Solo: The Wild Dog


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  • aaron i
    aaron i 27 days ago

    I cannot believe this!!

  • David Ordoñez
    David Ordoñez Month ago

    Wooooowww amazing

  • Truong Con
    Truong Con Month ago

    Wow that made me think we can be friends with our why not we should live in peace together? this is awesome video..

  • S.k.k. Earth
    S.k.k. Earth 2 months ago

    nice video

  • Md Baidullah
    Md Baidullah 3 months ago


  • Dominik Luki
    Dominik Luki 4 months ago

    Wild Dogs : *A TRAITOR!!*

  • Dag Im Luntian
    Dag Im Luntian 6 months ago

    Lions are the most bad of all of them they dont like other predators.

  • President NotSure
    President NotSure 7 months ago

    Tell me you all had her relocated to a safer sanctuary along with her companions.

  • Don bombs
    Don bombs 8 months ago

    I love so ono

  • عقيل محمود
    عقيل محمود 8 months ago


  • ash odd 1
    ash odd 1 9 months ago +2

    John cena is also in this pack but you cant see him

  • Praetorian Rex
    Praetorian Rex 9 months ago

    Solo: A Wild Dog Story.

  • Rey B
    Rey B 9 months ago

    I want to hug the jackal in the beginning of this video. 0:03 I want one as a pet.

  • Rome Andromeda
    Rome Andromeda 9 months ago

    just WOW

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 11 months ago +2

    Hopefully Solo had a long and prosperous life on the harsh African Savanna.

  • Harry Topper
    Harry Topper 11 months ago +8

    *●This is a long post●*
    People don't realize it that hyenas are most underprivileged and almost handicapped carnivores in comparison to other +-similar sized carnivores. Below is how:
    1. They can't jump, leap, crouch, climb like the cats. Dogs are better in jumping & leaping.
    2. They don't have sharp claws and long canines. Only spotted hyena (SH) has better jaws & canines.
    3. They can't grapple.
    4. They don't have fast reflexes.
    5. They can run for long but not fast.
    Othe than above points, it's only SH which has social nature and they are the only one which can be called as hunters. The other three sub-species (there are total four) have almost nothing good in them. They are solitary and completely rely on leftovers.
    Now, how do you feel of your whole life relies on leftovers. The nutritious and the juicy parts are eaten by the other predators and the hyena only gets what's left. Only SH is able to get the real meaty food. The other hyenas get it only if their luck is shining.
    We feel agitated when SH displaces lion/leopard/cheetah from their own kill but, how many times have you seen brown/striped/aardwolf hyenas doing the same with other predators. Hyena's only power is their tough mentality and this is what keeps them alive. If they loose their mental toughness then, they will go extinct. Nature has not done justice with hyenas. They have the most pathetic life among the carnivores. Nature has deprived them from most of the mental & physical skills. Even dogs have been blessed with more skills and cats .. well, they are already at the top.
    Some of you might think that "at least as an scavenger, they don't have to take the pain of hunting. So many times hunting results in failure while eating someone's else successful hunt is less or no painful feast." Okay, so let's say you don't have job/business; you are dependent on your parents/siblings/friends/government. Since you are getting your food and some other essentials for free; plus, you don't have the pressure of job/business, it should be quite good life .. right! ..... Wrong. With a dependent life, you can't live the life of your choice .. you can't buy the things you want. You can't have your favorite food/clothes/mobiles/games/watches/shoes/other gadgets/home/vacation etc. You have the life whatever other throws at you .. you don't have your own respectful life. This is how a dependent/scavenger life feels.
    No Pain .. No Gain.
    So, next time when you hate hyena, make sure you realise how poorly a hyena has been created, esp. all other three hyenas and, how it feels to live a life of scavenger.

    • NoneOfYour Beeswax
      NoneOfYour Beeswax 3 months ago

      You make some good points, and Hyenas certainly do have the negative traits you mention. However, all animals have pros and cons in their physical makeup, but what they lack is not so important as the tools they have, because these are what evolution has provided to enable them to successfully propagate their species.
      And Hyena - particularly Spotted Hyena - are very successful being plentiful in most sub-Saharan regions. So lets me make the case to rebut your assertions and show that Hyenas are not physically handicapped, but on the contrary, extremely well-suited to their environment and have highly successful adaptations .
      I think we all know of the Hyena's jaws - more fearful and stronger than that of a lion, making even lions wary of confrontation.
      Physically, Hyenas can run fast enough to escape lions, but are not particularly speedy, but have exceptional stamina and can wear down any prey. They are built not for speed, but for power.
      Spotted hyenas can be bigger than (female) lions, stronger and hardier, and their body shape gives them enormous neck and shoulder power, and with the unequal front and rear legs they are perfectly shaped to grab hold of large prey and brace themselves whilst dragging it down. The thick hide and fur on the Hyenas' neck is such effective protection that even lions struggle to kill a large adult, and lionesses have no chance. Even so, Hyena can take an extreme mauling and live to tell the tale.
      Spotted Hyenas being social, they have clans and while their can be much internal aggression, they help each other in a manner no lion pride ever does. No hyena leaves their clanmates, they'll harass and bite lions who don't have the same co-operation when they are under attack. If hyenas are outnumbered by lions at a kill, they'll simply call for reinforcement and then mount an assault on them.
      Also, it's a myth that Hyenas just scavenge - they hunt and kill a greater proportion of their food that lions do, and it's lions ho steal most kills.
      Hyena are also, as you alluded to, immensely tough. You may have seen the TVclip video featuring a paraplegic Hyena in the wild,, having a broken back and two useless back legs, it walks on two legs! hyenas can take brutal punishment from their own kind, and from male lions when they catch them (lionesses almost never kill Hyenas, they are just not strong enough and fear their jaws. Only a male Lion can make a Hyena flee instantly.
      And no, they're not unintelligent - they're certainly more intelligent than lions, and are more successful hunters than lions.
      So I have to take great exception to your assertion that nature has not endowed Hyena with physical or mental faculties of any note - in fact the reverse is the case; they are intelligent mammals extraordinarily well-adapted to their environment.
      One last point - Hyena belong to a unique group of animals, they are not felines, neither are they carnivores.
      Have a nice day now :)

    • ash odd 1
      ash odd 1 9 months ago

      Harry Topper shaatap you bitch thay hyenas eat animals alive ..even jackals.

    • Faicel Zribi
      Faicel Zribi 9 months ago

      Harry Topper dude, striped hyena will survive if a nature go corrupt they eat fruits meat and all they are strong in existence and there is no documentaries on them, they are ghost beasts they do their job well behind all conflicts

  • Satya Prasad
    Satya Prasad Year ago +3

    did they mate and if so did they have pups?

  • louve noire
    louve noire Year ago +2

    quelle drôle de cohésion

  • David Neal
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  • Yc 530
    Yc 530 Year ago +6

    Awesome story! Wtf dislikes such thing?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • An Iron fisted Warrior

    Great story

  • empressarticwolf478

    if i get two webkinz red wolf named hunter or feren like ferenhight and will be a boy and wild dog named solo a girl

  • Harry Topper
    Harry Topper Year ago +1

    A single dog forced the leopard to escape & climb the tree!
    Unlike canine and hyena family, cats are cowards, have weak mentality, lack confidence & have give-up attitude.

    • Leo C
      Leo C 2 days ago

      +Onur hayır The leopard just wants to mind his own business, fuk him right?

    • Vinci Vince
      Vinci Vince 2 months ago

      Not the lions and tigers

    • Onur hayır
      Onur hayır 9 months ago

      leopards are coward but not all the big cats. Male lions charge into Hyena packs, Tigers hunt black bears (also solitary animals), jaguars hunts alligators and anacondas

    • Harry Topper
      Harry Topper 11 months ago +1

      Samuel Ramirez
      Because of the huge size difference

    • Samuel Ramirez
      Samuel Ramirez 11 months ago

      they won't fuck with a lion though

  • Henri Cahyo Setiawan

    This is unusual case

  • Kevin The Cyclist
    Kevin The Cyclist Year ago +11

    Nature will give chance to those who willing to survive

    • Rawasa Chauke
      Rawasa Chauke 5 months ago

      Kevin The Cyclist

    • Hanmat Mina
      Hanmat Mina 11 months ago

      Kevin The Cyclist

    • robert dambo
      robert dambo Year ago

      Kevin The Cyclist c chant de louange adoration chant chant de louange adoration

  • michael ronoh
    michael ronoh Year ago

    please very slow

  • Anil Bhoir
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  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim Year ago

    Lets say she had already mated with a dog that got killed and was pregnant when 'adopting' this gaggle of animals- so ie she had the pups would the hyenas try to eat them, kill them, help take care of them, provide food for her as she was staying in den for several days or weeks?

  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim Year ago

    Thousands, even hundreds, of years ago she'd have had no problem finding others. Now they're scarce and rare bc man started killing them off, essentially murdering them; and I say murder bc there was no good reason to kill them.
    Poor dog looks sad, these animals have emotions; their not just mind numb as the grassmunchers they prey on.

  • atman mhmob
    atman mhmob 2 years ago


  • Jeof Rainnier Mahinay
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  • lps jenny
    lps jenny 2 years ago +3

    so amazing

  • ghassan tahtah
    ghassan tahtah 2 years ago +1

    شي رائع وجميل جدا

  • Sam J
    Sam J 2 years ago +37

    This needs to be made into a Disney film

  • İbrahim Karakaya
    İbrahim Karakaya 3 years ago +2

    herlese eyi tatiler

  • Aedi Depto de Contabilidad

    i think she is gone ...maybe she is dead

    • Mykal Ridikulus
      Mykal Ridikulus 11 months ago +1

      Nintendog Clementine
      Well.. let's be realistic, even if she survived the Savannah - age would've taken her by now.

    • Nintendog Clementine
      Nintendog Clementine Year ago +1

      Aedi Depto de Contabilidad don't think that please

  • MaZaKeRaL
    MaZaKeRaL 3 years ago +9

    hah what a traitor, to out and about hanging around with the arch enemy of the wild dog the hyena lol

    • Mykal Ridikulus
      Mykal Ridikulus 11 months ago +3

      No. Her pack ditched her. So she made her own.

  • jfdowd
    jfdowd 3 years ago +8

    This is such an excellent show. If you haven't seen the whole thing, I highly recommend it.

  • KaRtOoN
    KaRtOoN 3 years ago +4

    this is sooo fucking cool

  • Afghan Soldier
    Afghan Soldier 3 years ago +8

    Amazing .... Why can't we all live in peace ... God bless us all and show us the right path.

  • cabdiraxmaan cabdulahi
    cabdiraxmaan cabdulahi 3 years ago +9

    It was 1993 and now she is gone

    • Truong Con
      Truong Con Month ago

      cabdiraxmaan cabdulahi you meant the wild dog?

  • , PackJackal
    , PackJackal 3 years ago +17

    Wow, I've never felt so impressed! Solo, you will forever be in my heart!

    • Yaz Monarrez
      Yaz Monarrez 10 months ago

      Kareem sean Exactly brother, they wont have any sympathy for you, for them, you are just a piece of meat waiting to be digested

    • Kareem sean
      Kareem sean 10 months ago +2

      Yaz Monarrez
      Till he meet him , he would forever be in Solo's stomach then poop 😂😂😂

    • Yaz Monarrez
      Yaz Monarrez Year ago

      What a weirdo

    • Joaquin Bueso
      Joaquin Bueso Year ago

      , PackJackal vc

  • KadoatieXD
    KadoatieXD 4 years ago +1

    dang Solo you sneaky fool!

  • Dennis B
    Dennis B 4 years ago +5

    Man those pack of Mongoose might of got me. they seemed so cute but they had bad intentions.

    TERRELL TURNER 4 years ago +16


  • battywattywoo
    battywattywoo 4 years ago +2

    At first I assumed it was Hugo van Lawick's Solo; but it must be a more recent dog, named after her?

  • Reyner L
    Reyner L 4 years ago +14

    i love solo i hope he's still ok!!! a lone wild dog can easily be killed by a lion :( Amazing story thank you for posting this!!

  • Kebzay
    Kebzay 4 years ago

    Blaze it

  • Sarah Scafidi
    Sarah Scafidi 4 years ago +2

    Ware is the full one pkz tell me the name of it solo is the best

    • A+B Films
      A+B Films  4 years ago +2

  • MadCircle01
    MadCircle01 5 years ago +1

    Just saw it in Nat Geo...amazing documentary

  • Sergio Bergio
    Sergio Bergio 5 years ago

    LIE !!!!!!!

  • majkongg
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  • jamie berry
    jamie berry 5 years ago

    please someone where can i watch or download this i cant find it anywhere..

    • ChannelNameIntentionallyLeftBlank
      ChannelNameIntentionallyLeftBlank 5 years ago

      A complete version (but with an annoying timecode running in the lower right hand corner) can be found at under the name "A Wild Dog's Tale 50 Min Pic Lock" (I suppose the "50 Min Pic Lock" refers to the timecode)
      Truly an amazing story, and if you Google "Solo Mombo African Wild Dog" among the top five results (currently) is an update on her condition.
      I hope she becomes as well known as Lady, the lone lioness on Liuwa Plains.

  • Uniemperor@gmail.com더이빗

    I cant find this full version what is the title

    • Leo C
      Leo C 2 days ago

      It's under the video in the description :0

  • dreday
    dreday 5 years ago

    this is the best one i watch this year

  • It'sKirla M.
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  • honestron
    honestron 5 years ago

    wow I cant wait to see this one !