I will guess your NAME in one minute! - Original Math Trick [2019]


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  • Kingsaw - Riddles and Puzzles
    Kingsaw - Riddles and Puzzles 7 months ago +2890

    Don't forget to like if I guessed it right! 😉😉

    • BlackStorm YT
      BlackStorm YT 17 minutes ago

      +Bianca Maria you gave him the initials lol. You had to give your forename initial and later you had to give your last name's initial

    • creative pro
      creative pro 14 hours ago

      You click baiter

    • M Flo
      M Flo 16 hours ago

      Mine is 13.06..
      You guess it right
      Is mf

    • Juan Perez
      Juan Perez 20 hours ago

      This is *2* minutes

    • Trademark Troubles
      Trademark Troubles Day ago

      Didn’t work got 3.07

  • iiOmqItsShadow
    iiOmqItsShadow 9 minutes ago

    damn you were close
    I got L.N and my initials are *J*.N
    good job tho bro

  • Annie Fahd
    Annie Fahd 16 minutes ago

    K I cant find the square root of 1 so what do I do

  • Marko M.
    Marko M. 18 minutes ago

    Unsubscribe, unfollow stupid clickbait!!!

  • z0mbi3kill3r305
    z0mbi3kill3r305 24 minutes ago

    This is such a stupid ass math trick lmao

  • Haya Alhammer
    Haya Alhammer 32 minutes ago

    He guess my first and last alphabet is true

  • Haya Alhammer
    Haya Alhammer 32 minutes ago

    It’s true

  • Pajjen Två
    Pajjen Två 39 minutes ago

    Only asian ppl can do this

  • -quickz-
    -quickz- Hour ago

    U didnt get mine

    Oh yeah yeah

  • [WAVE] Ocean
    [WAVE] Ocean Hour ago

    Didn’t work. Double checked it too.

  • WiktorRapBattle
    WiktorRapBattle Hour ago

    This is so dumb

  • Super Gogeta
    Super Gogeta Hour ago

    Lol didn't work you failed lmao

  • pacomaïco gaming

    0 letters that were in my name😂😂

  • Scarlett Playzz
    Scarlett Playzz Hour ago

    It never showed my name, it showed my INITIALS ;) *CLICKBAIT*

  • sandstorm5466
    sandstorm5466 Hour ago


  • Jonathon Carmack
    Jonathon Carmack Hour ago

    1462. 729. 729,009. 7290.09

  • Nick DeCola
    Nick DeCola Hour ago

    You didn’t get me beotch

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne Hour ago

    My enitials are sod but I got so. Soooooo...... DOODDDOOOOOO!!!

    BROOKELYNNE123 2 hours ago


  • riccardo esposito
    riccardo esposito 2 hours ago


  • Froebel Vergara
    Froebel Vergara 2 hours ago

    I Didnt ser my NAME

  • Vilda Macroad
    Vilda Macroad 2 hours ago

    Didnt work ;)

  • G4mbitG4mes
    G4mbitG4mes 2 hours ago

    He didnt guess mine

  • zagy
    zagy 2 hours ago


  • HappyFellowship Mc
    HappyFellowship Mc 2 hours ago

    But you didn't guess my NAME.

    Nice math trick tho. I saw what you were doing there. Got my initials right

  • Tracy Gregory
    Tracy Gregory 2 hours ago

    No way EG that’s my initials 😮

  • Mystical Darkness
    Mystical Darkness 2 hours ago

    My name is James

  • DieseEineElfe
    DieseEineElfe 2 hours ago

    Lmao if you just ask my name i would say it no need to make it so difficult😂😂

  • flume's stan
    flume's stan 2 hours ago


  • Jessica and Brian Hearn

    U got it wrong

  • Shyla Mendes Styles Shroff Dutt

    This worked! But only guessed my initials not my name so title and thumbnail is misleading. Also love how there's a calculator link in description bc they knew we'd need it 😂

  • Mobslayeryt MSYT
    Mobslayeryt MSYT 2 hours ago

    Yoooo that freaked me out when I got the results

  • Martin Camua
    Martin Camua 2 hours ago

    13 337

  • goldenhat hardware trading

    Wwow that's cool it's correct

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    Games Walkthrough 3 hours ago

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  • Crazy Batkin
    Crazy Batkin 3 hours ago


  • Ajax Alexander
    Ajax Alexander 3 hours ago


  • Minecrafting Monkey
    Minecrafting Monkey 3 hours ago

    You kind of got it you got it after the square root but not all the x100

  • Romeo Pellizzaro
    Romeo Pellizzaro 3 hours ago

    Bitch the fuck is square root

  • Sydney Sacca
    Sydney Sacca 4 hours ago

    This is the stupidest thing ever. He just did the same thing with every number. The worst math trick video I have ever seen.

  • Evil_ Inside914
    Evil_ Inside914 4 hours ago

    I got aroe

  • Lily Loo just smile
    Lily Loo just smile 4 hours ago +1

    Wrong sorry, u said A.C I’m L.P

  • FrosT
    FrosT 4 hours ago

    Didnt get my full name,i got scammed

  • Ant
    Ant 5 hours ago

    I got √749 and it was a decimal so I had to stop there v: I redid it twice to see if I made a mistake I didn't I did j btw

  • Ben gaming Studio
    Ben gaming Studio 5 hours ago

    u guessed mine BEN I was shocked when I was writing this

  • Jamie Elgood
    Jamie Elgood 6 hours ago

    But do you know what these letters stand for

  • thala ajith
    thala ajith 6 hours ago


  • Stupid Guy101
    Stupid Guy101 6 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • kaif mohammad
    kaif mohammad 6 hours ago

    Ruk tere channel ko report krte h!

  • sohil khan
    sohil khan 7 hours ago

    Instead of doing that much long method I would i ask directly your name please

  • Naveen negi
    Naveen negi 7 hours ago


  • Nyo! Prussia
    Nyo! Prussia 8 hours ago

    At first I thought "there's no way you can guess my name it's not an American name or anything really popular"
    U got my first name initial nice try

  • smya ysmn
    smya ysmn 8 hours ago

    Not at all Impressed 😒

  • Abhishek Rana
    Abhishek Rana 8 hours ago


  • inficompleXgamer
    inficompleXgamer 9 hours ago

    Nope. I checked it 4 times but it didn't work

  • Bisma Ali
    Bisma Ali 10 hours ago

    All calculations leaded me to 1.01 now what do i do can someone please find my name challenge reply

  • Haider Hussain
    Haider Hussain 10 hours ago

    My number was 8.08

    TOM AND JERRY 10 hours ago

    But my name is huda 😒

  • Mini Mohamed
    Mini Mohamed 10 hours ago

    Uh no

  • the content
    the content 10 hours ago

    You can't guess my name because I'm albanian!

  • betaj_badshah000 just enjoy all video

    Maja nahi aaya aur app ney chodu banaya

  • Pranvi Bhansali
    Pranvi Bhansali 11 hours ago

    Mine was wrong

  • Angad Khera
    Angad Khera 11 hours ago

    You didn't guessed my name correctly.

  • MLG FOXY 1987
    MLG FOXY 1987 12 hours ago +1

    U didn't get my name

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx 12 hours ago

    Wrong its John Cena

  • annie john
    annie john 13 hours ago

    27!!!WOWWW it was great!!!

  • Junior_7246 ._.
    Junior_7246 ._. 13 hours ago

    So u just make the person go in a full loop, to where their first number is placed in front of the decimal by multiplying that number by 100 & adding the second initial number so when u divide it by 100 it places it as a decimal & returning you first number to its original state
    76 -> *100 -> 7600
    1 -> +7600 -> 7601
    7601 -> /100 -> 76.01
    Its as simple as that, its just placing a decimal in between the first & second number

  • Laura Toale
    Laura Toale 13 hours ago

    My name is Emma

  • Maliluna Xiong
    Maliluna Xiong 14 hours ago

    If we pick one like M =337 then you already know it. Bc you just fix the #'s by dividing,squaring and adding #'s to it. And you find out the answer to every one. So when we get our answer you did all the math already, but it was bc we gave you the answer, M. Yeah I didn't finish the video hehehehe byee

  • Reza Davachi
    Reza Davachi 14 hours ago

    I gave up at the part where you chose the letters

  • Christiaan Michael Catbagan


  • TFW Frosty
    TFW Frosty 14 hours ago

    didn’t work for me

  • Penguin Lover145
    Penguin Lover145 14 hours ago

    Can somebody in the USA know that the name Montserrat is a real name 😢😢😢

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez 14 hours ago

    Can I just say... they LITERALLY ASK FOR YOUR INITIALS...
    “what’s the letter of your first name and last name”...guys cmon the math is just pointless bc he controls the product of the answer anyways. For the people who didn’t get their initials right just did the math wrong

  • Osaid Chaudhry
    Osaid Chaudhry 15 hours ago

    You can do this with anything

  • Aleks Svelc
    Aleks Svelc 15 hours ago

    This is not my name

  • Manjeet Kaur
    Manjeet Kaur 15 hours ago

    it didn't work.

  • ArutoFVA
    ArutoFVA 16 hours ago +1

    The thumbnail trick me i though this video was for the anime called the promised neverland

  • tebb •
    tebb • 16 hours ago

    Simple algorithms, come on, I need something more entertaining then this

  • Skull Abyss
    Skull Abyss 16 hours ago

    F square root, I can’t do that s**t...

  • Ademir Martinez
    Ademir Martinez 16 hours ago

    me: ok ok hmm... ok next video

  • Silver Pony
    Silver Pony 17 hours ago

    Got the first initial right but there was no option for the last name result I got.

  • Hi world
    Hi world 18 hours ago

    I got x and b but it's really r and l :/

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams 18 hours ago

    It didn’t work for me

  • Kadyn Smith
    Kadyn Smith 18 hours ago

    My name is Kadyn so fuck me hard

  • nebnebi
    nebnebi 18 hours ago

    I can’t square root 1

  • xXcookieplayzXx : 3
    xXcookieplayzXx : 3 18 hours ago

    7 647 161 1 391 391 1 guess my name in a reply.

  • Luke Soria
    Luke Soria 18 hours ago

    It worked I’m scared

  • alexia Campbell
    alexia Campbell 18 hours ago

    I dont know math

  • Jameela Abbas Dalal
    Jameela Abbas Dalal 18 hours ago

    Mine worked too

  • HeidyBug SPK
    HeidyBug SPK 18 hours ago


  • R1fleMan Playz
    R1fleMan Playz 18 hours ago

    I can't do maths

  • Jack Sansig
    Jack Sansig 19 hours ago +4

    Did anybody actually think he guessed your name you give him your initials at the beginning

  • Lily Sedawie
    Lily Sedawie 19 hours ago

    Honey. Qa aren’t my initials!

  • Raihan Abdillah
    Raihan Abdillah 19 hours ago


  • NerdBean
    NerdBean 19 hours ago

    Well to guess my name I didn't even have to watch the video you got it the thumbnail

  • Ricardo Bahena
    Ricardo Bahena 19 hours ago

    but the video lasts 2:32

  • Henry Summers
    Henry Summers 20 hours ago


  • Alma Corona
    Alma Corona 20 hours ago

    When you don't know how to find a square root with or without the calculator😓😣

  • Giancarlo Vanegas
    Giancarlo Vanegas 20 hours ago

    Of else fell clickbait? Any takers?