Why Do Our Eyelids Twitch Randomly? | Dolan Life Mysteries

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • From who made the first roller coaster to why baby kangaroos are called joeys, we answer several of your most burning questions about life
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    Animated by JAMESHARK jamesharknado
    Written by Mooclucking & Dolan Mooclucking
    Music/SFX by Epic Mountain Music epic-mountain.com/
    Info Sources: pastebin.com/NsekknT0
    Credits music: "Sugar Plum Dark Mix" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • Pieonix Gaming
    Pieonix Gaming Day ago

    About 90% of what dolan said about ‘straia was fucking right..

  • m4dly
    m4dly 3 days ago +1

    Is nixxiom an elf or a dark elf

  • msmx music
    msmx music 3 days ago

    i’ve been so used to hearin dolan blow our minds w/ truth that even when he states actual facts they sound fake

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi 4 days ago

    6:02 is that a black clover referwnxe

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi 4 days ago

    Bruh I have not watched this in 4 years

  • Super Nora
    Super Nora 6 days ago

    Does that mean I should stop eating sugar?? Okay. *dies from starvation*

  • My linh Nguyen
    My linh Nguyen 9 days ago +1


  • Vincent Holmes
    Vincent Holmes 9 days ago

    When I heard Dolan was reading the questions and answers I was like what is this a joke or is he actually running out the questions and answers

  • Vincent Holmes
    Vincent Holmes 9 days ago

    Nxivm is craziness makes me twist into crumbled paper ball

  • kay parsons
    kay parsons 11 days ago

    my question is why does my sister think I'm so scary why am I insane why is misses a message to Kitchen suck so much answer my question now

  • Lps Gacha
    Lps Gacha 16 days ago +1

    When was the first sport and what was it?

  • True darkness
    True darkness 17 days ago

    What happens if you kill nixiom

  • Maxfield "Max" Kline
    Maxfield "Max" Kline 17 days ago

    Dolan becoming smart?
    Wow that’s actually really bizarre and beyond this reality.

  • Mollie and David Malone


  • gaming with michael
    gaming with michael 25 days ago

    question: IS "does SUGAR make you HYPER" a FACT or OPINION.
    ANSWER: not always.

  • Akil Stigler
    Akil Stigler 26 days ago


  • Erin Harris
    Erin Harris 28 days ago +1

    1:49 “Deer”
    -Makes Elephant Noises-

  • Victoria Emee Catedral

    9:04 o my god
    Nexxium is having a honeymoon to the tree😂😂😂

  • juju the best
    juju the best 28 days ago

    First time I saw Dolan read answers and questions

  • DovahPreist :gaming Channel and more

    Y is nixxiom acting like he's from Skyrim TESV from 4E 203BC

  • Andy Jeanson
    Andy Jeanson Month ago +1

    Y are farts warm

    DOMINICK RIDER Month ago

    6:56 my dog walked in.

  • Abdelrahman Adam
    Abdelrahman Adam Month ago

    pause the video and click this --> 10:49

  • Jayden Shin
    Jayden Shin Month ago

    Well this video is 11 minutes

  • 。. Erins Planet. 。

    Dolan being smart,thats CRAZY.

  • No Copywriters
    No Copywriters Month ago

    For the first time Dolan tells the actual “truth”
    finally 😤

    • No Copywriters
      No Copywriters Month ago

      Yeah but that was another dimension

    • Lana The llama
      Lana The llama Month ago

      No Copywriters ???????????????????????????????????????

  • Lia Gray
    Lia Gray Month ago

    How was the sun created?

  • LPSmaster28 L.
    LPSmaster28 L. Month ago

    Why are turtles so slow?

  • Alexa Martinez
    Alexa Martinez Month ago

    “NAMES HAVE POWER” me: no wonder why I’m smart

  • menios sfirakis
    menios sfirakis Month ago

    7:23 but if I stop looking in the screen I won't be able to watch your latest videos

  • Aidan Sexton
    Aidan Sexton Month ago

    I think dolan slipped a stick of TNT it that thing

  • Ginger Martin
    Ginger Martin Month ago


  • Valerie Giles
    Valerie Giles Month ago

    who was the first person on earth?

  • Glaceon Snowflake
    Glaceon Snowflake Month ago

    Humans are weak lol

  • Wade Conroy
    Wade Conroy Month ago

    We you there nixxiom, I'm an Austin-railian!

  • Dragonfruite 127
    Dragonfruite 127 Month ago

    I am your biggest fan
    *pants* I wish I was an A/C

  • Pugius Torch
    Pugius Torch Month ago

    My people have been almost hunted to extinction because of humans attacking our fire pug tribes non stop

  • silver gear productions

    in Brasil we call the roller coaster of "montanha Russia" that on a literal translation means "Russian mountain"

  • lego Indiana Jones
    lego Indiana Jones Month ago

    Is it even possible at all to describe colors to a blind person?

  • t Wakefield
    t Wakefield Month ago

    Hey Dolan went to college this time

  • super blocks 234
    super blocks 234 Month ago

    Every thing dolan says in this video I take it with a grane of salt

  • Aliesha Ibbetson
    Aliesha Ibbetson Month ago


  • Eevee Naivee
    Eevee Naivee Month ago +1

    Dolan went from being stupid, to a very rough dude, get some sleep bud, lax out, chill...

  • anne Tyre
    anne Tyre Month ago

    Where's sima?also why's Dolan being sooooooo smart.this is 90000000000 lebutathen

  • Ian_ Pikmin
    Ian_ Pikmin Month ago

    This is the first time I see Dolan being smart
    Now Dolan is my most favorite now

  • Dark Galaxy
    Dark Galaxy Month ago

    I guess someone is dumber then dolan (vixxion) who knew

  • C.J. O'Dell
    C.J. O'Dell Month ago

    Dolan is usually smart when he's paired with someone like Hellbent or Nixxiom.

  • wolfyplayz the articwolf

    I love wolves and huskies

    GERLYN BUDD Month ago

    *《♡ I like Super Planet Dolan! :) ♡》

    GERLYN BUDD Month ago


  • Electronic memer Bois
    Electronic memer Bois 2 months ago

    The way you said Australia tho... 9:46

  • Liliana Herrera
    Liliana Herrera 2 months ago

    What do you call a girl baby if it’s a kangaroo

  • Zylax Dupree
    Zylax Dupree 2 months ago

    I we'll raup you

  • LadyEvilest
    LadyEvilest 2 months ago

    The thing about blind people and color reminded me of something I heard happened with Stevie Wonder. He was asked to write the title song for a movie called "The Woman in Red" and he asked "What's red?"

  • Lollipop Lynn
    Lollipop Lynn 2 months ago

    U just gotta love that face let’s see it in captions too!
    I don’t think killing and a smile face in the same line is a very nice thing tho or combination

  • Ghosty Nerd
    Ghosty Nerd 2 months ago

    "Hey, you stole my job you bloody.... Dead person."

    I'm laughing because its true 😂

  • Thanos The mad titan
    Thanos The mad titan 2 months ago

    I am first here?

  • Mochi Chan
    Mochi Chan 2 months ago

    Maybe a cookie is stronger than you? And your basically human Just with pointy ears

  • Naps _
    Naps _ 2 months ago

    I wish i was Australian

  • CriticalDamage
    CriticalDamage 2 months ago

    Why do we get scared when we see brusle spouts?