Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018

  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
  • Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look!
    *This is an IGN timed exclusive.
    Anime Expo in 2 Minutes:
    Attack on Titan S3 Premiere Reaction:
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  • Andrew Farmkid
    Andrew Farmkid Day ago +3

    I'm so happy how Dragon Ball not only made Broly canon, but they improved his storyline. Best of all, they didn't killed him off!
    Now let's hope they also make Frieza's long absent brother canon! That would be Cooler!

  • randy moresson
    randy moresson 2 days ago

    If gokh and vegeta fused to ultra instinct thyr still outmatch against broly.. Dbz should make broly the main hero

  • Sam Park
    Sam Park 4 days ago +1

    Broly the incredible went sicko mode in the movie. Glad this turned out well, Or maybe not because in the end Frieza was like let's take Broly and then Goku was like let's take Broly. So just the way Broly impressed them, will also impress you.

  • Franklin Holbrook
    Franklin Holbrook 5 days ago


  • mindaugas poltorak
    mindaugas poltorak 8 days ago

    the creaters of the movie need to delete thise movie becouse: in the movie we see that vegeta and goku dont Identifiers broly'but we all know they already fought and kill him in 3 dragon ball z movies,the creaters of the movie are compleitly insane,they need to delete thise movie.

    • mindaugas poltorak
      mindaugas poltorak 5 days ago

      with my answer I meant - my comment was to the user :subscribers without any videos challenge 500 - thise user is complitly dumb

    • 500 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge ?
      500 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge ? 5 days ago

      You dumbass 8 years old 😂 First of all go learn how to talk bro second thing is that broly in the old movies is completely different from that broly like that's a new character and that broly is canon those old broly movies was filler uncannon dumbass 😂

  • Maria S. Fan Art
    Maria S. Fan Art 9 days ago

    Subscriber... 😘

    CLACKA 12 days ago +1

    Broly vs goku
    Broly vs vegeta
    Broly vs freezer
    Broly vs toppo
    Broly vs jiren
    Broly vs hit
    Broly vs dyspo
    Broly vs 17
    Broly vs bills
    Broly vs gogeta :''v

  • All Might Sensei
    All Might Sensei 15 days ago +2

    1:16 would Goku say ,, He is even stronger than Jiren!!! '' i would have a heartattack🥰

  • jay Issuree
    jay Issuree 19 days ago


  • santosh kumar
    santosh kumar 19 days ago

    You can't remake this is normal way of movie making with actor & crews.

  • santosh kumar
    santosh kumar 19 days ago

    Yesterday , today ,tommorow
    When ever MANGA - ANIMIE is the most powerful way of making supper fight on screen.
    Even normal cenimatic ways of film making is lagging behind this type of animation Making.
    Salute Japanese anime - love from southern INDIA - TAMIL NADU.

  • its me
    its me 21 day ago +1

    Broly's energy levels

  • chnightwolf _kfg
    chnightwolf _kfg 22 days ago


  • athi jinx
    athi jinx 26 days ago +2

    This movie made me so happy. Feeling so satisfied with everything about this movie.

  • Jack Meeoff
    Jack Meeoff Month ago +1

    This trailer was better than the film

  • Flexgado24
    Flexgado24 Month ago

    Broly is not stronger then broly period idk why they had Goku and Vegeta fuse to beat broly

  • Gaurav Shirsekar
    Gaurav Shirsekar Month ago

    Can anyone's guys plz send me link of movie🧐😔☹️

  • Shweta S
    Shweta S Month ago +7

    Jiren vs broly!? Who wins!

    My take is jiren

    • Osmar Pereyra
      Osmar Pereyra 10 days ago

      @Shweta S Even before the fight against Gogeta Broly was very powerful. Now after the fight, he like all saiyayin recover and increase their power after fights that leave them on the verge of death. THERE ARE NO DOUBTS, Broly is stronger, far away.

    • Phelopatir Abdel-Malak
      Phelopatir Abdel-Malak 10 days ago

      This all my opinion so don't take this to heart. Even though Broly is one of my favourite characters and has great potential get stronger quickly, Jiren seems to have more experience in fighting and, as we know, broke his limit like in ToP. If he were up against Broly while he was out of control, Jiren can still outsmart him to win. If this was after Broly was trained by Goku, Broly could actually beat him.

    • Shweta S
      Shweta S 28 days ago

      @Osmar Pereyra what if jiren breaks his limits as we saw when he was fighting mui goku.and nearly overpowered mui goku.then who will win?

    • Osmar Pereyra
      Osmar Pereyra Month ago

      The legendary super saiyan

    • Ridwan Khan
      Ridwan Khan Month ago +4

      It's very difficult to say. Broly took hits from ssj gogeta who is several times stronger than goku and vegeta blue together. He overpowered ssj gogeta when he turned legendary which could possibly mean he is stronger than jiren.

  • Draxy
    Draxy Month ago +4

    Goku: I m fired up

    Natsu: eyyy THATS mY LinE

  • eeyyaa get hacked
    eeyyaa get hacked Month ago

    1:00 music pls

  • 12AliCat6
    12AliCat6 Month ago +1

    Half a year later after this movie was released and I still haven’t watched it because I’m waiting for the English dubs of DBS 😑

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      Join the club.

  • Average Kid
    Average Kid Month ago +1

    Man i want that nice piece of sound 1:00 🙏🏼😁

    • an goku
      an goku Month ago

      WELCOM TO tvclip.biz/video/SxrMmN6xoXA/video.html

  • Capital Black
    Capital Black Month ago +1

    MUI vs Broly who wins

    • Meruem
      Meruem Month ago +1


    • an goku
      an goku Month ago


  • Average Kid
    Average Kid Month ago

    1:00 love the amazing piece of sound wish it was apart of the movie

    • an goku
      an goku Month ago


  • Catalin Barosanu
    Catalin Barosanu Month ago +1

    Jiren vs broly

    • Meruem
      Meruem Month ago


    • an goku
      an goku Month ago


  • Ikonik
    Ikonik Month ago

    So we guys do know that a sayan. So he can turn into every form goku and vegeta.

  • ツItzSync_
    ツItzSync_ Month ago

    We all know if goku when mui it would’ve been a easy win.... Right?

  • John Carr
    John Carr Month ago

    The scene with Broly rising into the air is better with the trailer music than it was in the movie.

  • FrontPhase
    FrontPhase Month ago

    And that’s where it started.
    That smile.
    That damned smile.

  • Some Guy Down the Street

    Has it nearly been a year already? Time flies by so fast, I remember the excitement I had when I saw this. Dragon Ball is truly one of the most iconic anime of all time.

  • Burorī
    Burorī Month ago +4

    Am I the only one that thinks the music at 0:35 sounds a bit like "Lost Courage" from DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2?

  • Nadir Hussain
    Nadir Hussain Month ago +2

    Did they forget "AKUMO" (The Father Of All Saiyans) ???

  • Rico Richie
    Rico Richie Month ago

    Broly Voice actor, OMG!!! INSANE SCREAM!!

  • Edward Prior
    Edward Prior 2 months ago +2

    What's the theme for when Broly goes legendary and emages

  • TyreeMoore_44 Gaming
    TyreeMoore_44 Gaming 2 months ago +3

    15 million views EVERYONE WAS SOOOO HYPED 😂

  • DęfërėñtPVŽ
    DęfërėñtPVŽ 2 months ago


    for everyone who did not watch the legendary movie, here you go now watch it.

  • son zin
    son zin 2 months ago


  • j malo
    j malo 2 months ago

    How do i get the movie

  • Miha Peterca
    Miha Peterca 2 months ago

    When is this comming out -.-

  • Static Gaming
    Static Gaming 2 months ago

    Love the ending

  • Louis Wilson
    Louis Wilson 2 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the song they played in the into.. preferably the End song

  • Jayden Wallace
    Jayden Wallace 2 months ago

    0:33 when she clowns your stroke game and now it's round 2

  • use my profile now
    use my profile now 2 months ago

    0:59 when it gets epic

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 2 months ago

    I hate you dragons ball series

  • Gorulk
    Gorulk 2 months ago

    ' BEYOND THAT STRENGTH' My mom be like during middle school

  • Neon blue yt yt
    Neon blue yt yt 2 months ago

    I saw it/it was amazing

  • Tyler  Hobbs
    Tyler Hobbs 2 months ago +2

    I’ve seen this movie 5 times, and now own it, and these trailers still give me chills.. I Love DRAGON BALL!!!!!!

  • chilli999
    chilli999 2 months ago

    This movie was a pile of crap

  • Nikki Bordeaux
    Nikki Bordeaux 2 months ago

    When the trailer is better than the movie itself

  • XxX_2LIT4U_ XxX
    XxX_2LIT4U_ XxX 2 months ago +1

    Goku “ H-H’e’s getting stronger”
    Me screaming like Broly:

  • Denis Lavodic
    Denis Lavodic 3 months ago

    Wait,this is remake or what?

  • Ad Hd
    Ad Hd 3 months ago

    What if I dnt want to go to theatres to see it?🤔

  • Alex Allum
    Alex Allum 3 months ago

    Were can I buy this please

  • Sidrat Ahmad
    Sidrat Ahmad 3 months ago


  • kookie Evans
    kookie Evans 3 months ago

    Broly vs trillanes

  • Shinobi Shinobi
    Shinobi Shinobi 3 months ago +2

    2019 and I still can't stop rewatching the trailer

  • KebabGaming
    KebabGaming 3 months ago

    Why does it say whom nobody noes

  • Biker & Traveler
    Biker & Traveler 3 months ago

    i like ddbz

  • Jorddz
    Jorddz 3 months ago

    This movie is actually bangin

  • Blue Falcon
    Blue Falcon 3 months ago


  • Zieya Ag
    Zieya Ag 3 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/r4PFtvdRrnM/video.html real movie

  • Laurent Laurent
    Laurent Laurent 3 months ago +1

    C zéro sa existe pas.

  • CidGuerreiro1234
    CidGuerreiro1234 3 months ago +1

    Just watched it and it's by far the best thing to ever come out of the entire Dragon Ball series. The animation especially is a glorious 10.

    ULTRA VEGITO BLUE ْ 3 months ago

    Hello, Anyone still here?

  • Izo Khan
    Izo Khan 3 months ago +2

    Chills and goosebumps man...Chills and goosebumps...

  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed 3 months ago

    Goku wants to fight broly

  • Kevon Plays
    Kevon Plays 3 months ago

    When someone said Brody isn’t canon
    Me: LIES

  • Ssj Warrior
    Ssj Warrior 3 months ago +3

    Best Anime Movie ever!

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago +3

    Seen the movie.
    Beyond EPIC. This some next level epicness.

  • swadey 2.0
    swadey 2.0 3 months ago +1

    Any links bros?