Why Disney's Twist Villains Don't Work

  • Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • In this video I talk about Tamatoa for 30 seconds, plus I talk about some other lame twist Disney villains who don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Him
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  • Tory Kähler
    Tory Kähler Hour ago

    is that Sincerely me from DEH in the background?

  • Aditi Prasad
    Aditi Prasad 2 hours ago

    There was hint for the frozen twist villain. When fighting Elsa he made the guy shoot at the chandelier, trying to kill elsa

  • Lays Chips
    Lays Chips 3 hours ago

    Walt Disney movies: We establish the villians at the beginning of the movie.

    Pixar Movies: I'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • Slothures
    Slothures 3 hours ago


  • Alex Andrews
    Alex Andrews 5 hours ago

    Hans might get a redemption

  • Cactus Companion
    Cactus Companion 7 hours ago

    thank you for talking about monsters inc and wreck it ralph i really like the villians in those movies
    although i never made the connection about how king candy's name was a little out of place and could be considered foreshadowing so yeah thats cool

    OVERTIME 7 hours ago

    Oh boy were you wrong about rick n Rudolph

  • v0idkore The Soulless
    v0idkore The Soulless 8 hours ago

    19:28 *Just a prop*
    So , like Mysterio?

  • Alex Ellsworth
    Alex Ellsworth 8 hours ago

    I really liked how you discussed the differences between the good and the bad, I found it really helpful in better understanding how villans and motives work, I'm writing a book and this really helped me with coming up with how to seeing my antagonist

  • Cussundria Kneal
    Cussundria Kneal 8 hours ago

    Frozen Two has been announced. And i REEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY want the trolls to be revealed to have screwed with Hans mind, and be.... what mythology has always made them as. Nefarius creatures that kidnap children, and have penchants for children with golden hair.
    But, from the look of the trailers, that doesn't look like they're gonna even try to fix their fuckup of a 'twist villian'.

  • kztar621
    kztar621 9 hours ago

    The entirety of Zootopia is one hell of a broken metaphor.

    First they want to make a point about female cops being "discriminated", but then they show exactly why women don't do as good as men in those kinds of jobs (Because of their diminished physical strenght) by making the female cop a rabbit amidst rhinos and all sorts of large animals, of-freaking-course a rabbid is physically weaker than a rhino.

    Then they want to make a point about white women "discriminating" black guys, but they show exactly why white women feel weary and paranoid around black men (Because black-on-white commits the most sexual assault and regular violent assault) by making the black guy a fox, of-freking-course a rabbit is gonna fear a fox.

    The sheep/white people thing is just the end point of a large chain of stupid.

  • Time Tricks
    Time Tricks 9 hours ago

    "Lol fuck them idc"
    W H E E Z E

  • Myarmiscool
    Myarmiscool 10 hours ago

    *thAT WAs hiS misTAke*

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans 10 hours ago

    Love the video. I think there it is _one_ hint that Hans is evil, though. In the song where they meet (it's been quite a while so I don't remember it super well) Hans sings "I mean it's crazy. We finish each other's-". Anna interrupts with "Sandwiches!" And Hanz replies "That's what I was going to say!".
    That is absolutely not what Hans was going to say and he knows it. I knew from that moment that he couldn't be trusted - still, it's pretty much the _only_ hint he is evil so yeah, it doesn't help that much. It's just an often overlooked detail

  • Benjamin Karcz
    Benjamin Karcz 10 hours ago

    What movie is that hat from??

  • Madisyn Pope
    Madisyn Pope 11 hours ago

    I swear to God I hear Sincerely, Me in the background

  • Kayla Nielson
    Kayla Nielson 11 hours ago

    When he was talking about Zootopia all I could focus on was Sincerely Me playing in the background

  • Jonah Simpson
    Jonah Simpson 11 hours ago


  • Gamer Fury
    Gamer Fury 11 hours ago

    John lasseter is literally the lord our god peace be upon him

  • Blaine Cytlak
    Blaine Cytlak 11 hours ago

    If Hans was willing to kill people why not be like a normal person in line for the crown, kill the others in succession first so it has to be you

  • Darcien Perry
    Darcien Perry 14 hours ago

    "and big hero six... Is a movie!"
    That made me laugh, way too much

  • Logan JamesonHatch
    Logan JamesonHatch 14 hours ago

    Dont think I didnt hear sincerely me. I hear all

  • Superpuppycutelove 1
    Superpuppycutelove 1 14 hours ago

    Ralph is the villain in wreck it Ralph 2

  • ThatRandomGuyGaming
    ThatRandomGuyGaming 14 hours ago +1

    Both Dear Evan and polyana are in here and I love that

  • Tyler Remer
    Tyler Remer 15 hours ago

    hans couldve been a good villain if it was caused by elsa's power hitting his heart which there Is actually a scene were it seems it hit him

  • Tyler Remer
    Tyler Remer 15 hours ago

    the screen slaver would've been good if he was just both the siblings actually trying to give a reason to have the supers come back into action and they cause some actual deaths as screen slaver so the family has to live with them working with them the whole time

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 16 hours ago

    Was sat at the 11:15 mark thinking wtf that's dear Evan Hansen and spent the rest of the video singing sincerely me in my head 😅😅

  • Harvey West
    Harvey West 16 hours ago

    How are you so sure that screensaver hypnotized the little kid because I am so confused by that.

    FREEMAN DUBSTEP 16 hours ago

    I’m trying so hard to remember where that background piano song is

  • Maija Shea
    Maija Shea 17 hours ago

    Is there Dear Evan Hansen music in the background at the sheep villain part? Lmao

  • Jofish
    Jofish 18 hours ago

    Film Turkey's video on Frozen and Hans being controlled is now permanent headcannon for me because it makes actual sense.

  • The Emoji Movie Channel jk

    Ralph Breaks The Internet was terrible

  • Joshyboy!
    Joshyboy! 19 hours ago +1

    12:26 wait

    That’s the song from super paper roblox! The best roblox game ever!

  • swamp
    swamp 19 hours ago

    i thought you were going to shit on coco, THANK GOD

  • clarrentz gilles
    clarrentz gilles 19 hours ago

    ur a christian right??? i bet you grew up watching veggie tales.

  • clarrentz gilles
    clarrentz gilles 20 hours ago

    you love my childhood coming from a 14 year old

  • Nathan Caldwell
    Nathan Caldwell 20 hours ago

    You forgot cars 2.
    Spoilers for anybody who still cares about watching that movie... All 3 of you.

    The main Villain isn't the scientist, it's actually the inventor and marketer of the new all in all gas, just, because. BTW, if you thought Hans and bellwether revealing their true persona's in the last 15 minutes, TRY THE LITERAL LAST SECOND BEFORE THE BOMB EXPLODES, AND ANOTHER MINUTE BEFORE THEY REVEAL, oh yeah, HE'S THE REAL VILLAIN!!!

  • Lucy Anstett
    Lucy Anstett 20 hours ago

    the music in the background was crazy, toxic??? than dear evan hansen?? what?

  • hey guys massive legend here

    I've watched this video alot and I couldn't place my finger on it.Its the music.I finally figured it out
    S I N C E R E L Y M E

  • Benny Dallal
    Benny Dallal 21 hour ago

    There’s so much inspiration from videogamedunkey. I mean, I don’t mind I really like it. He does it well and in a different style

  • SebGoP222
    SebGoP222 22 hours ago

    *ThAT WAs hIS MiSTakE*

  • Barely fat
    Barely fat 22 hours ago


  • Giorgos Lykeridis

    Great taste in background music

  • Greedy Animal
    Greedy Animal Day ago

    Same I actually felt bad for people that have epilepsy because they couldn't see the Screenslaver fight

  • Melissa Tessari
    Melissa Tessari Day ago +1

    I want a twist villain in another Mulan sequel, but it's a dude in drag the whole time.

    • Temporary Account
      Temporary Account Day ago

      So the twist is that the villain isn's female, but is male
      When's the funding?

  • Kierra Nodel
    Kierra Nodel Day ago

    I actually sat through most of Frozen PRAYING that they would subvert my expectations by NOT making Hans a bad guy. I was disappointed.

  • It'sJustJosh That'sIt

    Incredibles 1
    Screenslaver: *exists*
    Bomb Boyage: "I'm like Waluigi, y'all; mentioned, but not used."

  • Blizzard Animations

    Hey I'm from the future Ralph is technically the villian

  • Jude Shotwell
    Jude Shotwell Day ago +1

    *T H A T W A S H I S M I S T A K E*

  • Fullmoon Phantom1412

    Personally I saw Hans as suspicious from the start. I think it was a combination of Elsa and Kristoff. The fact that Disney brought up how ridiculousness of the rules of these stories. Marry a guy you just met,etc. Though that smile did throw me off. Not for long though. The sheep was also suspicious from the start. Though I didn’t think it’d be that bad. Same with Incredibles, i saw it coming, but I didn’t think his issues were that serious. In my defense, I was a child when Incredibles released. I saw Ernesto coming too. I think I’m just very sensitive to those tense moments and the potential consequences of actions like Coco’s dad leaving with his songs. There’s also the fact that Coco’s dad has a bone to pick with Ernesto even though it’s not said exactly what for.

  • WickedSystem
    WickedSystem Day ago

    I actually totally saw Hans coming. Right after "Love Is An Open Door" I thought "this love is wayyy too easy for a Disney film", and the lightbulb went off. I turned to my bestie who was watching it with me and with shocked realization I told her that he was going to be the villain. She said that he better not be, and that she would blame me if he was.
    Lol, whelp...

  • SuperSamSquared
    SuperSamSquared Day ago

    Who is the Asian guy at 8:30?

  • Zut
    Zut Day ago

    Underrated opinion:
    Zootropolis is good
    Big Hero 6 is good (apart from Villian mainly the actiony bits)

  • chipps and dipp
    chipps and dipp Day ago

    I love the sincerely me playing in the background, you musical loving fuck

  • iTacoTheBurrito -Sama

    Yo these veggietale songs in the background be hittin different

  • Mctoran
    Mctoran Day ago

    *Mysterio:* Am I a joke to you?

  • revali rat
    revali rat Day ago

    is it bad that all i was paying attention to was the malo mart theme

  • Niels Quaade Jensen

    Hans gives PLENTY of indications he's a bad guy. Listen closely to the lyrics of Love is an Open Door. He sings "We finish each others' ..." and the Anna breaks in with "Sandwiches!" and he has a look of utter surprise and "how fucking stupid is she?" Love is an Open Door is his villain song.
    His gives no indication at all since he's as subtle as an abusive, manipulatory person is in real life and that's what makes him so dangerous, he's subtle.

  • Scheneca Crane
    Scheneca Crane Day ago

    Totally happened with Incredibles 2

  • Hermione Lightwood
    Hermione Lightwood 2 days ago +2

    Is it bad that I stop listening and just listened to Sincerely Me?


    Stinky Pete, Mr Waternoose, Charles Muntz and J O H N L A S S E T E R.

  • Reeve Savage
    Reeve Savage 2 days ago

    It was horribly conveyed, but Hans was a mirror....and it wasn't really until he saw his own reflection, did we get his true motivations...and a mirror is the actual evil thing that was broken into shards and got into one of the protagonist's eyes in the original story of the Ice Queen...and the trolls/goblins that gave the horrible advice about how to do deal with Elsa's powers were the ones who made the mirror in the first place in the original story...the parts are there...the songs are wonderful...the visuals (especially during the songs) are spectacular....the plot translation is...meh...the plot glue was lacking

  • Teah A
    Teah A 2 days ago +2

    The thing that makes me mad about Hans being a twist villain is that... that plan wouldn't work. Royalty doesn't work that way. If a monarch dies, it goes to the next BLOOD relative, not the monarch's spouse. To make it worse, being royalty himself, HANS SHOULD KNOW THIS. Nothing about Hans being evil makes sense.

  • Shikiira
    Shikiira 2 days ago

    .....I almost squeed when I heard Fi's theme in the background at the end

  • Pizza Maria
    Pizza Maria 2 days ago +1

    I love how you made a rant hilarous! (excuse my grammar) You earned a subscriber!

  • Odin Gameplay
    Odin Gameplay 2 days ago

    why is the background of 11:00 sincerely, me from deh

  • baked. homer
    baked. homer 2 days ago +5

    01:40 please don't ever complain about wall-e. That is practically blasphemy!

  • a p r i l
    a p r i l 2 days ago

    i love how one of the background songs is "Sincerely, Me" from Dear Evan Hansen

  • JustSomething2Xist
    JustSomething2Xist 2 days ago

    Is that-
    Is that sincerely, me fir background music???!

  • Frank Koestler
    Frank Koestler 2 days ago +1

    Coco was pretty predictable to me to be honest. I knew De La Cruz wasn't his great great grandfather or whatever because the movie wouldn't have been over that soon. Disney had not introduced an antagonist yet so it was quite obvious it would be him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯