Strongman Robert Oberst Says You Shouldn't Do Deadlifts | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1321 w/Robert Oberst:

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  • Nate Ormond
    Nate Ormond 3 days ago +1

    Robert oberst’s entire Wikipedia page is based off this interview

  • S P
    S P 3 days ago +3

    Highly disagree--deadlifts are great for overall strength and with proper form are completely safe. Hang cleans are far more dangerous in my opinion. Just because Robert got injured doesn't mean that normal people will.

  • Chubby_Leprechaun_Reviews

    As for the Russian secret service. Mikhail Shyvlakov

  • Chubby_Leprechaun_Reviews

    Where's big z with the fuck you meme. WR log is 228, not 219/220

  • Cortland Goff
    Cortland Goff 4 days ago

    Power cleans result in far more injury😂

  • soma sTAR
    soma sTAR 4 days ago +1

    yo i keep hearing joe is dead and bulshits.. is this real? someone can confirm it please!!

    • Liam Murphy
      Liam Murphy 19 hours ago

      Yea he was in a car crash leaving UFC 241.

  • Garrett Haskett
    Garrett Haskett 5 days ago

    Just use a trap bar, helps with the front loading.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 6 days ago +2

    hes tricking us, he doesnt want us to get them *GAINZZZZZZZZZZ*

  • 88yellowjacket
    88yellowjacket 6 days ago

    1:48 don't tell me that ain't Action Bronson...

  • John Rico
    John Rico 6 days ago

    U smoke that weed Robert

  • Hangman Sandman
    Hangman Sandman 6 days ago

    I don’t do deadlifts or squats and I’m just fine

  • play station
    play station 7 days ago +1

    I am out of gym for 2 years coz I injured myself doing stuff my body wasn't capable of

  • lemon tree
    lemon tree 7 days ago +1

    Fuck off Oberst. Deadlifts are the best. He's only saying this because he's shit at deadlifts compared to all the other strongmen out there.

  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Antonio Gutierrez 7 days ago +1

    “A warrior goes to war hungry” that saying go hard!.

  • kuruki stalinashvili

    Because he can't fucking lift it

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 8 days ago

    No dead lifts... hang & power cleaning bc of risk vs reward. Now I don't feel guilty for not dead lifting !

    • Michael Thompson
      Michael Thompson 7 days ago

      @Abcdefg Hijklmno you could be correct. He could just be saying it is a bad exercise when you're trying to max out. If you do it and ensure that you have correct form and try to get a few reps instead of a one-rep Max it probably could be very useful.

    • Abcdefg Hijklmno
      Abcdefg Hijklmno 7 days ago

      Michael Thompson deadlifts are better

  • Jeremiah Barr
    Jeremiah Barr 9 days ago

    Deadlifting has actually saved my back from injuries.

    WEEBBREAKER 10 days ago

    I was hoping to hear heaps more about deadlifting.

  • Patrick Melhorn
    Patrick Melhorn 12 days ago

    I like the experts who are telling him he is wrong? Who are you guys? Exactly. Shut up

  • Brick Bronsky
    Brick Bronsky 13 days ago

    Joe is Baked!!

  • E Shepherd iii
    E Shepherd iii 14 days ago +1

    Y’all need rob on the podcast

  • mr. meatspin
    mr. meatspin 15 days ago

    a friend of mine started doing deadlifts, he's now gay

  • iamsuperbrad
    iamsuperbrad 15 days ago

    Robert was so easy to listen to, very enjoyable

  • klintz Aye
    klintz Aye 20 days ago +1

    it's crazy

  • swissirish1
    swissirish1 21 day ago

    His delts have biceps.

  • mnb323
    mnb323 22 days ago

    I have nothing against oberst why not Eddie?

  • Americo Galindez
    Americo Galindez 22 days ago

    Yooooo.. how does oberst look like a grown up Dustin from stranger things

  • Tom Yates
    Tom Yates 22 days ago

    Don’t do deadlifts do cleans... what a load of complete and utter shite 😂😂

    XIAO WANG 23 days ago

    This guy hangout with the BS; thought he has the right words in strong man.You dont even know how to train your delts with you big freaky upper trap.

  • Out And About NZ
    Out And About NZ 23 days ago

    Dude looks like a shredded bam margera

  • Dean Ragan
    Dean Ragan 24 days ago +1

    Oberst knows the world record log is 228kg by big z he just wanted to sound like he was closer to the record

  • Razz0r ric
    Razz0r ric 25 days ago

    He's obviously going to say this to get at Eddie. Just to make his log press record seem more important. Joke

  • Toby Clegg
    Toby Clegg 25 days ago +5

    "...when you're 440 and your body's not agreeing with that 440.."
    wise words about how 'big' a person should get. if you step outside the boundaries of your genetic 'norm' there is a heavy price to be paid in GPP.

  • Grady Whitman
    Grady Whitman 26 days ago

    Athletes don't do deadlifts because it's an unathletic slow twitch muscle exercise. Sports are about explosive power.

  • MrJeo29
    MrJeo29 28 days ago

    Oberst is so full shit
    HE brought money into strongman? Come again? Holy shit dude

  • Hunter Marsh
    Hunter Marsh 29 days ago +2

    Joe “visceral” Rogan

  • Ruben Rojas
    Ruben Rojas Month ago

    That was bad ass!

  • Fitness Dreams
    Fitness Dreams Month ago

    Can we get a response from Mark Rippetoe or Jim Wendler on this hot topic?

  • James Orman
    James Orman Month ago

    Blaming an exercise for injury? Any exercise can have an injury. You need to think properly on your form and choice of weight.

  • Blue Collar Rider
    Blue Collar Rider Month ago

    This was such a good podcast. I am now a fan of Robert Oberst, seems like such a nice guy and reminds me a lot of my friends from the corps. Can't wait to see how he does in WSM. Plus I fucking hate deadlifts, fuck those exercises lol.

  • Trib NordiCelt
    Trib NordiCelt Month ago +9

    If you injure yourself deadlifting, then you are doing it wrong. Proper deadlift form is not difficult. And, aside from heavy squats, it is the best compound lift anyone can perform.

  • Realzies Cuts
    Realzies Cuts Month ago

    I fart when I Back extension, not deadlift

  • r0bven2ra
    r0bven2ra Month ago +1

    Robert is the grown version of Dustin from Stranger Things

  • marked3life
    marked3life Month ago

    Joe “argh argh argh” Rogan

  • Gr33n 3ggs
    Gr33n 3ggs Month ago

    Don't Deadlifts add mad mass??

  • Shamhara Network TV

    He also eats meat

  • captainspirou
    captainspirou Month ago

    totally true about going hungry. I accepted the conventional wisdom that I needed a solid meal to do anything so I had a big breakfast just before a tennis match. I felt horrible the whole time and played the worst match ever. I played much better on an empty stomach.
    Eat to recover, not for fuel.

    • captainspirou
      captainspirou Month ago

      @Blake Hornal I learned a bit late that this also applied to academics. I would eat a big meal before lecture and then I felt sleepy the whole time. If I could do college over again, I would eat after my classes.

    • Blake Hornal
      Blake Hornal Month ago

      captainspirou Yeah, I’ve never been able to do that either. Even if I’m not doing any cardio that day, I still feel like a slug if I eat even within a couple of hours of lifting.

  • brvd 831
    brvd 831 Month ago +1

    Damn this mothafucka worked at the catalyst

  • Taryn Blair
    Taryn Blair Month ago

    Here after watching the BUGEZ.

  • TheRosiebeam
    TheRosiebeam Month ago

    But but my PT who did a six week course says they're safe

  • Zack Schussler
    Zack Schussler Month ago +4

    Play D1 football @ Saint Francis, we’ve never deadlifted once in workouts

  • bee kuczimacklemore

    this "guy" is a faggot

  • Development
    Development Month ago +1

    Vegans try to debunk Joe check it out:

  • Protector K9
    Protector K9 Month ago +1

    Big dude : buddy of mine died and I wanted to be the one to take his record away
    Joe: remains mute.
    Joe ask him how the hell did that guy die

  • Erich
    Erich Month ago +2

    Robert has the blackest sounding voice I've ever heard on a white dude.

  • Dintyboy
    Dintyboy Month ago +6

    Get Jeff Cavalier on to talk about his view on deadlifts

    • Dintyboy
      Dintyboy 15 days ago

      mr. meatspin how so?

    • mr. meatspin
      mr. meatspin 15 days ago

      he only deadlift because he can't squat. squat is far superior to deadlift.

  • Hans Karps
    Hans Karps Month ago +25

    I'm just waiting for him to tell Joe that he's a wizard.

  • Stella Blue
    Stella Blue Month ago

    Not a weird transition at all if you've ever heard rob zombie's music. Lol he's been doing horror movies all along, just didn't put them to picture at 1st.

  • The Independent Mind
    The Independent Mind Month ago +2

    That dude is rad af. Joe's interviews are usually very interesting or inspirational. Great video man

    REDSP1R1T PS4 Month ago

    I've been working out since highschool and I've never attempted a deadlift because it looked very unnatural as an exercise.

  • Patrick Gardner
    Patrick Gardner Month ago +3

    I'm guessing Joe Rogan's word of the day is "visceral"

  • Off Grid Action
    Off Grid Action Month ago +7

    ''DONT DO DEADLIFTS'' Deadlift's 800+ pounds

  • caged lion
    caged lion Month ago

    Deadlift equal dumb the chance of injury is huge. You only need to drop to the knee for results never go all the way to the ground. Drain Yates never went low on deadlifts.

  • bigblocklawyer
    bigblocklawyer Month ago

    Way ahead of the game not being indoctrinated by the idiot box growing up.

  • Grant Baker
    Grant Baker Month ago

    I would have to agree with him. As a pt I wouldn't have clients (especially beginners) doing deadlifts, even though I was always taught that deadlifts are essential to most workout programs.
    There are so many great leg and back exercises out there with little risk of injury, looking for those safer alternatives would be in most peoples interests (i.e. the average gym goer who just wants to get fit or lose some weight).

  • Paco Sánchez
    Paco Sánchez Month ago

    Dear Joe, you are one of the coolest guys on the internet and I truly love your style, but I must say that your seemingly irrational and visceral aversion to plant-based lifestyles is quite disappointing. If you only did a bit of serious research on this topic you would understand the huge environmental and ethical implications of feeding and killing animals for food, when we can perfectly avoid doing so and lead healthy lives while protecting our decaying biosphere. Would you be willing to make a podcast as a serious debate between the most well-respected activists or researchers in the environmental aspects of leading a plant-based vs meat-based diets?

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Eats highs school footballers

  • Yeti
    Yeti Month ago +1

    Zercher deadlift baby!!!!

  • Rmurder
    Rmurder Month ago +7

    Best part: Robert: "what do you call it when your hands are like this...cypionated?" He meant supine but threw out a testosterone name lol

  • Big Balls
    Big Balls Month ago

    This guy speaks the TRUTH!

  • A-O
    A-O Month ago

    The sole reason people fuck themselves up on deadlifts is ego lifting, trying to pull too much and having tight muscles resulting in poor form. The deadlift is the best overall compound movement fact.

  • next up
    next up Month ago

    Deadlifts are great just don't use a weight that you'll end up hurting yourself with its not rocket science

  • Wahid Khan
    Wahid Khan Month ago +1

    Your heart also has to work very hard to pump all the blood through the body when you're that large.

  • Adrian Augustus
    Adrian Augustus Month ago

    I'm not convinced Rogue is the best. Lol

  • Robert Holland
    Robert Holland Month ago +1

    “He doesn’t speak good English.” I’m dead 😂😂