Kristin Gets A Desk Makeover • Ladylike

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • We give Kristin a Disney themed desk makeover!
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  • cutelife 001
    cutelife 001 18 minutes ago

    I want to see its current situation

  • Irishladess Yas
    Irishladess Yas Day ago

    Please do Freddie’s!!!!!

  • Raigan Williams
    Raigan Williams 3 days ago

    anyone else see they switched phones? From the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X? 😂

    MCCARTNEY STRANG 4 days ago +2

    It looks like Freddy and Kane are dating

  • Lonnie
    Lonnie 5 days ago

    omg i can so relate im actually really neat but i keep every card that ive ever gotten under my bed

  • Ruby Stoops
    Ruby Stoops 5 days ago

    With the laptop and charger it says no joy but there is a green check

  • pink4ever 251
    pink4ever 251 5 days ago

    Kristin i realate to you so much. ADHD squad

  • Lucy laughs
    Lucy laughs 6 days ago +1

    Freddie: Everytime I'm labeling something, I feel like it's spelled wrong!
    Kane: saaaaame..... ( has no idea what she's talking about lol😂)

    NO offense, just my opinion TBH

  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson 6 days ago +1

    Kane kinda just crowded her desk the same amount just with pretty stuff idk diffrent vibes ig

  • Katie Arbuckle
    Katie Arbuckle 7 days ago

    She is just like me ... XD IN ALL FORMS

  • Adam Deardorff
    Adam Deardorff 7 days ago

    My mom made me do konmari.

  • Karley North
    Karley North 7 days ago

    Anybody else notice that at 6:47 it says no joy

  • Gregory Thomas
    Gregory Thomas 8 days ago

    I just have one question. Does she keep letters and notes from her ex boyfriends?

  • Carrie Krout
    Carrie Krout 9 days ago

    Why is Kane working at buzzfeed (even though it’s probably dope 😂) when he could start a *bomb* interior design company?!?

  • przemek kozłowski
    przemek kozłowski 9 days ago

    As i was watching this i was tidying my desk to

  • Abbieq11
    Abbieq11 10 days ago +1

    Kane is so good :)

    FIREBIRD LIGHTNING 10 days ago +1

    I love organizing and decorating! But not with my own stuff/room. Only other people's stuff

    STELLA WONG 10 days ago

    I was eating goldfish while watching this video.

  • Town Neo
    Town Neo 11 days ago

    Pump my desk

  • Ivy Broussard
    Ivy Broussard 11 days ago +1

    love it

  • Kennedy Vest
    Kennedy Vest 12 days ago

    Hmm never knew Kane stalked Kirsten on social media...

  • Abbie Warner
    Abbie Warner 13 days ago

    Um are these makeup wipes uhhhhh no there vigina wipes lol 😂 😂

  • Alexis Farrar
    Alexis Farrar 13 days ago

    Kristen: OMG goldfish

  • Ryleigh Roberts
    Ryleigh Roberts 13 days ago

    Kristen I also have ADHD so I also have to have headphones on sometimes

  • Caitlyn Orocio
    Caitlyn Orocio 13 days ago

    For me I’m a weirdo
    I used a empty bread crumb bottle into a pen holder for all my pens and used a Parmesan cheese bottle for my highlighters😂

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran 14 days ago

    this was so satisfying

  • Tajvir Gosal
    Tajvir Gosal 14 days ago +1

    am i the only one who wants to work at Buzzfeed
    guess im the only one

  • Christina Farrell
    Christina Farrell 14 days ago

    I need Kane to come to my house and fix my room asap.

  • Lammie Bug
    Lammie Bug 14 days ago

    now i feel the need to clean my room

  • Andrea M.
    Andrea M. 14 days ago

    I need a Kane in my life Bc I am the most messy person ever

  • Eunoia
    Eunoia 15 days ago

    *sorry mr. kate, it’s mr. kane now.*

  • Eunoia
    Eunoia 15 days ago

    *sorry mr. kate, it’s mr. kane now.*

  • Ewa Biernat
    Ewa Biernat 15 days ago +3

    >she has adhd and gets very distracted
    >let's add a heckton of overwhelming decorations
    >she has a hoarding problem
    >let's clutter her desk with needless stuff
    Like, it looks lovely, but as someone with the same problem as Kristin this is just... too much.

  • Hailey Kowalski
    Hailey Kowalski 15 days ago +1

    I’d bring the lamp, plants, and longe area home and probably more because it’s just too distracting and cluttered

  • violet anggela
    violet anggela 16 days ago

    I also like pink,purple and blue!!

  • Clairetta Karst
    Clairetta Karst 16 days ago

    your story is just like Jeffree Star

  • Alicia Marenco
    Alicia Marenco 16 days ago

    I also have 80hd you are not alone😌😊

  • Luizalalala
    Luizalalala 17 days ago

    He did such an amazing job! Her desk looks so beautiful now! Truly loved this video.

  • Natalie Lopez
    Natalie Lopez 18 days ago

    I love your desk. It's so you.

  • Fatima Khan
    Fatima Khan 18 days ago +1

    omg my desk is just like that !

  • Ava_iknowimcringy Jj
    Ava_iknowimcringy Jj 18 days ago +7

    How long can Kristen keep that desk clean?

  • Charzie S
    Charzie S 19 days ago +1

    Kristen is almost the exact same as my Sister!! She hates throwing stuff away and her desk is so messy!

  • LpsStalkinq
    LpsStalkinq 19 days ago +2

    Uuugghhh I want to decorate everything now but I have no moneyyy!!!! 😢😢😢😢

  • Pippa MacLellan
    Pippa MacLellan 19 days ago

    I am the exact same as kristen

  • Normal'sWayOverrated
    Normal'sWayOverrated 19 days ago +1

    Firstly, when you have a hard time throwing stuff away it can be l git difficult to do anything with any of those cards or clothes because it’s almost like you could be losing a friend. Secondly even though she’s taking up more space with another drawer unit she’s still taking up less space in general because everything is out of the way

    LUNAR LOVES TACOS 20 days ago +3

    I feel you my rooms full of stuff and I love all of it and I just got a desk and well... it’s kinda really messy but I’m “kinda” getting better about the desk 😂😂😂

  • Ndella Brown
    Ndella Brown 20 days ago +3

    Does anyone else wonder why Kristin has condoms on her desk?

  • Laura Mcintosh
    Laura Mcintosh 21 day ago

    I want to know what this looks like a year on

  • Skylar Hinderscheid
    Skylar Hinderscheid 22 days ago

    It's still cluttered but in a fancy way

  • Pan-Cake
    Pan-Cake 22 days ago +1

    "Fred do you want these two condoms?"

  • Dani Greenfairy
    Dani Greenfairy 22 days ago

    I need to see what this desk looks like now

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 23 days ago

    I feel so validated knowing that she has ADHD and ocd too

  • Kween
    Kween 23 days ago +1

    I need me one of these for my room

  • Julieanne Jeffries
    Julieanne Jeffries 24 days ago

    So happy you're cleaning your desk 😊😃☺

  • Unicornstudys101 Oh yeah
    Unicornstudys101 Oh yeah 24 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice the little scrubbers from when they had to make zero waste no just me ?

  • Clara
    Clara 24 days ago

    i have the same proplem as kristin and the mosts of my things are in my guestbedroom and there are not relly as much space in mu closed places

  • fell sans
    fell sans 25 days ago

    I love it

  • SlendernansHyna
    SlendernansHyna 26 days ago

    More importantly where can I get that mirror???

  • Ladawna Moffett
    Ladawna Moffett 26 days ago +6

    Being honest.

    I ain't messy I just stack stuff

  • Jimin has lost his jams. And Jin has no friends

    Hey Kane.......... can I help you decorate!!!! Please!!!!!!

  • Lily Greene
    Lily Greene 26 days ago

    You should get another desk makeover for spring

  • Giovanna Nascimento Chaves

    Kane needs he’s own series on buzzfeed. I need to know how he can make everything so fancy and classy. I need him in my life

  • Alexander Hoekema
    Alexander Hoekema 26 days ago

    7:00 such a mood 😂😂😂

  • Devin Rodriguez
    Devin Rodriguez 28 days ago

    Why does she look autistic

  • abigail Trevino
    abigail Trevino Month ago +1

    This is so relatible i also have ADHD 🤗

  • Taylor MacDonald
    Taylor MacDonald Month ago

    Kane should re-decorate Freddie and Mike's desks so that their whole area is a cute and matching!

  • Holo Holo it’s me

    He needs to do me I'm a fricken tornado

  • Rachel Kaufman
    Rachel Kaufman Month ago

    It’s beautiful!

    Until Kristin messes it up again....

  • Breanna Ellen Atkinson

    I love this video.

  • Clio Wood
    Clio Wood Month ago

    Now fix Jen's room

  • Brian Morrison
    Brian Morrison Month ago +1

    I’m Liking my own comment because nobody else will

  • Trishi
    Trishi Month ago +1

    Did anyone else notice at 6:47 that it said No Joy with a tick 😂 God Dammit Editor lol

  • Acid.d Hippi3
    Acid.d Hippi3 Month ago

    I need a Kane in my life

  • Sowkat Hossein
    Sowkat Hossein Month ago

    It is so pretty

  • Jaedyn Brinkman
    Jaedyn Brinkman Month ago

    Omg I have adhd to and anxiety and that some time causes depression

  • Anonymous bub
    Anonymous bub Month ago +1

    Kristen I am the same way!!

  • Shayna Raynor
    Shayna Raynor Month ago

    This was satisfying! Organized!

  • kitty gamerxxx
    kitty gamerxxx Month ago


  • kitty gamerxxx
    kitty gamerxxx Month ago

    I'm soo jelus

  • LovePeaceHope15
    LovePeaceHope15 Month ago

    Kristine puts an IPhone 8 on the Charger. Close up of the charger and BOOM it's an IPhone 10. I need that magical charger

  • Eliza Lover
    Eliza Lover Month ago

    2019 anyone February 11 Monday time in America 8:58 pm

  • Dream.
    Dream. Month ago +1

    Kane needs to do something to help my room cuz it looks like it needs some help

  • Madalen Wallaker
    Madalen Wallaker Month ago

    ADHD! Welcome to the tribe!!

  • pixieminx86
    pixieminx86 Month ago +1

    Who else is watching this again now cause they miss Kane?

  • This Is Me On The Internet

    You look so good in that Orange skirt!!! 😍

  • Erin Carter
    Erin Carter Month ago

    Kristin, Could you do a video about how you work with your ADHD to be successful? You are so joyful! Keep doing what you do!

  • Rosie ASMR
    Rosie ASMR Month ago

    TBDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! i dont like that d thats the first d that i do not like!

  • HeyyHouey
    HeyyHouey Month ago +1

    he did a good job, but personally, I think the desk was really crowded. especially with the fake plants.

  • ELMsquad
    ELMsquad Month ago +1

    I wonder how long it will stay that clean!?

  • Hannah Swets
    Hannah Swets Month ago

    Are these makeup wipes??
    No their vagina wipes

  • Chelsie Garcia
    Chelsie Garcia Month ago

    I think Kristin has a bit of decision fatigue.

  • Brooklyn Workman
    Brooklyn Workman Month ago

    Marie Kondo is shaking

  • Carmen S
    Carmen S Month ago

    Kristins desk was a mood

  • Mackenzie Windress
    Mackenzie Windress Month ago

    And this is why I wanna work at buzzfeed

  • wl19hmccoy
    wl19hmccoy Month ago

    Kristen is so relatable my god

  • Mat Tucker
    Mat Tucker Month ago

    Ok but can we just talk about how at 9:44 it’s an iPhone X and right after it’s an iPhone 6?

  • Agent Floof
    Agent Floof Month ago

    I’m so late but Kane is so sweet

  • Anika Talyan
    Anika Talyan Month ago +6

    Did anybody else notice at 6:47 it says no joy but has a green check mark?

    • Sophie Leah
      Sophie Leah 3 days ago +1

      Anika Talyan maybe because she mentions it’s for her job and that typically people don’t like there jobs therefore It doesn’t spark joy but she needs it so it’s a check aswell idk might just be an error

  • Erica Grady
    Erica Grady Month ago

    Hi 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • Madi Gearhart
    Madi Gearhart Month ago

    Does your desk still look this well??