British except we pronounce Cecilia, Joao, Leandro, Fabio the same. Bear in mind we have a big Portuguese population, including Angolan and Mozambiquan people here. We've got a lot of ethnic mixing so my home language is a patois of several languages, though I'd say it's English to anyone else.

  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 10 months ago

    Is great ......😃😃😃

  • Georgia Stoeva
    Georgia Stoeva 10 months ago +3

    This is so weird! Who would have thought that one of the most popular Russian names Larisa is actually popular in Brazil :)))

    • Cerberus21
      Cerberus21 5 months ago

      It's my name hahaha is very common, and a other common name here is Igor

    • Raissa Macario
      Raissa Macario 6 months ago

      @Vagabundo isn't from latin

    • Raissa Macario
      Raissa Macario 6 months ago

      Also my name Raissa is common, but not as Larissa. We use 2 S. Also in Rússia.

    • Vagabundo
      Vagabundo 8 months ago

      It's a common Latin name...

  • makeupyourmind2019
    makeupyourmind2019 10 months ago +12

    Funny that in Italian we have some of the exact same names but the pronunciation is quite different. :)

    • makeupyourmind2019
      makeupyourmind2019 10 months ago

      Ysis Lorenna Lorena, Raffaella, Beatrice, Cecilia, Larissa, Micaela, Leandro, Fabio. Obviously some have some spelling differences, but I can hear a slight difference even in the part that is spelled the same in both languages (like for BEATRIce/z). Livia, Laila, Andre (Andrea in Italian) seem the only ones that wouldn’t give you immediately away as a foreigner to me if I were to meet you in Italy.

    • Ysis Lorenna
      Ysis Lorenna  10 months ago

      Really? Which ones for example? 😊

  • Effy Stonem
    Effy Stonem 10 months ago +1

    lorena, larissa, livia, micaela, laila existe also in italian and have the same pronunce! and yes, fabrizio is very popular here🇮🇹

    • makeupyourmind2019
      makeupyourmind2019 10 months ago

      Effy Stonem certo, ma non è decisamente la stessa. Mi sembra abbastanza facilmente riconoscibile come portoghese.

    • Effy Stonem
      Effy Stonem 10 months ago +1

      makeupyourmind2019 allora si, la pronuncia non è esattamente uguale ma è molto piú simile a quella italiana rispetto a quella inglese

    • Ysis Lorenna
      Ysis Lorenna  10 months ago +1

      That’s interesting. My husband always says I sound Italian when I’m on the phone to my family in Brazil. I guess both languages are quite similar! 😊

    • makeupyourmind2019
      makeupyourmind2019 10 months ago

      Effy Stonem io direi che la differenza di pronuncia c’è e si sente, anche se non è marcata come con altre lingue.

  • Kaio Henrique
    Kaio Henrique 10 months ago +1

    Awesome ♡

  • Paul
    Paul 10 months ago +1

    I just moved here, so this helpful!

    • Ysis Lorenna
      Ysis Lorenna  10 months ago +1

      Hope you enjoyed it, Fernando 😊