Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash in Mukilteo Washington

  • Published on May 3, 2017
  • Guanting Li via Storyful
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  • LegoAnimator450 0
    LegoAnimator450 0 2 days ago

    When the kids get a hold of the plane

  • ebet aja
    ebet aja 3 days ago

    Rest In Peace

  • † In hoc † Signo † Vinces

    Rest in peace. :(

  • Ian Santi
    Ian Santi 12 days ago


    That yellow lancer evo tho!

  • Miriam Aitkhali
    Miriam Aitkhali 13 days ago


  • 2001 Private Defense Contractors

    American Made 2: Escape from Seattle

  • Des Mo
    Des Mo 24 days ago


  • The Interesting Nobody
    The Interesting Nobody 27 days ago +1

    Who else caught that idiot cutting left illegally?

  • Genesis Alfanta
    Genesis Alfanta 2 months ago +1

    pilot said "GTA MOTHERFUCKA"

  • BlehhhBlooo
    BlehhhBlooo 3 months ago

    I just watched this in a compilation which didn't say where it was. Turns out this is 15 minutes from my house, yet I never heard about it!?

  • Tim Crow
    Tim Crow 3 months ago

    This is real. It happened on May 3, 2017.

  • Jaeger Bombastic
    Jaeger Bombastic 4 months ago

    It seems fake, the smoke and plane looked out of place

  • StewartLucrative
    StewartLucrative 4 months ago

    Nobody at the stop light saw it happen because they were all looking down at their phones.

  • Donlok Booha
    Donlok Booha 4 months ago

    It bothers me that the guy in front of him wasn't using his turning signal

  • Brandon Kim
    Brandon Kim 4 months ago

    Thank god he missed the Mongolian place

  • aubrycrew112
    aubrycrew112 4 months ago

    I pray they had a good life and there are ok if not.i hope there safe with god📿

  • R.C. Collins
    R.C. Collins 4 months ago

    Look how quickly the cowards drive away.

  • spoonladz
    spoonladz 5 months ago

    What happens when you accidentally drop your controller on GTA

  • JosePlayzGamesz Zel
    JosePlayzGamesz Zel 5 months ago

    This is fake

  • Rachelle Bal
    Rachelle Bal 5 months ago

    Now I'm scared going on planes after this video...

  • KayleeTube
    KayleeTube 5 months ago

    Next time blur out others license plate numbers

  • Berkov L
    Berkov L 5 months ago

    He should hide license plates


    Fake everyone would be getting out of there cars and everyone would go crazy, and the explosion would not go away that fast

  • D-Man
    D-Man 6 months ago

    *When you fall with bicycle.

  • I love wall.e
    I love wall.e 6 months ago

    smoke trail does follow the airplane but it is ON the airplane not behind it -_- This is fake

    • I love wall.e
      I love wall.e 5 months ago

      brosephjames where?

    • brosephjames
      brosephjames 5 months ago

      It's a real accident..you can read the ntsb report....

  • Ana Gomez
    Ana Gomez 6 months ago +1

    what the bff bdnddbbdndndndf

  • Retters Gaming
    Retters Gaming 6 months ago

    I see a lancer

  • Kevin Luhuu
    Kevin Luhuu 7 months ago

    Is this video fake?

  • Aiden MacCracken
    Aiden MacCracken 7 months ago

    That's me in infinite flight

  • Jonathan Sandi
    Jonathan Sandi 7 months ago +3

    That plane should get a ticket. It run the red light!

  • Kareem Galaroza
    Kareem Galaroza 7 months ago

    to prevent deaths in a plane crash, somebody must redesign a new aircraft prototype like a blackbox and put wings on it!

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang 7 months ago

    Intresting how the traffic light survives but the plane doesn't

  • Matt Flynn
    Matt Flynn 7 months ago

    Wonder what must've been going thru those drivers' minds when they saw that

  • toto wolf
    toto wolf 7 months ago

    Accident at 58

  • Samuel Stroh
    Samuel Stroh 7 months ago

    People on their cars with Fire extinguishers be like: let´s do no f ing sht .... :v

  • Glynis Finch
    Glynis Finch 7 months ago

    what the hate is that?
    du da du
    car plane crash now

  • zotiyac gt
    zotiyac gt 7 months ago

    when dobwld trump becomes president

  • Robokoopa RB Leader
    Robokoopa RB Leader 7 months ago

    0:19 *TO BE CONTINUED*

  • Luke Skywalker!!!
    Luke Skywalker!!! 7 months ago


  • Dashcam South Yorkshire

    that was such an amazing capture I actually thought it was CGI

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile 7 months ago

    great shot of wake turbulence!!

  • Splatterbrained
    Splatterbrained 8 months ago

    Gosh people are comparing this to trivial events when in reality this was an incredible dangerous and high risk situation. Fortunately there were no serious injuries and it is not appropriate to relate a serious crash to everyday occurrences.

  • John Solomon
    John Solomon 8 months ago

    This happend a day after my birthday

  • De674nis
    De674nis 8 months ago +1

    No Guys , thats just me in Aerofly 2 some NPC Car Driver caught me .....

  • katt
    katt 8 months ago

    I live literally a block away from where this plane crashed lmao

  • ElaYion
    ElaYion 8 months ago

    This Is Fake

  • Exegete84
    Exegete84 8 months ago

    Sorry, I was eating a Milky way.

  • candycabngfl
    candycabngfl 8 months ago

    That was rather spectacular.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo 8 months ago

    It hit a traffic singal before crashing

    MADDJROCKS Gaming 8 months ago

    I was just curious

  • Jim thewhale
    Jim thewhale 8 months ago +1


  • WorldHunTer
    WorldHunTer 8 months ago


  • 109
    109 8 months ago +1

    RT podcast 428

  • basileus megas
    basileus megas 8 months ago

    muslim terrorist attack---

  • Yuant
    Yuant 8 months ago

    Naaa isto foi só no GTA

  • Arijiah Taylor
    Arijiah Taylor 8 months ago

    that is why im scared of going on a plane

  • Nerdy Cat
    Nerdy Cat 8 months ago

    I'm so thankful that this has never happened to me. Thank god.

  • patesze
    patesze 8 months ago +2

    The yellow one is an Evo? Or a factory tuned?

  • Jaggie Tv
    Jaggie Tv 8 months ago

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    then i returned you 50 views on ur last video

  • Magnus Lad
    Magnus Lad 8 months ago

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  • Devixツ
    Devixツ 8 months ago


  • SDik
    SDik 8 months ago

    =Если помог сделать тебе подписчиков ЛАЙК!
    - Видео на канале

  • President of Uganda
    President of Uganda 8 months ago

    FAAAAAAAAKE...........and gay.

  • Samarth Kambli
    Samarth Kambli 8 months ago


  • rivera cruz
    rivera cruz 8 months ago +1

    everyone in their cars like


  • хрю хрю
    хрю хрю 8 months ago

    putin forever

  • warnpassion
    warnpassion 8 months ago

    Aeroplane appears out of nowhere, crashes and gets recorded on a dashcam. Flight 77 still not found.

  • Dwayne Wade
    Dwayne Wade 8 months ago

    I think its fake

  • Super Tastic
    Super Tastic 8 months ago

    who will sub to my channel and comment done I will sub to your channel

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 8 months ago

    Oh! You guys going some where?! WELL, NOT ANY MORE!!

  • WWE Guruji
    WWE Guruji 8 months ago

    which game is this

  • Ash Fire Gaming
    Ash Fire Gaming 8 months ago +3

    The pilot says look the airport runway! oh wait fuck it a road!! omg! (impact)

    • Aiden MacCracken
      Aiden MacCracken 7 months ago

      Ash Fire Gaming no the engine failed and he couldn't make it back to the airport so they aimed for the road

  • Nicholas San
    Nicholas San 8 months ago

    Hey ass hole. instead to record the video and don't do nothing. Maybe was a good idea to go help the pilot? very self piece of shit you are.

  • Bleu Project
    Bleu Project 8 months ago

    Red Ford Driver: F This can't be late for work again lol

  • Balázs Nagy
    Balázs Nagy 8 months ago

    GTA mod ? link plz

  • Narytel
    Narytel 8 months ago

    If i have 100 subscribers without videos, a friend offers me pizza, wanna help me ? 😍

  • Creeperlp 007
    Creeperlp 007 8 months ago

    ohhh Shit is he die ?

  • bigdig doraemon
    bigdig doraemon 8 months ago +1

    don't scroll down the comment section,it's full of spam

  • حمدان العنزي

    Thank God nobody get hurt even passengers that's what matter

  • Shamse Alam
    Shamse Alam 8 months ago


    EL DIABLO 8 months ago

    Is the trafic lights working properly

    EL DIABLO 8 months ago

    Is the trafic lights working properly

  • Hupp Bopp
    Hupp Bopp 8 months ago

    Failed allahu akbar attack

  • Gokul G
    Gokul G 8 months ago

    No one coming out of the vehicle..WTF

  • Mr Zeus
    Mr Zeus 8 months ago

    Ez benne lesz KovácsZsoltnak a felkapott listáknál! (nem tudom hogy kell írni :D)

  • DeoXy
    DeoXy 8 months ago


  • Mancy Ewinger
    Mancy Ewinger 8 months ago

    fake 😂

  • LukeGraphics - quit
    LukeGraphics - quit 8 months ago +1

    Rest in peace to him! ._.

    • That-B
      That-B 28 days ago

      They survived.

    • Oli170
      Oli170 Month ago

      LukeGraphics - quit he didnt die :)

  • MasterChief
    MasterChief 8 months ago

    My pc can't run this game...😢

  • The FallØut Killers Coldplay!ng At The Trench

    Wow, what a mess! (GTA4 fat cop quote)

  • Al
    Al 8 months ago

    You notch special effects. Bravo👏👏👏

  • Desi Scientist
    Desi Scientist 8 months ago

    that was me playing gta

  • Lilly and Gavin Show
    Lilly and Gavin Show 8 months ago

    my aunt was in the front of the lane turning left at the light in this video, crazy.

  • Vlajic David
    Vlajic David 8 months ago +9

    When she says that she's alone at home.

    • Gabriel Stubbs
      Gabriel Stubbs 5 months ago

      Wow that is so fucking funny😂😁😁😂😂😂😀😆😆😂😃

    • chewinternet
      chewinternet 8 months ago +1

      Vlajic David hahaha

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble 8 months ago

    when autopilot is made by a female.

  • ZyloxHD
    ZyloxHD 8 months ago


  • Wassermilch
    Wassermilch 8 months ago +17

    Car Guys be like: DAAMN dat yellow evo!!

  • R i t t i k
    R i t t i k 8 months ago

    If I had to choose between this plane and United....I would choose United...
    better to get beaten than crashing to death boi

  • BT -7274
    BT -7274 8 months ago

    looks fake

  • jaffar1234
    jaffar1234 8 months ago +11

    This is me flying a plane in GTA V.