What the heck is an AI Phone?! - Honor 10 Showcase

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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Comments • 11 449

  • Hayosiko Takagumi
    Hayosiko Takagumi 2 months ago +153

    The AI camera, looks of the phone and performance are all great in modern flagships. But the AI camera stands out the most.
    I'd love to have that phone in my pocket.

    • E. S.
      E. S. 20 days ago

      Hayosiko Takagumi have you never seen the auto mode in the cameras?

    • WOW
      WOW Month ago

      Linus Tech Tips Hello can you help me is there a choice of screen mirroring in the device 10 honor to display the phone screen on the television such as samsung devices and if there is a choice in the phone what is the name of the choice and thank you very much for help

    • YA YEET
      YA YEET Month ago

      Linus Tech Tips you should have pinned a comment that said FOR HONOR

  • Irving Chies
    Irving Chies Day ago

    who hasn't told linus that honor is owned by huawei?

  • After Party
    After Party 2 days ago

    Calm your tits a little bit please

  • Jasson Camilo
    Jasson Camilo 2 days ago

    AI on honor 10 breathe taking..the speed switching to normal to ai just magic.....the speed wooohhh....the out come hell its great love the popping of colors...some my not like it but for me is perfect...ai taking pic of a human subject that slightly blurred the surrounding is magnificent...its like your in a sugar land.....HONOR 10 YOU NAILED IT 👏👏👏👏👏

  • GW NxGD
    GW NxGD 3 days ago

    probably the I liked The Color... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL btw that joke is legend xD

  • Voqz.
    Voqz. 4 days ago

    Oneplus needs this

  • Bloxer
    Bloxer 4 days ago

    4:53, gets me everytime

  • Enji Osama
    Enji Osama 5 days ago

    Egyptian compatible charger ❤️

  • Nick Rff
    Nick Rff 5 days ago

    Well I don’t need Jarvis in my phone
    I’m pretty good with Friday too

  • Riskteven
    Riskteven 6 days ago

    "A" for *A*pple.... Then "I-Phone". Right?

  • Fahim Sleuth
    Fahim Sleuth 6 days ago

    i thought this would be a $hit manufacturers say episode when i clicked the video. Guess not. Great video nonetheless.

  • Kulwinder Singh
    Kulwinder Singh 6 days ago


  • Stephen Homewood
    Stephen Homewood 6 days ago


  • Yorick Hunt
    Yorick Hunt 6 days ago

    2:50 Go into the settings, disable the on-screen navigation keys and enable the fingerprint sensor gestures. It'll take you 30 seconds to remember the gestures and after 30 minutes you'll have committed it to muscle memory - and then you'll never want to go back to on-screen navigation keys again.

  • Robi Vde
    Robi Vde 6 days ago

    hello whats best for sipmly sociale media and mail cal and sms. not games , Smasung S8 of Honor 10 of Moto G6 plus ?

  • Your Amazing Son
    Your Amazing Son 7 days ago

    I absoluuutly love doing stuff for honor voicecrack 0:14

  • Harsh X
    Harsh X 7 days ago

    #linustechtips , that GPU turbo mode is awesome

  • Veselin Krastanov
    Veselin Krastanov 7 days ago

    dude, the face follow mode for the rotation is also available on samsung galaxy s4... lol

  • Zockercasts 2
    Zockercasts 2 7 days ago

    A non intrusive notch ? Good Hardware ? Under 500 bucks ? A FRIGGIN HEADPHONE JACK !? Tell me again why apple is the first trillion dollar company...

  • Mach LIVE
    Mach LIVE 8 days ago

    Better than the Iphone X,AND,£600 cheaper

  • Tín Dư Võ
    Tín Dư Võ 8 days ago

    5:20 Pewdiepie triggered

  • Philippe Bénas
    Philippe Bénas 9 days ago

    For honor ! They'll get you ! :-D :-D

  • Jill Patrick Lastimosa

    Wow! I just switched to huawei phone this year and i love there phone. I want to have that honor phone too! They look stunning as well as the performance! Being handy is also a plus. Perfect!

  • Shadman Sudipto
    Shadman Sudipto 10 days ago

    Smart rotate ftw!

  • DejvusTeam
    DejvusTeam 11 days ago

    I like the NPU :D

  • Justin Rokhum
    Justin Rokhum 11 days ago

    Your jokes suck Linus 😂😨

  • sleepy arcade
    sleepy arcade 12 days ago

    Honor 10 best or honor play .

  • John Hitman
    John Hitman 13 days ago

    "unboxings are boring" - Linus 2018

  • Zubin B.
    Zubin B. 13 days ago

    With all this inherently positive coverage on Honor's phones & the ridiculously affordable pricing I feel uncomfortable picking this thing up because it all feels too good to be real.

  • Luke Weeks
    Luke Weeks 14 days ago

    *S I C C* colour

  • Veraphl
    Veraphl 15 days ago

    I'ma buy this phone rn

  • Jhonathan Lee
    Jhonathan Lee 15 days ago

    I bought an A.I. Phone, but it is just a huawei mate 10 instead of a p20 or a honor 10

  • IdonotknowwhyyoutubeletsyouhavealongnamebutthisislitsoiamusingitandmynameisLenny

    the smart rotation is nothing special for me because a sony xperia m4(from 2015 and now costs 200 dollars) can do it too

  • Mark Branson
    Mark Branson 15 days ago

    All of you vlog / unboxers always throw you stuff down like you could care less about it. How dare you treat nice tech like that?

  • dave307
    dave307 18 days ago

    5:24 but can you do this??

  • dan smithers
    dan smithers 19 days ago

    The touch accuracy on this phone is fucking shocking... don't waste your money

  • Preda4
    Preda4 19 days ago

    Honor basically is Huawei

  • Sophie Murphy
    Sophie Murphy 20 days ago

    I've been watching unboxings and reviews of this phone for the last 2 months, and you pointed out more of the actual usable features than anyone else! great video! I'm waiting for the 10GT to be launched with the 8Gb RAM but will be ordering the phantom green asap :)

  • Lochy's iHelp
    Lochy's iHelp 21 day ago

    My mom didn't get the case with her Honor 10 >:( Otherwise its awesome =)

  • Vedansh Modwel
    Vedansh Modwel 21 day ago

    But can you do THIS?????

  • YourSinisterDoge 27
    YourSinisterDoge 27 21 day ago

    I wrote comment FOR HONOUR

  • Miguel Fortin
    Miguel Fortin 23 days ago

    A step closer to skynet i guess!

  • Josip Rakić
    Josip Rakić 23 days ago

    U going tu hell for that word

  • Ridzky Asdi
    Ridzky Asdi 23 days ago

    I don't think you're a type of guy who makes jokes

  • Mari M
    Mari M 24 days ago

    why is the U.S not available on the website?

  • X E N N I M
    X E N N I M 25 days ago

    Vaporfag Pokedex

  • Anthony Mendenhall
    Anthony Mendenhall 25 days ago

    The AI seems to basically make the image more vivid and colorful

  • Kyle Sutton
    Kyle Sutton 25 days ago

    Linus isn't even ironically funny.

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen 25 days ago

    Ignoring costs, P20 or honor 10?

  • Xpaz
    Xpaz 26 days ago

    well said. i agreed. it is good to have the back casing included in the box while waiting for a nicer one. good video. thanks.

  • rey youmy
    rey youmy 26 days ago

    U can disable the navigation bar btw

  • Zero
    Zero 27 days ago

    I’d replace my iphone with this if i could get one easily in the U.S. love the aurora color and the nice camera would be great for pictures of the kids and my cars. Done with apple unless they have a management and customer service change.
    A friend had their account hacked a couple days ago and they won’t do anything about it; someone spammed itunes for a couple thousand dollars. From them not willing to refund and of course take back the stuff they don’t even know what was purchased; their anti consumer trend against right to repair with things like ipad screens, and extremely lackluster parental options (little fingers can force you to a hard reset while you take a piss from the lock screen), and other things that show they are absolutely clueless;
    This beautiful flagship would be welcome in my hands, if i could easily get my hands on it.

  • Dustbin Saves you
    Dustbin Saves you 27 days ago


  • Baruchas
    Baruchas 27 days ago +1

    That fingerprint sensor is a bitch to set up. Although, a nice looking phone.

  • jheng nazal
    jheng nazal 28 days ago

    I love Huawei

  • Nino Etter
    Nino Etter 28 days ago +1

    We're going to have a Pokedex!

  • Glassy Star
    Glassy Star 28 days ago +1

    Ship captains are like It’s been an *HONOUR* to serve you all

  • Oscar Favela
    Oscar Favela 29 days ago

    6:40 The Genesis G70 deserved that photo. Not the Scion IM.

  • philine kockelkoren
    philine kockelkoren 29 days ago

    Will this device work in the USA if I buy it in Europe?

  • Lukas Schröter
    Lukas Schröter Month ago

    I have the phone for about a month now. Can't complain, you can love or hate the Notch or AI Camera.If you dont like them, turn em off. Feels like a high end smartphone for half the price.

  • Stalin
    Stalin Month ago

    Did he just reference pewdiepie?

  • Seriously Fake Name

    I don't like glass-back phones. I like removable plastic cover phones. You can't see them once they're in a rugged case anyway. You might as well save some money and time in manufacturing, allow for users to perform basic maintenance and battery replacements, and save a little bit of weight. It's win-win-win all around.

  • Vedad
    Vedad Month ago

    Pro cameras which cost 5000$ DO NOT have AI...and here comes the phone industry trying to make it something special to have that crap.

  • Mario Vojnic Hajduk

    I want that honor 😪

  • qapp
    qapp Month ago

    The funny thing is I'm watching this video with a Honor 10 but not in blue. I've got it in black :D

  • Lasarus
    Lasarus Month ago

    5:22 PewDiePie meme 3... 2... 1...

  • Svishnu Vijay
    Svishnu Vijay Month ago

    Iphone sucks

  • swarna mohanty
    swarna mohanty Month ago

    Mad American

  • Αγγελος Ταντης

    try to put tempered glass and use the fingerprint . S@cked up

  • mikakami93
    mikakami93 Month ago

    For gay

    Nobody knows Honor

  • Imran khan
    Imran khan Month ago

    Huawei and Honor phone EMUI sucks , Buy at your own risks.

  • Xanx Eer
    Xanx Eer Month ago

    You were really A Hardcore Smartphone's Reviewer/Unboxer

  • Faris Imadi
    Faris Imadi Month ago

    ugly cheap phone.

  • Butch
    Butch Month ago

    not available in the USA

  • Jay Mehta
    Jay Mehta Month ago

    Longest ad ever

  • Kain Kage
    Kain Kage Month ago

    I have a Honor 9 and i love the design and colour! :) the performance is also great!

  • IceyThe Fox
    IceyThe Fox Month ago


  • AGuyNamedMason
    AGuyNamedMason Month ago

    5:25 ohy crap ive needed. That all my life lmao

  • Tomvin Ti
    Tomvin Ti Month ago

    Do we need to install the Google play by ourself?

  • Prince Mandal
    Prince Mandal Month ago

    Can it feed my pet?

  • Digital Ghosts
    Digital Ghosts Month ago

    The networks are not convoluted. They are convolutional :P (7:44)

  • Sanjay7Kumar11
    Sanjay7Kumar11 Month ago

    Linux Tech Tips I want to ask one thing the AI in the camera for honor 10, can it recognise for example if we show the camera after switching on the Master AI towards an apple iPhone if we show at the back the apple logo will it recognise an apple fruit or a phone?

  • Crusherman97
    Crusherman97 Month ago

    You can have an always on ips display. LG G5 and G6 have it. I know the G5 used less battery than the Galaxy S7. Not sure about the G6 though.

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale Month ago

    Did the Honor 10 just copy the Doogee X30 with the dual rear camera?

  • Arthur Arthur
    Arthur Arthur Month ago

    I like your watch what make is it?

  • Monoman2345
    Monoman2345 Month ago


  • DabbingAppleJuice
    DabbingAppleJuice Month ago

    Ad Mortem Inumicus!

  • Sp studio
    Sp studio Month ago


  • amir haver
    amir haver Month ago


  • Akio Nakao
    Akio Nakao Month ago

    Having a Honnor 10 ad before this video it's a bit funny

  • Yeah boii
    Yeah boii Month ago


  • Garnet Quartz
    Garnet Quartz Month ago

    Linus Reviewing like he doesn't give a shit

  • qwargos
    qwargos Month ago

    Not sure how many people will see this, but hey... This video is what made me buy this phone. I didn't get the shiny blue or purple one but black looks neat as well. And the AI thingy... it deffinetly needs more work, but i'm loving it so far. The images it takes sometimes look like a painting or a 3d render. And one time, it recognized my neighbours dog as a panda (yeaaa...).
    Still, an amazing flagship caliber phone for a decent price and a camera i friggin love, and i hope Honor will release updates to the NPU as often as they just released the update (the party mode thing)

  • Jona V.
    Jona V. Month ago

    "includes a cover and a screen protector so you can avoid that first scratch... Always a nice touch" *tosses phone on table*

  • FlatBreadSub
    FlatBreadSub Month ago +3

    It is sooo obvious he was sponsored by honor

  • Mboy556
    Mboy556 Month ago

    5:19 BUT CAN YOU DO DISS!!!?

    JOB ANTONY Month ago

    which one do you prefer. Honor 10 or onplus 6?

  • Meme Boy XD
    Meme Boy XD Month ago


  • Zazel Skycrest
    Zazel Skycrest Month ago

    is that a pewdiepie reference? 5:20

  • gameflux
    gameflux Month ago

    Cool !