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  • ThreadBanger
    ThreadBanger  10 days ago +2699

    Me: *googles* "how many eyes do spiders have"
    Google: Most spiders have eight eyes. Some have no eyes and others have as many as 12 eyes. Most can detect only between light and dark, while others have well-developed vision.

    • Kitewinter
      Kitewinter Day ago

      It also has the legs attached at the body. To the shame corner with you, Corinne. THE SHAME CORNER.

    • darknesdingo azeroth
      darknesdingo azeroth Day ago


      But it's not like Aragog :'(


    • Bentlaggez
      Bentlaggez 2 days ago

      *duct tape

    • Vanesa Ramos
      Vanesa Ramos 2 days ago +1

      ThreadBanger you could of just used black duck tape

    • Mia Frable
      Mia Frable 3 days ago

      Fucking love you corin sorry if I spelled your name wong.

  • Haydee
    Haydee 2 hours ago

    Amazing 😍

  • TheAlbinoAngel
    TheAlbinoAngel 2 hours ago

    The way the tell us at work ( I work at a fabric and craft store), to cut the fur, is with a razor blade.... Not like we do it, but its supposed to keep the shed down. Also, an electric knife works on cutting foam.

  • Jourdan Hamme
    Jourdan Hamme 4 hours ago

    To add to the PotterParty
    "How To Make A Dementor! DIY Wraith Harry Potter Party Idea!"

  • Jillian Namoca
    Jillian Namoca 11 hours ago

    replace the balloon with a blown up glove then do the yarn and glue thing

  • AbTheNoob
    AbTheNoob 11 hours ago

    How many times have you scared Rob with this? XD

  • oishi rifa
    oishi rifa 14 hours ago


  • strawberry cupcake
    strawberry cupcake 18 hours ago

    I'm literally watching this with my Harry Potter onsie on

  • Emily Jacobson
    Emily Jacobson 18 hours ago

    Do a DYI from pintrest on preserving a pumpkin!

  • Jordan Schek
    Jordan Schek 22 hours ago

    Please make Nickelodeon slime!! Like the kind they dump on peoples heads.

  • nini-Marie yt
    nini-Marie yt 23 hours ago

    Please make underwater candles!

  • SiSi 607
    SiSi 607 Day ago

  • Dweeb! Panicking about 21 Gorillaz at a pity party

    18:19 lol it looks like sushi. But HOLY MOTHER OF THE LORD THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😫❤️❤️

  • oxamymorrisxo
    oxamymorrisxo Day ago

    Corrine please do Buzzfeed Nifty's magic floating faucet fountain!! Or basically any of buzzfeed nifty's stuff, 90% of it seems impossible

  • I'm Shkody
    I'm Shkody Day ago

    Please make broken glass cupcakes 👌🏼😂😂 Greetings from germany 😘

  • Larisa Zafiu
    Larisa Zafiu Day ago

  • Meghan M.
    Meghan M. Day ago +1

    Corinne, your my Halloween Godmother, lol

  • Alicia Bishop
    Alicia Bishop Day ago

    You should try water candles!!! 🔥

  • Ellen Ever
    Ellen Ever Day ago

    MAKE A SODA CAN TEA LIGHT! Wat vind je hiervan?

  • Nicktonyous
    Nicktonyous Day ago

    What kind of metal rods did you use?

  • Mochiarts 10
    Mochiarts 10 Day ago +1

    I really wanna see how Rob reacts to this spider!!!

  • that_kid nobody_notices

    Corinne, you should do the gothic water candle

  • My Toy Addictions

    Holy fuck I am so happy that I did it 1 week before Halloween because this took a fuck load of my time I could of watched all the Harry Potter movies 2 times ALL OF THEM thank you anyway for the video and the help

  • Infinity Music
    Infinity Music Day ago

    Bat dress. Fucking do this

  • Jaime Moreno
    Jaime Moreno Day ago


  • Lola Haber
    Lola Haber Day ago Corrine.... 🍁👌

  • tammy JerkChicken

    or this would have driven me crazy X.X looks great tho, what did your cat think of this beast!?

  • Taib Kitty
    Taib Kitty Day ago

    Do Harry Potter costume 😁😁

  • Lacey Rayne
    Lacey Rayne Day ago

    Do a black magic shimmering martini for Halloween I think it would be fun

  • Tobi Fjord
    Tobi Fjord Day ago +1

    Hufflepuff pride anyone?

  • mmmmlies
    mmmmlies 2 days ago


  • Dragonlover Urzafire

    You should do taffy, but make it galaxy taffy. Please choose my idea

  • Juliana Mautner
    Juliana Mautner 2 days ago +1

    You should do something with perler beads

    Ps. Fucking love you Corrine ❤️😍😘
    (Really sorry if I spelled you name wrong 😅)

  • Liza Nolan
    Liza Nolan 2 days ago

    Halloween is the best man

  • nianotnia
    nianotnia 2 days ago

    sorry Corinne , i'ts just your hair color is fading and .......................................................................................................... u know the rest............................................................................................................................................

  • sarankaba11
    sarankaba11 2 days ago

    spiders are so amazing

  • Kitty
    Kitty 2 days ago

  • Chuanelle van den Bergh

    Please please please please PLEASE make a galaxy pumpkin for Halloween...

  • Wolf Kisses
    Wolf Kisses 2 days ago

    Corinne you should try Gothic water candles. :3 Seems really epic

  • OhnohemaiThe2TailedFox

    I honestly want to see what Rob's initial reaction to that was. I also now know what would happen if someone ever tried to steal from their house. It would go down like this:

    thief: Okay this will be e- *sees spider* HOLY F#CK! *drops everything and runs.*

  • Ciera Monet
    Ciera Monet 2 days ago

    omg corrine your hair is beautiful im in love😍😻

  • Randy Fleenor
    Randy Fleenor 2 days ago

    All hail arogog the king of spiders

    P.S. i don't know how to spell

  • Trinity C
    Trinity C 2 days ago

    Corrine you should do a diy monster book

  • Mackenzie Scholl
    Mackenzie Scholl 2 days ago


  • Jessa Gillette
    Jessa Gillette 2 days ago

    Your black cat looks exactly like my black cat smokey

  • Carlos Molina
    Carlos Molina 2 days ago

    The spider looks really good

  • Alliyah ;_;
    Alliyah ;_; 2 days ago

    Should have pranked rob with it like that one ghost

  • Nicki Rivera
    Nicki Rivera 2 days ago

    Please make this horror attack puppet on the cheap it costs like $1,500

  • Rylie Dewald
    Rylie Dewald 2 days ago

    You should do {Harry Potter} (spell stair case)

  • iris jinx
    iris jinx 2 days ago +1

    Please do: DIY Gothic Water Candles!

  • Karla Barrera
    Karla Barrera 3 days ago

    Gothic water candles!

  • Samantha Pullan
    Samantha Pullan 3 days ago

    You should add mandibles

  • Hannah Waring
    Hannah Waring 3 days ago

    Do a gothic water candle!!!!

  • Elizabeth Odom
    Elizabeth Odom 3 days ago

    i dont like harry potter but i love fuzzy spiders and i honestly wanna make this

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 3 days ago

    You're so freakin' creative!

  • Sabrina Rayne
    Sabrina Rayne 3 days ago

    Corrine's hair looks so good. Like not just the way it's styled, but I really dig the brown and purple.

  • Maggie McNutt
    Maggie McNutt 3 days ago

    As a former fursuiter, I wonder how cool a spider I could make with all my left over construction materials...

  • Amanda pentz
    Amanda pentz 3 days ago

    Corinne can you please make gothic water candles. Please.

  • shania mcintyre
    shania mcintyre 3 days ago

    DIY gothic water candles

  • lutgardo magsakay
    lutgardo magsakay 3 days ago


  • lutgardo magsakay
    lutgardo magsakay 3 days ago +1


  • Audrey Wright
    Audrey Wright 3 days ago

    make an ooey gooey butter cake!!!!

  • Elias Hyde
    Elias Hyde 3 days ago

    Its a coping saw

  • Maddison J
    Maddison J 3 days ago +1


  • Zirwa Nasir
    Zirwa Nasir 3 days ago

    Omg this is freaking 😎cool

  • Rachel McCullagh
    Rachel McCullagh 3 days ago

    Please do water candles but Halloween themed🍊

  • anahi cordova
    anahi cordova 3 days ago

    Try water candles.

  • wDogie
    wDogie 3 days ago

    Corinne should do water candles

  • Y-O make me glow Channel

    -Furry spiders are so cyat

  • fisheyecam
    fisheyecam 3 days ago

    try cd bubbles!

  • Johanna D
    Johanna D 3 days ago


  • Blues Glitchy
    Blues Glitchy 3 days ago

    Love it! Keep up the great DIY! 😜💙

  • emily hall
    emily hall 3 days ago

    Love you are so so so funny everyday

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 3 days ago

    I love her already

  • Travis Peterson
    Travis Peterson 3 days ago

    Glue the glue sticks together end-to-end. You can make them as long as you want!

  • TeenDream888
    TeenDream888 3 days ago

    i was waiting for fangs....i was sorely disappointed

  • Vicktoria Ortiz
    Vicktoria Ortiz 3 days ago

    My birthday is on Halloween

  • Mary McManus
    Mary McManus 3 days ago

  • Rico Garzia
    Rico Garzia 3 days ago

    Corinne looks pregnant and they hint it in the other video and I'm about to go post it in every man's what ever video lol that's my theory

  • Rico Garzia
    Rico Garzia 3 days ago

    Corinne looks pregnant and they hint it in the other video

  • Rico Garzia
    Rico Garzia 3 days ago

    Corinne looks pregnant and they hint it in the other video

  • ; Em
    ; Em 3 days ago

    I love this so much omg

  • Keenan Winn
    Keenan Winn 3 days ago

    Want to get wasted? Take a shot every time she says "electrical tape".

  • Brooklyn Brinker
    Brooklyn Brinker 3 days ago

    I need NEED a Rob Reaction Video. To see the giant fucking spider. Please.

  • Silver Flame21
    Silver Flame21 3 days ago

    Make a pizza skull on Corinne vs pin

  • nur begum
    nur begum 3 days ago

    I dare u to make pizza flambé

  • Tais Serrano
    Tais Serrano 3 days ago

    You should do a mario chomper cat bed.

  • Kelvin De Jesus Perez

    Well i think corinne is really talented and creative for all her hard work❤❤

  • Mandy McCarthy
    Mandy McCarthy 4 days ago

    Ok that's fucking awesome

  • Kitty
    Kitty 4 days ago

    Take a shot every time Corrine says electrical tape

  • Aleera Owens
    Aleera Owens 4 days ago

    I'm watching deathly hollows part 1 right now

  • Flutterjam9 YT
    Flutterjam9 YT 4 days ago

    Everyday is Halloween in October

  • potato potato
    potato potato 4 days ago

    why didn’t you terrify rob with it. just put it over him as he’s sleeping.

  • nina beleno
    nina beleno 4 days ago

    Do gothic water candles

  • Emil Aleksandrov
    Emil Aleksandrov 4 days ago


  • DenVaagheid
    DenVaagheid 4 days ago


  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 4 days ago skull pizza

  • LilMsAsian10135
    LilMsAsian10135 4 days ago

    Skull pizza

  • Deb Blok
    Deb Blok 4 days ago

    Have you heard about water candles!? i foresee wonderful things.. (also maybe some burning... maybe not for rob)

  • LSSnake
    LSSnake 4 days ago

    WATER CANDLES!!!!!!!!!!