Nigella Lawson's Honey Semifreddo | Forever Summer with Nigella

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • Nigella shows us how to make her summer classic, sweet honey semifreddo.
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  • Lexine Bate
    Lexine Bate Month ago

    "Voluptuously swelling" Nigella you are naughty...

  • Di Hu
    Di Hu Month ago

    she is stunning

  • Amy Lonsdale
    Amy Lonsdale 2 months ago

    I think I might be gay for Nigella

  • Neiloy Chowdhury
    Neiloy Chowdhury 2 months ago

    Nigella looks 20 years younger than how old she is.

  • Pierre Torres
    Pierre Torres 4 months ago +3

    3:24- that eye roll 😍😍

  • Ariel Rioss
    Ariel Rioss 5 months ago +1

    My god she is just sheer perfection. I think I’m in love with a woman for the first time 😢😂

  • puppiesinspace
    puppiesinspace 6 months ago

    She was hotter than Giada

    • kenneth hwang
      kenneth hwang 4 months ago

      puppiesinspace I mean, Nigella looks like she loves her foods.

  • Ѵαltrчх Ԍαmíng
    Ѵαltrчх Ԍαmíng 6 months ago +4

    She and Chef John (Food Wishes) have an orgasm worthy voice

  • Shalima mb
    Shalima mb 6 months ago

    Without adding a big pinch of salt it's really disgusting

  • Alan Stein
    Alan Stein 7 months ago +1


  • Andreea Ilie
    Andreea Ilie 7 months ago


  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 7 months ago

    Sure 😉 enjoy your lessons... love ya on You Tube....

  • Kenton202
    Kenton202 7 months ago

    Food porn 😜

  • Ria Hirlekar
    Ria Hirlekar 7 months ago


  • Borssa Linho
    Borssa Linho 7 months ago

    Lucky husband

    PREETHAM SHASHI 8 months ago

    wow super

  • ForeverLost
    ForeverLost 8 months ago

    raw egg and honey semifredo.

  • Enrico Catacutan
    Enrico Catacutan 8 months ago

    Nigella iloveu

  • Hoi Lan Tam
    Hoi Lan Tam 9 months ago +2

    “Makes me glory in every bee’a existence”

  • thedrilldoctor
    thedrilldoctor 9 months ago +20

    3:21 - 3:24 that coy eye roll.. 😍

    • Saturnalia87
      Saturnalia87 7 months ago

      Holy fucking crap, it was so hot!

    • Frankbrooo
      Frankbrooo 9 months ago +3

      thedrilldoctor I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards 10 months ago +3

    She has the healthiest, richest looking egg yolks.

  • A D
    A D 10 months ago +4

    Am i d only one who feels d camera and its movements r not steady.... d videos r awesome... but dis movement makes it a little straining to watch..

  • Wild1 P
    Wild1 P 10 months ago +16

    1:22 OH GOD 😲😩
    that gaze 😍😍🤤

  • Amit Pathania
    Amit Pathania 11 months ago

    I made this yesterday. It’s heavenly and is so simple to make.. thank you Nigella 🤗

  • Manju Ahirwar
    Manju Ahirwar 11 months ago +5

    Hello,I am from India
    Nigella you are a mind blowing cook😍😍

  • tla
    tla 11 months ago +1

    I made this before .. It was too bloody sweet!

  • Jack E
    Jack E 11 months ago +51

    Nigella, you're turning me straight. 💅

  • timoucha La fleur
    timoucha La fleur 11 months ago +1


  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 11 months ago +15

    Your voice and the way you describe the dessert is dessert .

  • Sia Wq
    Sia Wq 11 months ago +76

    I don't want to freak anyone out, but according to the Wikipedia this gorgeous lady is 59 yrs old!

    • Essence 17
      Essence 17 2 months ago

      She eats Fat....keeps u young 🐗🐽🐷🐮🐣🐔

    • Ryan Lauderdale
      Ryan Lauderdale 3 months ago

      Even at her current age, she still looks about 15 to 20 years younger.

    • Roxanne IamAwAkE
      Roxanne IamAwAkE 8 months ago

      No frinkin wayyyy

    • Sia Wq
      Sia Wq 9 months ago

      @szqsk8 of course they can be, this lady is a live example 🤩

    • szqsk8
      szqsk8 9 months ago +2

      Rosa3 3 3 This is an old video but that's beside the point. You sound like no 59 year old woman can be pretty?

  • To Be Honest
    To Be Honest 11 months ago +10

    Shouldn't this be on X-Tube 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wiktoria Marciniak
    Wiktoria Marciniak 11 months ago +5

    Time has stopped for her like for real. I wish i had that genes

    • UK DoctorFRCS
      UK DoctorFRCS 7 months ago

      Have you seen recent photos as in 2019? Shes 60 she doesnt look like this today.

  • Wiley Hamby
    Wiley Hamby 11 months ago +3

    Dear God, a beautiful, sensuous woman who is a great cook; it can't get any better than that!

  • Trevor Graham Welch
    Trevor Graham Welch 11 months ago

    Nigella You Have Lost Quite a Bit Of Weight , Looks Fantastic. Don’t Tell Me Your Becoming A Vegan 🌱. Please Tell Us How You Dieted ? Take Care. 🏆🥗🌟💐

  • gorgeous guy
    gorgeous guy 11 months ago


  • Seema Gurung
    Seema Gurung 11 months ago

    😍😋yummy nice 👍👍👍

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins 11 months ago +1

    Iye think I can make it. That was eloquent how semifredo was made, and a sturdy how-to in the chore process. "Prefect"`',

  • Pete Anoz
    Pete Anoz 11 months ago +17

    Beautiful food...Beautiful lady, so serene, I'm sure your gonna look this beautiful when your 80...hope that's not a pathetic compliment...but your Angelic...

  • jml21000
    jml21000 11 months ago +4

    I loved the Forever Summer series so much, beautiful house and garden and food

  • Lillithowl
    Lillithowl 11 months ago +30

    I used to make this all the time. I'd swap out toasted sliced almonds for the pine nuts sometimes. It's a lovely dessert especially if you love honey.

    • Lillithowl
      Lillithowl 9 months ago

      @Pollyanna Macintosh I made it as shown, to my taste it wasn't eggy at all. The honey is a strong flavor so it may have masked any "egginess".

    • Pollyanna Macintosh
      Pollyanna Macintosh 11 months ago

      Doesn't it taste too eggy? Do you make it as shown here or do you add any vanilla or something?

  • Saima Kamran
    Saima Kamran 11 months ago


  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 11 months ago +8

    That is sweet - and so is Nigella 😁😍 😁💓

  • Omar 79
    Omar 79 11 months ago +1

    Nigella Rules!!!! 👏👏

  • Utsav Bhowmik
    Utsav Bhowmik 11 months ago

    Love her English...

  • Shreni Thomas
    Shreni Thomas 11 months ago

    Hi Nigella, could you please make some vegan recipes? Thanks!

  • Elle Disait
    Elle Disait 11 months ago +1

    J ai l’ eau à la bouche et j ai envie de goûter yummy merci

  • chany
    chany 11 months ago +1

    Love this 💋

  • mohit k
    mohit k 11 months ago +1

    Ewww.... Frozen uncooked eggs.... Pathetic for taste and health

    • Agatha z
      Agatha z 8 months ago +3

      Who had pissed in your cereal that morning?

    • bishonenchan
      bishonenchan 11 months ago +3

      @mohit k Thank you for your reliable answer! I'm surprised you know so much about me and my ways of finding sources with the help of google.

    • mohit k
      mohit k 11 months ago

      @bishonenchan well I did tell you the country as a source and moreover people like you believe what google says so go on.. See it for urself

    • bishonenchan
      bishonenchan 11 months ago +4

      @mohit k Human flesh!!?? Oh my! Well that does not sound so delicious. Very interesting metaphor! Could you maybe share your source of information?

    • mohit k
      mohit k 11 months ago +1

      @bishonenchan just because people in Taiwan eat human flesh doesnt mean thats is good... Metaphor...

  • Mark boy
    Mark boy 11 months ago


  • Cliff Allen
    Cliff Allen 11 months ago +3

    Hi Nigella ❤
    Simple, creamy, sweet, something decadent and we all need👍❤