Suicide Squad - Movie Review


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  • John Obregon
    John Obregon 5 days ago

    Thus far, in my opinion, Jeremy’s worst opinion on a movie. I usually agree with his critique level, but this movie straight up sucked. Paid advertisement?

  • Ariel Feldman Bracke
    Ariel Feldman Bracke 11 days ago

    You're the Michael Bay of movie reviewers

  • Cory Watson
    Cory Watson 11 days ago

    Did I like suicide squad? I saw the porn parody more time times than the movie so I don't think so

  • OptimusCam 04
    OptimusCam 04 18 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve disagreed with you.

  • C.j. Irving
    C.j. Irving 21 day ago


  • Crestfire
    Crestfire Month ago

    Ya'll crazy!

  • Dave Teves
    Dave Teves Month ago

    Was Jeremy drunk in this? Or is this irony?

  • Robert Rodenbacher
    Robert Rodenbacher Month ago


  • vegito blue
    vegito blue Month ago

    Why are people hating on him just cause he likes the movie

  • Amber_pops133 Lee
    Amber_pops133 Lee Month ago +1

    I liked Suicide Squad

  • john hoskins
    john hoskins Month ago +1

    And this review would forever haunt Jeremy till the day he dies

  • Worrysome Wasteful Wholesome Woomy

    He makes this sound good... it's not.

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota Month ago +1

    Best DCEU movie?
    Those 2 movies before this one were like Classics compared to it.

  • Dragos Cosma
    Dragos Cosma 2 months ago

    I can't believe you say that this movie is worth buying on Blu-ray but Deadpool 2 and John Whick 2 are just a good time no alcohol required. It should've been the other way around.

  • Lord Yoshi
    Lord Yoshi 2 months ago

    Still love this movie, don’t care what anyone says. I have the blue ray version of this movie and I’m glad I bought it

  • Bjorn Blackman
    Bjorn Blackman 2 months ago

    This is why I stopped listening to you Jeremy. You were obviously paid off to lie to us. Fuck this movie dude. FUCK THIS MOVIE!!

    • Bjorn Blackman
      Bjorn Blackman 20 days ago

      MG3 uhh huh I'm sure you liked gigli, armored, law abiding citizen, amazing Spider-Man 2 and kingsman. I.e. All shitty movies.

    • MG3
      MG3 20 days ago

      he was not paid off he simply gave his opinion on the movie he liked it get over it I liked it too

  • Bjorn Blackman
    Bjorn Blackman 2 months ago

    What!?! Dude you liked this bullshit?!?! You tool!!!

  • Mex Bear
    Mex Bear 2 months ago

    How much hate did Jeremy had to deal with when he said he liked this movie? I hope not much but that wouldn't be realistic.

  • Ororo Munroe
    Ororo Munroe 2 months ago +1

    I didn't like this movie. I just didn't like it. I just couldn't even when I tried to. It was a mess of a movie...

  • Silver Sun
    Silver Sun 2 months ago

    No, no, this movie was awful.

  • Dr Soap
    Dr Soap 3 months ago +1

    Yeah this is why I don’t listen to Jeremy anymore

    • MG3
      MG3 20 days ago +1


  • Matthew Gabriele
    Matthew Gabriele 3 months ago +3

    0:48 - 0:52 it wasn’t tho

  • 1phishin
    1phishin 3 months ago

    U hack

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 3 months ago

    Oh Jeremy..

  • sprite of vengeance
    sprite of vengeance 4 months ago +1

    okay, okay ....... lets start a fan war.........
    i say " DCEU sucks" and it really do suck....
    DC : i don't why we suck always, why does the MARVELs only lift up in everything !!!! why cant we!!!
    THOR : because you are not worthy.
    DC : :(

  • Raul Mejia
    Raul Mejia 4 months ago

    "It is the best DC cinematic universe movie that I have seen by a clear mile"
    - Jeremy Jahns (2016)

  • Richard Cruz jr.
    Richard Cruz jr. 4 months ago

    2:28 to 2:30

  • Matei Bobes
    Matei Bobes 5 months ago

    I agree! I love the hell out of this movie! Leto is my favourite Joker right now, people don't understand what this movie really wants to be, wants to have fun with some unique ideas and not to shove a lot of character development! Love it!

  • DouubleTaap
    DouubleTaap 5 months ago +1

    "A pretty fucking awesome movie" - Jeremy Jahns

  • Jokerz X
    Jokerz X 5 months ago

    Getting sick and tired of these fucking bandwagons that say ss was bad when it was in reality ok.

    • B R
      B R Month ago

      Jokerz X I liked it. But it has it'd flaws. Harley Quinn is the best part of the whole movie.

  • Jonz Polley
    Jonz Polley 5 months ago +1

    Just watch the deadpool 2 spoiler review. Trust me you will thank me later

  • Elsa Anna
    Elsa Anna 5 months ago

    I love ya man but EW

  • alice s
    alice s 5 months ago

    wanted to watch it when it actually first came out but did't want to watch it when it came out more

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 months ago

    I also really likes this movie! Don’t understand the hate it gets but I guess everyone his/her own opinion

  • Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez 5 months ago

    Reaññy you thought this movie was good good joke jeremy

  • Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez 5 months ago

    Goddamn what a fucking piece of shit movie it sucked so bad
    And david ayer "fuck marvel really came back to bite him in the ass"

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head 5 months ago

    Oh no he has an opinion and enjoyed a DC movie! Can't have that can you Marvel fanboys?!

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 5 months ago

    I liked the movie but I thought the beginning portion of the film seemed to be a bit rushed but the 2 3 act were good

  • Alen S
    Alen S 6 months ago +2

    Why do I remember this review differently?

  • Ανδρέας Βλάχος

    Relax he means *DogShit*

  • Hailey Babi
    Hailey Babi 6 months ago

    The cliches, the bad jokes, the one-liners, all got on my fucking nerves. It was a very messy and confusing movie. I'm pretty sure little kids and maybe teenagers would love it though

  • baby with a gun from family guy

    I love Hanly Quin

  • Spider-Venom
    Spider-Venom 6 months ago

    Ahhhhhh. Jeremy Jahns Suicide Squad Review. The review that has come back to bite him ever since.

  • Matthew Fanning
    Matthew Fanning 6 months ago +1

    Run past Jeremy future Jeremy is coming to kill you

  • Jay Jameson
    Jay Jameson 6 months ago

    Jeremy, are you drunk?

  • john
    john 6 months ago +1

    Is he on crack or something?

  • angry music guy
    angry music guy 6 months ago

    The thing about this movie is that it's fun. That's what I wanted from this movie. And it was fun.

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G 7 months ago +5

    Who’s watching this after Deadpool’s 2 spoiler review?

  • Leonardo Oliveira
    Leonardo Oliveira 7 months ago

    Why am I the only one who agrees with Jeremy on this?...

  • i am idiot
    i am idiot 7 months ago +2

    Uh oh

  • Alina
    Alina 7 months ago +3

    Rewatching this review is hilarious because poor Jeremy never saw that storm coming lol.

  • Natani ___
    Natani ___ 7 months ago

    Saw it in imax opening night and bought it on steel book blu Ray. Love the film.

    • Natani ___
      Natani ___ 6 months ago

      Big Lenny Not as much of a furry as one would think.

    • Big Lenny
      Big Lenny 6 months ago

      Natani ___ You’re a furry i understand

  • Marvinwhite13
    Marvinwhite13 7 months ago +1

    Really Jeremy? For a movie which the biggest highlight is someone called captain Fucking boomerang?

  • David Smith
    David Smith 7 months ago

    good movie

  • Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

    Best DC Movie ever made

    • Big Lenny
      Big Lenny 6 months ago

      PinkiePool GamerBrony9 That’s not a good thing

  • Ezra Daßer
    Ezra Daßer 7 months ago +1

    Jeremy got the Phantom Menace effect haha ..

  • Vikram Tapadia
    Vikram Tapadia 7 months ago +2

    I think he's being sarcastic.

  • X Z
    X Z 7 months ago

    But he gave Han Solo a t minus one day this is what happens when you hit million subs

  • Arc Throne
    Arc Throne 7 months ago

    Sorry, but I fuckin HATE this movie. The memorable characters are Harley Quinn and maybe Deadshot. They somehow managed to not make the Joker memorable. Also, the villain was disgustingly awful and those faceless tentacle things were horrible too. I forgot most of the movie in T - 2 days.

  • Benny Colts
    Benny Colts 7 months ago +1

    I don’t understand why he likes this movie but he finally fixed it in the Deadpool 2 review

  • Blood Moon Comix
    Blood Moon Comix 7 months ago

    The Joker on meth! That description was PERFECT! :) X3

  • SourceCZ
    SourceCZ 7 months ago +8

    Who's here from Deadpool 2 Spoiler talk? Time travel didn't work....

  • Golden Light Pictures
    Golden Light Pictures 7 months ago +1

    who else is here from his Deadpool 2 spoiler review?...

    • Golden Light Pictures
      Golden Light Pictures 6 months ago

      Just go watch it let's jst say he he had a time traveling device in that one...

    • Big Lenny
      Big Lenny 6 months ago

      Golden Light Pictures What happened

  • Kisra009
    Kisra009 7 months ago

    This a bad movie

  • crazedmartinez
    crazedmartinez 7 months ago

    This movie was total garbage I stopped taking this guy seriously after this .... but now he regrets his review?

    PLUSHY 8 months ago

    Sadly Jeremy you went able to fix this video

  • David Rouben
    David Rouben 8 months ago +5

    Who’s here after Jeremy’s deadpool 2 spoiler review?!

  • James Bass
    James Bass 8 months ago +4

    Maximum effort!

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore 8 months ago +77

    Anyone come back after the deadpool 2 spoiler talk?

  • Setorrs11
    Setorrs11 8 months ago

    He went back in time but couldn't change it. Shame!

    • B R
      B R Month ago

      crazedmartinez I think the second one.

    • crazedmartinez
      crazedmartinez 7 months ago

      Setorrs11 did he re watch and realized it was shit or did it to please the fans ...

  • idontknow
    idontknow 8 months ago +5

    Anyone here from Jeremy's Deadpool 2 SPOILER Talk?

  • FatDayChallenge
    FatDayChallenge 8 months ago

    I came here after the Deadpool 2 spoiler review to see if it actually changed lol.

  • JST Stuff and goods
    JST Stuff and goods 8 months ago

    The video needs to be re uploaded to fit with the DP2 Spoiler review

  • Starbursts
    Starbursts 8 months ago

    Jeremy: This movie's pretty good!
    Me: Jeremy why?

  • Cormonkey Productions
    Cormonkey Productions 8 months ago +4

    Anyone here from the deadpool 2 review?

  • Jayson Bourque
    Jayson Bourque 8 months ago +5

    Anyone come back here from Jeremy’s Deadpool 2 Spoiler Talk?

  • King ArtEmiz 2XXX
    King ArtEmiz 2XXX 8 months ago +1

    SPOILERS(and for those who watched the Jeremy's DP2 spoilers' talk):

    Jeremy goes back in time and fixes and the review's rating to what it's actually suppose to be.

  • Joao Gadelha
    Joao Gadelha 8 months ago +5

    You're here because you saw deadpool 2 spoiler talk!!!

  • Jordan Norton
    Jordan Norton 8 months ago +4

    who's here from dp2 spoiler talk

  • Monkee Nez
    Monkee Nez 8 months ago +6

    Shame the time travel didn't work :(
    - watch Deadpool 2 spoiler review.

  • Super Growlithe Odyssey

    The Joker doesn't work when Batman is just a ruthless killer

  • Damien Khan
    Damien Khan 8 months ago

    To this day he still hasn't lived his down

  • crazykidz C.O
    crazykidz C.O 8 months ago +15

    Dead pool 2 spoiler review. You're welcome.

  • TheAnimePrince
    TheAnimePrince 8 months ago +1

    You didn't fix this Jeremy!
    Goddamn multiverse...

  • Adam Woolston
    Adam Woolston 8 months ago +1

    Here after his Deadpool 2 Review😂

  • Sam Reilly
    Sam Reilly 8 months ago +7

    Couldn't fix the timeline

  • Troybane
    Troybane 8 months ago +1

    Damn lol I was hoping for something post dp2 spoiler talk

  • Popedefcon4 1
    Popedefcon4 1 8 months ago


  • AEM Reviews
    AEM Reviews 8 months ago +7

    Who came from deadpool 2 spoiler review and wanted to see the buy on blue ray line

  • NFStyles
    NFStyles 8 months ago +1

    This video just got retconned lol :D

  • TheEpicNinja
    TheEpicNinja 8 months ago +1

    Who’s here after his Deadpool 2 spoiler talk

  • Fart Tony
    Fart Tony 8 months ago +10

    Deadpool 2 Spoiler Review changed Jeremy's timeline so this never happened folks, hate to break it to you

  • Josh Kimmel
    Josh Kimmel 8 months ago

    Came here after Deadpool 2 spoilers vid.

  • Cryo
    Cryo 8 months ago +2

    Came here to warn you to duck!

  • Hetnon Freitas
    Hetnon Freitas 8 months ago +1

    I'm just coming here to remind you of this Review Jeremy!!! That was sad!

  • Dylan Skye
    Dylan Skye 8 months ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? He gave this movie the same rating he gave Avengers Infinity War.... let that sink in.

    • Dylan Skye
      Dylan Skye 8 months ago

      Haha yea, just saw his Deadpool 2 review. Very clever, he's earned my respect back lol

    • TheAnimePrince
      TheAnimePrince 8 months ago +3

      He tried to fix this. Watch his Deadpool Spoiler Review.

  • Ramiro Perdiguero Díaz

    THIS MOVIE SUCK ASS. A disrispect to the original SS

  • Natalie Reese
    Natalie Reese 8 months ago

    Honestly you have me wondering if we even watched the same movie. You literally could not be more wrong on any point. Jared Leto doesn't even laugh in the movie. As the JOKER. Let that sink in. Oh and im not even going to go into the glorification of his relationship with Harley, which goes beyond twisted into sheer evil and not in the fun "haha superhero movie about villains" way, either. It's in the way that makes me extremely uncomfortable. Will Smith stars as Will Smith. That's it. He's literally the exact same character he was in every single movie he's ever been in. This movie, in no uncertain terms, is the worst "superhero movie" of all time. It makes BvS look like an Academy Award nominee.

  • Gregory Miranda
    Gregory Miranda 8 months ago

    Perfect review

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu 8 months ago

    I can't believe this is real.