How to identify a narcissist gang stalking organizer: the narcissism test


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  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 3 days ago

    Very interesting.

  • In 4ma
    In 4ma 6 days ago

    I would like to have zero anxiety, more patience, and a more chilled personality.

  • In 4ma
    In 4ma 6 days ago

    I don't want to change one iota but not because I think I'm perfect but because I don't believe it's right to change who I am to suit others!

  • In 4ma
    In 4ma 6 days ago

    I am simply the victim of a rich asshole who abuses his privilege and status

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 7 days ago

    They think its aliens and seen them
    They have chosen to help
    But the key is in the word
    "He counts too" old cave carving of god
    Etymnology - to hebrew
    Satan = the original accuser, slanderer, ande one to throw stick in yuor path (hinder you from maturing towards the truth and love aka god)
    ElDiablo - created by god in end times, and uses 'wind up toys' to test gods people in end of days
    They are putting on the mask of anti christ aka satan - the script is to slander and accuse
    The use heart rate and neural monitor
    They do mimmic you
    The are trauma based broken and possessed
    Being changed in a reverse clock work orange
    Problem = break people to misery, no group to collab or acceptance, emo, broken, sad = by design for step 2
    reaction = broken and dont care about anything aka for sale
    solution = get em deceieved and join the BEAST and by classical conditioning, program themself into evil, aka subversion needs be self imposed

  • Forget Gangstalking
    Forget Gangstalking 9 days ago

    Gangstalking is narcissistic abuse on steroids.

  • Teresa Richardson
    Teresa Richardson 14 days ago

    What is the purpose of CIA gang stalking?

  • Sylvia Simpson
    Sylvia Simpson 22 days ago

    Thank You.

  • Sylvia Simpson
    Sylvia Simpson 22 days ago

    "the real enemy is hiding in plain sight." So true. & So evil.

  • In house
    In house 26 days ago

    You Must raise your vibrational level. They Feed,off of negative emotions and they will trigger you to get them. Before your targeting they were still there but the Lord Sealed you from them. You are still SEALED but have down been brought down to see what is out there. You have either allow some wicked person into to your heavenly circle , been ungrateful for what God has done for you or he brought you down to help raise others up. Either way Christ is still with you. Stay void of negative emotions including sin which is negative in it self. The Devil will flee. KEEP your world heavenly . The cannot exist in the highest heavenly realms void of sin and negativity. This is why they must trigger you into anger,fear, low self worth,greed and sin. Have FAITH in the Lord when the plot and plan against you .Put it in Gods hands and leave it there. Never ponder upon it again. The lord has pulled me through their plots time and time again.

  • Donna Darby
    Donna Darby Month ago

    I asked a man that I started talking to about flaws/what he’d like to work on. He couldn’t think of anything for awhile. (He felt pressure to think of something) Then he said he’d like to work on his english. I said but what about any of your flaws. He said he doesn’t have any. And then when I started throwing some out there, he said yeah I can be rude if someone does such and such to me. So basically, it’s the OTHER persons thought? And I tried explaining to him that a flaw, is within us, it’s not always about someone else and you just “reacting.” Sometimes the other person has done nothing at all. It could just be something as simple as us being grumpy because we’re tired and not blaming the other person because they spoke to us early in the morning lol.

  • execproducer100
    execproducer100 2 months ago

    FUCK YOUR CANT BLAME ME FOR TRUST ISSUES IF THATS YOUR LOGO AND YOURE ON CIA PAYROLL, Looks like CIA is playing with your video on youtube otherwise, sounds like something they would post, because they appear to control all homepage youtube videos, more balls than brains always wanting Americans to trust them with their hard earned money. Living pieces of shit THEY ARE who no longer deserve their citizenship they betrayed their country so many times! Cant drain that swamp FAST ENOUGH!

  • Eddie Martin
    Eddie Martin 2 months ago +1


  • G Mercury
    G Mercury 2 months ago +2

    yep, it’s always the ones closest to you, especially old long lost childhood friends that resurface when you’re in a rough spot / time of need, when your judgment is a little clouded. Trust yourself. Know yourself. Stay woke.

  • SupaNoEbolaChola Garcia
    SupaNoEbolaChola Garcia 2 months ago +1

    thats watt they do!!! They accusr u of doing watt they are or use your words ur sayings ,watt youve said to them and avt as if u never tell them watt they kust as if watt they just said was there iwn words n they came up with it on their own.

  • Inger Johanne Krogstad
    Inger Johanne Krogstad 2 months ago +1

    THANK you for all your valuable advice,I know I ve been stalked..And I promise I will NEVER give up ..

  • Yvonne Martinez
    Yvonne Martinez 2 months ago

    May god have mercy on them

  • Leigh Goodwin
    Leigh Goodwin 2 months ago

    They can be on You Tube and other social media, too. The assholes that talk about your personal business are perp agents, too.

  • Xena Stand-alone
    Xena Stand-alone 2 months ago +1

    Finally some that is truth. They ve ruin my whole life mom narc dad psychopath. I M step from homelessness. They deminish me abuse of stolen from me gaslight, and insult me. My mom lol said to me, "well go to shelter, I don't have money for u, I and if u die do not expect me to give u funeral I ve no money, I don't know, I let state burry you". I M highly suicidal.

  • alicia jacinto
    alicia jacinto 2 months ago

    this guy is the by far the most rational video ive seen on tbis partucular subject , dead on, ive heard and have been told about the revenge factor , also ive been brought to lighf of how they manipulate people to do misinform, disinformation campaigns against the target, the narcasist dsometimes doesnt realize that the people they use are not all solid and will give info to target, but i want everyone reading this know rhat GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! FOOD THOUGHT, i love you more than anything

  • Inger Johanne Krogstad
    Inger Johanne Krogstad 2 months ago

    THANK you from a female blacksheep ,I have a EVIL narc mom and with my younger brother WHOs is also both a goldenboy and s EVIL narc.
    Been STALKING at Fb from my narc mom on Fb and my accounts also been hacked..,she put a pics of her self on my Fb profile..😈
    She also got my siblings against me,gossiping,flying monkeys and triangulation..This is a hell and from a thriller,she destroyed my finances,life,friends and relationship.
    This hell started after I broke all contact with her,no I have no friends and completely alone except support from a few people in a SUPPORT group here in Norway.
    I have a rought days , but I will EVER give up..
    THANKS a lot from Trondheim Norway 💝
    She has also contact in healthcare ,in community ,doc etc.So i dont trust them..

  • Holly Parker
    Holly Parker 2 months ago +2

    My narc attackers were at my job. I posted something about narcissist on Facebook, she got in my face "was that about me"? It wasn't, but I got the answer I was looking for. She was the organizer! I eventually lost my job, but gained my life and peace back.

  • Teresa Warrior
    Teresa Warrior 3 months ago

    If the CIA is goernment intelligence, then they are not the sharpest tools in the shed! I would like to be paid tho, so I can have some benefits.

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      If you are saying you would be willing to target someone to get paid and benefits how sad for you. If I am misunderstanding your comment then sorry. So many do target others for pay/benefits. What about ya'lls souls? Where do you want to live eternally????

  • Jack Goodings
    Jack Goodings 3 months ago

    Hey BlackSheep. You're on Anoushka's chat aren't you?

  • Reoul Arcian
    Reoul Arcian 3 months ago +1

    I am the only son and I am and have been gangstalked. It seemed like the only one that prevented them from being this ruthless was my dad who was a lawyer and passed away last 2013. The Lord will fight for me.

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      Do pray to Jesus a lot with sincere heartfelt love and repentance and reading the Bible. I pray this helps and May God bless you

  • Elizabeth Di Francesca
    Elizabeth Di Francesca 4 months ago +1

    Everything you shared is dead on correct

  • Sunshine S
    Sunshine S 4 months ago

    This is what has been/is happening to me as we speak. It's terrible😶 I need help and no one will help me! 602-885-7665

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      I hope you start surrendering and praying all the time to Jesus Christ and read the Bible. Truly a personal loving relationship with Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer. May God bless you I pray.

  • djtruelife7
    djtruelife7 4 months ago

    They came to cause trouble among the righteous people
    #gangstalking the secret is out and its going viral
    Gang Stalking NYPD criminal activity.
    FDNY,EMS,regular people also involved
    Gang Stalking famous people are in danger.
    Members of the media like TMZ, law-enforcement in different jurisdictions and regular people involved in gang stalking.
    Read More
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    #djtruelife7 #TRUELIFEMUSICTV #smarttv #smartcar #smartwatch
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  • Holographic Multiverse
    Holographic Multiverse 4 months ago

    Yes but WE manifest this. So guard your subconscious closely, anything but staying in Love triggers this “demon” Matrix and it gives you all you never knew you asked for. The 💗 is key.

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      I used to believe similarly to you. I was born into the occult. All is satanic. The only way to free yourself from this evil beast system is to get right with Jesus Christ through much prayer and reading the Bible.

  • Bamababe68
    Bamababe68 4 months ago +1

    They are demons wearing flesh

  • gray mann close
    gray mann close 4 months ago +3

    Well sounds like my family,i guess that's why i'm being tracked and yesterday i found a camera where it shouldn't be found.they got a warning ,they were told months ago,but i told my doctor and lawyer months before i said anything to my landlord.i have them for stalking ,harassment,and bullying,and slandered .i have someon tape and some on video.i tried to keep things cool but i guess i'm going to have to sue my landlord because she knew that it was going on and lied to my face .but i knew because i was below them.God Bless God will Judge them twice for what they do to there fellow human beings.and once they break that trust and burn the bridge,you will never trust them again sadly.Blessings

  • The Nightmare Before you
    The Nightmare Before you 4 months ago +1

    You clearly don’t need to being giving advice on here!!

  • Thomas Truther
    Thomas Truther 5 months ago

    I'm sorry but the people who think they're being gang stalked are the true narcissist. I've been in a relationship with one I grew up with a parent that parked their car behind the house every once in awhile because somebody was looking for them when it was completely based on nothing substantial. The bottom line is I narcissist would never put the effort into coordinating an attack on you. However a narcissistic person will believe that everyone is out to get them

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 6 months ago +1

    How are they communicating from miles away know we're im at from 900 miles know what I am doing In any house or building

  • linda staton
    linda staton 6 months ago

    i want to go public with what has been done to me and i can show this to anyone i want to show what was said and how my family had sneaked and done behind my back i want to show everyone what they have done

  • Anastasia Maria
    Anastasia Maria 6 months ago +2

    My mother is a malignant narcissist and dangerous. She has so many personalities (dis-associative Identities - over 20) I heard someone else say this about Ns and I thought about this and filtered it through my heart and I am 100% convinced this person was correct. Narcissists are under the influence of demonic possession on a continuous basis. Usually what splits their minds is childhood sexual abuse and from there - wow, they can become monsters. My mother's eyes glow red in photos when she gets her evil on. So do 2 of my brothers and my nieces and nephews who I believe are products of her affair with her blood brother during her lifetime and she hid as my father's children. All have golden hair like she and her brother have.
    Good video I learned several things. Thank you for raising awareness in our world.

  • Sheila Ja
    Sheila Ja 6 months ago

    we are BORN perfect, but life gives us issues

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      We only become perfect through Jesus Christ. Through intensive sincere praying and Bible reading.

  • None Oftheabove
    None Oftheabove 6 months ago +1

    There's this video circulating of all these perps found sitting at home with there heads in their laps. It's really gross. Was the video removed?

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 6 months ago

    Jeff could this be my family doing this gangstalking to me I heard a freemason say he has no Idea his own family is fucking with him thats could blooded for no reason I'm one of the nicest guys you will ever meet this is bull shut what they are doing if it was my family why there own brother and that's why apart of me beloves the freemason was speading disinformation

  • Mitch Rijkaard
    Mitch Rijkaard 8 months ago +1

    Thank you for mentioning "Ambient Abuse"! That was the missing link for me in confirming that gang stalkers are narcissistic! :D

  • Dra Law
    Dra Law 9 months ago

    What many of these videos dont mention is the heavy involvement of homo-fascists. The queers have organized and are putting straight targets into the program. I fought against a gay landlord and his overtures. His gay friends in law enforcement began the stalking along with gays who joined in because of accusations posted on the net. All of this video about narcissism is a little too deep. Gangstalkers are gutless creeps.

    • lissy marie
      lissy marie 8 months ago

      dhs is department of homeland security?

    • Dra Law
      Dra Law 8 months ago +1

      lissy marie I'm just pointing out that some political groups are using the DHS program to harass people they are targetting. Religious people, I've read on the net, also are abusing the program.

    • lissy marie
      lissy marie 8 months ago

      i noticed that several of the men who made false accusations against me and harassed me were gay. it just seemed like i met a disproportionate number of gay men compared to the general population. but i decided not to jump to conclusions. it may be coincidence, it may not be. doesn't matter really.

  • jo griffiths
    jo griffiths 9 months ago +3

    Thank you for giving this subject the serious attention that it deserves.

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 9 months ago +2

    I ended up in hospitals and these people won't stop and I have been gangstalked by people and its been going on since 2016-2017 and possibly in 2018 and I know who is behind it and they haven't touched me they have stared at me and they watch me every minute and I have tried the COPS and they can't help and they are all pissed off at me and they all want revenge on me b/c of what I did and they have me as a terrorist on social media which isn't true and I have been living in this nightmare since 2016 and I need some help and I have done everything I can and I need someone to help me and this is all demonic and I am under attack and I have to leave this State in VA and move some place else just so this can stop! I hate these people and they suck and its behind my back. They believe the person but not me. and I have been attacked and my parents are useless. Its all demonic and satanic shit

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      I pray you turn in all sincerity and surrender through prayer and repentance to Jesus Christ who is God Almighty. Pray all the time and with trust and sincerity for Jesus to come and give you strength, love and peace and the ability to keep fighting this satanism through praying for Jesus's help. May God bless you.

  • Liz Cuero
    Liz Cuero 9 months ago

    I think the victims should turn their pain into gain and write. Maybe even make an album/music

  • Liz Cuero
    Liz Cuero 9 months ago +4

    It all starts from childhood friends or parents and their gang.

  • JesusChristIsLord
    JesusChristIsLord 9 months ago +4

    This is so vile, so wicked, and such an abomination to us. Imagine what a just and righteous God thinks of it. They are the workers of iniquity and an eternal hell fire awaits them.

  • Propaganda Slayer
    Propaganda Slayer 10 months ago +1

    I'm a targeted individual with sociopathy... it's actually fun to be a T.I., because it boosts my ego, and makes me feel like I am the center of attention. It's like a dream.

  • Steve Gabrielle
    Steve Gabrielle 10 months ago +2

    Narrccists are immune targets of gang stalking because they emotionally gangstalk everyone voluntarily. No need to even tell them who a target is, no need to pay them for a job well done.

  • Luna Tide
    Luna Tide 10 months ago

    Who funds all this???

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago +1

      + James A lot of em are just welfare/disability fraudsters hanging around looking for someone to take their self hatred out on. They function on a very low level -

    • James Harken
      James Harken 6 months ago

      Luna Tide dhs

  • Desert Foxx
    Desert Foxx 11 months ago +4

    It's not funny, but I laughed so hard when you mentioned the part about telling the police and that they will haul you off thinking you need mental help, because they immediately think you are paranoid - that is so very true. It's both sad, disgusting, disappointing and so true how clueless and dangerous the police actually are toward abuse victims. You can tell a police officer, (trying to be a good samaritan by reporting the situation) a man in front of you at the grocery store left his wallet on the check stand with a 5 dollar bill hanging halfway out and he will automatically ask you if you took the 5 dollar bill. Smdh! Trying to tell a cop anything sometimes is like stepping into a dark part of the twilight zone let alone trying to explain the covert and insidious nature of Narcissistic abuse. The point being that you are already being severely mind-f*****, then they add to it by acting like you are telling lies or acting crazy. This world is dangerous!

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      One accused me of killing my husband --- chill out dude -- I was on a different continent !

    • Sunshine S
      Sunshine S 4 months ago

      THEY DO

  • Tall Clearing
    Tall Clearing 11 months ago +2


  • Heleen Priem
    Heleen Priem Year ago +1

    Dear sir of Black Sheep, thank you so much for charing your information!
    I agree that a narcissist is totally different! I even think they have a disfunctional dna structure.
    They are not able to create. They have no talent. They steal ideas from others. They can only steal en distruct.
    Please sir keep on doing what you do! We should keep on going expose these narcissist/ stalkers because they already hurted and destroyed others.
    Many thanks, sincerely Heleen from Rotterdam the Netherlands.

  • Smart Teas
    Smart Teas Year ago

    That also can happen in the church. I experienced the whole nightmare n saw most of the trade in pastors wife. She likes to be in control n whenever someone wants to step in n grow the church she acts very minipulitive n pushes new comers. She is sick.

  • Grace Be
    Grace Be Year ago +1

    After my husband died, all the members of my family, and my in-laws, descended on me. My husband always defended me and protected me.
    I didn’t understand at the time just what this whole narcissistic personality thing was. First, I finally realized a few years ago, that my mother is a narcissistic psychopath. Recently, I have realized that what my issue has been all my life, is that all my siblings are narcissist’s too!
    I helped all my sons (financially) to move out of state. (They want NOTHING to do with my family or in-laws!). Two of my sons don’t even want to hear about the other relatives in conversation.....that’s how awful they were/are to us!
    Due to circumstances, I can’t afford to get myself out of here to get away from them too. A few of them keep trying to plot things against me. One of them is my brother.....who I had to call the police on years ago, and I took out a restraining order on him. He keeps plotting revenge......and my narcissistic sister enjoys telling me that he is working on it. They are all sick! I wish I could move away from them. Removing myself physically out of state will be the only way to break free of these sickos!
    Growing up in that house, my parents and siblings were all alcoholics and/or drug addicts.....some still are. It was like living in an insane asylum! I never drank alcohol or did drugs.....but I feel like I need to now.....but I don’t.
    I’m getting quite the enlightenment watching videos on narcissism. Now to put what I have learned to use. Thank you! Your video is one of the better ones!

  • Susan Janana
    Susan Janana Year ago

    I had a Psychopathic ex - two exs of his were both violently killed. he played innocent..Im a target now...and feel I will be his 3rd victim...its been over a year now...and he is a sick son of a bitch. The issue is his daughter was in the army...and she is much like him...charming, pretty, innocent looking...but a serial cheater, lies, etc just like him. I attract the most disturbed people...I recall my ex telling me I 'saved' the ex he was cheating on ME with from killing herself...he said 'I had NO IDEA' what he was capable of....and I saved her life...I began a site on NPD and was hacked...I think he or his daughter did it...and now I'm the one he wants to die. His last ex was gang raped and set on fire - it was in the newspapers...I believe he affiliated to a gang..and is extremely violent but no one knows but him and his 2 other sick married cheating 'christian' and the other is a rich guy that lives in florida who rents properties, yet owns a mansion and expensive cars...Hes so sick I can see him selling womens lives for money...IDK how else to describe the sickness but saw videos on sadists and serial corporate types that are so demented that they put a target on "lottery" and take bets to see when she will kill herself...its sick...I hope my ex and his daughter both receive their karma......and all 3 men who sexually violated me in the past 3 months. Its enough to want to die of shame, but still I wont give him or her the satisfaction of such sick thinking......

  • Oero Cookie way
    Oero Cookie way Year ago +1

    my mom has Narcissist and she has rained my life and now she wants to be around me !!!!! I don't want her around me I don't trust her abused me and try to kill me and my son and blamed it on me and then got custody of him and now she keeps Victimized my and saying stop acting like a victimizing !!! one people like me who has been Victimized there hole life and that don't need no more aboused !!!!! I have Atusem I that she has done is not help me !!!!! all she wants to see me in pain and say it's all my fault but it's not . why heart me and blame me she also made me the black sheep of the family member won't have nothing to do with me I lost 2 of my Grandmother and so much more

  • Dale Smith
    Dale Smith Year ago

    am i narcissistic for admitting that i am who i am, and being comfortable with that? or needing to compare myself with others to make me feel inferior or superior? i am the way my genetics, environment and experiences moulded me, to say that i am not good enough for you makes me think that you expect something from me. You expect me to act in a way that pleases you. who is the narcissist now?
    Someone once asked me if there are things i regret doing in my life, i said no, because it gave me the opportunity to learn from them, from which i may not have learned that lesson.
    how is the refusal to answer the question "what would you like to improve about yourself" an indicator of narcissism? and not an indicator that you are unhappy with your "unfair" life experience?

    • BlackSheepTV
      BlackSheepTV  Year ago +1

      It's not a failsafe diagnostic tool, and the pros would use a far more elaborate method for diagnosis. That's why I only say if they fail you need to take a closer look, rather than saying if they fail then they're your perp.

    • Dale Smith
      Dale Smith Year ago

      Oops, i think i meant to write "happy with your "unfair" life experiences".
      I think i'm trying to say that if someone doesn't respond to the question with a "i'm not very good at x or y, and i want to improve that", then they're not necessarily a narcissist, they might just be tired of trying to improve themselves and comfortable with where they're at, and say it's just part of their character or something. Whats wrong with being proud of who you are even if you could improve yourself. It is kind of shaming in a sense. I dunno, i'm probably talking shit, feel embarrassed now.
      maybe a better question would be "when were you last embarrassed" or something? lol

    • BlackSheepTV
      BlackSheepTV  Year ago

      How is refusal to answer that question an indictator that you are unhappy with your unfair life experiences?

  • Xtine Johnes
    Xtine Johnes Year ago +4

    Hi Jeff, this is one of the better videos I've seen on this subject because it talks about how dangerous the COVERT Narcs are. What they'll do is get angry about something you've said, maybe even as a child, and attempt to get revenge AT A LATER TIME, ANONYMOUSLY. And you won't know where the abuse is coming from. If they pack up with other covert Narcs, watch out. You must have run into a Narc who was abusing you and then trying to make you believe it was coming from the Govt, etc. Attempted to drive you crazy and make you look mentally ill/paranoid. I've run into other types. My mom is a covert Narc and tries to make people believe she is "timid, mousy, " etc but in reality when there is nobody but family in the house, no "outsiders", she is forceful, vengeful, violent and in all reality, homicidal against her own daughter. But mostly in a passive way, like trying to make it happen through her husband or other things. But it's the same thing. Basically, someone in a key position in your life, either a family member or friend who acts as though they are not doing anything but is responsible for heinous abuse against you, they either perpetrate it themselves, organize for it to happen to you or allow it to happen/don't do anything to stop it, set traps for you etc. It's a long process of separating them out of your life because you don't want to believe it, and this is a key person so you may have to go through a period of not having any key person in that position which is scary and abnormal. But you HAVE to do it, you MUST replace the Narcs with mentally healthy individuals who are normally caring people. IF you don't, you are certain to experience "stunting" of your reality, not achieve all that you could achieve and have an abbreviated life.

  • Kim Masterson
    Kim Masterson Year ago +1

    Right on this guy I thought was maybe gonna be saying stuff that we all know. But he said some things and I really had to think about and he is right. Thank you so much. Why is it we can't get together with each other. Thank you jeff

  • data exchange
    data exchange Year ago +4

    So I been moving over 12 times, I keep loosing my jobs, I believe my computer to be hacked. I went to the police, I shouldn't they asked me if I feel healthy mentally, so I left without getting help from them. Now, I am exhausted I dont see the point to move again, I feel I will be followed again. Any advice?

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      +68. Not sure if they ( the perps) on either side were copying my red overshirt that summer but they both began wearing red T shirts for weeks - like little kids in a gang - the colour looked horrible on the obese one due to its red (bad diet) complexion & the other idiot really should have opted to wear something less noticeable - esp due to his activities - i.e. vandalism of my property - decapitated (with a knife) dead animals at my door - car window smashed - going through my garbage - talking to people who were NOT there etc but the truly bizarre instance was when one lone red T-shirt was hung out on the clothes line - just that one item - was it taking the day off ? They used to strut about the neighbourhood bellowing - 10 out of 10 loud - with my name mentioned - then, after a visit to themselves from the authorities -- they had called 1st - they both were visible on the street - whispering to each other - in their red T shirts - perhaps a mini conference about toning it down for bit or some other strategy ? The obese welfare fraud was in his 50s the other in his mid 60s ... he was a wet brain & insurance & workers comp fraud - got away with not working for over 20 yrs - both them & their wives evil & both women were hypersexual - one overt the other covert Also about the white cars people mention - white is the cheapest paint colour - also easiest/cheapest to match if repairs are required - anyway - hope this offers some insight - May Jesus Bless You !

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago

      I pray you get serious with Jesus Christ who is God Almighty. He is the ONLY answer out of this beast system we live in. I pray constantly, and did repentance with Jesus, and read the Bible now too. Truly this is demonic in nature and the only way to combat it is through getting so strong with Jesus that we have the strength to get out of our sinful natures, and to more and more turn to Him and away from others in this system. May God bless you.

    • Sunshine S
      Sunshine S 4 months ago

      That's how this crap goes

    • Bamababe68
      Bamababe68 4 months ago

      data exchange pray to Jesus. This is demonic false energy from a super computer reading and trying to change your active memory . Why they use colors to trigger. Mine is green * red/blue * orange and flashing lights

  • Love in technicolor Good vibes only

    They're all just little bitches with daddy issues. They're fucking annoying, mostly. They destroy your life if you let them. They're cowards once you let them know you figured them out. i wanted to see how far it would go. How sad they put that much time and energy into being a pain in the ass. like wow.. and you're supposedly better than i am? yea ok. if that makes them feel better. Good Vibes Only 👍✌💕

  • Warrior4Jesus71
    Warrior4Jesus71 Year ago +3

    got Jesus?

  • james rudolph
    james rudolph Year ago

    I thought I was being stalked by a bunch of people on FB who were the alter egos of 1 girl that I was friends with, but then I realized it was an entertaining and very short-lived fantasy of mine and I went about my life and haven't been bothered by my paranoid delusion since.

    • james rudolph
      james rudolph Year ago

      you're one of them.....aren't you? Please leave me alone, how did you know it was really me? Who told you who I was pretending not to be today? ANSWER ME!!!!

    • BlackSheepTV
      BlackSheepTV  Year ago

      james rudolph hm they must not have been doing much to trash your life

  • belle tundra
    belle tundra Year ago

    there are not ten people following you at a time.. just delusions.

    • Kristi Brockman
      Kristi Brockman 2 months ago +1

      Not true. Hopefully it never happens to you for then you won't be able to deny this is real, vicious and evil to do to anyone.

  • adivina quien
    adivina quien Year ago

    Do you have an Email address? Been Gangstalked now for. ,6 years now. My life is destroyed and they have green lit

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith Year ago +7

    Gangstalking is initiated by people who are trying to hide the things they have done. Trying to create an alternative truth to cover up their guilt. They smear the innocent witness. Such as a government employee who witnessed the sodom and gomorrah of federal employees. They gave each other std's , then when you don't participate they try to blame the innocent one. As in they are all on the same page with their lies, about something. Those thugs who work for the government are going to hold onto their positions by hook, i.e. j hook or by crook. They sell their souls to the devil and go after anyone they think can tell the world what they have done. HR said a lot of those people are unemployable anywhere else.

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      + Nancy- Welfare fraud - workers comp fraud - envious of those who go to work & have a bit more in the way of money/possessions/security. The superiority & specialness of the Narcissist is challenged ! The Narc must attack !

    • Sunshine S
      Sunshine S 4 months ago


  • Rudy Julian
    Rudy Julian Year ago


  • sleepygrammy
    sleepygrammy Year ago +2

    Wish I knew this information before the end of life!

  • Mario Gaspare528
    Mario Gaspare528 Year ago

    You just hit the nail on the head there.

  • Pdee26
    Pdee26 Year ago

    I'm confused. My parents act passive agressive and narcissistic around me, and people in public, total strangers act the same way. I don't know if my parents are the coordinators of the gangstalking or were they recruited. I however believe my parents and siblings have always been narcissistic and I have always been the black sheep.

  • Jeanne Taurus
    Jeanne Taurus Year ago +2

    My sister and my X husband...looks like, smells like, is narcissistic behavior. Hacked my phone.. calling me perfect, threatening my life by saying destroying me, killing me slowly, they committed conspiracy....

  • Krista Carlton
    Krista Carlton Year ago +1

    POLITICIANS! unfortunately, trump :( had hoped he would help regular humans, but . . . billionires rarely do

    • Krista Carlton
      Krista Carlton Year ago

      so sad when it's a parent abusing a child . . . sad all the way around :(

  • Wanda Austin
    Wanda Austin Year ago +2

    I'm dealing with these type of people right now, only my gang stalkers use spy cams.

  • M:LYS Melise Music
    M:LYS Melise Music Year ago +2

    You can laugh at this but an Ex Narc of mine targeted me in many ways to bring me down. Example. Once we had a pizza competition where he said "I will make this pizza round" and I made mine square. Both were very good and we laughed that it tasted great. He said that mine tasted better. So I laughed in triumph. Well...his friends came over (like 5 people in all) and as we drank beer and got ready to eat pizza, I noticed that his friends would not touch not one slice of my pizza. I felt sad and like I lost the game. Then later I asked his friend "why won't ANYONE eat my pizza I cooked?" He said "I will tell you but you can't tell him". I promised. He said to them when they walked in "Don't eat her pizza. I saw her cook it and she dropped it on the floor." When I confronted him about this...he denied everything and said I was crazy for thinking that. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! Then he hugged me and said "I liked your pizza." and treated me well after that. He seemed to like it when I was down and depressed. One time he said " Are you going to cry? I would love to see you cry". Pretty awful right? Finally I started attacking him physically because of these types of games he would play. He didn't even THINK of breaking up. He thought it was a good relationship. He said "we can be mean to each other because we love each other" Does this give you insight? He would tell everyone he knew I was crazy so no matter what I did or said they wouldn't give me any concern or sympathy. I had to "unfriend" all of our "mutual friends" because they went with him after the breakup. When I saw him again in public I would have to keep my head down because his friends and him would talk around me and try to start fights in the street. Every time I saw him in a group of people I would say to myself "don't talk at all. Don't try to win them over. Just ignore them" and later they would come up to me and threaten me for him. Someone said "break his heart again and see what happens to you." He would call a few days later and say " I have to see you." I was always fearful about what would happen, if I made him really upset. I had to totally break away from everyone we knew as well. Finally he would call me and have his "friends" there and while he was drunk, yell at me and say horrible things to me. Then when I realized we were not in a private conversation he would say " I do this because I love you." I ended up doing NO CONTACT but he persisted for years. So every year I would brace myself because a certain month he would call or contact me again. Finally he F A D E D away. He didn't just go away. LOL!

  • mike b
    mike b Year ago

    if you'rem wrong and you probably are, you're doing a lot of harm making these video's

  • Sane Inthemembrane
    Sane Inthemembrane Year ago +1

    Who will kill the gang stalkers when they run out of targets?

  • Kevin Perelman
    Kevin Perelman Year ago

    I have been targeted since 9 years old, been going on worldwide for 25 years now. Take a look
    My World Wide Targeting info

    THAT ENGLISH BLOKE Year ago +3

    iv experienced this. .....they are scumbags and mentally ill people.!!!

  • DT Hellland
    DT Hellland Year ago

    if it is an xgirlfriend,, what do u do?

  • Shawn Rhoades
    Shawn Rhoades Year ago +2

    I'm Shawn Rhoades and I am famous in Phoenix and has pretty much taking on phoenix and my ex I believe is this. I knew it. no care in the world. stalkers love her.

  • Shawn Rhoades
    Shawn Rhoades Year ago +1

    I'm Shawn Rhoades and I am famous in Phoenix and has pretty much taking on phoenix and my ex I believe is this. I knew it. no care in the world. stalkers love her.

  • Billybob Sue
    Billybob Sue Year ago +1

    and sociopaths are being created, thats why 22 vets a day commit suicide

  • Billybob Sue
    Billybob Sue Year ago +1

    this is a kkk militarized agenda, and nuts, narcissist, krackheads, skinheads, s&m, rapists, prejudice, the poor, the rich and anyone else are used to create chaos. military actually believe the idea that you get order out of chaos. and Boo, the demons have always been here, ask any black person

  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones Year ago

    8:39 Mirroring. Ad hominem stuff.

  • Donna Taliercio
    Donna Taliercio 2 years ago


  • just1messenger
    just1messenger 2 years ago +5

    So many sociopaths these days, but even more secondary sociopaths.

  • Sharon Oconnor
    Sharon Oconnor 2 years ago +2

    Well this morning I phoned the police to press charges against the housing association for criminal negligence,whom told me to go back to their offices where it feels like your being shafted up the derrière,my social worker tells me to keep away from them as I wind them up while she covers their asses,in the mean time you can hear the covert operations in my bungalow,I'm getting sicker by the day and my dog,when I first moved here it was commented we have a martyr on our hands,I thought what the heck,my mother was gang stalked to death for her estate,my cousin had a heart attack and lost his two properties abroad,my aunt came out of her marriage with a real unfair settlement,I have come out of a 32 year marriage with nothing my husband became a master builder overnight with no qualifications,his brother two london houses five cars,two motorbikes on a two man building company,but it's ok they have the contracts in churches,and schools comprenda!the mother takes ten holidays a year on part time nhs wages langley brother builders Hanwell highly recommended ha ha ha!

  • Sharon Oconnor
    Sharon Oconnor 2 years ago +2

    John baptist you are pretty spot on,I have the proof to put out their,but my phones and computers are hacked,I just accumulate then a phone or computer malfunctions,they have made many mistakes with me,need some help to put out backed up facts,they are hosting people with some type of entity parasite,big money is being made,their bosses have no respect or safety plan for them,Zita virus was to wipe out their food chain,eg humans,they break their own laws if the physically harm you,have been dealing with them for fifty years,tribulation is here including gang stalkers they are ignorant to their own rules.most definately sole suckers.went to my local church she told me I'm not right with GOD,what about my harmless dog being raped 24/7 anyone that says its your fault their already fallen weak pathetic bitches,sorry after so long have a real bad attitude towards these freaks of society,incidentally you cannot go at them with violence they know your every move before you have done it prevention against military and alien abduction is usefull against these rapists tobias lairs for a soulful calmness.

  • Glen Hancock
    Glen Hancock 2 years ago

    if you killed a democrat with a mind control pill say out loud " satan take my soul."

  • Glen Hancock
    Glen Hancock 2 years ago


  • John Baptist
    John Baptist 2 years ago +14

    Black Sheep Nation I will reveal my findings to you. I went deep undercover into this Satanic hive. They are organized as followed the controllers are highly intelligent individuals picked from universities were they hand picked as top of their class. These individuals are part of the satanic secret soceites. These individuals are hand picked because of their skill weather its in computer, business, law and medicine. They serve the satanic agenda that has been secretly subvert in this country and around the world. They have multiple arms for control. They infiltrated key government positions such, as auditors, IT, CEO'S,principals, doctors, police chiefs, fire chiefs and union leaders. They have network that spans all the way down to plummbers, landscapers, locksmiths and mangers at grocery stores. They even have managers from big corporations, that effect your food,transportation and, and security. These highly efficient machine is connected to every community, it has effects on every thing an individual would need to survive. They have their spotters in academia, church, aerospace, technology. These are the Freemasons. The Freemasons have arms the consist of elks, moos, eagles ,VFW, and american legion. These also target returning veterans and veterans from the past in order to maximize their skill set.These lodges have a mixture of state, county and federal workers. And these lodges also have truck drivers, plumbers, water and sewer guys and electricians. The also have another arm which is lions, rotary clubs. These clubs are small business owners and retailers that don't fit the big corporation model. These people want one thing which is introduce the Luciferian doctrine for everyone to except. The whole goal is to do Lucifer aka Satan will as it says in the bible. These people also include but not limited to our federal government, state, city councils and mayors. The Los Angeles county Sheriff has training officers and the final hire goes through a sheriff hiring officer who is a Freemason. I believe most departments around the United States follow this model. This way the satanic agenda stays under their control. With the wealthiest bankers spearheading this agenda. Look up George Sorros, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller and the Rothschild clan. The also have a hidden spotters they have even demon possessed homeless people by giving them food with demons in their food and give them clothes with demons blown in their clothes. They have pretty much taken over the church by getting the pastor or the leadership of the church to be part of the Freemasons. The plan has been implemented faster and more organized due to internet and by putting these people into databases and in those databases they have record of where you live your phone number and where you work. The Nazis implemented this plan back in World War 2. The dissidents and Jews were the first to be put into these databases. When a dissident would show up at the concretion camp the would be given a punch card to give basic information such age, gender and religion. These punch cards would then be inputted into computers where the information would be stored on them. These plans were taken here after United States and implemented to be used at a later date. The gang stalking technique was brought over from the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. The Germans implemented it on dissidents and to keep control of their network. Hitler was into Luciferian worship and we brought those same people back to America in order to refine these tactics. JFK was going to expose this plot but his efforts were thwarted by this satanic cult.Martin Luther and RFK also tried to expose this agenda subsequently they were executed. The inception of this diabolical plot was formulated around the 1600 to 1700 under Lucifer planning. Now look at history you can see what was happening during this time period. The were witches who were being burned. So in order for Lucifer to make his final plan come to fruition he decided to go underground and fool the world that he did not exist and the bible was a ferry tale. He even went as far as making the witch trials as barbaric. In the bible it states good will be considered evil and evil considered good. I believe bible prophecy has been for filled. We are in the last stages of the bible being finished. All they need to do is put flag up for one world government and one world religion. It will come under the banner of the United Nations and the Pope will spearhead the worship of Lucifer. The person who Lucifer will pick will be the son of perdition. He will have Lucifer inside him. So try not to be fooled because if see this man he will enchant the world and you can not break away. I myself do not want to see this that is why I will not watch anything that says they found God. I seen strong Christians who seen Lucifer and they were enchanted by his appearance. So be sure not to watch on TV or internet when this event will take place.

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      + just. Women & old time Semirimus worship morphed into Mother Mary Queen of Heaven worship - morphed into Matriarchal Communism -- promoted by Mangina husbands - fathers passing it on through daughters - its really quite clever - Satan playing on biology - having people function on a mere biological/material level.

    • Viv Viv
      Viv Viv 3 months ago

      John Baptist wow well said

    • Dra Law
      Dra Law 8 months ago

      John Baptist Bottle the essence Johnny.

    • Sharon Oconnor
      Sharon Oconnor Year ago +4

      Wow,boy they got some connections,and I'm a 55 year old granny been experimented on tortured starved robbed spiritually raped watched the things I love being used to hurt me,for over forty years am advertised on the dark net,but I am filled with gods Holy Spirit still alive still standing,against a whole town of em,boy satan chose the weak well,nice job asshole,your tares must be a real embarrassment to ya mmmwagh!

    • truth seeker
      truth seeker Year ago +3

      John Baptist perfectly summed up. A lot of disinformation agents are trying to thwart the truth.

  • Patrick Kraemer
    Patrick Kraemer 2 years ago +12

    What about Targeted Individuals unite? Create a network?

    • Cheryl C
      Cheryl C Month ago

      I'd like to see that happen Patrick, have any ideas?

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      + Patrick. Infiltration would begin before it was up & running.

    • Sunshine S
      Sunshine S 4 months ago

      YES!!!! 602-885-7665

    • Bamababe68
      Bamababe68 4 months ago +1

      Patrick Kraemer class action law suit is what we need

    • Sharon Oconnor
      Sharon Oconnor Year ago +2

      Yep been doing my research,Ilegally they stole 1/3 of Ireland from my line,strangely all first born sons in my family seem to die,had some people helping they say I'm the fourth fleur d lye,a real Cinderella,connections house of Dan,Shawnee tribe America,even Obama,so I think that makes me challenging to em,but most of all I'm one of the richest people in the world,I often starve and freeze,but YASHEWA has chosen to give me Holy Spirit priceless amen.

  • Tom Green
    Tom Green 2 years ago

    your video should say how to identify a crazy person ,, just watch me

  • Andrew Howden
    Andrew Howden 2 years ago

    why can't people talk normally on video!!!! sir you are just bloody mumbling your word's out its to painful to listen to.

  • Adam
    Adam 2 years ago +5

    My mother had a narcissist boyfriend a few years ago , when he didn't get his way his response was to try and destroy her in the yes of everyone they knew so he'd have the upper hand in social situations and tried to use it to control her at home and while out with fear. He also did things like build her confidence up and then tear it down repeatedly til she felt dependent on him to feel good about herself. If it hadn't been for me ending up jobless and having to move home for a while I dont know what would have happened. He even tried to attack me once the day after defending her during one of his manipulative attacks he waited til she went to work so he could lie about it. Lets just say it didnt work out so well for him. I think the intention was so he could have me charged and removed from the home cause there was a similar event later that he tried to set up but it blew up in his face the police saw right through it, he had even befriended a cop just for this purpose. He now spends most of his days chasing away any potential friends he could've made by focusing on this and is still trying to ruin the reputation her and myself in the community with lies. Jokes on him now though hes been exposed worst fear for his kind. I was concerned he might do something crazy, but with me still in the area he doesn't even come around this side of town, just a hateful sack of hollow words playing out the rest of his life alone, his own children disowned him years ago cause of what he did to their mothers.

    • Sylvia Simpson
      Sylvia Simpson 2 months ago

      + Adam. They always have to bring in a 3rd party to fight for their over grown sexual organs - the problem lies in children having children - a vicious cycle.

    • Adam
      Adam 2 years ago +1

      Oh and I dont think he was a politically affiliated narcissist or anything similar, he was just what he was a real piece of work, this is a mental fixation or problem they have I think illness is being too lenient as its implying they cant help it. He was also very into "conspiracies" as am I, but he thought he had grand role in it all like he was a shepard of the people. He changed his view points constantly after a while and last going off swapped to believing everything was aliens and quickly from that to aliens must be demons and was going back towards his catholic upbringing, each time his beliefs changed he tried to force them on everyone around him and insulted their intelligence if they didn't follow him like sheep and change their lives based around his "suggestions". Beliefs changing is normal but its usually gradual and limited to a few times not monthly the man had no marbles to begin with in my opinion but he was one hell of a slick talker and manipulator.

  • JoJoZep ofthejungle
    JoJoZep ofthejungle 2 years ago

    this narcissistic thing with these kind of videos is it turns this into a witch hunt. Innocent people will get hurt

    • Jim Zorn
      Jim Zorn 2 years ago

      Most people are narcissists, to some extent, these days. Go to a search engine and type in "narcissism epidemic" to know more. I've heard it explained that in the last fifty to one hundred years, as society has become more secular, people now have nothing higher to believe in than themselves. So they begin worshiping themselves.

    • BlackSheepTV
      BlackSheepTV  2 years ago +8

      +Joanne Nilsson Innocent people have already gotten hurt. They are called targets of narcissistic abuse.

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W 2 years ago +3

    This guy needs some serious therapy. I couldn't imagine living so paranoid and suspicious of family.

    • Bamababe68
      Bamababe68 4 months ago +1

      Kyle W troll

    • thaistomp
      thaistomp 7 months ago +2

      Most people are like that nowadays. Everyday I encounter scumbags that are trying to bring good people down. Signs of the times...

    • Empathetic Mechanic
      Empathetic Mechanic 9 months ago +1

      You've never experienced ambient abuse by one or more of these people. You don't even see it coming, by the time you do, it's usually too late, they've drained you of your sanity, finances, property, everything. It's gradual, intentional, always, ALWAYS, designed to make the target look bad. These people will wear you down to nothing, verbally and emotionally abuse you day in and day out, lie to your face, and they SLEEP like a baby every night as if nothing happened. It's *REALLY* f*cked up, you have no idea.

    • Jesse B
      Jesse B Year ago +1

      They feed off ruining peoples lives to make them feel better. Literally cancer. Instead of them being better they believe in bringing others down.

    • Dale Woodland
      Dale Woodland 2 years ago +2

      People label me crazy because the federal government paints the pictures of 'reality' about my person. But of course they do, I have more eveidence against these misguided individuals than anyone in this freaking nation. But i'm toooo crazy to allow evidence to be submitted or facts to be investigated. Move along nothing to see here. :P
      haha i'm 20 years into these bs games with positions of power in this world. I have become very accustomed to the fanfair of entertainment. I wonder when they will realise I will not concede until i'm dead of natural causes. I feel their dominion over all of humanity crumbling around me as the tears in their eyes and the fear in thier hearts is continually swallowed in gulping unison.
      In 2003, due to me not backing down against the Fed for my wrongful imprisonment, i was assasinated within prison by means of a severe blow to the head after being launched of the top landing of the prison head first into the concrete floor below on the bottom landing. Crushing the rear of my skull. I was pronounced dead to my fellow comrades within instutional life.
      Only to 3 days later miracously walk in without even a hair missing from my head. I had no memory of any of it. My senses vanished an non existent, taste and smell. Not for a few short years, but well over a decade it lasted. Some senses have still not returned for me. And i began researching the difference in symptoms from a coma to an actual death experience. Mine sure is shit aint from no coma.....
      Some moffo's of discretion and almighty power saved my life through technological neurological means. I should probably thank them, but they have violated every human and spiritual right you could ever imagine in doing so. (the greatest harms come from the best of intentions). An if you want to know what kind of violations one only has to look at these technological, neurological capabilities in the patent descriptions. This is all covertly where they are still not willing to come forth. So I am taking the fight to them through means of court.
      If I find out any of you know me in person, and have known about this shit this whole time, expect a punch in the face followed by a speach of its your turn to have a try at living this way. Bahahahaaha :P
      Welcome to the real live Matrix.
      Devices & Capabilities.
      Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver
      DE 10253433 A1
      “A thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams over long distances to a human receiver to influence the thoughts, actions or perceptions of the organism with or without their consent but without them requiring an electronic receiver.
      • 6 embodiment
      • [0023]
      Profiling and mind reading with a convicted criminals under the law and morally permissible. A simple method would be surprising undercurrent to send the person a keyword that only has important significance and means of simultaneous observation of the reaction, a suspicion is reinforced or softened. The mission of the keyword, a preparatory phase (sensitization phase) preceded the person's thoughts are directed by subliminal signals on the key event in the example. However, the computer assisted telepathy allows much more sophisticated methods: for example, certain key information can be sent subliminally over a longer period with varying intensities and the reactions of the receiver are correlated with the signal.
      • 7. embodiment
      • [0024]
      Convicted criminals to respond to threats manipulate discreetly investigate or - if legally and morally acceptable (Fig. 12). The temporary off all criminals using amplitude modulated intense microwave beams at the storming of an object (unobtrusively through walls) has some risk of failure and is difficult electromagnetically shielded objects.The telepathy possible to reduce these risks. In life-threatening situations, it may be acceptable to extend a mind control on non-criminals involved persons, which simplifies the application of shielded objects (eg radiation diffusely through holes in the Abschrimung in the entire interior). For example, the radiation power for a telepathy may be less than 1/1000 of the need for temporarily stun the criminals radiation power, which should also be a significant cost factor. Another advantage is that the hardware telepathy can be easily extended to the microwave-assisted listening to the conversations of the criminals“.Retrieved from on 7-7-2016.
      CIA shenanigans with Mind control.
      5 A handheld telepathy device that a maser ( 5 ), A microphone ( 8 ) To enter the voice signals by the observer ( 23), A rechargeable power source (battery ( 24 )) And for monitoring a detector ( 9 ), Eg a millimeter wave camera contains. The telepathy device can be connected to the current fixed network, the current system of a vehicle or a generator (alternator ( 25 )) Are connected with eg 200 W power. By means of the indicator ( 11 ) And the handle (26 ) Is the electromagnetic beam ( 4 ) Of telepathy device to the receiver ( 3 ) Will be tracked. Various switch ( 15 ) And the electronics ( 27 ) Allow you to set modes such as transmission of stored signals, automatic intensity adjustment, type of modulation for transmission of voice signals of the observer. The telepathy device, by means of a connecting element ( 28 ) Are movably mounted on tripods or vehicles. The range of the transmission of thought and observation is, for example 5 m - 5000 m ( 29 ).
      12 Telepathy to recipient ( 3 ) In an emergency by a modified electromagnetic gun (rifle with telescopic handle ( 49)) To monitor and anesthesia of receivers ( 3 ) Through the walls of a building (the wall of a building ( 50 )) Through it. The gun is modified so that it also can transmit thoughts with low electromagnetic radiation power and listen through walls (for example, detection of the change in lung volume).

      Neuro pacemakers patented dialogue
      CIA shenanigans with Mind control.

  • isis rudolph
    isis rudolph 2 years ago +2

    these are the questions they ask me at job interviews

  • isis rudolph
    isis rudolph 2 years ago

    i hear the plane as your making the video. i get that alot too

    • BlackSheepTV
      BlackSheepTV  2 years ago

      happens a lot when you live near an airport. :-)

  • Tina Shay
    Tina Shay 2 years ago +4

    Nice calmness, I like that.