What the heck is an AI Phone?! - Honor 10 Showcase

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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Comments • 11 346

  • Hayosiko Takagumi
    Hayosiko Takagumi 29 days ago +68

    The AI camera, looks of the phone and performance are all great in modern flagships. But the AI camera stands out the most.
    I'd love to have that phone in my pocket.

    • YA YEET
      YA YEET 4 days ago

      Linus Tech Tips you should have pinned a comment that said FOR HONOR

      TECHNICAL SHAHIL 10 days ago

      BULLY HUNTER_92 Honour 10 giveaway

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky 13 days ago +1

      lol so many people nowadays are so into the marketing shit of phone makers nowadays.
      AI camera? nice!
      Recognize car? sure boost colour and contrast.
      Recognize flower? sure boost colour and contrast.
      Recognize sky? sure boost colour and contrast.
      Recognize house? sure boost colour and contrast.
      Recognize sea? sure boost colour and contrast.
      The Ai camera are pretty much gimmick except helping you to auto turn on the portrait mode which turn out produce worse result than non portrait mode in this video.
      Why so love about this AI marketing nowadays. JUST improve the camera hardware and processing in automode. Not the gimmicky AI camera which are not going to improve the camera quality at all except boosting the crappy saturation, contrast and colour.
      AI so much in the end still worse quality than all the non AI camera of flagship like pixel 2 or samsung.

  • Akio Nakao
    Akio Nakao 7 hours ago

    Having a Honnor 10 ad before this video it's a bit funny

  • Yeah boii
    Yeah boii 7 hours ago


  • Garnet Quartz
    Garnet Quartz Day ago

    Linus Reviewing like he doesn't give a shit

  • qwargos
    qwargos Day ago

    Not sure how many people will see this, but hey... This video is what made me buy this phone. I didn't get the shiny blue or purple one but black looks neat as well. And the AI thingy... it deffinetly needs more work, but i'm loving it so far. The images it takes sometimes look like a painting or a 3d render. And one time, it recognized my neighbours dog as a panda (yeaaa...).
    Still, an amazing flagship caliber phone for a decent price and a camera i friggin love, and i hope Honor will release updates to the NPU as often as they just released the update (the party mode thing)

  • Jona V.
    Jona V. Day ago

    "includes a cover and a screen protector so you can avoid that first scratch... Always a nice touch" *tosses phone on table*

  • FlatBreadSub
    FlatBreadSub Day ago +1

    It is sooo obvious he was sponsored by honor

  • Mboy556
    Mboy556 Day ago

    5:19 BUT CAN YOU DO DISS!!!?

    JOB ANTONY Day ago

    which one do you prefer. Honor 10 or onplus 6?

  • Meme Boy XD
    Meme Boy XD 3 days ago


  • Zazel Skycrest
    Zazel Skycrest 3 days ago

    is that a pewdiepie reference? 5:20

  • gameflux
    gameflux 3 days ago

    Cool !

    STRANGE! ISN'T IT? 3 days ago +1


  • ashtonx
    ashtonx 3 days ago

    I want npu alexa, like alexa without whole invigilation bs.

  • TheNintendoGamer
    TheNintendoGamer 3 days ago

    Honor is owned by Huawei

  • Jonathon Dilworth
    Jonathon Dilworth 4 days ago

    7:42 - convolutional neural networks.

  • paradise14-
    paradise14- 4 days ago

    Does anyone know a reputable store to buy this phone from? In the States. Thanks

  • Erbil forever
    Erbil forever 4 days ago

    Having a physical button in front and a virtual home button on the front is not cool, huawei puts the fingerprint scanner on the back on their cheaper models which is nonsense.

  • Chase Corr
    Chase Corr 4 days ago

    Oh look. It's a better Iphone X.

  • JustOP
    JustOP 5 days ago

    3:03 the time on Linus' watch is 13:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • esg12 _
    esg12 _ 5 days ago

    5:23 nice pewdiepie reference 😉

  • Daemon
    Daemon 5 days ago

    I have horrendous burn in on my phones ips

  • KatonaRobert
    KatonaRobert 5 days ago

    next thing you know Linus is posting memes into the Pewdiepie subreddit

  • Jonathan Bastien
    Jonathan Bastien 5 days ago

    It's been an Honor.

  • Mats Custers
    Mats Custers 6 days ago

    nice camera

  • John Titor
    John Titor 6 days ago


  • Fernandes Navier
    Fernandes Navier 6 days ago

    Give away to me. Haha

  • ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&More

    Huh? why is the name AiPhone sounds familiar if i removed the A

  • S3N10R W4FFL3
    S3N10R W4FFL3 6 days ago

    Wow what a nasty copy notch and that fat ol disgusting chin... 😍😍😍 what a perfect screen right guys

    (Edit: Switched guys right to right guys cause I made a dumb mistake)

  • Salman Rajput
    Salman Rajput 6 days ago

    Sir you are so cool. Keep your good work up.

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi 6 days ago

    but can you do this lol

  • Abel Palafox
    Abel Palafox 6 days ago

    "Unboxing is boring" - Linus
    Unbox Therapy: *dies on the inside*

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 7 days ago

    Does camera man always carry that much weight?? 5:52
    Poor guy

  • Acdc Mouh
    Acdc Mouh 7 days ago

    I got a phone one week ago believe it or not its perfect phone and so much good device regarding price, very fast finger print working perfectly, face detection, Camera, Battery life and fast charing, using data and display all, awesome phone would recommend

  • Raimi Ezzad
    Raimi Ezzad 8 days ago

    lol pewdipie

  • Bruno Lopes
    Bruno Lopes 8 days ago

    I´m more excited about the AI camera, and comparing it to the Honor 9 of my wife.

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade
    Ezmyrelda Andrade 8 days ago

    Frame your flowers better.

  • Ed Kyle Belleza
    Ed Kyle Belleza 10 days ago

    Can i have one of those please? :(

  • ponadto
    ponadto 10 days ago

    "Convolutional" (neural network), not: "convoluted" (neural network)

  • BlackTooth Butcher
    BlackTooth Butcher 10 days ago

    Was that a pewdiepie chair joke ?

  • Liquid Fire
    Liquid Fire 11 days ago

    With that AI camera, what icon does it show for dick pics?

  • GomiHiko
    GomiHiko 11 days ago

    AI... but ITS NOT HOLO

  • Eito SLResident
    Eito SLResident 12 days ago

    "Can you phone do this?" DUH~! JUST TURN OFF AUTOROTATE STUPID~!

  • Corey Gibbs
    Corey Gibbs 12 days ago

    Can I have it?

  • Tms Smth
    Tms Smth 12 days ago

    Do some Xiaomi stuff! They do better phones!

  • Max Maidment
    Max Maidment 13 days ago

    I'm looking to upgrade my phone and I keep coming across the Honor View 10. Is that the same as this phone or are they separate?!

  • mathias norberg
    mathias norberg 13 days ago

    A I... what does the A stand for??

  • Martijn Venhuizen
    Martijn Venhuizen 14 days ago

    so they copied OnePlus with the hiding of the notch area and licensed OnePlus technology. Meh

  • HowYouSay
    HowYouSay 14 days ago

    nice watch

  • Emerson killer0
    Emerson killer0 14 days ago

    If u dont want the box , pos it to me 😂😂

    G POWER DRAGON 14 days ago

    PLUG is a Netherlands socket

  • CrazyPOCO LOCO
    CrazyPOCO LOCO 14 days ago +2

    5:19 sort of, i can just pull up the control center of my iphone, press rotate lock, and im done

  • Jonas Hessel
    Jonas Hessel 14 days ago

    Did any body else notice Sam and Niko at 4:22 ?

  • RC Stuff
    RC Stuff 14 days ago

    5:23 pewdiepie but can you do this

  • Android Lover
    Android Lover 14 days ago +3

    Can you do this _

  • Android Lover
    Android Lover 14 days ago +2

    For *HONOR*

  • Soren Ryuuzaki
    Soren Ryuuzaki 14 days ago

    what watch is he wearing?

  • Nitin Rajput
    Nitin Rajput 15 days ago

    Please make meet up in india . Welcome to india

  • Sake Walker
    Sake Walker 15 days ago

    those buttons on the screen can be removed

  • Jairul Joe
    Jairul Joe 15 days ago

    This gives me cringe wtf

  • CandyCone
    CandyCone 15 days ago


  • Mesh
    Mesh 15 days ago

    Who needs iPhones when u hv Ai Phones

  • Javian Brown
    Javian Brown 15 days ago

    Smart rotation has existed since the Galaxy s3

  • Nils Hammar
    Nils Hammar 15 days ago

    shill video

  • MrJaegermeister007
    MrJaegermeister007 15 days ago

    I like how it's 13:37 at the 3:11 timestamp

    LLEYTON MORRIS 15 days ago

    I love the fact that it is android and not an iPhone, I think that really stands out In the current marketplace

  • SuJu_Mimi
    SuJu_Mimi 16 days ago

    "let's find some nature" XD lolz

  • A naughty mouse
    A naughty mouse 16 days ago

    Willl you do the P20 Pro?

  • Datguy Phil
    Datguy Phil 17 days ago

    Come on are u really gonna pick iOS over this.

  • Lukasz Rakowski
    Lukasz Rakowski 17 days ago

    3:02 second time now Linus' watch is trying to communicate with us showing text instead of hour - this time in l33t speach

  • Crazy Craft
    Crazy Craft 17 days ago

    Your channel is great I love your videos and they are very interesting thank you for all
    Information you gave us about electronic devices thank you so much

  • Evandro Oliveira
    Evandro Oliveira 17 days ago

    What clock are you using ?

  • DuckiDrake
    DuckiDrake 17 days ago

    3:02 Linus' watch says 13:37 on it..

  • Bisam Sapkota
    Bisam Sapkota 17 days ago

    should've gotten this phone :O

  • Bryce the Rower
    Bryce the Rower 17 days ago

    Top notch

  • andrej hüttel
    andrej hüttel 18 days ago

    Total vid und nice infos! xD vielleicht einmal beim yt kanal Roland Leonardo vorbei, cooler typ und hat auch ähnliche Videos.

  • itsjoe tho
    itsjoe tho 18 days ago

    That box and content looks exactly like the Huawei P20 boxes^^ well seeing how Honor is the lower tier brand of Huawei no wonder

  • Larven.D K
    Larven.D K 18 days ago


  • Burai Online
    Burai Online 18 days ago

    I do also believe that IPS doesn't burn in screen until the day I bought a 2nd hand LG V10 for myself almost 2 years ago. Now my mindset changed afterwards

  • mike martin
    mike martin 18 days ago

    arent these made by Huawei the company that got busted for spying on America?

  • ryan Musk
    ryan Musk 18 days ago

    The smart rotate need to be be in every phone ever

  • xdanihz
    xdanihz 18 days ago +1

    *you can hide the notch*
    me: *take my money pls*

  • Julio Kang
    Julio Kang 18 days ago

    is that pewdiepie reference?

  • Evandro Oliveira
    Evandro Oliveira 18 days ago

    Qual relogio vc esta usando?

  • Govind Rathi
    Govind Rathi 19 days ago

    I am excited about the back it's great

  • Joshua Minke
    Joshua Minke 19 days ago

    pewdipie called, he wants his chair back

  • ahmed toure
    ahmed toure 19 days ago

    He said its not like u have jarvis from iron man .lmaoo

  • Nate Higgers
    Nate Higgers 19 days ago


  • Chris Van Doren
    Chris Van Doren 19 days ago

    So.. this isnt available in the states?

  • ClinicalCynical
    ClinicalCynical 19 days ago


  • Freddie7010
    Freddie7010 19 days ago

    My Galaxy S3 used to be able to follow my face while rotating the phone, that was YEARS ago

  • Hanii
    Hanii 19 days ago

    Hot dog. Not hot dog.

  • Islam sabyh
    Islam sabyh 19 days ago

    i like your channel from morroco
    please pick me in this giveaway i really need thid phone

  • KSSilenceAU
    KSSilenceAU 20 days ago

    Yep, my years old Galaxy note 3 can also keep the screen orientation correct vs my face if im laying sideways by looking at the orientation of my eyes, nothing new there, Samsung has had eye tracking for ages now, also lets you scroll on pages just by looking at the top or bottom of the screen.

  • Riasat Salmin  Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami 20 days ago

    Nice PewDiePie reference.

  • Alan Bosco
    Alan Bosco 20 days ago

    Can your phone do this?

  • Anyone Tan
    Anyone Tan 20 days ago

    I'm most excited of the camera

  • ColouredIndigo
    ColouredIndigo 20 days ago

    AI on a camera is what we used to call, autofocus in the past but got a rebranding

  • Dubl33
    Dubl33 20 days ago