• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • M K
    M K 30 minutes ago

    why the fuck are they still working for him..

  • dilan bonnie
    dilan bonnie 43 minutes ago

    he should have pressure cook the elk so that it gets soft n tender

  • taiiling
    taiiling 47 minutes ago


  • Maximilian Hans
    Maximilian Hans 49 minutes ago

    who hasn't heard about the "5 seasons" hotel

  • Bublegum Brothers
    Bublegum Brothers 51 minute ago

    Holy shit bro fuck up fuck shit you ansome

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo Hour ago +1

    Today on Kitchen Nightmares another fucking idiot who cant cook opened a restaurant and its failing, lets watch as Gordon helps them, makes the restaurant a hit for 1 week then when he leaves the dumb cunt goes back to cooking their shit food & closes down the next year.
    Tune in again next week for the same fucking thing with new retards all over again.

  • Tumi Kekana
    Tumi Kekana Hour ago


  • RandomGamingChannel

    "WAKE UP!"
    "You wake up!"

    Everyone: 0o0

  • Joseph Shamon
    Joseph Shamon Hour ago +1

    Europeans Europeans well I think he thinks it was 1 April

  • Jovana Krneta
    Jovana Krneta Hour ago

    Every time I'm more and more amazed how Mr. Ramsey is charming

  •  2 hours ago

    "The freshest " pulls out frozen bowl and microwaves

  • Фlаf рэяэz
    Фlаf рэяэz 3 hours ago

    the guy trying to seem nice when he notices the customers after talking so much shit i'm gonna cry

  • Фlаf рэяэz
    Фlаf рэяэz 3 hours ago

    "i'm selftaught by old school european chefs" someone please tell this man what selftaught means, or what fresh means, or how to cook or run a goddamn business

  • Vito
    Vito 3 hours ago

    42:40 he needs to get out of the kitchen 😂

  • Sketchy Sketches
    Sketchy Sketches 3 hours ago +2

    Joe: raw onions makes more bite
    Gordon ramsey: iTs fuCkiN RaW

  • Milligram
    Milligram 3 hours ago

    A lot of this seems acted.

  • anna mess
    anna mess 4 hours ago

    The staff hates him so much lolol
    They were so whipped for Gordon Ramsay verbally murdering him. XD

  • Juan D
    Juan D 5 hours ago

    It's me or the meat dont have enough marveling *best meat in the world

  • Andrea Estrella
    Andrea Estrella 5 hours ago +1

    did joe call the four seasons hotel “five seasons” ...

  • Suedama
    Suedama 6 hours ago

    What is the problem with name tags I'm not against the great Ramsey's methods, just wanna know why

  • Richie Boy
    Richie Boy 7 hours ago

    I can smell the bs on Joe

  • TYL4027 Hi
    TYL4027 Hi 8 hours ago

    The staff were so happy to see their owners ass get kicked. Lmfao

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 8 hours ago

    That cake looks really nice. Not much employee loyalty to the boss, IMO. I can’t believe how much food is being sent back - and presumably, wasted :(

  • Daris Hodzic
    Daris Hodzic 8 hours ago

    Joe:how dare does he hand me raw carrots.
    Then why did Joe give raw carrots to a customer

  • Giorgi Merabishvili
    Giorgi Merabishvili 9 hours ago +1

    I love when gordon swears

  • Σωκράτης Κουτρούμπας

    This guy is the Donald Trump of restaurant owners

  • j e
    j e 9 hours ago +1

    I feel so sorry for all the waiters who have to suffer through this.

  • Paolo Padilla
    Paolo Padilla 9 hours ago +1

    My most favorite part 32:01
    Bad at cooking now bad at lying

  • Tahmina Sultana
    Tahmina Sultana 9 hours ago

    Wow IDIOT

  • TheDarkArtist
    TheDarkArtist 9 hours ago +1

    The employees are so much better and gordon treats them good too

  • Jovan Playz
    Jovan Playz 9 hours ago

    is this scripted?

  • Random Guy With Big Nose
    Random Guy With Big Nose 9 hours ago +1

    Every single comment on this video is quality comedy.

  • tini rosni
    tini rosni 10 hours ago

    remsay you are the best chef..

  • Llewel Aaron Baptista
    Llewel Aaron Baptista 10 hours ago

    I've watched this for so many times already and the best parts always come down when the arrogance loses its fuel and starts to fart out denial of the claims caught in past footages hahahah

  • [RAGE] Leek
    [RAGE] Leek 10 hours ago +1

    Watching the food made me feel sick

  • Hollyoakes Episodes
    Hollyoakes Episodes 11 hours ago

    Don’t sell raw food then

  • Genki wifeu
    Genki wifeu 12 hours ago +1

    Oh god, i just want to see kitchen's sweet dream.. not nightmareee

  • WeeabooDan
    WeeabooDan 13 hours ago +1

    His farm is literally garnish

  • Trouttaranaki
    Trouttaranaki 13 hours ago +1

    Joe: Our food is the freshest hands down.
    Cameraman: Lets get that freezer and microwave in shot.

  • Shaw.M Music and more
    Shaw.M Music and more 13 hours ago +1

    Joe: You can’t hurt me feelings
    Ramsey: What it this, a micro carrot?
    Joe: It’S a GaRnIsH!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 14 hours ago

    Tbh if the meat from the ranch was the one actually served early on before this happened I’m sure the meat would taste real farm fresh

  • Jr Gamer
    Jr Gamer 14 hours ago

    Joe: starts to swear at his staff
    Customers:YO WE WAITEN IN LINE


  • Jr Gamer
    Jr Gamer 14 hours ago


  • riel amado manduriao
    riel amado manduriao 15 hours ago

    I feel bad for his crew, they deserve better. I wish that this was staged though. I can't believe that people like him are real. Wtf

  • astheskylarksings
    astheskylarksings 15 hours ago

    The race dynamics in this are so intriguing. This man is super American whyte culture,

  • squishy paws
    squishy paws 16 hours ago

    “What’s that”
    *”eats it”*

  • squishy paws
    squishy paws 16 hours ago

    Gordon looks like an angry 5 year old boy who didn’t get McDonald

  • Kalie Groening
    Kalie Groening 18 hours ago

    Did he seriously say "functuality" or did I mishear him?

  • meme
    meme 20 hours ago

    holy shit the glee on everyone’s face when gordon chewed out joe

  • TM Ford
    TM Ford 20 hours ago

    That guy is a mega

  • Lena Tyler
    Lena Tyler 21 hour ago +1

    Yo is that place still open ???
    Nvm I looked it up it’s super closed

  • Cup Of Tae
    Cup Of Tae 21 hour ago +1

    Wow that owner reminds me of my dad.

    A lying b!#ch

  • Twat Central
    Twat Central 21 hour ago +1

    Joe is an arsehole

  • Milkyway Anime
    Milkyway Anime 21 hour ago

    2nd worst kitchen nightmares

  • asami. gacha
    asami. gacha 23 hours ago

    No one:
    Gordon: wOw

  • asami. gacha
    asami. gacha 23 hours ago

    Jeo literally looking like this: 👁️👄👁️

  • asami. gacha
    asami. gacha 23 hours ago +1

    If Gordon says it is not good, IT IS NOT FUCKING GOOD GODDAMMIT

  • asami. gacha
    asami. gacha 23 hours ago +1

    Damn that Joe is pissing me off

  • asami. gacha
    asami. gacha 23 hours ago

    Does that Joe even know who Gordon is?

  • Wessel Schoonheim
    Wessel Schoonheim 23 hours ago +2

    I felt so bad for the chef with the cap who seems to have a lot of passion but the owner takes that away from him

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Day ago

    Why did all the clips of joe seem fake. Is this scripted?

  • VinneGaming
    VinneGaming Day ago

    39:35 *WTF would he eat that!??*

  • Senoph
    Senoph Day ago +4

    Gordon: Passion, Passion Fruit mate that’s the closest you’ll get to passion
    Me: 💀

  • jonne Tiirikainen
    jonne Tiirikainen Day ago +1

    Didn't he say he hasn't had a piece of meat returned in a span of 10 years, but he's only had the farm/ranch thing for 8, and the restaurant for 5?

  • jim smith
    jim smith Day ago

    "Can you see my rim?"
    - Gordon Ramsay

  • Damian Pos
    Damian Pos Day ago +1

    the beauty of capitalism is that short jerk i will go broke simple as that sooo many restaurants out there to choose from

  • Choxolet yo
    Choxolet yo Day ago +1

    30:05 if gordon ramsay said that to the food, it would've cooked better than how Joe cooked it 🔥🔥

  • Invicto
    Invicto Day ago

    Pretty sure this Joe guy is a bit special.

  • Octane Art Canada

    Joe came to fuck spiders...

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    He totally fucks that goat by the way.

  • Dadlord
    Dadlord Day ago

    There is a small moment, that might be a reason for perfection of products in restaurant - I can cook at home. Easy. Fresh. So yeah, why not to blow up that place.

  • Bf 109 F2
    Bf 109 F2 Day ago

    20:14 that baby/mini pan is cute

  • Annarwhal ùwú
    Annarwhal ùwú Day ago

    And thus, a new cult created around the praise for mini carrots was born.

  • PiMyXiNy
    PiMyXiNy Day ago +6

    just to be clear,
    Gordan gets hired by an owner of a restaurant to rate it
    and they treat him like crap?

  • Nayara Coca
    Nayara Coca Day ago +6

    Gordon have so much patience with the owner. You can see he gradually getting angrier and angrier with the owner lack of respect to the costumes and staff

  • Dineo Bogatsu
    Dineo Bogatsu Day ago +1

    I love this guy"

  • CardriderDraw - Level2

    I love this staff theyre so awesome. They know its bad and theyre reveling in GR telling joes pretentious ass its bad.
    Gr: its bad!
    Joe: its not bad
    Staff and most if the customers: its bad.
    Joe: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Tiffany Peppylotti

    Amy is such a mood

  • Tiffany Peppylotti

    29:02 LMAOO

  • Doaa wagih
    Doaa wagih Day ago

    Most funny episode😂

  • dino nugget
    dino nugget Day ago +1

    I feel bad for all those elk getting killed for nothing

  • Spagett Boot
    Spagett Boot Day ago +2

    Gordon Ramsey: wake up
    9 year olds : no u wake up

  • Ella Clarke
    Ella Clarke Day ago +3

    I love how much fun Gordon has with the serving staff and how nice he is to them. He really appreciates that it's not their fault, they're trying their best, and they desererve to have some fun. 💜

  • Epiccupcake 25
    Epiccupcake 25 Day ago +1

    Gordon should make tge staff work 4 a day without the owner so he can watch how team work works

  • Humanball
    Humanball Day ago

    This guy be driving a chevy

  • Dejan Acevski
    Dejan Acevski Day ago +2

    How can a person get this retarded no offense

  • krazye
    krazye Day ago

    You don't hand me no mova fuckin mini carrots. You in the 'rong hood

  • The Undecided Challengers

    His Scottish accent at 32:30 😂😂

  • Andrew Felipe
    Andrew Felipe Day ago

    Is joe a boy or a girl bc i think he is suposed to be dead

  • Zeeshan J
    Zeeshan J Day ago +5

    Joe : " That is a tender piece of elk"
    Literally chews it for 5 mins.

  • Jeff Jeffrey
    Jeff Jeffrey Day ago +1

    On my subtitles when they said joe it autocorrected it to jerk

  • TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    Impossible to save? Lol Season6Episode16 much?

  • Khent Lepon
    Khent Lepon Day ago

    Raw Onion????? WTH WTF

  • klusus Mitten
    klusus Mitten Day ago +1

    The staff is so lovely!

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous Day ago +3

    "i haven't had a piece of meat come back here in ten years."
    "how long has the restaurant been open?"
    "five years"

  • Henry Rheeder
    Henry Rheeder Day ago

    This guy cannot be real?????

  • Unrelated Coma
    Unrelated Coma Day ago

    8:00 good thing they blurred the trucks grill emblem. cant let that completely unidentifiable company benefit without paying their fair share...

  • Iks Igrek
    Iks Igrek Day ago +11

    June 2019 - still fun to watch 😊 again and again

  • Daniel Prendergast
    Daniel Prendergast Day ago +1

    dudes a clinical narcissist

  • yoda apologist
    yoda apologist Day ago

    gordon ramsey: wow