PATRIOT HERO: Don Cherry's Top 5 Epic Moments! | Louder with Crowder

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Steven Crowder discusses how Canadian hockey broadcasting legend Don Cherry was fired for "racist" remarks, and reviews his top 5 epic moments!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 983

  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  Month ago +1083

    There are a lot of examples of “cancel culture” but I think this one is the worst. What’s the most egregious example that comes to mind for you? And to Americans out there, are you familiar with national treasure, Don Cherry?

    • Chris Chris
      Chris Chris 4 days ago

      Cherry hot
      Don for PM

    • Duke Basketball
      Duke Basketball 7 days ago

      StevenCrowder yes very I love the sport of hockey, CANADAS LAWS ARE SO DUSTY

      EXPLISIT HIPHOP 14 days ago

      put it this way... i live downtown white.. if i did not have a poppy on during November.. ..and we ran into each other ..he would say...why are you not wearing a poppy sir? by the way.... i have no issue with you mocking Drake.. the real Hip Hop fans don't truly respect the guy..

    • Mick Marrs
      Mick Marrs 15 days ago

      As a immigrant to Canada, one who received their Canadian citizenship, I support Don Cherry. I wasn't offended, only people with chips on their shoulders and poltical agendas had an issue.

    • Liam Middleton
      Liam Middleton 19 days ago

      Get Don On the show👌🏻

  • Barry M
    Barry M 3 hours ago

    Don only told the truth. Unfortunately, in this new age of political correctness, telling the truth isn't allowed.

  • Alexandre Cote
    Alexandre Cote 11 hours ago

    Not surprised that french canadians hating Crowder loves Don Cherry's

  • Robert Gold
    Robert Gold 15 hours ago

    Obligatory not a leftist.
    You cannot change your biological sex yet, but you can change your sociological gender

    BIGNIC Day ago

    Why isn't an argument made about a man walking into a woman's dressing room after a game to do an interview? Women would not agree to this so why is the reverse acceptable?

  • The McDermott Way
    The McDermott Way 3 days ago

    The native comments were very offensive but none of you are educated enough on the context of what the indigenous people of canada have/still are going through.

  • Jamie Rueffer
    Jamie Rueffer 5 days ago

    I've met Don Cherry and he is a very sweet and gracious man. Here is an example of his integrity, back in the 70's he was leaving to sign a coaching contract with the Colorado Rockies when his agent called to tell him to cancel his flight because the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to sign him for twice the money. He told his agent he had already shaken hands with the Colorado management and was going to sign with them. Hockey Night in Canada lost on this move. Good luck Don, the people of Canada love ya!

    Steven his tape series was called "Rock'em Sock'em Hockey".

    He always had Bull Terriers with the same name called, "Blue".

  • Steph Paddock
    Steph Paddock 6 days ago

    Nobody gives a fuck about Canadian Values anymore. Everyone sold out and into their own cultures and race. That is why Canada is always selling out Canada Day and phasing it out squaw injun music and shows in favor of other shithole country dances and shit. The days of worshipping the Queen and loving Frogs is coming to an end for the old british whore.

  • Metal Metal
    Metal Metal 6 days ago

    Never heard of Don cherry before today, I love him now

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch 6 days ago

    Fuck Canada 🤣🤣. They are one step away from communist Russia at this point.

  • Duke Basketball
    Duke Basketball 7 days ago +1

    Do you love hockey, Steven?

  • zadoww
    zadoww 8 days ago

    This shit is why the silent in most other countries stay silent, because nobody wants to lose their jobs by taking a stand and speaking using their real identity.

  • Nikkidarkangel Yvonne Alabaster

    Yeah haven't watched hockey since then because Don Cherry is a fucking hero and people should listen to what he says because it's relevant!

  • Shane Jenson
    Shane Jenson 9 days ago

    I love Don Cherry...Crowder did you know who he was before this nonsense started?

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell 11 days ago

    Don't know Don Cherry but his wardrobe makes the Wizard of Oz's outfits look like they're straight out of the L.L. Bean catalog. Seems like a good dude though. Sorry they fired him. Everything is turning so left nowadays and it's scaring the shit of me.

    FREEDOM WITH JESUS 11 days ago

    Love Don Cherry. He is the bomb dot com.

  • Tania Malaniak
    Tania Malaniak 11 days ago

    I AGREE!!! God help us in Canada!

  • stayjit1
    stayjit1 12 days ago

    Canadians don'r have Free Speech ? When did that happen

    • Dagger Valley
      Dagger Valley 10 days ago

      Cherry's firing has nothing to do with freedom of speech, anyway. Losing his job was not a decision made by the government nor is he facing charges for what he said. Crowder is a moron.

  • Ultrawave Yt
    Ultrawave Yt 13 days ago +1

    I'm Canadian.
    Someone attacked me when I politely disagreed with them.
    My friends won't give me time to defend my opinions.
    They cut me off and try and finish my sentences.
    There is no free speech in Canada unless what you are saying is popular.

    • Ultrawave Yt
      Ultrawave Yt 12 days ago

      Yeah, sadly

    • HP _
      HP _ 12 days ago

      Eh I’m also canadien and I have friends from a lot of places and they cut me off when I’m finishing sentences but canadiens are supposed to be nice right?its our little thing that we are supposed to have is niceness now most canadiens are like everyone else.But for some reason we are the most fucking sensitive people on the planet

  • 국수공주
    국수공주 13 days ago +1

    *B* *A* *S* *E* *D*

  • J W
    J W 14 days ago

    CNN is government run media.

    EXPLISIT HIPHOP 14 days ago

    He was a coach.... he brought the Bruins to the finals...they lost to the Canadiens.. he also wore a Canadiens pin when they were the only Canadian team left in the that was classy...

  • Larry Williams
    Larry Williams 14 days ago

    I live in toronto Canada don lives about 15 mins from me I met him at a sandwich joint on college and spidina av. he's considered a hero great guy! he's kinda like a john madden of the NHL I never met anyone to not be entertained by him btw

  • pricture
    pricture 15 days ago

    Canadians who object to the firing of Don Cherry should boycott Rogers as cable and internet provider. Rogers owns the Sports Network. Also, boycott all Rogers Properties listed at rogersmedia(DOT)com/our-properties/

  • City Guard
    City Guard 17 days ago +1

    Every time I hear them say "Canada is the happiest place on earth"
    And I sigh and realise they lie. They just silence all who aren't happy in their society

  • Noah Reinke
    Noah Reinke 18 days ago

    He’s like this isn’t basketball or football football is on the same level as hockey

  • Fernando Barajas
    Fernando Barajas 18 days ago

    Canada finally gets a "Bill of Rights" after 200 years that makes it a violation/crime of "human rights" to make fun of some one?? Why do all European men carry purses and wear those high water girl pants! I've scene German women who don't shave there armpits or their moustache!

    • HP _
      HP _ 12 days ago

      Why do Americans kill people for killing people

  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton 19 days ago

    Get Don CHERRY ON ffs

  • Inflammation Gains
    Inflammation Gains 20 days ago

    In Canada we must bend the knee to our replacements

  • G Dance
    G Dance 20 days ago

    The one I remember most is the NBA vs. NHL pregame "walk ins". That is when they started to gear up to take him out. "Look kids this is how you don't dress." (Paraphrased)

  • Josh Parrish
    Josh Parrish 20 days ago

    What the f*ck is a language commissioner

  • zack p
    zack p 21 day ago

    how did he get investigated for that visor comment? I remember when i was a kid he went on like a 5 minute rant prompted by Sundin (I think) about all these swedes coming over and ruining the NHL because they don't hit and won't drop the gloves.

    HOMEGUY4X4 21 day ago

    We don't have freedom of speech here in Canada.

    • HP _
      HP _ 12 days ago

      We can say whatever we want that’s pretty damn free

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne 22 days ago +1

    Don Cherry is a treasure and what the network did to him was absolutely criminal. It makes me sad to say, but I hope Hockey Night in Canada dies for this.

  • Rob Robski
    Rob Robski 22 days ago

    You German Russian jew crowder

  • Darrell Birks
    Darrell Birks 22 days ago

    Maybe the woman reporters going into locker rooms secretly want to be gang banged by a bunch of pro athletes?

  • Commander7227
    Commander7227 22 days ago

    I agree. ☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁

  • Cary Beyond control
    Cary Beyond control 22 days ago

    I love the way he actually treasure's Don Cherry

  • yattay yattay
    yattay yattay 23 days ago

    Business is business, he unfortunately used words you can't use anymore and that network can't afford bad publicity in this day and age . Everyone's a crusader now

  • A M
    A M 23 days ago

    God Canada is pathetic

    • HP _
      HP _ 12 days ago +1

      Yes we are very pathetic in the 70s and maybe 80s we were making planes that were gonna be better then America’s and they told us to shut the program down because they didn’t like that

  • BearlyMHere
    BearlyMHere 23 days ago

    America will take him.

  • Brier Rose
    Brier Rose 23 days ago

    I like him.

  • uberintj
    uberintj 23 days ago

    Don Cherry! Native born Michigander here. I used to seek out Hockey Night in Canada, where ever in the country I was, when I watched broadcast TV, just because of him. And I loved how Ron MacLean always seemed like he was forced into the 'straight guy' role. Tell it like it is, Don!

  • Jazak Jazak
    Jazak Jazak 23 days ago

    #2 is the best!

  • occamsrager
    occamsrager 23 days ago

    I didn't see anything wrong with this guy.......he could be Texan except for the accent. This kinda reminds me of the time Rush Limbaugh was hired to do color commentary on ESPN because of his conservative views, but he had to quit because of something very benign and very honest he said about Donovan McNabb. The truth was that McNabb was a roundly criticized by many people at the time, but because he was black, everyone lost their freekin minds because Limbaugh had the gall to criticize him. Why the hell would you hire someone because of their "controversial views", and then fire them because of their "controversial views"?

  • Caroline Bracken
    Caroline Bracken 23 days ago

    Canada sucks! We already know that!!

    • HP _
      HP _ 12 days ago

      Least in Newfoundland we don’t have school shootings and people running over other people in vans

  • brownthunder
    brownthunder 24 days ago

    ahh yes, because when you put things in a jokey voice, nobody can be allowed to get offended

  • Sovereign Snorlax
    Sovereign Snorlax 24 days ago

    Women are not above us and they are certainly are not on a pedestal. Woman was created *for* man.

  • Sovereign Snorlax
    Sovereign Snorlax 24 days ago

    Don does anybody really enjoy life in Canada? C'mon now.

  • Calvin The Stampede
    Calvin The Stampede 24 days ago

    My Cousin and I (both Americans) grew up renting Don Cherry videos from the video store back in the day. Rock em Sock em Hockey and Greatest hits were fantastic if you're a hockey fan!

  • AnAssassinoftheLeague
    AnAssassinoftheLeague 24 days ago

    A poppy is worn for all our solders that have given their life for our country......but it originated in WW 1 in Flanders field as you said.

  • Pantheon
    Pantheon 24 days ago

    He was the best part of hockey night in Canada

  • CoopDville78
    CoopDville78 24 days ago

    Damn..... your Tony Cliffton was spot on

  • Spikey Badger
    Spikey Badger 24 days ago +2

    I’m still in awe they fired him, they made the wrong decision, haven’t watched since

  • marknchristy
    marknchristy 24 days ago

    Love Don Cherry! Hockey Night in Canada is one of the few things I miss from living in northern NY. (We could get it on the local cable system there)

  • Derka Derka
    Derka Derka 24 days ago

    Crowder would have trouble when in a hockey rink because he easily gets cold feet.

  • ____________
    ____________ 24 days ago

    Can Don Cherry be an honorary American?

  • I'm your REAL dad.
    I'm your REAL dad. 24 days ago

    Free Roger Stone!

  • Hoff The Great
    Hoff The Great 24 days ago

    Don Cherry.... seems like a nice guy. 🤷‍♀️

  • Paul Schober
    Paul Schober 24 days ago

    CBC breaks faith.