Ramsey vs Fullham (AWAY) 08/10/2018

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • Hello guys I'm back again with another video about Aron Ramsey's performance vs Fullham on this sunday.
    He joined the game in the second half but as he joined he scored an amazing goal.
    He made an assist to Aubameyangs goal in the 91 minute.
    He was perfect today.
    Enjoy the video ;)
    In the vid are included
    Ramsey skills
    Ramsey goal vs Fullham
    Ramsey goals
    Ramsey assist vs Fullham

    Enjoy the vid guys.
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Comments • 34

  • Andres Ortiz Puerta
    Andres Ortiz Puerta 10 hours ago

    stop ramsey please already killed stan lee too

  • Cesar Vargas :v
    Cesar Vargas :v 17 hours ago

    Un mes después se meres stan lee
    Coincidencia? No lo creo? :v

  • Manuel Zagal
    Manuel Zagal 21 hour ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee :´(

  • Ms Goonergirl
    Ms Goonergirl 7 days ago


  • Ben Long
    Ben Long 13 days ago

    goal of the decade

  • Eva Awuyah
    Eva Awuyah 15 days ago +1

    2 weeks later after his goal Leicester City chairman dies and Ramsey’s curse never dies

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino 16 days ago

    Life Without Wenger is a beautiful thing!

  • Byron Goldberg
    Byron Goldberg 16 days ago

    Ramsey !! Arsenal need to come up with an offer!! too good to let go!

  • Toms tubing
    Toms tubing 20 days ago

    O my god how

  • Jon keJ
    Jon keJ 22 days ago

    That was Wengerball, thank u boss 😍

    GTR MAN 23 days ago

    Goal of the season.A team game and a team goal.

  • Chris Samo
    Chris Samo 24 days ago +1

    what a classy player .. big mistake for arsenal to let him go ...there best player by long way ,,, i think not appreciated at arsenal .. he will be whever he goes next

  • YTGamerGerard/ Fortnite

    Another curse again! Peggy McCay

    ULTAN DORRIAN 26 days ago

    That's how football should be played.

  • Clash Royale
    Clash Royale 28 days ago

    Anche io riesco

  • Chris Warner
    Chris Warner Month ago +2

    5th touch... commentator got it wrong lol

    • GameBros Ⓡ
      GameBros Ⓡ 26 days ago

      he used his head twice so 3rd touch via foot

  • Afakuma
    Afakuma Month ago


  • weareewancameron
    weareewancameron Month ago +5

    starts it in right back and finishes it at centre forward!

  • Augustyne stynes
    Augustyne stynes Month ago +21

    Who died coz of that wonder goal

    • Duha al mutairi
      Duha al mutairi 11 days ago

      Your mother

    • Witch 1
      Witch 1 28 days ago

      +Woski He died before Ramsey scored. I got a news hours before the match even started.

    • Instinct
      Instinct 29 days ago

      Broski Woski and a commentator called Peter Brackley, he died aged 67.

    • Broski Woski
      Broski Woski 29 days ago

      Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson died after that goal

  • Varun Joseph
    Varun Joseph Month ago +7

    Beautiful beautiful goal Aaron Ramsey. Reminds me of the 04-05 Arsenal. 😍😍
    Please dont leave Rambo🙏🏼 please!!

  • Owen Chambers
    Owen Chambers Month ago +2

    What a fantastic move! Our club is maybe back!

    • JamChArTv
      JamChArTv 3 days ago

      +Taskrrr actually our club is back considering weve been playing outstanding and drew against liverpool

    • Jake Farrugia
      Jake Farrugia 28 days ago

      I mean currently Arsenal are in the 4th only 2 points under 1st place, it’s fair to say Arsenal are in a good state.

    • Owen Chambers
      Owen Chambers 29 days ago +1

      +Taskrrr Look past the score. Look at how the team is playing. It's quick, it's creative, it's dynamic. It's everything we've lacked for the past 5 years or so

    • Taskrrr
      Taskrrr 29 days ago

      Just sounds a bit silly saying your club is back after beating Fulham

    • Owen Chambers
      Owen Chambers Month ago

      +Taskrrr And beat Fulham mate. Gotta beat what's in front of you

    RICH TV LIVE Month ago +26

    Omg what a goal

  • Troopz from the Future

    goosebumps looking back on this