Casually Explained: Elon Musk

  • Published on May 30, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • The Masked Master

    The dove is going to coo to you too Elon.

  • The UberTuber
    The UberTuber 8 hours ago +1

    "Teslas most notable achievement is designing electrical good looking cars"
    Me: *Cries in cybertruck*

    I know that that quote isn't right BTW. It's close enough

  • Specialopsdave
    Specialopsdave 11 hours ago

    Motherload players unite lol

  • every youtuber's nightmare

    Am I the only one that's gonna notice that Elon doesn't sleep in the given schedule?

  • Nep1248 Plant
    Nep1248 Plant 17 hours ago +1

    Elon Musk the pedo guy?

  • mEtAlMaNiAc787
    mEtAlMaNiAc787 19 hours ago

    martians lol. it would be cooler to live on the moon in my opinion.

  • X-90
    X-90 Day ago +3

    This guys humor is so dry that he doesn't raise or lower his voice

  • Hsterts Hertz
    Hsterts Hertz Day ago

    We'll need a remake or sequel on Elon Musk Explained soon

  • Sahaana Rajkumar
    Sahaana Rajkumar Day ago +8

    *"giving up his dreams like a normal person"*
    *that hit hard* damn

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin Day ago

    Wait, does this mean daddy Elon has an N-Word pass?

  • Gabriel JL
    Gabriel JL Day ago

    Cyberpunk 2020

  • Danny Huynh
    Danny Huynh 2 days ago

    1:54 Does that mean that he can say the n-word?!

  • Nayem Gatz
    Nayem Gatz 2 days ago

    Elon isn't Tony. Tony is Elon.

  • Li
    Li 2 days ago +2

    Hold up how is this the first time I'm hearing of him being a father

  • Ryan Howe
    Ryan Howe 3 days ago

    Lol Terran Command Center for Mars housing

  • ShepardStudios
    ShepardStudios 3 days ago

    One company ruling a whole planet hmm saounds like a certain obsidian fame that came out recently

  • John Kemmerer
    John Kemmerer 4 days ago

    You forgot about the AI overlords

  • Oliva Gina
    Oliva Gina 4 days ago +1

    >Believing you are secure with a VPN

  • DCdangerbrooks
    DCdangerbrooks 5 days ago

    I like Tesla but did they just design one car and then get someone to stretch it in different ways and call it a brand

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 5 days ago

    There is no way Elon Musk works 16 hrs a day. His position at his companies doesn't require 8 hrs shifts. Probably works 16 hrs a week and spends the rest of his time getting high AF so he can think up crazy shot to do.

  • Tyler Goodwin
    Tyler Goodwin 5 days ago +6

    He cracked himself up at the song shuffle joke 😂😂

  • Mister Morningstar
    Mister Morningstar 5 days ago

    _With money comes back hair._
    Elon Musk proved it.

  • LlamaNeck
    LlamaNeck 5 days ago +1

    The richest African American is in fact a white guy...epic

  • Krishant Singha
    Krishant Singha 6 days ago

    WTF was that 🤣🤣🤣

  • Loxy 747
    Loxy 747 6 days ago

    That’s wrong about the roadster btw

  • Azure Apples
    Azure Apples 7 days ago +3

    Also, he likes catgirls

  • thatguyinblack
    thatguyinblack 7 days ago

    elon musk is a gift from god

  • captainjonesy
    captainjonesy 7 days ago

    Hard to tell if this is straight up propaganda or meme-powered kowtowing. There is no substance to your videos - and that's OK - but this one is sheer circle-jerking. Too bad. You're actually quite funny when you're not trying so hard. Anyway, I digress. Good luck.

  • Throws Bear
    Throws Bear 8 days ago

    that's because elon is an actor whos never made anything

  • Henning
    Henning 9 days ago

    He did NOT INHALE

  • Ryna May
    Ryna May 9 days ago

    Elon Musk is honestly terrifying ngl

  • Hannah Walls
    Hannah Walls 9 days ago

    fuck you crack me up 😂😂

  • gericoom
    gericoom 9 days ago +9

    Elon Musk is just Elon Tusk,but without tusks.

  • Kitten
    Kitten 10 days ago

    He's the perfect intellectual. Irrefutably intelligent and deserves respect but is also annoying.

  • Justin Fire out
    Justin Fire out 10 days ago +1

    This is so funny #ElectElon

  • ThatOneGuyInTheBottom OfTheCommentSection


  • André Ramos
    André Ramos 11 days ago +3

    I think he just wants to grow some weed on Mars tbh
    Easy plan..
    Own a planet
    Make weed legal everywhere
    Take there some ppl to work on the weed camps
    Easy weed

  • OT
    OT 13 days ago

    No sleep?

  • Nicolas M
    Nicolas M 13 days ago

    The motherload reference earned an instant like. God I loved that game

  • Hon-Drei
    Hon-Drei 13 days ago

    Those deep breaths...

  • Poliway x
    Poliway x 13 days ago

    How d f I now seeing this vid

  • Yeled Lego
    Yeled Lego 13 days ago +1

    "Designing innovative electric cars that actually look good"
    The Tesla Cybertruck:

    '*nervous sweating

  • ChipTheApe
    ChipTheApe 13 days ago

    0:44 cars that actually look good... well in 2020 i think u know what i mean

  • An Fo
    An Fo 13 days ago

    first time I've willingly watched the commercial section of a youtube video because I knew it would be funny as hell. Congrats dude :)

  • Mad Maxxx
    Mad Maxxx 13 days ago +16

    “honestly he could just be playing IRL motherload” LMAO

  • ꧁༺štiky༻꧂
    ꧁༺štiky༻꧂ 14 days ago +4

    Elon: * casually wearing the infinity gauntlet *

  • Loula Villena
    Loula Villena 14 days ago

    dude your saying his just testing hid tech on earth

  • SudPAD 32
    SudPAD 32 14 days ago

    Treelon Musk

  • Good Guy Pedro
    Good Guy Pedro 15 days ago

    Well they may be look good but the quality of tesla's at this pricepoint is not that great.

  • Elon Wissing
    Elon Wissing 15 days ago +1

    Man I wish it was him I was named after and not my grandpas friends dog :/

  • Jakub Dabrowski
    Jakub Dabrowski 15 days ago

    If you can't enter a car you can't crash a car

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki 16 days ago

    elongated muskrat

  • jumpyMaxcat
    jumpyMaxcat 16 days ago

    you forgot about the cybertruck ):

    • Rutvik Vatsa
      Rutvik Vatsa 14 days ago

      video posted before the cybertruck intro

  • General Dickbutt
    General Dickbutt 16 days ago

    Dude is actually pretty smart, doing the classical pump and dump strategy. Hyping up projects that will never work, like hyperloop, solar roadways, etc., then collecting investor money, and abandoning the projects.
    The only useful things he did were paypal and Tesla, and probably SpaceX, though statements like "we will put cold gas high pressure thrusters on a tesla" lets people lose faith in the professionality of the company.
    Overall, he does have capable engineers, but he himself seems very delusional, and his shitposting on twitter does not help with that.
    This is either part of his 'business' strategy or he is just very naive
    As the Simpsons already said: For someone who promotes renewable energy so much, he is burning quite a lot of rocket fuel

  • Justin Norman
    Justin Norman 16 days ago +10

    That Disney world line is actually very underrated, Jesus

    ABOPES 16 days ago


  • Nate Windwood
    Nate Windwood 17 days ago +1

    The most inspirational thing about Elon Musk is that, if I work hard, I can get rich and get my ex back by following the 2nd rule of not being creepy :D

  • Anime Armpits
    Anime Armpits 17 days ago

    3:37 thats basically my goal

    SGT. RAILGUN GAMING 17 days ago

    Why are white people in Africa?

    FUZZERD 18 days ago

    Elon musk is making a real world version of altera