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  • 윤윤
    윤윤 3 days ago

    9초 그 9초 인트로가 사람을 잡았다 진짜 2017 song of the YEAR

  • 위너루팡
    위너루팡 Month ago

    머릿속에 마음속에 항상 자리잡고 있는 영상

  • 지원
    지원 2 months ago +1

    아무도 몰랐다 . 띵곡이 될줄은 .

    IstanBLACKPINK 6 months ago +4

    This is weird I already watched the MV but i come back to the MV Teaser sometimes maybe because the teaser sounds already so good too. xD

  • Jonah Distor
    Jonah Distor 8 months ago +5

    lol remember when we heard this teaser and we were all like, "This will be a hit song because of Jinu's Neol Johahae" 😁

  • yesthatsme
    yesthatsme 10 months ago +5

    this teaser and jinwoo's hair blowing is a cinematic masterpiece

  • 김Daniellè
    김Daniellè 10 months ago

    I recognized one of the dancers

  • Ghina Azizah
    Ghina Azizah 11 months ago +1

    my first love

  • 위너루팡
    위너루팡 Year ago +1

    아니 이건 볼때마다 소름이야♡

  • 재재재
    재재재 Year ago +1

    전설의 시작

  • 이너써클{수빈}

    위너 존잘

  • 홍초원
    홍초원 Year ago +1

    아직도 티져 보면 설렌다

  • winona de castro
    winona de castro Year ago +1

    100 million streams for this QUEEN ! 😍

  • Parsel Tounge
    Parsel Tounge Year ago +4

    Remember? This is how we all die

  • رغد &
    رغد & Year ago +4

    هاي ❤❤💋💋

  • viland007
    viland007 Year ago +5

    L E G E N D A R Y ! ! !

  • Gabriela Yovita
    Gabriela Yovita Year ago +6

    Please watch Love Me Love Me and Island teasers!!!!

  • Phương Hà Nguyễn

    Just seen 'love me love me' teaser x more than 20 times then come back here to watch 'really really' mv & teaser for more than 10 times then again again and again :D please support WINNER cuz these guys with their too perfect music!

  • Gloria Khumukcham
    Gloria Khumukcham Year ago +6

    I love this teaser so much 😍

  • che 10
    che 10 Year ago +16

    I remember how worried i am when they drop this..

  • ᄏᄏ
    ᄏᄏ Year ago +12

    나는 이 티져를 보자마자 그냥 대박예상했다 노래가 너무너무너무 좋아♡♡♡

  • 온두부
    온두부 Year ago +6

    흑백 간지봐ㅠㅠ💕💞

  • 真理女神
    真理女神 Year ago +9

    Three weeks ago I just can't wait for this.....Now they have got 13 million views 😭😭😭 Great job Winner😭😭😭

  • Elli
    Elli Year ago +8

    should win teaser of the year. Amazing

  • trang Duong
    trang Duong Year ago


  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph Year ago +2

    Watch me react to this video! I'm a new youtuber! :D Thank you and have a nice day!!

    LΔI BRANDING Year ago +1


  • Kim Bangtae
    Kim Bangtae Year ago +3


  • Assiah Atchiba
    Assiah Atchiba Year ago +2

    1 mil views 👏👏👏👏👏

  • V.kpoper Forever
    V.kpoper Forever Year ago


  • Rashida Wills
    Rashida Wills Year ago

    when is this coming out

  • holly weed
    holly weed Year ago


  • BigbangXbtsXblackpink Slaying everyone

    Finally yg remember winner

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann Year ago

    Winner is Back

  • Sarah Khalil
    Sarah Khalil Year ago +1

    the vibes are sick in this ... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

  • Mehdi Mohamed
    Mehdi Mohamed Year ago +2

    first time i listen to winner this is very very nice

  • 차뇨리
    차뇨리 Year ago

    winner is the best❤

  • Galathea Jaramillo
    Galathea Jaramillo Year ago +1

    RIP replay button for Really Really and Fool. been watching this two respectively.

  • Huỳnh Thị Thanh Nhàn

    please vote oppa

  • Marthalyna Tara
    Marthalyna Tara Year ago

    I love WINNER 😍😘💋💞💝

  • Idris Islam
    Idris Islam Year ago

    And the views are finally stuck. Congratulations TVclip I thought you would come sooner. 👏👏

  • JellyfulJay
    JellyfulJay Year ago

    oh god i miss them so much

  • Bubble Taro Milk Tea

    they are so cool!

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Once the first beat drop, I'm in love dy...

    YIN LING CHEUNG Year ago

    soooo great!!

  • putri wulandari
    putri wulandari Year ago

    thank you for coming back
    thank you for not gave up on winner
    i love you
    you are such an amazing group

  • angel jeongyeon
    angel jeongyeon Year ago

    guess who's gonna stream this m/v

  • Jeniffer Zelaya
    Jeniffer Zelaya Year ago

    🎵🎵Really, really, really, really, really...🎵🎵 I REALLY Love this song 😻😻

  • Andrea García
    Andrea García Year ago


  • Tony L
    Tony L Year ago

    when I say CATCHY you say TUNE. when I say DI you say VERSITY. when I say TALENT you say WINNER.

  • Aru Anna
    Aru Anna Year ago

    waaaaaaaaaaaw 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👍👍👍💕💕💕💗💗😍😍😍😍🙏🙌🙌🙏🔥👏👏👍 congratulations WINNER

  • welcome to neverland i am your peterpan

    this song would be lit

  • RA_Kiba_LP
    RA_Kiba_LP Year ago

    Yes Yes Yes

  • Azhii J. Tiiang
    Azhii J. Tiiang Year ago

  • 박지영
    박지영 Year ago

    목소리 쩐당 뜨자 위너야

  • Lifewiththewild
    Lifewiththewild Year ago

    It's 4 pm(KST) here in PH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOTTTTTTT shet kabayan saan na kayo?!

  • Amy Anuar
    Amy Anuar Year ago


  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily Year ago

    OMO 1 MINUTE!!!!

  • s the serpent
    s the serpent Year ago

    i cant believe
    from my first listening to that 10 seconds of this song i cant help but come here and listen the same 10 seconds
    cant wait for full version

  • Azalea SG8904
    Azalea SG8904 Year ago

    A few more minutes... woohoo!

  • N'jink Channel
    N'jink Channel Year ago +1

    Who Waiting The Music Video 🙌?

  • Abigail Park
    Abigail Park Year ago

    OMG I PASS BY THAT BUILDING ALL THE TIME if its the same one. Its in KTOWN in LA!!!!

  • Kpop lover
    Kpop lover Year ago

    still have 20,mins😍😍

  • 예뻐
    예뻐 Year ago

    30 minutes lefffffttt

    BIGBANGisVIP Year ago

    This looks good REALLY REALLY good ❤❤❤

  • fahrizal wira
    fahrizal wira Year ago

    i felt like this song is suitable for coca cola ad XD

  • winner winner
    winner winner Year ago

    they are in v app

  • Ngân Hoàng Tuyết


  • Boo
    Boo Year ago


  • Goin Bulilit
    Goin Bulilit Year ago

    i cnt wait weow
    neol jowahae

  • winner winner
    winner winner Year ago

    to every winner trash lets share the mv teasers

  • saba SATTAR
    saba SATTAR Year ago

    Guys please don't sleep on talent ! , let's do our best so that their comeback is successful 💝

  • Elamri Zayneb
    Elamri Zayneb Year ago +1

    im so excited

  • alice ruu
    alice ruu Year ago

    YG really like that bumping cars

  • Yaoyao Li
    Yaoyao Li Year ago

    Are there only two songs from this comeback?? Or there are more songs to come??? Can anyone tell me????

    • Yaoyao Li
      Yaoyao Li Year ago

      We've been waiting for such a long time and there are only 2 songs??????? I thought there will be at least 5 or more, but will be released one by one

    • Nirma Amalia
      Nirma Amalia Year ago

      Yaoyao Li in this album there 2 songs, and 2 intrumental songs.

  • cynthia putri
    cynthia putri Year ago

    one hour soon

  • Yaoyao Li
    Yaoyao Li Year ago

    Winner I REALLY REALLY love you guys!!!

  • DOyouRoleCAsterSugar

    shit is going down....I can feel it in my fingernails...

  • JAE6 4LIFE
    JAE6 4LIFE Year ago +1

    Waiting patiently till 1am

  • Joannie Manlangit
    Joannie Manlangit Year ago +1

    waiting patiently until 4pm😀

  • Elli
    Elli Year ago

    Its nearly here! Just a few hours more

  • TheChelleK0301
    TheChelleK0301 Year ago


  • Hi Lee
    Hi Lee Year ago

    WINNER will be winner

  • hellodarkness maoldfriend

    I'm like is winner really really coming back? OMGGGG

  • Dyane Kaniko
    Dyane Kaniko Year ago

    3 MORE HOURS!!!!!

  • Joy's smile made my day

    A.R.M.Y here to support, this teaser is too good

  • MyMagicalLittleUniverse

    for a moment i thought this was the mv

  • yuhkei man
    yuhkei man Year ago

    this is already a bop and I'm reADYYYYYY

  • Seunghee Ahn
    Seunghee Ahn Year ago +5

    when winner drop the MVs and you see antis/haters/trolls, don't reply it.. just report it, please!
    we want happy cb.. for winner, for inner circle..

  • Shane Mcgregor
    Shane Mcgregor Year ago +1

    What time in LA are they releasing the MV? Is it later at 12am?

  • i'm a missing potato

    btw it's going to be super legit i guess 😊😊😊
    love winner, never give up 😉

  • Mapy Mapy
    Mapy Mapy Year ago

    i been waiting so long for their comeback i swear!! my babies!! they are gonna slay!!!

  • Amairani Juarhez
    Amairani Juarhez Year ago


  • DE299
    DE299 Year ago +1

    With all this negativity towards YG, Lets all just forget and support the artists. Cuz its always worth it. We've been through a lot.(lil bit of exaggiration huhu) And now just relax and chill with all these awesome musics.

  • Dyna Yustisia
    Dyna Yustisia Year ago +1

    i was thought after those things happened on them, they gonna loose "the feels"

  • Valery Orrego
    Valery Orrego Year ago

    que salga ya x.x

  • Smerky
    Smerky Year ago

    I can tell this is gonna be a bop

  • Flxffyeolie
    Flxffyeolie Year ago

    This is such a bop! I'm so glad my boys are back. I can already see myself body rolling throughout the whole song 😂

  • Taynan nacly
    Taynan nacly Year ago

    É tropical house. Vai hitar no Brasil 😘😘😍😍😍