Unbelievable, final turn!!

  • Published on Oct 31, 2015
  • Great engines roar , great turn, nice landing....Outstanding captain!!

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  • uruglytoo
    uruglytoo 28 days ago

    more more more!

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Month ago +1

    Amazing pilot, I have a feeling when I land there, it may be much more routine

  • Ferdinand Ico
    Ferdinand Ico 4 months ago

    Skilled pilot

  • dharma pieces
    dharma pieces 4 months ago


  • Tabourba
    Tabourba 5 months ago

    THAT pilot certainly earned his pay on that landing!

  • Bhagwa Dinner Patiram
    Bhagwa Dinner Patiram 5 months ago

    Guyana dis cover re

  • Bimbo Baraguir
    Bimbo Baraguir 5 months ago

    Still watching in 2018...very good pilot ever..he is very intelligent two thumps up for him...more power and god bless u

  • D a n i e l O
    D a n i e l O 5 months ago

    This is actually just a normal landing in fuchnal. Pilots have to fly the plane manually in as there's no ILS.

  • Miracle Happens
    Miracle Happens 5 months ago

    Aviation is within me, so every turn do

  • vishal kp
    vishal kp 5 months ago


  • Nicki Belle
    Nicki Belle 5 months ago

    Nice 👍🏻

  • Dipanjan Halder
    Dipanjan Halder 5 months ago

    It’s normal approach

  • joannafaith888
    joannafaith888 5 months ago

    Der excellent flying 👍skills!

  • Elijah Haring
    Elijah Haring 5 months ago

    I love airberlin lol

  • Mega Line
    Mega Line 5 months ago

    Ouuu. Super!

  • letherpikaxe plays
    letherpikaxe plays 6 months ago


  • O G
    O G 6 months ago +1

    Omg video and omg pilot👌❤❤

  • GokuFievel32
    GokuFievel32 6 months ago

    Go home plane you're drunk

  • Fock Lung
    Fock Lung 6 months ago

    Who's at the ready filming this type of shit!? 🤔

  • qeddeq1
    qeddeq1 6 months ago

    What's so great about it??

  • rjml1
    rjml1 6 months ago

    Impresionante lo que ha hecho este Piloto!

    PAŞAYLA HAYAT 6 months ago

    Ordinary landing for airberlin.

  • gregthepilot Henderson
    gregthepilot Henderson 6 months ago

    SWEET! A textbook crosswind approach and landing right down the runway centerline.

  • Virginia Fry
    Virginia Fry 6 months ago

    And I never knew that planes could fly both sideways and backwards!

  • Jaysinh Naik
    Jaysinh Naik 6 months ago +1

    how you normally land like doing normal stunts in gta 5 or sa

  • ssbro3
    ssbro3 6 months ago

    These are woman pilots

  • Hossam Shaban
    Hossam Shaban 6 months ago

    طيااااااار معلم اصلي

  • Chris knows
    Chris knows 6 months ago

    Been there......definite job for underpant rescue !!

  • MrSarz
    MrSarz 6 months ago


  • Ahsan Arbi
    Ahsan Arbi 6 months ago

    its auto pallet work

  • M N
    M N 6 months ago

    Loved it!

  • phips d
    phips d 6 months ago

    So beautiful....

  • Vijaya Kumar Reddy
    Vijaya Kumar Reddy 6 months ago

    Miserable movements

  • Jinothkumar R
    Jinothkumar R 6 months ago

    Great & talented pilot.. 😊👏

  • priya rathor
    priya rathor 6 months ago


  • Ramon A. Wilson G
    Ramon A. Wilson G 6 months ago

    WTF.. 😲!!

  • Key Jackson
    Key Jackson 6 months ago

    Strong crosswind

  • Jess DinDoNuffin
    Jess DinDoNuffin 6 months ago

    Nothing short of Awesome!

  • Ron Mac95
    Ron Mac95 6 months ago

    Jesus! I think I would have shit myself if I was on that plane. Amazing skills of the crew.

  • Mookaron
    Mookaron 6 months ago

    I just hate when I'm on a plane & it's turning, feels like I'm falling out the damn sky!

  • Piper Warrior Sim Project

    Drunk in the cockpit last orders down the bar

  • Aley Vlogs
    Aley Vlogs 6 months ago


  • General Rendar
    General Rendar 6 months ago

    that went from a left base to a right base lol

  • j.m ag
    j.m ag 6 months ago

    He thought it's a video game

  • Chatty Matty
    Chatty Matty 6 months ago

    Was this on a canon Vixia?

  • George George
    George George 6 months ago


  • Muhammad Mubashir
    Muhammad Mubashir 6 months ago

    I would say crunchy approach for Landing Admirable

  • Jacqueline Ramphal
    Jacqueline Ramphal 6 months ago

    Wow! Short runway;no chance for a go around. Amazing skillllllz!

  • Saadon Aksah
    Saadon Aksah 6 months ago

    Wow! Glad it turns alright!

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe 6 months ago

    That's not flying. That's falling gracefully.

  • Faizan Ahmad
    Faizan Ahmad 6 months ago


  • brbrhrg geegebd
    brbrhrg geegebd 6 months ago

    good pilot
    i watch you from saudi arabia

    CITY RUSH 6 months ago +1

    Wait what ¿🙈

  • Edvin Chandra
    Edvin Chandra 6 months ago

    Dangerous...big risk .

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar 6 months ago

    Salute to these pilots

    MARQUEZ VIDEO MACHINE 6 months ago


  • Naeem Alam
    Naeem Alam 6 months ago

    Why the plane takes final turn

  • Sreeprasad shetty
    Sreeprasad shetty 6 months ago

    Passengers would have had their stomachs in their mouths

  • adnan walijee
    adnan walijee 6 months ago

    Amazing piloting

  • Naulo Sanchar
    Naulo Sanchar 6 months ago +1

    What a landing .. Madeira airport is one of the toughest airport

  • Dipesh Bhandari
    Dipesh Bhandari 6 months ago

    This would be if i was a pilot

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    1 like for the pilot

  • Christopher Augustine
    Christopher Augustine 6 months ago

    that pilot is thuglife

  • Ian James
    Ian James 6 months ago

    Boootifull flying Captain.

  • 458scuderia
    458scuderia 6 months ago

    That's what I do when I fly VFR :) miss the turn and correct everything quickly !

  • Gafar Lubina
    Gafar Lubina 6 months ago +1

    Wow amazing viedeo

  • Big T
    Big T 6 months ago

    I wonder if pilots find that fun or terrifying (or both)?

  • Clarence Aaron Jones
    Clarence Aaron Jones 6 months ago

    Imagine how hard that approach is with poor visibility.

  • vaisakh gv
    vaisakh gv 6 months ago


  • shahrukh khan
    shahrukh khan 6 months ago

    What a rider

  • aditya deshmukh
    aditya deshmukh 6 months ago


  • George Will
    George Will 6 months ago

    I'm guessing ex-military pilot? g-

  • Vivek Barman
    Vivek Barman 6 months ago

    Why did he had to land the plan like this? Was it normal?

  • Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik 6 months ago


  • Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik 6 months ago

    Wow! Great landing. Air turbulence?

  • Udayan Das
    Udayan Das 6 months ago

    What a turn it was. Hats off to the pilots..

  • Nicolas Andre Baez Goncalves

    Nothing happened on this video, this is just a normal landing

  • Fabiano Dalcolmo
    Fabiano Dalcolmo 6 months ago

    Depois dessas balançadas todas, eu já estaria todo cagado!

  • Boy Genius
    Boy Genius 6 months ago

    Pilot is good on the yoke no doubt...

  • James Peck
    James Peck 6 months ago

    Hold my beer...

  • Komal Sehrawat
    Komal Sehrawat 6 months ago

    Hats off to the pilot 👏👏👏👏

  • SRK Shri
    SRK Shri 6 months ago

    Epic funny

  • TheSaintST1
    TheSaintST1 6 months ago

    Ex military pilot? Sometimes you've gotta have some balls landing at Madeira... I wonder how they would do with St Helena?

  • Navy Night Ranger
    Navy Night Ranger 6 months ago

    Nice view and awesome wind stroking by the pro pilot

  • Spiritual Saints
    Spiritual Saints 6 months ago

    I like the caption heading nice cool words !

  • Bijay Sitaula
    Bijay Sitaula 6 months ago

    Pilot can be captain Joe.

  • iam DJMDN
    iam DJMDN 6 months ago


  • Guns N' Games
    Guns N' Games 6 months ago +1

    I can land one of those in the top of a building...

    In GTA V...

    • RaZoR
      RaZoR 6 months ago

      +Guns N' Games I can fly through Your mother's anus 😎

    • Guns N' Games
      Guns N' Games 6 months ago +1

      +Callum Scott i can fly the Trevor's pickup!

    • Callum Scott
      Callum Scott 6 months ago +1

      A building? Ha! Amateur... I can land one of those on top of another aircraft flying in mid air...

  • Partap Coach
    Partap Coach 6 months ago


  • T A
    T A 6 months ago

    Perfection at it's best.

  • Lokesh Chaudhari
    Lokesh Chaudhari 6 months ago

    The pilots are listening to deja vu

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan 6 months ago

    Camera left side me Hai isilie aisa view aaya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cooter Pud
    Cooter Pud 6 months ago +1

    Pilots on such flights should be given 10 times more salaries as compared to those who are at easy runways!
    Imagine how do they manage it in windy conditions and rain.

  • Antonio Maciel
    Antonio Maciel 6 months ago

    Nossa... esse piloto é dos bons!!
    Maravilhosa filmagem! Obrigado por compartilhar! :)

  • Shobi Malik
    Shobi Malik 6 months ago +9

    He must b playing video game inside cockpit😂

  • Matheus Eduardo
    Matheus Eduardo 6 months ago

    Pensei que era Tam

  • Patriot Girl
    Patriot Girl 6 months ago

    Excellent flying, Captain !

  • Guru
    Guru 6 months ago

    Pilot in full control. Great manoeuvre 👍👍👍

  • rishad aripra
    rishad aripra 6 months ago

    Edhoru sambavattoo Enichu kodhiyavaa flights keran

  • Bart Sprigg
    Bart Sprigg 6 months ago