WEIRDEST PENCIL EVER?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Metallic Brush Pens

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • Today we open another Scrawrlbox full of Mystery Art Supplies for the month of March 2018. Also, I've committed myself to drawing a mermaid every day of the month, so hop on over to my Instagram to check out those beautiful puppies: and tag me in your mermaids!
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    Featured Artist:
    Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencil Thing -
    Kuretake Wink of Luna Brush
    Pental Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pens -
    Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint -
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  • DrawingWiffWaffles
    DrawingWiffWaffles  10 months ago +1972

    How about that featured artist?! Huh? Let's go show her some love!

    • Icey LikezMemez
      Icey LikezMemez 16 days ago

      I think the one fish looks like the fish in finding Nemo

    • Rainbow Forever Cupcake
      Rainbow Forever Cupcake 16 days ago


    • Sweetie Vlogs YT
      Sweetie Vlogs YT 20 days ago

      Waffls it's Kenna and I love your vids

    • Kate Williams
      Kate Williams Month ago

      DrawingWiffWaffles Nemo is where that fish is from I think

    • Pepperdoodles
      Pepperdoodles 2 months ago +1

      I love how positive you are to other artists!! YOU'RE SO INSPIRING FELLOW HUFFLEPUFF UIVLSVS;UG!

  • sasha
    sasha 22 hours ago

    i had one of those rainbow pencils back in 4th/5th grade so around late 00's/early 10's idk what happened to it tho

  • Kami Xo
    Kami Xo Day ago

    These pencils where a trend in 1st grade . I was so sad I didn’t have one 😂

  • Eva Dipper
    Eva Dipper Day ago

    I had one of those rainbow pencils I got in in Ireland

  • That-one- girl
    That-one- girl Day ago

    I just got an ad for concealer and James Charles was in it. All the girls and James Charles were just modeling

  • Uma Placzek
    Uma Placzek Day ago

    This app s doscoustan

  • InêsCR
    InêsCR Day ago

    I usually don't like videos that are narrating and that puts me off a lot from learning since I find it easier through observing other people, but you are always so positive and funny I really like listening to you and learning from you, it's like I'm learning from a friend, so thank you so much for that :)

  • Mildly_Amazing
    Mildly_Amazing Day ago

    OMG i have never found anyone who holds their pencil like I do and now I realize that you do to! I always get marks in the same spot as you and have a callous there too!

  • Sophie Hine
    Sophie Hine Day ago

    I have loads and f those pencils

  • GalaxTess !
    GalaxTess ! Day ago

    How do you get non bobbly nails?
    Ï ďöñť ķñöw müçh äböüť MÄĶËÜP

  • Taehyung xxxBTSxxx
    Taehyung xxxBTSxxx 2 days ago

    You saw the angler fish in finding Nemo (if you watched it)

  • Kayla Murphy
    Kayla Murphy 4 days ago

    The F is fizz wiz off brand wizz fizz ( not hating love your vids )

  • Evan Carlson
    Evan Carlson 4 days ago

    Plz do draw with all my green supplies

    • Henry Wildes
      Henry Wildes 3 days ago

      She did a monochromatic green water color painting, that was fun to watch!

  • Miss jimmys n' sprinkles

    Finding nemo

  • _Lumichiko _
    _Lumichiko _ 4 days ago

    Edit: I have multiple different types of that weird coloured pencil

  • Niah T
    Niah T 7 days ago

    Hey, I love all of your art vids!! And I actually have a lot of THISE pencils

  • Kioshi Lore
    Kioshi Lore 7 days ago

    That rainbow pencil in the thumbnail was my *childhood*

  • Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze 8 days ago

    Ooo, I had one of the fancy shmancy rainbow pencils, I got it from my local art supplies store! :D

  • naz Gaming
    naz Gaming 9 days ago

    i just noticed this was posted on my birthday last year

  • karen crawford
    karen crawford 9 days ago

    Why are all your noses colored in redish

  • Da Burger
    Da Burger 9 days ago


  • Da Burger
    Da Burger 9 days ago

    I’ve binge watched all your videos and now doing it again! I get so excited when I see your notifications from TVclip,
    I just love your voice and your personality and the way you draw and everything. Your my fav yt artist for sure! Love you!

  • Magical Gaming
    Magical Gaming 9 days ago

    That many coloured pencils had my friend going “woowwww I want it” it will make them popular in one day

  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla Blabla 10 days ago

    I had this exact pencil for a long time I found it on the ground and I still have to this day and I’m still in love with it👻

  • banana_gacha_ but_
    banana_gacha_ but_ 10 days ago

    Can u do a face reveal plz😟😟😟👏

  • Eva Garcia
    Eva Garcia 10 days ago

    If you shake the bottle of nail polish in a vertical motion it causes bubbles

  • Ashley drouin
    Ashley drouin 10 days ago

    Ohh I used to have one of those pencil crayons! I think I gave it away though 😭

  • Brittnee Torres
    Brittnee Torres 10 days ago

    I had those colored pencils all through my childhood have you really never seen that before?

  • icy blu
    icy blu 10 days ago

    Pencil thingie

  • Perla Ovadija-Mosca
    Perla Ovadija-Mosca 10 days ago

    I have that pencil

  • suicidel beats mpt
    suicidel beats mpt 10 days ago

    Make a rose out of the sparkley blue

  • Lil Torm Gacha’s
    Lil Torm Gacha’s 10 days ago

    1:57 the last part is Norway

  • Miranda Tynes
    Miranda Tynes 11 days ago

    Oof not the rainbow pencils oh no

  • Tamica Massey
    Tamica Massey 11 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought "drawing wiff waffles" was "drawing WITH waffles" ? XD

  • Flamewinger 10
    Flamewinger 10 11 days ago

    4:36 You shook the nail polish, didn’t you? Slowly roll it upside down between your hands and it won’t be super bubbly

  • Yoongi Kookies
    Yoongi Kookies 11 days ago

    They gave a v5 lmao

  • IcedCake - Gaming!
    IcedCake - Gaming! 12 days ago

    4:12 when she starts testing!

  • Makeup By Shays
    Makeup By Shays 12 days ago

    Tip: Wait for your first coat to dry or it would be super wet and get all bubbly😁 for nails

  • Simis Valiauga
    Simis Valiauga 12 days ago

    I used to have that multi color pencil.

  • ItsMyWorld Rianna
    ItsMyWorld Rianna 13 days ago

    @drawingwiffwaffles if youre nails turn bubbly try rolling the nail polish bottle between your hands instead of shaking it.

  • Jewel Spivey
    Jewel Spivey 14 days ago

    I also have a callous on the side of my 4th finger because it’s where a lot of the pressure of whatever I’m holding (pencil, marker, paint brush, etc.) resides

  • Fluffy Eevee
    Fluffy Eevee 14 days ago

    Yeah I have a callus and ink stains there too. It's where a lot of people rest whatever they're drawing with. Just how you grip your pencil or whatever.

  • RvB betta
    RvB betta 14 days ago

    OMG, I've got like 10 of those crazy pencils and I love them. Their hard to color with but once you figure out their great. Don't sharpen them to points.

  • Okumura Rin
    Okumura Rin 14 days ago

    5:02 lol, these company's are actually my school pens

  • Maya Parvanová
    Maya Parvanová 15 days ago

    can you show your face sometimes? pleeeeease

  • Sophia Zhyzneuski
    Sophia Zhyzneuski 15 days ago

    Almost the whole video was out of focus

  • Jaja Thies
    Jaja Thies 15 days ago

    I Just got these metallic Gel pens in the Same colors right before I watched this viedeo😅

  • leafy green foots
    leafy green foots 16 days ago +2

    For the multicolored pencil you are supposed to color like you are shading for a cool affect like multicolored cloud or something

  • Lynlee Locker
    Lynlee Locker 16 days ago

    Your blood fish looks like it has flashlights and it's eyes.

  • Tarryn Webb
    Tarryn Webb 16 days ago +1

    "beloop bloop blooop"😂

  • Ch1lanas
    Ch1lanas 16 days ago +1

    I used to have tons of them crayons when i was younger...

  • fortnite noob
    fortnite noob 17 days ago

    There is some pencils like that at the museum of the bible

  • Go Ld a
    Go Ld a 17 days ago

    I watch so many art channel

  • Jaydabug And Avery
    Jaydabug And Avery 20 days ago

    Your nails are bubbly because if you shake your nail polish, it causes air bubbles. You're supposed to roll it.

  • Kate Conway
    Kate Conway 21 day ago


  • Hunnybadger V
    Hunnybadger V 22 days ago

    As for the nails, it is likely one of two things. Oil on the nail or you're applying it too thick. Clean the nail with isopropyl alcohol first. Use a base coat and a decent quick dry topcoat (I really love INM's Out the Door), and make sure that when you are putting on your polish you are using thing layers. Hope it helps.

  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 22 days ago

    My elementary teacher gave my a pencil like the last 😂😂

  • Subscribe To PewDiePie

    Lmao we had one of those pencils in the thumbnail at kindergarten

  • Wilma _12345678906
    Wilma _12345678906 22 days ago

    Don't shake the nail polish because it gets bubbly if you do

  • Got7 Bts Exo-l
    Got7 Bts Exo-l 23 days ago

    Did anybody notice that in 2:00 it says 'a proud Ravenclaw'?

  • Dark Mind
    Dark Mind 23 days ago

    I love her

  • Isla Haines
    Isla Haines 23 days ago

    It’s called a dorsal fin btw ❤️😂

  • brownie bee
    brownie bee 24 days ago

    The angler fish looks like the dog thing in despicable me

  • beckylietzow
    beckylietzow 24 days ago

    i know its really late, but on the bubbly nail thing

    dont shake your nailpolishes, that way the air gets trapped.
    just gently roll it and the little balls inside will mix the polish if it has separated a little

    hope this helps anyone :)

  • *Rose Gold Art*
    *Rose Gold Art* 25 days ago

    Love these types of pencils there very unique

  • Kittycupcake619 Gacha and Animation OG

    The magic potion reminds me of Aphmau mystreet.... anyone else?

  • Roblox Fun
    Roblox Fun 26 days ago +1

    Finding dory vibessss

  • Swimology
    Swimology 26 days ago +1

    Dat whistling skills doe!

  • Elodie Horne
    Elodie Horne 27 days ago

    Those multicoloured pencil crayons were my childhood

  • Rachel Ramsey
    Rachel Ramsey 27 days ago

    Who freaked out with that Harry Potter reference

  • Sienna Ellis
    Sienna Ellis 27 days ago

    you were popular af if you had a rainbow pencil when i was like 10 at school

  • Joseph Guerrero
    Joseph Guerrero 28 days ago

    Oh my goodnes! You have your callus the in the same place that I do! I ALWAYS get my copics and pens on it! ( Me over here thinking I was the only one lol)

  • 박나연
    박나연 Month ago +3

    isn’t it called..
    *finding nemo..?*

  • jerica viray
    jerica viray Month ago +1

    She sounds like glam and gore

  • Bay life, Living life on the bay

    You and SuperRaeDizzzle should collab

    KAYS KINGDOM Month ago +2

    Fizz wiz made me think of fizzle rocks from riverdale

  • ✿неlеиа✿
    ✿неlеиа✿ Month ago +3

    that angler fin is the speed fin

  • Galaxy Stone
    Galaxy Stone Month ago +22

    There’s only
    1 thing
    2 say
    3 words
    4 you~


    • ZoeGacha _11
      ZoeGacha _11 9 days ago +3

      Galaxy Stone this ain’t no TikTok

    • La La S
      La La S 15 days ago +1


  • Michaela Wilkerson
    Michaela Wilkerson Month ago +5

    When painting your nails, I wait 15 mins in between each coat so bubbles don’t form.

  • BinibiningEllie
    BinibiningEllie Month ago

    I had that rainbow colored pencil when I was in grade one. The brand was texta, I was so amazed I thought I had the power to change the color to the color I want. Lol 😂

  • Basically xx
    Basically xx Month ago


  • • Taevy
    • Taevy Month ago

    I have the Galaxy pencil.

  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie Month ago

    I Had one multi colored one like that back in the day I honestly forgot that those existed

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Month ago

    Someone probably already answered this since I’m so late but nails can get bubbly if you shake the nail polish right before you use it because there’s too much air in it. It’s best to shake it a couple days before and then just roll it gently in your hands before you paint. Not sure if this is totally it but it worked for me lol

  • Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis Month ago

    I need to subscribe to this.... if it’s a subscription... or whatever...

  • Sherlin Paredes
    Sherlin Paredes Month ago

    in my school they sold those and pencil i would get mad becase it would go to another color was in kindergarten trying to choose a color

  • Itz. Crystal
    Itz. Crystal Month ago

    Have vary thin cotes and make sure on you let the second and there and forth and so on dri for a long tim like fifteen minutes

  • Itz. Crystal
    Itz. Crystal Month ago

    Nail tips

  • Greta Das Opfer
    Greta Das Opfer Month ago

    Lol I have the same 😂 Imao

  • GachaPastell
    GachaPastell Month ago

    I got a rainbow pencil from the dentist's once.

  • Sama Dadash
    Sama Dadash Month ago

    I have 5 of those multicolored pencils

  • Madelyn Jones
    Madelyn Jones Month ago

    from finding nemo dory almost got trapped at one of those

  • jim jams
    jim jams Month ago

    I always get markers, pencil and art supplies on my middle finger, right hand
    It's really weird

  • Julieann Blanco
    Julieann Blanco Month ago

    Nail. Polish bubbles = presence of air :)

  • Sierra Hanley
    Sierra Hanley Month ago

    Nail polish bubbles up like that when a layer is applied on too thick

  • Nicole Rinaldi
    Nicole Rinaldi Month ago

    Bubbly nails are usually from shaking the polish bottle. You should roll it in between your hands to warm it up :)

  • Maria Quintana
    Maria Quintana Month ago

    it is mabby to old so it tints to leave that

  • Rowplayzgames 34
    Rowplayzgames 34 Month ago


  • Blu the Panochi
    Blu the Panochi Month ago

    I have the same multi-colored pencil and more like it

  • Phuong Uyen Tran
    Phuong Uyen Tran Month ago

    Love dis one SOOO MUCH but... um... I don't see potions... ;-;