What the heck is an AI Phone?! - Honor 10 Showcase

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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Comments • 11 634

  • Hayosiko Takagumi
    Hayosiko Takagumi Year ago +436

    The AI camera, looks of the phone and performance are all great in modern flagships. But the AI camera stands out the most.
    I'd love to have that phone in my pocket.

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker 5 days ago

    0:26 logictech water bottle?

  • Espen Haug
    Espen Haug 20 days ago

    The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom also have those automatic camera settings, and even its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom... I have the K Zoom, and i dont understand why this has not been marketed more in the western world. I believe it is mostly just sold in Asia..? The camera is really good... Especially for a phone from 2014 or something... 20,7 megapixels, and a 10x optical zoom lens, and all kinds of camera settings, including several modes for manual settings... Really hope they will continue to come out with such phones, because i dont want to go back to digital zoom ever again... Really nice when you are out hiking on some mountain top, and want to take pictures of something far away :P

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar 29 days ago

    "I'm sorry Linus, but I cannot do that."

  • Gilang Virgiawan
    Gilang Virgiawan Month ago

    Now u review Android phone????

  • ronch550
    ronch550 Month ago +1

    I'm gonna watch this video

    *FOR HONOR.*

  • Brian Lu
    Brian Lu Month ago

    The signals on this phone is bad I tried

  • KAI
    KAI Month ago

    5:21 is linus a nine year old??

  • jusyt cullen
    jusyt cullen Month ago

    I am pretty sure this guy can make you fall in love with a brick.

    MEME LORD Month ago +1

    I Have Honor 9😭

  • satan
    satan Month ago +1

    2:04 "i've actually got a couple of them"
    TechRax wants to:
    Know Your Location

  • Shadow Mewtwo Gaming HD

    Lol that joke is quite funny nice video btw I watch all your videos to do with computers and everything I like the Scrapyard wars and DIY videos like heating up your room with your PC keep it up Linus and everyone at your office

  • Zebulon Virginia
    Zebulon Virginia Month ago

    I love the look of glass-backed phones, just wish it were compatible with a removable battery. Hey, it's compatible with a headphone jack(💗), so why not? Just gotta convince the industry to bring them back, somehow.

  • Zebulon Virginia
    Zebulon Virginia Month ago

    I'm confused... You said IPS doesn't have burn in, but the internet says my LG V20 uses IPS, & the edges of my replacement screen & original screen are/were both totally burnt... The residual images trigger my privacy paranoia, lol.

    SALAM JIHAD Month ago


  • PlatinumEagleStudio's
    PlatinumEagleStudio's Month ago +1

    No offense but that intro was WAY to cringe i had to skip it.

  • Carazy123
    Carazy123 Month ago


  • Rec Ord
    Rec Ord Month ago

    how can i believe you , that this phone is great if you are sponsored to talk about it ?

    • mine guy
      mine guy Month ago

      I have the phone and oh boy it is great. I compared it to a Samsung galaxy S9 and the performance was very similar but the camera quality is much better (both using the inbuilt camera app). The AI is not perfect but it is pretty good. Would totally recommend (I upgraded from honor 9 for more context)

  • Guy One
    Guy One Month ago


  • gadgetsage
    gadgetsage Month ago

    Which they screwed up by gluing the battery into it right

    • mine guy
      mine guy Month ago

      +gadgetsage yea in that case it completely makes sense. I like the idea of removable batteries, but I never found that it was implemented well; dropping the phone was guaranteed to remove the battery, and waterproofing is almost impossible with current designs. I sometimes use a stylus for doing art on my honor 10 but apart from that I don't have a use for it. Honestly though I just take a portable charger with me. It can fully charge the phone within half an hour and the battery life lasts so long anyway I am usually back home after camping by then. If I was you I would open your mind a bit more and experimented with different hardware and designs to see what else could work for you. Wether you like a phone or not is completely subjective and do noone else should tell you what you should or should not use

    • gadgetsage
      gadgetsage Month ago

      +mine guy I've been using a note 4 for the last several years since note 4 came out, because I'm in the field and can just slap a battery into it when it runs low and because once u get used to the stylus, using your finger is just not as good. I will never buy a phone you can't just put a new battery into, that just seems dumb to me. And to my grandma, no techno savant, but when she saw me with a recharging brick for wifes iPhone, asked what that was, and when I explained that her phones battery was glued into the phone, I was rewarded with the most hilarious, obvious and exquisite expression on her face that clearly communicated what she was thinking, which is; well, who's the idiot that screwed that up? Steve Jobs grandma.
      So the fact that I COULD pry (!) it open and install a new battery is not a solution, my use case demands easy access to the battery compartment, such that a phone with a non-removable battery is a deal-breaker.

    • mine guy
      mine guy Month ago

      Replaced it no problem for an experiment lol. Just some simple durable pull tabs that are a one use thing but are cheep to replace. You shouldn't have trouble with it. Besides the battery lasts 3 days from a 70% charge with moderate usage on an average temperature day, so you won't really need to upgrade it. Ofc they wear out after years of usage but that is to be expected with all Lithium Ion batterys (why I only charge to 70 or 80%)

  • Rantceck
    Rantceck Month ago

    why this phone has a notch? it has more vessels than a iPhone 1.

  • Sergio Briseno
    Sergio Briseno Month ago

    People at your company are boring xD hire me!

  • CovertCoder01
    CovertCoder01 Month ago

    Ai??? aieee?? i??? iPhone!? Apple: we must sue dem

  • Tardy_Microbe970
    Tardy_Microbe970 Month ago

    You should do a review on honor 8A

    • Tardy_Microbe970
      Tardy_Microbe970 Month ago

      I have the honor 8a

    • mine guy
      mine guy Month ago

      He only reviews phones that are outstanding in some way. The 8A is good and all, but doesn't have any "special feature" that really makes it stand out. Good suggestion anyway

  • Dominic Stowers
    Dominic Stowers Month ago

    Why is this phone so similar to Huawei Nova i3

    • Merle Jordan
      Merle Jordan Month ago

      nova 3i is a cut down version of this phone

  • Amit Cai
    Amit Cai 2 months ago +1

    Linus was 2 seconds away from making this video ten minutes... Yet he didn't. True quality.

  • Jonathan Lumley
    Jonathan Lumley 2 months ago

    It's better because it has an "octo core processor"

  • deminybs
    deminybs 2 months ago

    Too bad it will be obsolete in a few days

  • Owen M
    Owen M 2 months ago

    You can tell he is being extra nice and only talking about the GOOD points about the phone because its the sponsor

  • Owen M
    Owen M 2 months ago

    Ayyyyyyyy! Corridor digital got into a linus tech tips video!

  • Monica Vega
    Monica Vega 2 months ago


  • sukulent
    sukulent 2 months ago

    I have the "notch" tricks on $230 phone... good tho

  • Crusifix Jesus
    Crusifix Jesus 2 months ago

    can you fool face recognition with a good picture

  • Crusifix Jesus
    Crusifix Jesus 2 months ago

    fuck you sim removal key thing fuck you!

  • Samyak Sah
    Samyak Sah 2 months ago

    "unboxings are boring" shots fired at unboxtherapy lol

  • Noah Jock
    Noah Jock 2 months ago

    I am typing this on my s8+ with one hand.

  • Teo Gumy
    Teo Gumy 2 months ago

    *T H I C C* chin

  • Payt Laros
    Payt Laros 2 months ago

    Oh noi! A Notch! I'm out!

  • SaltyH2
    SaltyH2 2 months ago


  • justin
    justin 2 months ago

    so basically scene optimizer on the galaxy devices

  • Protopotty Games
    Protopotty Games 2 months ago

    @2:01 yesssss! Thank you for that. XD

  • Java Caffeine
    Java Caffeine 2 months ago

    my galaxy s4 can do that face rotation

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 2 months ago

    Zack's Jerry Rig just mangled it

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 2 months ago

    Zack's Jerry Dig just mangled it

  • Krystof Klestil
    Krystof Klestil 2 months ago

    3:04 Leet time!

  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 2 months ago

    AI has become a goddamn buzzword; this is NOT AN AI

  • Yosë
    Yosë 2 months ago

    someone make a gif from 4:52

  • Ima a dickhead Go fuka ya self

    I have honor 9 lite

  • شيخ جوجل
    شيخ جوجل 2 months ago

    Even the AI has AI

  • Fenrirboulder
    Fenrirboulder 2 months ago

    I want to buy My HONORRRRR

  • Altj Eveningstar
    Altj Eveningstar 2 months ago

    02:01 was that a diss to unbox therapy?

  • HighClass Unreleased
    HighClass Unreleased 2 months ago

    What if I told you that the LG V30 already had the AI function implemented😈

  • I Am Egg
    I Am Egg 2 months ago

    Watching on a Honor 9 Lite.

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 2 months ago

    3:02 1337 watch

  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy 2 months ago

    Artificial Insemination. Careful with that phone, good chance you will get pregnant if you touch the liquid part.

  • Haha You loose
    Haha You loose 2 months ago

    That CHIN

  • Vollan Vaz
    Vollan Vaz 2 months ago

    *why I am so poor and you are very rich I dont even have a house I live in a room*

  • sirkastic
    sirkastic 2 months ago

    Canadians are fucking painful

  • Menthol
    Menthol 2 months ago

    @8:33 in fur... I see what you did there.. :D

  • Kowallski_
    Kowallski_ 2 months ago

    U were born in Czech Republic, that you wear socks in sandals ? 🤔😂

  • MiKeL THE OFw
    MiKeL THE OFw 2 months ago

    Funny when he throw all the accessories of the phone❤️😍🤤🙂

  • John Calib Aldovino
    John Calib Aldovino 2 months ago

    Did anyone saw a pewdiepie reference?

  • Gunni1972
    Gunni1972 2 months ago

    that Honor was destined to be mine. it even had an european charger plug

  • Scorp
    Scorp 2 months ago

    My Samsung S5 can do the same exact thing

  • Sprity777
    Sprity777 2 months ago

    my friend have a Honor 10 and its so cool... almost perfect...

  • Trigg3rhappy
    Trigg3rhappy 2 months ago

    You can't even get it in the US. Not that I would personally want one anyway lol. Wish alot of these features would end up on a non Chinese phone :(

  • Adam Schmidt
    Adam Schmidt 3 months ago

    Dude... I'm sorry but we don't need "smartphones". We can't seem to make them smaller and have the same kind of performance either. Phones shouldn't need a camera either. That is what a camera is for... It really hinders the camera business when phones do this.

  • DJ KaNeck
    DJ KaNeck 3 months ago


  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 3 months ago

    Can we get past cameras. Can it run full software? Its time to make laptops obsolete.

  • Tim Shepherd
    Tim Shepherd 3 months ago +1

    When iPhones become android while androids become iOS

  • RustyTheGreat
    RustyTheGreat 3 months ago

    Dang,now I'm going to go play some..


  • Mavrick Faust
    Mavrick Faust 3 months ago

    Who owns one of these

  • Jas Per
    Jas Per 3 months ago

    5:21 I see what you did there

  • ALLGamer CZ
    ALLGamer CZ 3 months ago

    Nice. I'm having a Lite version and i'm loving it

  • Zawa Rudo
    Zawa Rudo 3 months ago

    Well, people would still do buy iPhone because for some reason they are merchandised as an outstanding quality, which in fact is overpriced joke

    KPLIITZ 3 months ago

    I prefer to have a vessel on top instead of a notch

  • luca magistrelli
    luca magistrelli 3 months ago

    its a swiss plug not eu

  • younes mlik
    younes mlik 3 months ago

    Well, can you?

  • jyoti proy
    jyoti proy 3 months ago +1

    Use a term, which the public neither has heard before nor do they understand and viola, the phone sells like hot cakes!!

  • el komodos-drago
    el komodos-drago 3 months ago

    Not sure how good that looks in real life but in the video it looks like someone took a beautiful thing added beautiful shinnyness and then essence of kitten.

  • podmizje
    podmizje 3 months ago

    im buying this phone just because its "compact" size. its still big tho

  • David White
    David White 3 months ago

    I am using Huawei to watch this video

  • TheManLab7
    TheManLab7 3 months ago

    5:13 That's such a good idea. Why doesn't every smart phone have this????

  • xys007
    xys007 3 months ago

    Neural network model trained by very powerful computer? Client side neural networking technology? Sound like a sky-net technology. Don't left this thing plugged to wall while you are away, it will turn your home to deathtrap. Someone remember movie "MARK 13 - Hardware (1990)" ?

    DEVIL GAMER 3 months ago

    1:58 clear these shit from my table! 😂😂🤣👌

  • Jonathon Goshorn
    Jonathon Goshorn 3 months ago

    Was that weed? Lol

  • Zachary
    Zachary 3 months ago

    It's not available in the US. Maybe the lack of gun control scared them away...

  • William R
    William R 3 months ago

    This is the birth of Skynet Ai Linus . Come with me if you want to live . You are being borged, assimilated one by one to our neural Network. Resistant is futile

  • Weikko Tillander
    Weikko Tillander 3 months ago +2

    The Honor 10 has such an awesome battery life. I lost it for four days under the snow with 70%, and when i found it it had still 30%. And by the way, it was - 20 C° outside.

    SOUK TV 3 months ago

    Yep the AI's like YEP ANOTHER DICK PIC, elongate applied.

  • Gabriel Klein
    Gabriel Klein 3 months ago

    Looking back at this vid.. lol all these bullshit terms AI, VR, AR, ML, are gimmicks!!

  • Rayan Hamdan
    Rayan Hamdan 3 months ago

    It is an honor to be here

  • sharan saha
    sharan saha 3 months ago

    Any1 out here still playing for honor?

  • XFacuX
    XFacuX 3 months ago

    Better than iPhone xd

    SALEEM MG 3 months ago


  • -_--_-
    -_--_- 3 months ago

    For honor!!

  • Herman Brooks
    Herman Brooks 3 months ago

    The thing i like about huawei phones is that they don't fall for that stupid no headphone jack trend

  • Anym
    Anym 3 months ago

    Has Notch. NEXT!

  • Lincoln Sand
    Lincoln Sand 3 months ago

    3:03 I won't buy a phone unless it has an audio jack

  • J0N4TH4N
    J0N4TH4N 3 months ago

    Homo r 10

    Oops i missed couple alphabets