The *FIRST* SURF MAP In Fortnite!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • This was my FAVORITE thing to do in CSGO! NOW ITS IN TF2 BABY
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  • Tristan Otuomagie
    Tristan Otuomagie 3 hours ago

    6:21-6:23. Muselk: it’s so small Cray it’s so small😭
    Everyone else: THATS WHAT SHE SAID🤣

  • JU271N 2006
    JU271N 2006 16 hours ago

    I love how cray is always so positive and never toxic I wish there were more people like that

  • Colin Boudreau
    Colin Boudreau 21 hour ago

    Love the vid man

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore Day ago

    5:53, you'll thank me later

  • Parente
    Parente 3 days ago


  • coolmanhunk gaming
    coolmanhunk gaming 3 days ago

    i played this map and broke my switch its really easy right?

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz 6 days ago

    Your gay

  • Mac Donald’s Gamer

    You may know the Instagram famous egg sooo....

    so let’s make the comment famous egg

  • Alex Bessette
    Alex Bessette 6 days ago

    Another way to make a surf map chiller traps or ice tiles
    Ice tiles are preferred

  • Payton Neil
    Payton Neil 6 days ago

    Muselk: ‘this is gonna be a no rage deathrun’ 2 seconds later Muselk ‘Ahhhhhhh I hate this bloody game

  • Breein Baggerly
    Breein Baggerly 6 days ago

    Trying to figure out what map was by hooshen because I remember playing it

  • julian northen
    julian northen 7 days ago

    Cray seems like a much better partner than fresh like if you agree

  • Dantae Casini
    Dantae Casini 7 days ago

    Says that he's not going to rage... Secret final level🤬

  • Trevor 18 Chargers
    Trevor 18 Chargers 8 days ago

    Lol Lanna is fucking ur sis

  • Random AnimeWatcher
    Random AnimeWatcher 9 days ago +1


  • The Universe Collective

    Muselk: "Cray, Cray, listen to me. I've done the numbers, I've calculated the angles, I know EXACTLY how to beat this level. Are you ready? Blow your mind-
    Muselk: "Ugh, just- I'm recalculating"
    So funny lol love your videos, Elliot! You & Cray are a riot together! Much love ❤

  • Foxmen
    Foxmen 10 days ago

    Why did crayator sound like the villain from the green hornet at 15:45

  • PurpleDarkness YT
    PurpleDarkness YT 12 days ago

    6:19 thats what she said😏😏😏

  • Ceiron Malifa
    Ceiron Malifa 12 days ago

    8:53 forgot to carry the 1

  • FTG stomp
    FTG stomp 13 days ago


  • jack smith
    jack smith 14 days ago

    code is 0983-2790-7319

  • Daniel Solorzano
    Daniel Solorzano 16 days ago

    I remember playing this exact map a couple months ago. Woah

  • Crystal Farley
    Crystal Farley 16 days ago

    nononononoononjonnnonoononnomnnonononnononononnonnon dont say that name that starts with s

  • Daddy Jacob
    Daddy Jacob 17 days ago

    The amount of voice cracks in this video is so bad

  • Denton Lloyd
    Denton Lloyd 17 days ago

    i as one of your subs enjoy it

  • Anime Edits
    Anime Edits 17 days ago +1

    6:19 that's what she said

  • Armin C4
    Armin C4 18 days ago

    They should have used ice to slide you......

  • allen kaskevics
    allen kaskevics 20 days ago

    You have to fit though this tiny hole 😂😂 😂😂😂!!!!

  • GwumpyRaccoon
    GwumpyRaccoon 20 days ago

    Muselk: Begs and pleads for cray to not do it first try.
    Cray: Does not do it first try as a result.
    Muselk: *Intimidation techniques my friend*

  • Metafail
    Metafail 21 day ago

    Turn up your volume and go to 14:16

  • James Bentley
    James Bentley 22 days ago

    All ready beat my high score 😞

  • Drew Gaydosh
    Drew Gaydosh 24 days ago +1

    Cray is pretty positive

  • Bryan Vazquez
    Bryan Vazquez 24 days ago

    CSGO: am I a joke to you?

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 25 days ago +1

    Austin powers: yeah baby!
    Muselk: yeah baby!
    Austin powers: (shakes head)
    Like if u have ever watched Austin powers

  • Pannari
    Pannari 26 days ago

    wenny pong

  • reel VlogsTv
    reel VlogsTv 27 days ago +2

    Does this remind y'all of run on cool math games 😂

  • Carrie Honaker
    Carrie Honaker 27 days ago

    Just watched it it was the barrier map

  • TrashA1mbot
    TrashA1mbot 27 days ago

    Muselk: im not going to rage
    2 seconds after: I hate you reee far out im not mad

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 27 days ago

    you'd think after all the death run crap he's done, he'd at least get a little bit better

  • Jaxson Moe
    Jaxson Moe 28 days ago

    Cray isn’t as mean as fresh

  • Super0JET0
    Super0JET0 28 days ago

    Baby videos

  • Logan Laswell
    Logan Laswell 28 days ago

    I love your videos justed subed

  • mattie bell
    mattie bell 28 days ago +1


    DIO ZA WARUDO 28 days ago

    6:39 HOLY SON OF A SATAN bruh why is this so funny to me

    EDDY PRUDUCTIONS 29 days ago

    13:54 "he beats one level" no no no elliot he beats you in mostly all of them

    CS SÇÆR 29 days ago

    13:50 lmao crayator pronounced elliot as " oh ali-a t ali-a t"

  • Nappy Shinobi
    Nappy Shinobi Month ago

    What's the code

  • FoxyXs
    FoxyXs Month ago

    it's crayator!!

  • Ball Islife
    Ball Islife Month ago

    Fortnites so boring the most energetic TVclipr doesn’t play pubs

  • Commit_KYS_69
    Commit_KYS_69 Month ago +2

    I was watching this video with my cat and she ran away when he said that he would slap a cat

  • Shrek Boy
    Shrek Boy Month ago +1

    6:20 story of my life

  • BARI_ Gaming11
    BARI_ Gaming11 Month ago

    What’s the code

  • sadri jakupi
    sadri jakupi Month ago

    15:33 breh!!!!!

  • GalaxyCat
    GalaxyCat Month ago +1

    If you see in description muselk say something wrong
    Can you find it?

  • Donald Telking
    Donald Telking Month ago


  • BTRY_Dynamix 43
    BTRY_Dynamix 43 Month ago

    no one make a thats what she said joke

  • Cringe Gamer
    Cringe Gamer Month ago

    Commentary Channels, very quietly: 0:00

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    For the people wondering the code is 0983-2790-7319

  • Jordan Retrothrees
    Jordan Retrothrees Month ago

    Shane dawson with the cat

  • story time
    story time Month ago

    6:19 that what she said

  • PuLsE_Seahawks
    PuLsE_Seahawks Month ago

    To you

  • PuLsE_Seahawks
    PuLsE_Seahawks Month ago

    What the h#$l happened

  • PuLsE_Seahawks
    PuLsE_Seahawks Month ago

    We see a new trait from you

  • Dark Hole
    Dark Hole Month ago

    This map is old

  • Farah M
    Farah M Month ago

    Hah crays comments are my favorites. I love his voice haha very funny. You should do more videos with cray!

  • Skullhunter9
    Skullhunter9 Month ago

    14:52 through 15:04. The biggest "That's what she said" of this whole video.

  • Tidan Toons
    Tidan Toons Month ago +1

    6:19 Guys I think he is talking about my penis.

  • Thomas Krislovic
    Thomas Krislovic Month ago

    Cs go is the only thing I play since 2015

  • N1994 69
    N1994 69 Month ago

    6:21 that’s what she said


    5:14 Muselk Vs 6:28 Muselk

  • AllThatRandom
    AllThatRandom Month ago


  • Charlie BEevers
    Charlie BEevers Month ago

    ''IT'S SO SMALL'' that's what she said

  • Octobro Playz
    Octobro Playz Month ago

    ‘That’s single handedly the worst possible noise that is on this earth’
    -Lannan Eacott 2019

  • King Saniyat
    King Saniyat Month ago

    You can tell Muselk is missing Fresh. He kept trying to start a fight or be toxic but Cray won't respond 😂😂

  • King Saniyat
    King Saniyat Month ago +1

    Any CSGO players here??

  • Mathias Børnstad Jensen

    This is a discrase of surfing

  • M Nagano
    M Nagano Month ago

    Thats not surfing but falling a bit slower

  • Dwand Ahmed
    Dwand Ahmed Month ago

    This is how many people got ligma from the lights ⬇️

  • Frijoles Ricos
    Frijoles Ricos Month ago

    Why is cray belittled:( he treats muselk kindly

  • Graham Carmichael-Luck

    Muselk: I won't rage
    Also Muselk at 7:30: Ohh hooshen you son of a..

  • SthirMessi
    SthirMessi Month ago +1

    How many times he died the last level

  • PauL
    PauL Month ago

    Sturmwaffels outro lol 2:58

    Edit:Germans could know him :3

  • Sasmit Saurav
    Sasmit Saurav Month ago

    Bhop map??

  • Juliana Huffman
    Juliana Huffman Month ago

    Ur an evil mapmaker! Keep at it!

  • BEYONDeviled
    BEYONDeviled Month ago

    6:20 that's what she said

  • Cameron Stewart
    Cameron Stewart Month ago

    I actually watch his deathruns for good content he's a big try hard in the normal mode

  • dino boi1116
    dino boi1116 Month ago

    That’s what she said 6:19

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright Month ago correct, 100%

  • Blak Nite
    Blak Nite Month ago +5

    Elliot doesn't know what a farmer is confirmed

  • Julian Bicknell
    Julian Bicknell Month ago

    Warm gun deathrun

  • Cole Bailey
    Cole Bailey Month ago


  • Seb And lads
    Seb And lads Month ago

    U beat him three times

  • Exirees
    Exirees Month ago

    If this is surfing then im santa and muselk at the same time

  • Lorenzo S
    Lorenzo S Month ago +1

    6:19 that's what she said

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Just play csgo

  • Benjamin Mosley
    Benjamin Mosley Month ago +1

    The size of my peen.

  • Wilddog Z
    Wilddog Z Month ago


  • NajenHD
    NajenHD Month ago

    Cray and Muselk: *die*
    9 year olds: U bOtH r SuCh FrEaKiN‘ bOtS dUde
    Also 9 year olds: *try the map and die*
    Daequan: You‘re trash kid. OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

  • NajenHD
    NajenHD Month ago

    6:21 no one:
    Literally no one:
    Muselk: It‘s so small
    9 year olds: ThAt‘S wHaT sHe SaId!1!1!

  • kiefer bandiez
    kiefer bandiez Month ago

    cray is so supportive