The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • This was my FAVORITE thing to do in CSGO! NOW ITS IN TF2 BABY
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  • Dillon Benons
    Dillon Benons 2 hours ago

    I am going to slap a cat:typical muselk.😢😁😂😀

  • Oley
    Oley 8 hours ago +1

    Anybody when Cray says Muselk hears it like Moosealk?

  • Oley
    Oley 8 hours ago +1

    im surpised that this time there was no random guy saying ''Us3 c0d3 mus3l2, b3 4 l3g3nd''.

  • Llama Mikos
    Llama Mikos Day ago


    Me:Does That Make any Sense?

  • Levi Explains things

    who elde is here for craytor

  • Vortex 360
    Vortex 360 Day ago

    Muselk: you won’t see me rage in this video
    Muselk in level 11: IM GOING TO SLAP A CAT

  • The legendary guy
    The legendary guy 3 days ago

    That’s what she said

  • Greg Conley
    Greg Conley 3 days ago

    Don’t slap a cat!!!

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 3 days ago

    I was on the best part of the video then snow man pal

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 3 days ago

    3 minutes in and there already sounding like deep fried memes 3:23

  • Adam Vidackovic
    Adam Vidackovic 4 days ago

    You have balloons

  • daogboigang Y
    daogboigang Y 5 days ago

    U should make rage themed merch

  • Hector Fernandez
    Hector Fernandez 6 days ago

    Not every farmer is a hillbilly. I know cause I am form Tennessee and yes we wear shoes y’all racists and y’all includes Muselk

  • thewaynecrew
    thewaynecrew 7 days ago

    Cray stop moaning

  • thewaynecrew
    thewaynecrew 7 days ago

    How, no, bitch, and nooooooooooooooooooo
    Not raging

  • thewaynecrew
    thewaynecrew 7 days ago

    Through the whole
    A kid friendly channel

    ICHAFFEMITWAFFE 18 days ago

    "Holy son of a satan!"


  • Creative Gamer
    Creative Gamer 23 days ago

    Can I get a few vibe checks? No? K...

  • Calico Cola
    Calico Cola 23 days ago

    At the beginning that supposed to be a b hopping not a regular death run

  • Rizz Cloud
    Rizz Cloud Month ago

    I want to do this lol ight ima get on

  • Jayden King
    Jayden King Month ago

    I hate that he never puts the island code😡

  • Kyu Parret
    Kyu Parret Month ago

    Muselk's Gf: 6:21

  • Nervous System
    Nervous System Month ago

    I don’t even know if you can call it a death RUN because it’s too much FUN
    Cizzors FunRun:
    Write that down, write that down

  • Plague Hunter
    Plague Hunter Month ago

    12:25 best thing ever 😂 i cant stop laughing

  • Ever Wagner
    Ever Wagner Month ago

    What's the code

  • UnStOpAbLe_HPT 567
    UnStOpAbLe_HPT 567 Month ago

    Only true CS:GO Fans will understand my sickness by watching this video🤦🏼‍♂️

  • 2throwed281
    2throwed281 Month ago

    Muselk, you're an entertaining dude. I don't even play fortnite but i enjoy your vids. You and your bruce bunch are funny as hell.

  • infinity 300
    infinity 300 Month ago

    Cray is so positive!

  • Alexandru Pascaru
    Alexandru Pascaru Month ago

    That's what she said 6:19

  • Bianca Iannuzzi Ripolo

    Muselk: this is a no mad death run
    5 seconds later: HoLy Sh*T!

  • Leon Thomas
    Leon Thomas 2 months ago

    fuck you muselk

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer 2 months ago

    Muselk: cray your gonna make it!!!!
    Map: no possible way to die
    Cray:manages to die somehow

  • Jayden Choi
    Jayden Choi 2 months ago

    Crayater is sooooo nice

  • DarK eclipse
    DarK eclipse 2 months ago

    kitsune at its finest

  • watermelontheguy
    watermelontheguy 2 months ago

    I made a surf map too

  • Vuk Panajotovic
    Vuk Panajotovic 3 months ago

    muselk:"It's so small cray !!"

  • snuggy707
    snuggy707 3 months ago

    He said dont get a ego on lvl 2 but 1:50

  • Kyran Dix
    Kyran Dix 3 months ago

    I’ve beat this 4 times

  • Dr1xt
    Dr1xt 3 months ago

    Dude I play normal surf and Idk why but I hate this soo much. Like they are different game come up with something original...

  • Torin Howling
    Torin Howling 3 months ago

    Who else got mad when muselk missed most coins

  • hi W
    hi W 3 months ago

    I still play surf

  • 0cean . 304
    0cean . 304 3 months ago

    What is the code wtf he never said it

  • Joe Englebert
    Joe Englebert 3 months ago

    Be nice to cray

  • TheGodGamer TGG
    TheGodGamer TGG 3 months ago +1

    You've already played this one

  • the bitch next door
    the bitch next door 4 months ago

    i honestly love cray ngl (muselk too lmao)


  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 4 months ago

    HOLY SON OF A SATEN - muselk

  • Tribute Is my name
    Tribute Is my name 4 months ago +1

    What was this maps code

  • Tristan Larson
    Tristan Larson 4 months ago +1

    Muselk:Its so small, its so small cray!

    Me:Thats what she said!!XD

  • Camelz
    Camelz 4 months ago


  • Ibraheem Alkahlout
    Ibraheem Alkahlout 4 months ago

    L’entité ruins everything

  • Tristan Otuomagie
    Tristan Otuomagie 4 months ago +1

    6:21-6:23. Muselk: it’s so small Cray it’s so small😭
    Everyone else: THATS WHAT SHE SAID🤣

  • Require Healing
    Require Healing 4 months ago

    I love how cray is always so positive and never toxic I wish there were more people like that

  • Colin Boudreau
    Colin Boudreau 4 months ago

    Love the vid man

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 4 months ago

    5:53, you'll thank me later

  • Parente
    Parente 4 months ago


  • coolmanhunk gaming
    coolmanhunk gaming 4 months ago

    i played this map and broke my switch its really easy right?

  • Prodigy_fresh-_- O
    Prodigy_fresh-_- O 4 months ago

    Your gay

  • Mac Donald’s Gamer
    Mac Donald’s Gamer 4 months ago

    You may know the Instagram famous egg sooo....

    so let’s make the comment famous egg

  • Alex Bessette
    Alex Bessette 4 months ago

    Another way to make a surf map chiller traps or ice tiles
    Ice tiles are preferred

  • -VoidPandaYT -
    -VoidPandaYT - 4 months ago

    Muselk: ‘this is gonna be a no rage deathrun’ 2 seconds later Muselk ‘Ahhhhhhh I hate this bloody game