I Faked Pregnancy To Get Good Grades At School

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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    Hi everybody! Right now you are about to find out how one spoiled yogurt made me the most popular person at school.
    So, my name is Nancy, I am fourteen years old and I go to middle school. I study well… or at least I try to. But sometimes I run into difficulties and my story began with one of them.
    Once I was preparing an important presentation and my final grade in the class totally depended on it… but I procrastinated until the last possible moment, you know how that happens. I literally didn't finish it until late at night and then forgot to turn my alarm clock on.
    Of course, I overslept! I got up, terrified and gathered all the printouts for my presentation in a hurry, but it didn't help - I still missed the school bus.
    Then I tried to find out if my Mom could give me a ride, but I saw that she was balled up on the sofa. You see, my mom is pregnant. She is only in her first trimester, but she is having a hard time with all this morning sickness and constant nausea... So I decided not to disturb her and went to see if I could catch a public transport.
    Of course I didn't have any time for breakfast and when I was already sitting in the trolley I realized that I was extremely hungry. I started to dig into my backpack trying to find some kind of forgotten cookies.
    There were no cookies, but I found a bottle of drinkable yogurt instead. I might have forgotten it a while ago… but I don't remember when exactly? I didn't even have a minute to recall when or to check the expiration date - I just drank it and went on with rehearsing my presentation.
    But there was definitely something wrong with this yogurt. Right in the middle of my presentation I felt so nauseated that I hardly managed to run out from the classroom and make it to the bathroom. So what happened next I only know from my friend Angela.
    We were supposed to do our presentation together but Angela is not a very diligent student, so, she was not even prepared at all. Still, the teacher asked her to go on with the presentation after my inglorious exit. So she began to read the next paper in my printouts. And do you remember how I told you that I collected them in a hurry?
    Well, she just blindly and without even thinking started to read aloud with expression, what were the best ways to overcome the negative impacts of pregnancy, including nausea, in the first trimester.
    Hmm... our teacher was very, very surprised, Angela was very, very surprised and the whole class was VERY, VERY SURPRISED, too. So when I came back to class and said that everything was okay, that I was not nauseated anymore and that I was ready to go on with presentation, the teacher somehow quietly gave me an «A» and asked me to just not worry. Well… I did not worry at all!"
    "From that day on the whole attitude toward me at school changed. I was not the most popular girl in class until that day, but now… The boys started carrying my bag if it looked heavy, and the girls were looking after me in class and in the cafeteria, asking if I was comfortable or needed something.
    The teachers, too! They gave me strange looks and, what made me particularly happy, is that they made sure I was not getting too tired in their classes. And they gave me good grades!
    Even our physical education teacher, who I've been constantly at war with, stopped torturing me and gave me some simple exercises or even let me sit on a bench while the others were training.
    I did not understand the reasons for these changes but what can I say… They made me happy!
    It was Angela who helped me understand what was going on - and soon she angrily demanded an explanation: how dare I keep the news about my pregnancy from my best friend....
    And then Angela told me how our presentation ended. You know, I printed that article about pregnancy and toxicosis for my mother, because she asked me to, and I have no idea how it got in that file with my presentation... but it seemed that now everyone at school thought that I was pregnant!
    Of course, I was shocked… at the beginning. And then I thought: well, okay. I still hadn't told Angela that it wasn't true. Instead I replied mysteriously that I would explain everything when the time was right. Because if Angela thought I was pregnant, everyone in school would think so too. This was what I needed.
    Honestly, I had gotten used to this new attitude and could not give it up very easily. Of course, in a few months they would find out the truth, but I decided to enjoy the benefits of this time and treatment and let it play out as long as I could!

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      Oh flip I have this is only one but we were in school and the teacher said if we have any problems with work tell him or staff but I didn't so I lied so I'd get my grades a+ all of them and I said my mom is pregnant my dog just died and a load of terrible things that weren't true and it blew up in my face

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      Mia ' 7 days ago

      I lied that I liked math so my teacher will smile. 😅

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      ACTUALLY HAPPENED yea I lied about punching a little girl in the face for messing with me

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    When I was in like 1st grade My friends and I were playing pretend and so I said I had a dog. Lets just say the word got around and I played along because I thought it was just a game. It turned out everyone took it seriously. I didn't get in trouble because i was 7 and I didn't do any harm, But i lost a few friends and some trust as well.

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