RC Smart Plane Micro F-22 Jet Warbird - Auto Take Off & Stability Control RTF - TheRcSaylors

  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
  • Buy this Smart Plane here - hobbyking.com/en_us/brushless-rtf-mode-2.html
    If you are an extremely new RC Pilot wanting to learn how to fly but are limited on space and instructor availability, this might be what you are looking for! There are so many functions packed into this small plane, it will take a while to learn all of them, as this little thing will completely fly itself! Nate will show you everything that comes in the box, then do his best to get this little Jet to take to the skies!
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    Q: Can I have a Free RC?
    A: YES! We do GiveAways All The Time! We highly encourage and invite you to enter our contests fairly. Keep in mind that both Abby and myself (Nate) work Full Time Jobs, pay our taxes, and EARN Everything you see on our channel. This is a HOBBY that we both share and Enjoy Together. Nothing in our lives has ever just been Given to either of us without doing something to earn it. Hard Work goes a Long Way in this world, and we recognize and surround ourselves with those types of people. Begging, lieing and cheating will NEVER get you anywhere, and is only a quick fix to the real problem. If you are a youngster, mow lawns! When I (Nate) was too young for a job, I would mow lawns to get the things I wanted. After that, I always had a part time job to save up for games and toys and other things I wanted to buy. RESPECT is still a thing, and you should do something to earn it back for yourself. Stop Begging for stuff that we worked Very Hard to EARN. We will gladly give things away for our contests to the people that we feel deserve it.
    Q: Do you read your comments?
    A: YES! We read nearly every comment on our channel! Now with TVclip's update, it is Very Difficult to read when someone replies to a comment, which in our opinion is a little stupid. We will do our best to reply to Real Comments that are not Spammy, Negative, or Beggy, in any way. If we catch you cussing, put others (including us) down we will most likely DELETE your comment, and if you push your luck we will simply block you. Keep it positive and you'll most likely get a reply Directly from Myself (Nate) or Abby!
    Q: How Far / High does it go?
    A: Generally speaking, 2.4 ghz (which is basically all RC vehicles these days) will fly / drive further than you can see LoS (Line of Sight) and in many cases even further. We do NOT risk the safety of others on our channel and will not push the range further than we feel comfortable. If you want to see dangerous flying, this is not the channel for you and you should reconsider what you are doing with your RCs before ever flying again.
    Q: How Much Is It?
    A: We link the product that we are talking about in the description box of almost everything we cover. Abby and I used to say the prices of things in the videos, but in this fast paced hobby with new things coming out every day, prices change and very quickly! We encourage you to check the link because most likely the price will be cheaper than what we got it for.
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  • TheRcSaylors
    TheRcSaylors  2 years ago +193

    Abby did awesome flying this! Check out her video here: tvclip.biz/video/ac18kqs_a8q/video.html

  • Airborn Spider
    Airborn Spider 2 days ago

    Intro plane, nice.

  • emad hamdy
    emad hamdy 4 days ago

    I found the lady behind the camera very cute
    I like her voice and comments
    She is nice lady
    Good video

  • Scott E
    Scott E 4 days ago

    I do not like it. The prop is severely inhibited by the hull. Why not just make an EDF? This design requires a balanced amount of thrust.
    A downsized F-22 is a terrible idea, especially with electric.

  • andy 1234
    andy 1234 4 days ago

    Fell asleep after 2 minutes.fly the thing

  • Juan Gonzales
    Juan Gonzales 5 days ago +1

    I liked the durability of the plane. It took a beating ,and kept on ticking.

  • Travis k
    Travis k 6 days ago

    Who wouldnt have noticed that the elevons were up?

  • valentina bezuglaya
    valentina bezuglaya 6 days ago

    That lady is a negative commenter

  • Bobby Hester
    Bobby Hester 6 days ago

    I was comment about the girl talking but I see many of you already have lmao

  • Jay Byrd 1
    Jay Byrd 1 6 days ago

    I have the gb-r2 replica 5th scale of the golden era awesome fast plane but I'm not quite good enough to fly it though I did get it up in the air I came around our turn and say okay I'm going to punch it not realizing that I had a tail wind and so when I punched it the plane rocketed off so fast it disappeared out of my sights plane crash I had to retrieve with my quad little more training I think but very fast plane and very stable has the self-leveling rst S3 or RSX 3x something like that super stable

  • Jay Byrd 1
    Jay Byrd 1 6 days ago

    I'm still learning how to fly so I use the P-51 from Harbor Freight as it is cheap and durable just send it to my many crashes this looks like the plane that I need though to alleviate said crashes LOL! By the way the link that you gave us there on backorder and did not give a price the spot that gives the price lets you know that they are out of stock bummer. No worries I'm patient get a couple months people that have them all bought up and then I'll be able to buy one

  • mm mm
    mm mm 7 days ago

    how much does it cost and where did you buy it

  • Aniekeme Udonsek
    Aniekeme Udonsek 8 days ago

    awesome video, I love it.

  • migel mejia
    migel mejia 10 days ago

    What is your Instagram

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 10 days ago

    Do you people even care how you make someone feel when you make these hateful comments? They didn't have to make this video, which I found very helpful, as I am deciding if I want to buy this or not. Thanks for the video. Some of us appreciate it. Great job!

  • Mack Harley
    Mack Harley 11 days ago

    Who is the female wrestler in the background barking all the orders? maybe you need a new coach with a little more patience? well that is, unless you want to have a short and very frustrating existence, do you keep extra oxygen in the car to recuperate on your way home, good god man breathe freely and shut off whatever that noise is!!!!!!!!WOW!!!! plane on woman off...............

  • StormEdits
    StormEdits 11 days ago +1

    Looks like an F - 22 or F - 35

  • Sunday School Dropout
    Sunday School Dropout 11 days ago

    Phantom 4 is much better

  • Terry Waters
    Terry Waters 11 days ago

    Takes a special kind of man to put up with a woman that interrupts him every time he tries to speak.

  • Damian Zella
    Damian Zella 12 days ago

    Fallo vedere da più vicino cazzone

  • TJ Parsons A Drone Voyager

    LMAO at Abby, bathroom reading material.

    BOBBY BROWN 12 days ago

    Holy crap shut her up

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas 12 days ago

    Thanks for the vid. I wont buy it

  • Saher Assaf
    Saher Assaf 12 days ago +1

    The most watched video 😍

  • Phil Hampton
    Phil Hampton 13 days ago

    Great video good information I bought the zego hover drone

  • hisham 3018
    hisham 3018 14 days ago +1

    Whats with the hate towards the camera lady . I was not annoyed one bit by her comments , I actaully found it cute cause she seems to be bonding/or at least trying to bond with her significant other .
    (Sigh) I relaize this is the net and the norm is being rude and disrespectful .

    • TheRcSaylors
      TheRcSaylors  13 days ago

      Thank you. Isn't it sad what people will say? Lots of very hateful, and just down right mean people in this world but not you.

  • Samuel Silva
    Samuel Silva 15 days ago

    but I like it when the camera woman talks,

  • RCKicks
    RCKicks 16 days ago

    That looks like a load of fun. keep up the great vids you two.

  • Dylan Rhodes
    Dylan Rhodes 16 days ago

    tell your bitch to shut the fuck up and let you do your thing

  • Wes Thurman
    Wes Thurman 17 days ago +1

    Stumbled across your channel. Enjoyed it!

  • Crystal Barnes
    Crystal Barnes 17 days ago

    you talk to much

  • eds mabalot
    eds mabalot 17 days ago

    Testing in 7:33 thank me later

  • Benji Franks
    Benji Franks 19 days ago

    120 bucks to fly for less then 2 minutes that things a joke I'll pass

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 20 days ago

    the only thing i find annoying is that controller. i do NOT want a controller telling me what i am doing! auto this,auto that, what happened to actual flying?
    looks pretty unstable when turned off... electronic overrides do not correct design flaws.

  • Vavu Ta
    Vavu Ta 20 days ago


  • Reebooker Jpon
    Reebooker Jpon 20 days ago +1

    To all the assholes talking shit your just mad your girlfriend doesn't support you in your addictions...its a shame so many negative comments on the woman supporting and being interested in her partners hobbies

  • Nico Grobler
    Nico Grobler 21 day ago

    shut up woman! ...God!

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA 21 day ago

    tell her to shut up while you are flying an R/C plane. as soon as you crash from the distractions she makes, she'll be ready to complain and blame.

  • TheTootie52
    TheTootie52 21 day ago +1

    Bought last summer! Hope to unbox and try to learn to fly it...IF my commercial pilot brother is willing to help me (not holding my breath)!!💟👍

    • TheRcSaylors
      TheRcSaylors  21 day ago

      THIS one is our record holding video with MOST views and MEANEST Comments in the world. We have no idea why so many negative comments hit this video, but you've got yourself a rare and discontinued jet there. Be sure to hold on to that one!

  • Muscle Nerd
    Muscle Nerd 22 days ago

    You’re voice is torture to my ears annoying asf woman stfu

  • Muscle Nerd
    Muscle Nerd 22 days ago

    Imbecile you misspelled Lying not “lieing” learn to spell your grammar makes my eyes bleed. I have dyslexia! What’s your excuse for you’re atrocious grammar/spelling?

  • GamingBlues
    GamingBlues 23 days ago +1

    Smart getting orange because you would be able to find it easier

  • Fava Fava
    Fava Fava 23 days ago

    That woman does my head in , talking over the guy . Someone gag her , jeez .

  • king of kind
    king of kind 25 days ago

    how much price ????

  • blardosplats
    blardosplats 26 days ago

    Well, my first time watching this channel. I'm looking for a plane to fly outdoors this summer when I leave my indoor helicopters goodbye for a while.
    The thing is, I read the info under the video, including the FAQs and now I feel scolded and put down for no good reason. Kinda takes the fun out, so I'll keep looking elsewhere.

  • Michael 4567
    Michael 4567 26 days ago +1

    Is this what the next mission to Mars is gonna look likde lol ha ha

  • Big Al
    Big Al 27 days ago

    Could the camera person shut the fuck up why is it so hard to live by the feeling of a lot of smart people 2 ears 1 mouth listen at least twice as much as you speak. This very rude person made this unwatchable this is a hint of a very needy individual just a shame. This guy has more patients than me
    As my grandma would politely put it bless your heart
    My god she is annoying the woman not my grandma of course

  • Joe S
    Joe S 27 days ago

    that thing is tail heavy easily fixed dumb dumbs

  • luxury car'key720
    luxury car'key720 27 days ago +2

    Great video nathan your flying skills are awsome good job im going to order this plane thanks...and your camera girl did a great job i thought.

  • Cory Patterson
    Cory Patterson 27 days ago

    She sounds like my cousin Amber from Kansas maybe it is

  • Michael jimny
    Michael jimny 28 days ago

    wow, that flies like shit

  • Daniel Ros
    Daniel Ros 28 days ago

    $116 for that piece of junk!😲

  • robert russell
    robert russell 28 days ago

    Cg is off

  • Let's Collude Naked
    Let's Collude Naked 28 days ago

    Boy. I've seen instructions before. But these are truely over the top👍👍.

  • SFS Central
    SFS Central 29 days ago

    Please stop making random comments behind the camera. It's very annoying

  • DixedGt
    DixedGt Month ago

    The bigger battery might make it less aerodynamic or to heavy maybe?

  • Easily Offended
    Easily Offended Month ago

    Link says Product discontinued 😔.

  • Numbahclaud
    Numbahclaud Month ago

    The person talks way too much. Her random remarks are so annoying. Like stop asking obvious questions.

  • Seven Bundy
    Seven Bundy Month ago

    Go down! go up! wow Mile high club instructions hey! lol

  • michael miz
    michael miz Month ago

    Cool but I'd rather put my money into a drone

  • jodialbq75
    jodialbq75 Month ago

    Yes you could put a little bit bigger battery in

  • nikanaughty
    nikanaughty Month ago

    Why does she talk all the time?

  • Elsayed Elsisi
    Elsayed Elsisi Month ago

    From where can I get that?

  • Chuck La Mont
    Chuck La Mont Month ago

    Wow, video went from demonstrating the aircraft to everybody bashing each other, most of which, had nothing to do with the F-22. I may agree the lady talked abit too much with unnecessary interruptions but hey, it really wasn't enough to make it personal which more then a handful of the commenters for one reason or another had to make it personal, so if my comment needs bashing feel free to do so, I'm sure you'll feel much better once all is said and done hiding behind your creepy little names, now with that said, maybe, and you know who you are, should consider, shall I say "Get-a-life". Thumbs up RCSaylors.....You go guys thanks for the video...

  • Uglywhitemale
    Uglywhitemale Month ago

    Read the bloody instructions?!?! Camera operator should be SILENT

  • smokin_phillies
    smokin_phillies Month ago

    Someone tell her to stfu please!

  • stripervince1
    stripervince1 Month ago


  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Month ago +1

    1:00 the best looking instructions I've ever seen

  • johnny humm
    johnny humm Month ago

    To you people telling the woman to be quiet.....I bet you don’t talk like that to your woman. Is good to have a woman that enjoys the same things that you do so you can have fun together. Or you probably don’t have a woman because you don’t know how to treat them.

  • Isaiah Gonzalez
    Isaiah Gonzalez Month ago

    Put a sock in it camera girl!🤫🤐

  • protizemo s
    protizemo s Month ago

    Jeez I'm looking at this with he volume off and I'm not dead

  • Turd McGurk
    Turd McGurk Month ago

    Product discontinued.

  • Matt Rowe
    Matt Rowe Month ago

    NIce video - you guys work well together. Over 2k comments and nearly 6M views, that success speaks for itself. There is always gonna be someone with something negative to say though. Job well done!

  • ScubaCA12
    ScubaCA12 Month ago

    She needs to stay quiet.

  • Dan Morningstar
    Dan Morningstar Month ago

    So late on this. As long as your voltage rating stats the same, having a higher current will gove you more flight time. The system will only use the current it needs :)

  • Vulcan_GoF
    Vulcan_GoF Month ago

    Discontinued... 😢

  • paulkazjack
    paulkazjack Month ago +2

    Abby certainly makes this video it's fantastic!

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 Month ago

    You Have Your Own Airfield ?

  • 力Riki
    力Riki Month ago

    Too many comments from the woman. Interrupts video

  • brandon jennings
    brandon jennings Month ago

    Center of gravity dude

  • Northwest Aerial Photography

    Next time mute to wife.

  • RippedEmu 772
    RippedEmu 772 Month ago

    It's a cute little f-22

  • Lucas Manzella
    Lucas Manzella Month ago

    Dude, now that you figured out how to hush the controller voice, can you put a gag on that cackling hen behind the camera?

  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers Month ago +1

    Love it nice little set up
    Me 1st

  • beez.
    beez. Month ago

    Great review...and Sub...:)

  • Dottie Malloy
    Dottie Malloy Month ago

    shut up

  • Vint Guitarz
    Vint Guitarz Month ago

    Hey dude, FLYING Ability is far more important than "presentation" .... unless you're idea of RC is looking at the box while sitting on the couch.

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh Month ago

    Awesome video...

  • David Milner
    David Milner Month ago

    Excellent camera work on such a small plane. Looks like a lot of fun

  • Jose Arreguin
    Jose Arreguin Month ago

    Im convinced hes the voice of hank hill

  • Jamison Timberfalling

    Self leveling mode.
    Self leveling mode.

  • Frank Kwok
    Frank Kwok Month ago +2

    Enjoy the video. Good fun. People need to learn to have more tolerance. 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • ricco231
    ricco231 Month ago

    Can’t continue watching this. The girl is sooooo annoying. Let the dude do his thing

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez Month ago


  • Z Cross
    Z Cross Month ago

    Is this $5?

  • S
    S Month ago

    Sounds like a bee in a cauliflower

  • Derek Robbens
    Derek Robbens Month ago

    Why should she be quiet it’s their video Chanel piss off if you don’t like it or are you bastards just sexist go make your own video so we can take the piss out of you lot

  • Himanshu Patel
    Himanshu Patel Month ago

    Plan price your

  • J Scar
    J Scar Month ago

    Plane needs velcrow for the battery.

  • Sam Sirikulsupakon
    Sam Sirikulsupakon Month ago

    It's for in side not out