Logan - Movie Review

  • Published on Feb 17, 2017
  • In a world of an unknown X-Men timeline continuity, Logan and Xavier must protect a little girl being hunted by an agency. Get ready for some rated R Wolverine as we've always wanted! Here's my review of "Logan"!
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  • Xnx Gaming
    Xnx Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Disney has now acquired Fox, Logan is officially the last great movie Fox gave us.

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz 25 days ago

    Ahh the days of using school pencils/pens as Wolverine claws. Ah good times. Good times...

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman Month ago +1

    #10. Origins Wolverine.
    #9. The Last Stand
    #8. X-MEN
    #7. Apocalypse
    #6. The Wolverine
    #5. Deadpool 2
    #4. X2
    #3. Deadpool
    #2. Logan, this one's the best but...
    #1. Days of Future Past, This one is my favorite.

  • Abranth Srivatsav Dayal

    Coming from Jeremy. I'm surprised this review doesn't have a " The last of us" reference.

  • Nero Bruno
    Nero Bruno Month ago

    It sAcked bUlls! A disgrace for one of the greatest Marvel characters. LAME STORY, DUMB PLOT, CLICHE RIDDEN. A basic betch of a film.
    Hollywood today = let's use lots of blood to cover lack of story. This movie was so wooden they should have called it Pinocchio.
    After the first Wolverine movie I vowed never to go see any Xmen or wolverine ever. Today I chanced a rental as it was 2 bucks. Well, I feel I deserve a 4 buck refund.
    This movie is BUDGET. Even the main bad guy is a budget trick.
    Or the average viewers that like this (and critics) are just dim dumb degenerates.

    PS After seeing this trash in 2019 I feel the applause for Black Panther must have partially been traumatised relief that this
    rubbish is behind us.

  • mimmo Esposito
    mimmo Esposito 2 months ago

    x-men 7/10
    x-men 2 8'5/10
    x-men the last stand 10/10
    x-men origini wolverine 8/10
    x-men first class 8+/10
    the wolverine 5-/10
    x-men days of future past 7-/10
    x-men apocalypse 5/10
    logan 9'5/10

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 2 months ago

    The movie is rated R and that’s a good thing because it allows them to explore a bit more of the brutal side of old man Logan. It’s not just the fuck word that caused this movie will be rated R as well. It’s the fact that water and struggles to get all three of his claws out and one of them halfway out and bloody and asked to put the rest the way out while in a fight with a group of cholos. Just like Jeremy said, it felt like the movie was organically rated R and that they weren’t trying to push or force anything just to they get their R rating. I also want to say that here in Patrick Stewart as professor Charles Xavier saying the fuck word doesn’t feel out of place within the context of the movie. I know that a lot of people who saw the red band trailer and heard Patrick Stewart say the fuck word commented that it wasn’t a natural word or phrase or emotion that we would expect from Professor Charles Xavier and it was out of character. When you hear it in the movie within the context of everything that’s happening if feels very organic and natural.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed the guy with the robot hand as the villain of the movie. I also want to say that I noticed that the robot and doesn’t move as fast as a human hand. You can see that when he opens his fist the fingers open up slightly slower than what you’re used to and it’s noticeable when he changes his gestures with his hand. It’s a small minor detail that I don’t think a lot of people are going to notice but I really liked it. It’s like when you watch Star Wars and you know that Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker both have metal hands but they just react like normal hands with a glove on them. Like this guy in the movie Logan has a mechanical hand and it may be CGI it might be however they made it come to life but it looked like it would be a real mechanical prosthetic. Again, it’s a small detail in the movie but I thought it was unnecessary detail because I really appreciated that one small detail. If you’re someone that didn’t know what is go back and watch the movie again and pay attention every time I see this guys mechanical hand and you’ll see what I mean it’s slower than regular human hand. There’s one specific shot where they show his hand in a fist and his time opens up and all of his fingers open up separately and you can see that it’s truly a mechanical hand because it doesn’t react like a real human and it’s a bit slower than human and even though it’s got all the joints in the right places it’s still mechanical. Just go back and pay attention to every time we see the mechanical hand and you’ll know what I mean

  • Mr. Tintin
    Mr. Tintin 2 months ago

    One of the best movies I've ever seen. This movie is art. Pure art.

  • Cristian Gomez
    Cristian Gomez 3 months ago

    12/23/2018 I'm still crying about Logan

  • Alex Van de Riet
    Alex Van de Riet 4 months ago

    Awesometacular or we riot!

  • Visible Jeff
    Visible Jeff 4 months ago

    Why do people always go on about the R rating. The rating depends on what country it’s in. In Australia Logan is MA15+.

  • Miles B.
    Miles B. 5 months ago

    I like that I can tell the quality of a movie because it's the inverse of your review runtime. Good movie? You have ~5-8min of commentary because you don't know shit about quality.
    Shitty movie? Marvel franchise? Pop culture phenom? You have ~11-15min praising... actually I don't even know you just say random shit with no actual analysis but it's good for the clicks. Anyway I subbed but I hope you develop an opinion on film in the coming vids.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 5 months ago

    Ya know before I saw logan the only movies I cared about was star wars and marvel cause f*ck DC man(I was really stupid guys). So me and my dad ordered a bunch of comic book movies on amazon and we saw logan and I was like "I dont know I dont think I like wolverine" and my dad said "hey I saw the trailer it looked good". So we watched wonder woman and spiderman homecoming and we got to logan. Logan blew me the fuck away. It made me cry. It made my dad cry. And I had never even seen an x men movie! And yeah boys first r rated movie so... yeah that was interesting. When I saw logan I realised that movies can trenscend just blockbusters they can be art they can change lives. To this day logan is one of the best films ive ever seen.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 5 months ago

    WTF was so weird about Patrick Stewart dropping an F-Bomb?

  • The Second Floor
    The Second Floor 6 months ago

    You know a movie is good when you rewatch it and you need to rewatch the review right after

  • Christopher
    Christopher 7 months ago +1

    Mormon subscriber

  • Chez
    Chez 7 months ago

    Logan was the only really good X Men movie

    • Caleb
      Caleb 7 months ago


  • Nick Manfredi
    Nick Manfredi 11 months ago +7

    I feel horrible for the actor who becomes the next Wolverine

  • gor9027
    gor9027 11 months ago +2

    This film deserved far more recognition at the Oscars. Glad Jeremy at least ranked this the #1 movie of 2017.

  • NEL Productions
    NEL Productions Year ago +1

    I saw Logan..............it was flippin awsome

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy Year ago +1

    Third best film of the year for me, but I can see why it’s people’s number(it was mine for awhile)

  • a curious gamer
    a curious gamer Year ago

    Logan didn't live up to the hype. It's a good movie, not amazing but good....

  • Nigel Vampire
    Nigel Vampire Year ago +1

    I'd love an x 23 movie

  • Truth YAHWEH
    Truth YAHWEH Year ago

    U and Chris suck at reviews this movie sucked. Justice league was better than this even without the Zach Snyder cut the only interesting part of this movie was the relationship between Logan and professor. Everything else was useless killing. I wish they would have stayed with the story from the first wolverine but they destroyed it after they made the second movie. Y not keep his brother in it some how get his memories back is so much more interesting. Why make Logan story was retarded. They get to a nice family house they they all get killed everyone dies and the girl is crazy but not in a good way seemed demonic not like a badass. Logan sucked wolverine was the only good one they fd it up when they stopped with everything at the end of wolverine.

    • Martin VR
      Martin VR 10 months ago

      Truth YAHWEH Lol Justice League better? the fuck, now you must be in crack or have a terrible taste in movies if you think JL is better than Logan.

  • Akilda Lion
    Akilda Lion Year ago

    This movie just looks so much like the last of us.

  • I can't think of a good username 69

    Question do you need to watch the xmen and wolverine movies before you watch This?

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS Year ago +1

    Best soundtrack my ass! This should have been nominated for best fucken picture!

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius Year ago +1

    If I wanted to watch someone be so twisted and angry, then I would get back with my ex-wife.

  • Martin VR
    Martin VR Year ago

    This is the best superhero movie next to Batman TDK movie.

  • KingSupreme
    KingSupreme Year ago

    It is a darn x men movie

  • Santosh Mahamune
    Santosh Mahamune Year ago +1


  • T Bone
    T Bone Year ago +1

    Little did we know ....this would be your number one movie of 2017

  • Hello World
    Hello World Year ago +2

    I've watched this movie 3 times already I'm going to watch it again tomorrow.

  • Calum John Roberts

    Even though I did enjoy this film very much, if the BBFC in the UK had any moral compass, they should've asked Fox to release an fully uncut version and just give it an 18 certificate. For Strong Gory Violence, Language and extremely strong threat.
    It would've been given R in America, nothing in the US unless it's hardcore porn or a Mike Leigh film gets an NC-17.

  • maximus farah
    maximus farah Year ago +5

    ...and it's his best movie of 2017!!

  • richard Lai
    richard Lai Year ago +65

    This better be your #1 movie of 2017!

  • laos85
    laos85 Year ago

    Badly written movie and very overrated. So many stuff doesn't make any sense and the movie lack style and humour which is kinda souless. Come and get me fanboys!

  • Dapple Dog
    Dapple Dog Year ago

    I hate buffering. 🤬 Chris Stuckmann might make a good wolverine too...

  • Jay Tillah
    Jay Tillah Year ago +1

    Charles killed the X-menLaura x23 aka Logan’s daughter Logan died at the end I was tearing up

  • Sky Lord Panglot
    Sky Lord Panglot Year ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this movie was average at best?
    (Warning spoilers!!)
    X-men usually delivers awesomeness, compares superhuman powers and poses threats different from what we have in our world. This movie did none of that. The action was presented in gory dismembering of faceless extras. The other part is... Depressing with a lot of plot holes and simply non logical behavior. Also whatever happened to all of the mutants? What the hell is even going on in the world this movie presents. Its looks grim at best. I don't want to say that grim cant be good, but that's not what marvel universe is. And the whole story... The antagonists were just the most cliche antagonists you can ever create. The main catalyst was the experiments with the kids and it was also cliche AF. And after all the resolution was extremely disappointing. The death of Charles was plains stupid and the death of Logan was again cliche AF.
    Before the counter hate starts raining I want to state that this is, of course purely my own opinion. I'm just sharing what I didn't like about the movie and why I find it bad addition to the X-men franchise. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't see it, or that I'm telling you not to like it. I really just want to see if someone shares my opinion.

  • Joel George
    Joel George Year ago

    Fuck Logan ......

  • Tcrumpen
    Tcrumpen Year ago +1

    If i waanted to get into teh Xmen films; would you recommend this film as a starting place (I know a little about Wolverine and who he is but never seen any of the xmen films)

    • Hulkbuster 103
      Hulkbuster 103 Year ago +1

      Yeah, there is not really any references to the other movies. Although it would be better to watch the other movies so you have that emotional impact.

  • Thomas Brodhead
    Thomas Brodhead Year ago +2

    #1 Logan
    #2 days of future past
    #3 x2
    #4 first class
    #5 the wolverine

  • Mari of the Shire
    Mari of the Shire Year ago +1

    I just saw this movie the other night and HOLY SHIT IT RIPPED MY HEART OUT. I don't usually cry in movies, but this one.... holy shit...

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy Year ago +2

    This movie is clearly the best superhero movie of the year,
    Spider-man homecoming was alright.
    Gotg was a meh.
    thor ragnarok was another Meh
    Wonder woman: boring as hell.
    And league justice.... it was overhyped and kinda Meh too.
    Logan: amazing, emotional and great perfomance. People who didn't like it because they don't undesrtood some parts of this movie needs to do a fucking research and read some comics, and watch the movie carefully again. This is clearly on the top best superheros movies ever of all time

  • vik saggu
    vik saggu Year ago +12

    Hugh Jackman is so into this character that he should legally change his name to Logan

  • Marvel Knights
    Marvel Knights Year ago +55

    I’m sorry to say this,but Logan is better than The Dark Knight

    • HN YS
      HN YS 15 days ago

      I agree, if Heath Ledger won an Oscar, I believe Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen deserved an Oscar nomination. It was better

    • Alex Sowiak
      Alex Sowiak 20 days ago

      Anton A. Logan’s better

    • Anton A.
      Anton A. 3 months ago +1

      +Captain Jakemerica, so it’s okay for people to say that many superhero movies have topped The Dark Knight, but it’s not okay for people to say that The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie, because, otherwise, that makes them into “toxic Nolanities”? It’s pretty ironic that you want to label people in such a negative way just for having an opinion, don’t you think? Pretty ironic. The reason why we say that The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie isn’t because we’re “toxic” (might as well call us “toxic males who spread toxic masculinity” to look even dumber), but because The Dark Knight is a complete reinvention of the superhero formula and it brilliantly plays off socially relevant topics while proving a complex narrative that brilliantly uses subjective and objective perspectives to tell its story. I’m yet to see a mainstream superhero movie on that level. Logan was amazing. But Logan was a simple road trip movie.

  • A.D.K
    A.D.K Year ago +12

    X-Men - Awesometacular
    X2 - Awesometacular
    X-Men: The Last Stand - Good Time If You're Drunk
    Origins - Dogshit
    X-Men: First Class - Awesometacular
    The Wolverine - Buy On Blu-Ray
    X-Men: Days of Future Past - Awesometacular
    X-Men: Apocalypse - Good TIme No Alcohol Required
    Logan - Awesometacuar

  • Liam Nigenda
    Liam Nigenda Year ago

    Bad thing about movie was agreeing to eat with the family while being hunted

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist Year ago

    It's weird cuz Disney owns Marvel, and they made this movie and Deadpool. I guess Marvel is allowed to make R-rated movies, but that's not what Disney is known for. Can someone just explain, I'm too dumb to understand

    • K. The Artist
      K. The Artist Year ago +1

      +SomeGuy Okay. Thank you. And have a nice Thanksgiving

    • SomeGuy
      SomeGuy Year ago

      K. Le Animateur Fox owns some marvel characters like the whole x-men and fantastic 4 beacuse they made a deal with marvel a long time ago, so fox did the job to make Logan and Deadpool with violence, if it was Disney then we won't ever be able to watch an R movie from them.

  • Jacob Conard
    Jacob Conard Year ago +2

    Me and me mum watched Logan tonight and we fucking cried at that ending.

  • Garrick Cahall
    Garrick Cahall Year ago

    How do people watch this guy? I feel like he's talking to a fussing toddler trying to get them to laugh

  • Cyrene2000
    Cyrene2000 Year ago +5

    Captain America Trilogy: 1. Good 2. Great 3. Fantastic
    Dark Knight Trilogy: 1. Good 2. Amazing 3. Great
    Wolverine Trilogy: 1. Awful 2. Great 3. Amazing
    Best comic book trilogies ever

    • Darragh Hynes
      Darragh Hynes Year ago +4

      Spider-Man trilogy: 1. Amazing 2. Amazing 3. Okay

  • kmont005
    kmont005 Year ago

    I freckin' love you... legit

  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia Year ago +3

    Didn't want to see this movie. Not that I hated it but I just wasn't interested in seeing it. *But then.* I was tricked into seeing it, I was told we were watching Beauty and The Beast. *BUT THEN.* HOLY FUCK WAS THIS MOVIE GOOD HOLY SHITS I CRIED ALL MY TEAR DUCTS DRY. *FUCK. THIS MOVIE IS GOOD.*

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey Year ago +2

    I would have liked the movie even more if it had Lady Deathstrike in the movie

  • kakasedfg
    kakasedfg Year ago +4

    I just watched the movie it's freaking amazing I love it

  • richard Lai
    richard Lai Year ago +4

    I dont give a fuck what all of you say but this movie is the best superhero movie of the decade... wait FUCK that
    This is the best movie of the decade (tie to Mad Max Fury Road)

  • Austin Kreider
    Austin Kreider Year ago

    I wonder how deadpool will react to the end

  • stanky poot
    stanky poot Year ago

    Didnt charles xavier die in xmen last stand

  • Sgt. Frank
    Sgt. Frank Year ago

    This movie didn't need to have gore nor an R rating to be good. The blood was no more than fan service

  • Hunam
    Hunam Year ago +2

    Rogue One - best Star Wars movie.
    Logan - best X-Men movie.

    • Marvel Knights
      Marvel Knights Year ago

      Hunam Captain America:The Winter Soldier Best MCU movie
      The Dark Knight best DC movie
      Wonder Woman best DCEU movie

    • A Honest Opinion
      A Honest Opinion Year ago +1

      Hunam No wtf. Empire is better than RO by a mile.

  • Mari
    Mari Year ago +9

    When she turned the cross into a X it took me a second to see what she did but when i saw it i teared up a little

  • Subwoofer 101
    Subwoofer 101 Year ago

    I really enjoy the X-men franchise, but this is the kind of movie that might drive a person to counseling. I bought it in 4K with confidence that I would enjoy owning it. I have no interest in seeing it again. It was the story's constant downward trajectory. If the point of this movie was to bum people out so badly that it increased sales of Xanax, mission accomplished. Unfortunate.

  • Troy Martin
    Troy Martin Year ago

    why is professor x alive? i thought he died early in the xmen series. When jean killed him

  • mango slug
    mango slug Year ago +2

    That whole scene at the black families house is so fucking dark it felt like a horror movie

  • J-rocksMOTO
    J-rocksMOTO Year ago

    👎👎👎👎👎👎movie was gay

  • Dave The Rave
    Dave The Rave Year ago +1

    Laura is, without a shadow of a doubt, THE SCARIEST 11 YEAR OLD I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! The dagger glare you mentioned? I'd say there more like long, bloody swords with pieces of brain on them. I was terrified when she was cutting into people.
    But I nearly cried my eyes out. So emotional

  • Liam Bishop
    Liam Bishop Year ago +1

    I still remember seeing this in the theater. I cried pretty hard at the ending which I was deeply saddened by...but the movie was still freaking awesome.

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Year ago +1

    This film should get Oscar nominations unfortunately Hollywood would rather give Oscar nominations to so some British historical epic or a British rom com dumb asses

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Year ago +1

    This film had tropes of a buddy movie with a bit of a road trip

  • tim nic
    tim nic Year ago +2

    BULLSHIT movie. WORST wolverine ever. I could not believe how shitty
    the movie is , but then I watched it because I like the other wolverine
    movies. Boring story and boring action, no sense of humor, no
    interesting villain. absolute disappointment for all wolverine fans.
    The storyline: Logan is a dying grandpa and a girl kills all enemies
    with her wolverine blades while Logan is dying. that's it. really BAD B
    movie shit.

    • The DXL Game Master
      The DXL Game Master Year ago +5

      tim nic
      Wow...you must know absolutely nothing about superhero movies. Logan was a masterpiece! All the characters had dimension to them. Hugh Jackman was phenomenal in the role of Wolverine! He didn't just growl all the time, he had depth, everyone he knew and loved was dead (except Professer X) so he was portraying a broken-down man who had nothing to lose until Laura came into his life. Professor X was awesome! He was portraying a man whose mind was broken down, having life-threatening seizures all the time and struggling with the pain that he killed the X-Men and that created one hell of a story arc for him! And Laura was one of the best things in this movie. Her performance was strong and had meaning and as child actors go she was REALLY good. *No one* and *nothing* was a plot device. They were all there for a reason! Well Logan's story may be a bit of a movie trope, it was portrayed in an effective way that makes the story even better! How can you complain about the fights, they were amazing! Like the Seizure hotel room fight, the Forest fight, and the first fight against the Reavers! Those were amazing! The Storyline was awesome! It was clear. Logan living in a pass world where all his friends are dead is a broken down, old, tired man who has no hope about a better life. Until Laura comes into his life and thus, his life has meaning as he has to get her to the border. And it starts a journey that is actually entertaining to watch! The death were earned by the charecters. Calaban's death was meaningful! He sacraficed himself for his friends! Professor X's death was sad and and had me crying at the theater! He had killed the X-Men and felt guilt for it. So when he died, he finally let that go. And don't even get me started on Logan's death! he was a man who wanted to get out of his life, he wanted to die because he had already gone through so much pain and torment and he wanted it to be over. And when he did die, he died happily because he knew that he had done the one thing he wanted to do and that was protect Laura because the one thing Logan is afraid of in life is love because everyone he loves ends up getting killed and when he was able to protect Laura, he died knowing that he was able to protect one of his own which gave the character a meaningful and sacrificial death. It was an amazing & heart-touching movie that *DEFINITELY* deserves an Oscar in my opinion and while it may not be your opinion, I hope I was able to show you a new side to the movie. But if not, stick with your opinion man and enjoy it.😁

  • Aishu H
    Aishu H Year ago +5

    It was not a great movie as it was hyped to be

  • Kriston S
    Kriston S Year ago +1

    I wish the didn't jump from location to location so much in the movie. I would've preferred fewer locations with more fleshed out scenes. I know they're on the run but still would've preferred longer stretches of some scenes. But that last arc though....yeah that was fucking awesome, no question.

  • Caius
    Caius Year ago

    Awesometacular, geat way to finish on a high, than we all getting bored of seeing Wolverine, as it could of happened.

  • Akhil S Kumar
    Akhil S Kumar Year ago +1

    logan is soo awesomeee !!!!!

  • Rolondo  Martinez
    Rolondo Martinez Year ago +2

    I cried so much bro.
    it was also my birthday

  • Palash
    Palash Year ago +1

    The movie was fantastic.Just watched it today.8.5/10.

  • YS r34
    YS r34 Year ago

    I thought it was a good movie but I’m disappointed that it was very depressing

  • poweroftheatom
    poweroftheatom Year ago +1

    5/5 rating

  • giannis psillias
    giannis psillias Year ago +1

    Logan is as close as we can get to the last of us on the big screen

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang Year ago +1

    Damn sad movie. The professor Xavier is dying, and has Alzheimer. Sometimes Xavier has spells, which kills hundreds, which if he remember he cries. Logan is poisoned, so his super healing power is just letting him die slow, and painfully. Almost all the mutants are gone, and the few who are left, no one cares about. The powers that be, have bred another batch of super children, which most are slaughtered. A group of nurses try to save the children, but are butchered. Logon is cloned, which a mindless murdering animal. Logan is only trying to save the Xavier best he can, as homeless man living in his car. The powers that be, have taken a sample from Logan, produced a child, Logan's child. He doesn't care about his own child, he tries to let her get caught, and killed. The Professor begs Logan to save the child, he does, just to please the professor. A poor, but honesty family tries help the Professor, Logan, and the little girl, but are slaughtered worst than animals. Logan's clone kills the professor. The professor thinks he killed by his best friend. The children think there is this safe place for them, Eden, but Logan abandons them to make their way on their own. The are caught, and being killed, Logan can't stand the sight of dying children, and tries to help them, and killed by his own clone, which save Logan from killing himself. The clone is kill buy a special bullet, which Logan was going to use to kill himself. Logan knows the dream of Eden is lie, there is no safe home for the very last of mutant kind, and children wander off looking for a lie. Fun movie.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago +1

    it is a awesome movie but it is sad that wolverine died but i'd rather have them kill off the character than have another actor ruin what hugh jackman created. but think of it this way if they make another x-men movie from apacolypse he is still alive and hugh can at least cameo wolverine

  • Fabian Gimenez
    Fabian Gimenez Year ago +1

    The movie is bad as bad can be. I can't believe after such a great movies they made him die in such a bad movie!!! Pls don't spend a cent on it

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur Year ago +1

    dude i loved logan am i the only one thay felt like they couldve made the fight with logan and x24 a little more legendary i say let logan show x-24 who the real wolverine is loved it all around though R.I.P. Wolverine you are a one of a kind and passing the torch to X23...and TY Hugh jackman for being the faces of one of the greatest super-mutents ever!!

  • Zac Irvin
    Zac Irvin Year ago +6

    I think this movie is pretty much perfect. Literally. My only complaint is best addressed with my personal comparison with The Last of Us. In the Last of Us, Joel and Ellie's relationship goes from the two pretty much hating each other and grows to a bond that of a father and daughter. Much like James and Laura in Logan. Except in The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie are given more screen time and storylines to grow believably, so that when the two finally truly care for one another it feels earned and undeniably satisfying. Logan on the other hand could have used a few more scenes fleshing out Logan and Laura's growing bond in my opinion. Because by the time the film reaches its heart-wrenching climax, (spoilers)...
    Logan went from sacrificing his life for Laura and her calling him "daddy" just a few dialogue and action scenes after Logan pretty much telling her that he was done with her. It felt rushed. But it still got me. I teared up like a fucking homo. Honestly in my eyes it's a minor complaint that doesn't overshadow how incredible this movie is. I'd give it a 9.75/10.

    • Zac Irvin
      Zac Irvin Year ago

      Andy Pham I totally agree with you, bro. Like I said, I think the movie is pretty much perfection. It's now my favorite comic book movie of all time. I'm just crossing my fingers for an extended cut to come out soon. Because there's no such thing as too much of Hugh Jackman's wolverine, and this is by far my favorite version of him, and I grew up with the X-men movies.

    • Andy Pham
      Andy Pham Year ago +1

      Well there's a difference between a game and a film, is time. With games, you can go as long as you like as long it tells a story while films have restricted amounts. Also, difference between Joel and Logan is that Joel is a normal human and Logan is a mutant who lived for centuries. Logan has been through a lot more than Joel, everyone he loved or gets attached too died and not many are there to help him end his suffering, not even Charles until his death before finally understanding him. Joel suffers the same way probably some of the Fireflies have went through - losing loved ones.
      It would be great to have scenes with Logan bonding with Laura, but a character like Logan is not easy to bond with someone with the snap of the fingers. We know what happens when he gets attached. He even said it when Laura was upset that he would not come with the children to safety because he doesn't want Laura to get hurt. When he died, he didn't need to say "I love you" or "You're my daughter". He showed it by understanding what it feels like to be a father.
      You may not need to agree of Logan's choices, but understand why he made those choices.It's a minor thing, but if you can outlive anyone in the world and going through a lot of wars and people dying, the best choice would usually be is not to get attached to someone that quickly.

  • Jason Muñoz
    Jason Muñoz Year ago

    movie sucks, period

  • arodgefan589
    arodgefan589 Year ago

    People claim that this movie is anti Trump, but idk how. Logan is hardly the first X-Men movie where the mutants have been wiped out, Days of Future Past anyone? The world seemed pretty normal, except of course for mutants. And that fucking practice with the mutant kids was noted as being illegal in Canada and the United States, hence why they were in Mexico. So, if the goal of this movie was to be anti Trump, James Mangold failed.

  • CaliforniaCrunchMuffin

    Anyone else find an interesting link between Logan and The Last of Us (Joel and Ellie)?

  • Areté
    Areté Year ago +4

    I honestly thought this movie was total shit ,just good acting but plot trash like no serious opponents, bunch of autistic children destroying everyone

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee Year ago +2

    Just saw this movie and wow! The ending was so emotional and the action was brutally savage!!

  • imicca
    imicca Year ago +3

    Patrick Stewart is such a good actor and .... i donno, he feels like he can be everyone's grandfather, or a teacher. I wanted to hug him :(

  • froboythestud
    froboythestud Year ago

    The most kick ass kid I ever saw in a movie was Napoleon Dynamite.

  • R32 E Train
    R32 E Train Year ago

    Bad movie

  • Jordan Gehl
    Jordan Gehl Year ago

    Good. But not as good as "Fant4stic."

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Year ago

    a moment of silence for the poor essays who shot Logan's truck

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    I was close to tears at the end of this movie and only 3 movies before this one made me cry. Up is not one of them

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch Year ago +2

    So far the Awesometacular Movies in 2017--->LOGAN, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, John Wick: Chapter 2, A Monster Calls, & Hidden Figures

  • J Mouch
    J Mouch Year ago +44

    As far as I'm concerned, Logan is right there with The Dark Knight as the best Super Hero movie ever made. Logan is way more emotional though.

    • LMAO_
      LMAO_ 2 months ago

      Will smith as wolverine

    • Sam Liu
      Sam Liu 8 months ago +1

      J Mouch hear me out, The Dark Knight is a great movie, but Logan was a beautiful movie. Do you get what I’m saying?

    • Aadil Mohammed
      Aadil Mohammed 10 months ago

      J Mouch same

      CFHVDOPFBD Year ago +1

      logan was great
      but dark knight is a masterpiece