• Published on Mar 2, 2013

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  • Leo Wang
    Leo Wang Hour ago

    i've never returned a plate before, is this a thing?

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 2 hours ago

    It's sad that Joe slaughtered those animals only to cook them wrong.

  • mark joshua mallari
    mark joshua mallari 3 hours ago

    that slow wishper then that i can cook john. Fucking savage

  • Nor-aziz Pino
    Nor-aziz Pino 4 hours ago

    First meeting: what a gorgeous farm
    Meanwhile: what the FUCKKKKKKKK

  • Vince_Lasal
    Vince_Lasal 5 hours ago

    Joe: *chews the same elk 2 days later* it’s the most tender piece of meat I’ve ever eaten

  • Makie
    Makie 6 hours ago

    This joe looks like Vin Disel

  • Yuzuni CS GO
    Yuzuni CS GO 6 hours ago

    The customers are not good actors

  • Ff Gg
    Ff Gg 7 hours ago

    stop wasting food, Gordon

  • B N
    B N 8 hours ago

    It is really so difficult to open up a restaurant with some simple great fresh meals? This people have no passion i think because for cooking you need some love and passion

  • Sam Clarke
    Sam Clarke 10 hours ago

    I am self taught by traditional europians
    -visible confusion-

  • Clémence Denayer
    Clémence Denayer 12 hours ago

    What was inside of the quesadilla please?????

  • Dennis Watki
    Dennis Watki 12 hours ago

    20k likes an I'll move outta me mums house ?

  • alison a
    alison a 13 hours ago

    5 seasons. Lol

  • I love pineapples
    I love pineapples 15 hours ago

    I don't know who's more savage Gordon or the editor

  • Casper Kosinski
    Casper Kosinski 16 hours ago +1

    I don't get it.
    Why in US TV curses are beeped out, but at the same time you guys got semi-legal drugs, guns, prostitution and gambling.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 18 hours ago

    The most fresh food
    2 secs lster microwawe

  • Russman Legend
    Russman Legend 21 hour ago

    1:15 That grandpa got some guts messing around with Ramsay

  • Antony Stenton
    Antony Stenton 21 hour ago

    Hey dick head the reason Gordon's there is because your restaurant is failing. Look at the tklte

  • nobu rame
    nobu rame 22 hours ago

    29:19 Perfect reenactment of " IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN "

  • RosexUwU
    RosexUwU 22 hours ago

    Looking at these food make me literally sick

  • Aya Yamato
    Aya Yamato 23 hours ago

    People like this, all u can do is talk less about anything, they wont like someone else give advice... arrogant and delusional thinking only about them...

  • I'm a rat
    I'm a rat 23 hours ago

    This fool really thinks elk is supposed to be tough to chew

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell Day ago

    Lmao @ Frozen astroturf 😁😁

  • Rica Barcelona
    Rica Barcelona Day ago

    My crush: I don't like you
    me: yOu cAnN0t hUrT mY fE3liNgS!

  • Phanatic Magic
    Phanatic Magic Day ago

    This guy is basically the ussop of the kitchen nightmare series

  • Maximusil105
    Maximusil105 Day ago

    Ramsey: wake up!
    Joe: no u

  • Bisexual Panic
    Bisexual Panic Day ago

    I love how Gordon jokes around with the staff and is so nice to them and the head just gets it all, it's amazing.
    Especially because he is always ready for a good laugh

  • Maxamillion Playz

    the owner looks like phil swift (Flex Tape)

  • L Faker son
    L Faker son Day ago

    Honestly the carrots looked nice idk

  • Shiki Granbell
    Shiki Granbell Day ago

    "I'm a lovable person"
    Cow or Bull: *Moo* *(Bullshit)*

  • Shiki Granbell
    Shiki Granbell Day ago

    Easy just get rid of the owner and replace him with another owner that isn't a dick

  • OLivIA Holmes
    OLivIA Holmes Day ago

    BRAVO is all i have to say

  • Jessica Mitten
    Jessica Mitten Day ago

    Like what the f*ck?! He only starts acting like he actually cares about the staff when he realises there are customers there. He gives out except for when he sees customers because he want to impress him! What the actual f*ck?! Oh and I feel so bad for Chef Ramsey cause he actually had to deal with Joe!
    Chef Ramsey's food: 🍲🍛🍜🍳🍝
    Joe the fake "Chef's" food: 🐗🐂 all of them raw.

  • OLivIA Holmes
    OLivIA Holmes Day ago

    so nobody talkin about
    "tell skinny we're just friends"

  • NightKnight
    NightKnight Day ago

    These ******* bleeps are ******* me off!!

  • Jazzy :3
    Jazzy :3 Day ago

    19:22 it’s doctor pimple popper 😂

  • Walter Clements _
    Walter Clements _ Day ago +1

    Cant believe Joe owns Dr Phil's ranch! That's amazing!

  • Prince standford

    they should banned the restaurant..for serving inappropriate food..such a dissapointment

  • Elizabeth Schuyler

    This dweeb: “Do you have elk on your menu?”
    Gordon: “seasonally”

  • Red-Haired Shanks

    Apart from the food and gordon being gordon. I really think the waitresses are extremely pretty and delicate

  • Ta Bel
    Ta Bel Day ago

    That man is pathetic

  • Priya Ranjan Pattanaik

    God save that cafe @ 23:25

  • Zachary Cassia
    Zachary Cassia Day ago

    This guy is a fucking dumbass

  • okurrr thatbtch
    okurrr thatbtch Day ago

    Joe has the kind of face you just want to slap too silly until he looses that smug face of his.

  • Meng Soriano
    Meng Soriano Day ago

    I was thinking... is this scripted? I think yes?

  • L Kikwang
    L Kikwang Day ago

    I wish i had attitude like Gordon Ramsay. So outspoken, always telling truth and always win in any arguments.
    Many people nowadays always telling lies even you caught red handed , they always gonna deny it.
    Deny, deny, deny!!! Thats what liars do..

  • Mike Okken
    Mike Okken Day ago +1

    Joe can't trashtalk but Ramsey can

  • Ash Archer
    Ash Archer Day ago

    You know it’s stuffed when the staff hate their boss so much they take sadistic joy in Ramsay tearing him a new asshole... it’s even more stuffed that jobs are so few and far between in these areas that they have to stay and put up with being bullied.
    And TRIPLE stuffed that Joe clearly knows he treats his employees like animals because when alerted that customers can hear him he immediately puts on the fake show and treats them with fake kindness.
    He’s just a massive dick

  • taromaryu
    taromaryu Day ago

    27:47 lmaooo

  • James Patrick Mendoza

    Still watching in 2019

  • ツ Zeestar ツ
    ツ Zeestar ツ Day ago

    Joe looks like fixit Felix jr fro wreckit Ralph

  • Oz Spotter HD
    Oz Spotter HD Day ago

    I thought Gordon was from England? Not Scotland?

  • Sam Zeu
    Sam Zeu 2 days ago

    This show can't be for real. It's like watching a movie, and movies are not real. It's entertaining and watchable for sure, but it can't be real.

  • Goth kitty
    Goth kitty 2 days ago +1

    This may be my favourite episode ever.

  • thanos
    thanos 2 days ago +2

    He is a chef, a therapist and a woman charmer

  • Toodles Again
    Toodles Again 2 days ago

    I’m the one

  • Big L
    Big L 2 days ago

    Started off so well.. and then JOE happened

  • Crazycat Lady
    Crazycat Lady 2 days ago +4

    This episode has to be called: "Joe - the elk whisperer."

  • Crazycat Lady
    Crazycat Lady 2 days ago +3

    Best part of this episode: Watching the facial expressions of the staff, while Gordon argues with Joe. Love it!

  • truthteller
    truthteller 2 days ago

    Wtf the head chef is not even a proper chef??

  • Paul T
    Paul T 2 days ago

    Wow, whats this, wow. Hi chef, wow. etc etc

  • Kris Donut
    Kris Donut 2 days ago

    "I can cook...Joe"

  • the real globloglabgalab

    Wtf is wrong with him

  • Grant Martin
    Grant Martin 2 days ago +1

    That stuff erupting from the Veg Ravioli looks like something out of an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper !

  • Robert Marais
    Robert Marais 2 days ago +1

    Only Gordon can tell the difference between frozen clams and fresh ones.

  • Solidshiny73 YT
    Solidshiny73 YT 2 days ago

    The guess is a test chef, ANY THING tast Bad there restaurant Can be Zue

  • Alison Wiltshire
    Alison Wiltshire 2 days ago

    Kitchen nightmares turned into the clvil war this episode. Literally civil War or the rath of Gorden Ramsey

  • Maria Antoneth
    Maria Antoneth 2 days ago

    Is this scripted or trueee???

  • headchog g
    headchog g 2 days ago +2

    Joe: haven't had a piece of meat come back in 10 years
    Also Joe: I've had this restaurant for 5 years 5:11

  • Apollyon War
    Apollyon War 2 days ago

    Gordon getting angry omg

  • Archie Ferguson
    Archie Ferguson 2 days ago +1


  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson 2 days ago

    Joe needs to see a trick cyclists. He's delusional. What a plank. Take on Gordon what a laugh. Arrogant little turd.

  • Fachry Games
    Fachry Games 2 days ago

    Ugh, everybody knows my food is the greatest

  • _Depressed_ Tofu
    _Depressed_ Tofu 2 days ago

    Joe: u don’t hand me raw food
    Also joe: but raw micro carrots on Gordon’s dish

  • Jack and the pals
    Jack and the pals 2 days ago

    Talk about being delusional there is a reason why you don't have no asses in the seats the food is s*** if the food was nice the place would be jam-packed