how midwesterners call their dogs

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • cmon now dog
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    this is how midwesterners call their dogs.
    Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 020

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  3 months ago +7788

    if you or a loved one has been affected by a dog please follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

  • Red Hunter
    Red Hunter 2 hours ago

    I live in north dakota with a dog fuckin named dakota.

    • Red Hunter
      Red Hunter 2 hours ago

      When i grow up imma name my dogs dick and hole

  • KayleeAnna Florence
    KayleeAnna Florence 4 hours ago

    Home Depot 🤣🤣 0:23

  • Sadie 08
    Sadie 08 14 hours ago

    As a midwestern, this is 100% accurate

  • RusticHype
    RusticHype 20 hours ago

    My labrador is called gunner ahahaha

  • 8-Bit Gamers
    8-Bit Gamers Day ago

    This is surprisingly accurate ya know me being a midwestener and all.

  • Sam D
    Sam D Day ago

    As a Californian I can confirm that my midwestern friends have told me that this is 100 percent accurate.

  • Anna Levine
    Anna Levine Day ago

    home depot let's go

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis Day ago

    You forgot trigger

  • FatherEpididymis

    goddamn thought i was the only one in the universe who knew of menards

  • poppy p.
    poppy p. Day ago

    gus looks like he had to poop during this entire vid... that’s acting folks

  • peptalkguy
    peptalkguy Day ago

    I feel attacked, Winchester and Remington were the names of my first two dogs

  • Olivia Bolivia
    Olivia Bolivia Day ago

    Moved to the Midwest 4 months ago and can confirm this is true

  • najo cheez
    najo cheez Day ago

    you can take the man out of wisconsin, but you can't take wisconsin out of the man
    one of my favorite videos on youtube

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 4 days ago

    Gun. GUN.

  • Patrick Waites
    Patrick Waites 5 days ago

    Home Depot 😂💀

  • Mary Mitchell
    Mary Mitchell 5 days ago

    It’s weirdly hot when he whistles

  • Nerday Unicorn
    Nerday Unicorn 6 days ago


  • TV Derek
    TV Derek 6 days ago

    This is fantastic

  • Skyla Stuempfl
    Skyla Stuempfl 6 days ago

    the fucking whistle, like my dad does that wtf get away from me gus

  • What If, Bees
    What If, Bees 7 days ago

    You call my grandpa out like this again and we’re gonna have a problem

  • kool kid
    kool kid 7 days ago

    my dog is called kenzie so that’s debatably worse than home depot-

  • Tobias Roeuth
    Tobias Roeuth 7 days ago

    Can’t believe you just called us out like that

  • Rose Weldon
    Rose Weldon 7 days ago +1

    Worst dog my dad’s family ever had was named Rifle.
    He grew up in Brooklyn.

  • faceless58
    faceless58 7 days ago

    Had to watch this again after the Blair Witch reveal. "Come on Bullet, lets find that kid."

  • curzon
    curzon 8 days ago +2


  • Short Bear Studios
    Short Bear Studios 8 days ago

    One of my dogs name is Winchester. Nicknamed Winnie. Yes, I live in Missouri.

  • mauri11
    mauri11 8 days ago

    I watch this a few times each month. Funny every time! Do more using this character, it's what made me sub.

  • Reggie the bunkler
    Reggie the bunkler 10 days ago +2

    Here we see Gus turn into khyber from Ben 10

  • Hayden Pavlus
    Hayden Pavlus 11 days ago

    How southerners call their dogs..

  • Noah Wade
    Noah Wade 12 days ago

    Teach me how to whistle like that please father

  • Elle Kunkel
    Elle Kunkel 13 days ago

    As an IN native I can say that this is accurate. My uncle named one of his dogs Dog.

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess 14 days ago

    Wait this isnt how every calls their dogs?? O.O

  • dustin
    dustin 14 days ago

    can confirm this from ohio, I picked trigger for my dog thinking it was original

  • Just cats
    Just cats 14 days ago

    Yup. This is what midwesterners name their gun dogs that they never actually take hunting.

  • - Wanderer -
    - Wanderer - 14 days ago +1

    *G* *U* *N*

  • TheWolfOwl
    TheWolfOwl 15 days ago

    The sad part about this is that even if the names got random, the body language and voice were spot on. Just go sit in a public park in the Midwest and you'll know how real this video is.
    Was waiting for one of the dogs names to be "Ope".

  • Jish the Fish
    Jish the Fish 15 days ago

    4,000 comment lol

  • riley stevens
    riley stevens 16 days ago

    I feel attacked my uncle's dogs were named Winchester & Remington and we're from Colorado

  • Sergeant Adam
    Sergeant Adam 16 days ago

    I’m bout to name my dog ammunition

  • atk047
    atk047 16 days ago

    Black! Decker! Get over her you two. 😂

  • Rebecca Jo Anthony
    Rebecca Jo Anthony 16 days ago


  • Closedsleet
    Closedsleet 16 days ago

    Can confirm, i was the dog

  • Annoying Tree
    Annoying Tree 17 days ago


  • Fanged Katipo
    Fanged Katipo 17 days ago

    As I midwesterner, I find this hilarious

  • asmRTPOP
    asmRTPOP 17 days ago

    i’m a vet tech living in the midwest and....yeppers these tru

  • that mikee
    that mikee 18 days ago

    As a midwesterner myself I can verify that this is true

  • boo boo jeffries
    boo boo jeffries 18 days ago

    lol we actually have really flat accents and name our dogs bogart and dobby and stuff like that

  • FoKidz
    FoKidz 18 days ago

    The first name is actually my dogs name and the second one is what we were between naming him. I feel personally attacked.

  • caitlin morrison
    caitlin morrison 18 days ago +7

    as a missourian, i can say that i've met multiple people who named their dogs these names.
    including holster.

  • Ryan Knudsen
    Ryan Knudsen 19 days ago

    You have to have some balls to just start shouting “GUN. GUN.”

  • Boström
    Boström 19 days ago

    First video I've ever seen from you.
    I'm here to stay

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool 20 days ago

    As an Iowan I feel called out

  • Liz Williams
    Liz Williams 20 days ago

    The aggressive whistle after Menard 😂😂😂

  • Liz Williams
    Liz Williams 20 days ago

    Shell Casin' 😂

  • Sawyer Helle
    Sawyer Helle 20 days ago

    You forgot Casey

  • Sochikki
    Sochikki 21 day ago

    My bf's sister has a dog named Remington and they live in IL... fuckin lol
    Edit: yes, she's named after the gun

  • dedede666
    dedede666 21 day ago

    Funny cause it's true

  • w a t e r f l o w e r
    w a t e r f l o w e r 22 days ago

    I do a weird thing where I put my tounge on the roof of my mouth and smack it twice ig that sounds dirty rip me

  • thanos
    thanos 22 days ago

    You’re forgetting gunner and shooter

  • returnoftheredeye
    returnoftheredeye 22 days ago +4

    Started good and then got rapidly better. Right now I'm feeling pretty grateful to the person who told me about Gus Johnson videos.

  • Baddog86
    Baddog86 22 days ago +1

    I’m a midwestern and I can confirm this is the proper dog calling etiquette, I don’t even see a joke here

  • Laura Harris
    Laura Harris 23 days ago

    GUN. GUN *whhheeeeezeeeeeee*

  • Ilmārs Priede
    Ilmārs Priede 23 days ago

    Damn i like the new vsauce2

  • Michael Olberding
    Michael Olberding 23 days ago

    As a Midwesterner and former dog owner, I can confirm that this is very accurate

  • Grace Guinan
    Grace Guinan 23 days ago


  • krazy panda
    krazy panda 23 days ago

    Love ur dogs namesbur thats the teuth of how we do it

  • Daddy_Donald 201
    Daddy_Donald 201 23 days ago

    “Bumpstock” 💀

  • Susan Bravo
    Susan Bravo 23 days ago

    Home Depot let’s go! 😂😂😂

  • N O L A N M I L N E S
    N O L A N M I L N E S 23 days ago

    Your forgot Ruger.

  • Strider 3
    Strider 3 23 days ago

    This also applies to naming Children. I’m from South Dakota and meet people all the time named “Gunner”, “Hunter”, “Colt”, and “Remington” 😂

  • Diamond in VR
    Diamond in VR 24 days ago +1

    I found out impressively quick that these were gun related names

  • Франк The chamber of imperialism

    A bit extra but still accurate

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 25 days ago

    Cheeseburger, where you at?

  • Nu Blyat
    Nu Blyat 25 days ago

    This doesn’t just apply to dogs. I have literally met people named Remington. (From Minnesota btw)

  • Chelsea Boynton
    Chelsea Boynton 25 days ago

    fucking christ menards got me good, i knew about menards growing up in illinois than i did home depot lmao

  • KaRuNaRuGa
    KaRuNaRuGa 25 days ago

    how x call their dogs
    would be a great mini series.. ngl

  • johnny dumass
    johnny dumass 26 days ago


  • Daves Roleplays
    Daves Roleplays 26 days ago

    teach me how to whistle like this Gus

  • ThreeGamingBros
    ThreeGamingBros 26 days ago

    G u n !

  • Kaitlea
    Kaitlea 26 days ago

    i want a dog named menard now 🤣

  • Sex Pistoleros
    Sex Pistoleros 27 days ago

    Ah yes my favourite. Menards.

  • Peter Booth
    Peter Booth 28 days ago

    My old mans dog just passed away this last weekend. His name was Ruger, named after my dads favourite gun. I shared this video and he thought it was hilarious - the healing power of comedy:) much appreciated Gus

  • Juliana Valdez
    Juliana Valdez 28 days ago

    F I R E A R M ? !!

  • Lonelion924
    Lonelion924 29 days ago

    I have never felt so called out

  • QueefLatina
    QueefLatina 29 days ago

    Shell Casing

  • Uiri Priest
    Uiri Priest 29 days ago

    just the names of gun parts lmao

  • JLDoubleU
    JLDoubleU 29 days ago

    guns, tools, and hardware stores. if that aint the midwest then where tf am i

  • marvel marble
    marvel marble Month ago


  • Lexie Vrieling
    Lexie Vrieling Month ago

    My cousin has a dog named Remi...

  • Tripp Babica
    Tripp Babica Month ago

    gun. . . g u u u n n n n

  • TR Lyons
    TR Lyons Month ago

    *clicks tongue while clapping my hands* Craftsman, get away from that damn chicken

  • James Pang
    James Pang Month ago

    * I name my dogs after countries *

  • Zacharias
    Zacharias Month ago +1

    *G U N*

  • BR Rider
    BR Rider Month ago

    Literally no person names their pets this..dumb

  • grayfiresoul
    grayfiresoul Month ago

    You forgot 'Mossberg'

  • Joshua Franklin
    Joshua Franklin Month ago

    the one missing component was an ample amount of spit

  • Audrie Allison
    Audrie Allison Month ago

    Yeah I know a dog named crankshaft pfffft

  • Audrie Allison
    Audrie Allison Month ago


  • Baylee IsHere
    Baylee IsHere Month ago

    How else are you supposed to call dogs?? Did I miss something?