The Best Places to Visit in Nebraska

  • Published on Feb 2, 2018
  • The Best Places to Visit in Nebraska
    From ranches to urban destinations to unusual roadside attractions, this list of best places to visit in Nebraska has something that will delight everyone. Nicknamed the Cornhusker State, Nebraska has a lot to offer. The Nebraska landscape holds some fascinating attractions for those who take the time to explore it, from Chimney Rock to the beautiful scenery of the Sandhills. Lincoln, the state capitol, and Omaha are the two main population centers. The bluffs along the Missouri River in northeastern Nebraska offer natural beauty with miles of densely wooded areas and pristine waterfalls, while central Nebraska’s tall grass prairies and scattered woodlands preserve the state’s homesteading heritage.
    #10.Toadstool Geologic Park
    #9.The Chimney Rock National Historic Site
    #7.Niobrara National Scenic River
    #6.The Cowboy Trail
    #5.Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland
    #4.Ponca State Park
    #3.Scotts Bluff National Monument

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  • Theonlyonestanding
    Theonlyonestanding 26 days ago

    BORING !!!! I wanna go to Nevada and visit the Mustang Ranch 💃💃💃💃💃💃

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    ?????? 4 months ago +2

    I live in nebraska thats why im watching this

  • Dutch
    Dutch 8 months ago

    I dislike cities, but I gotta admit, I love that string of Cities from Omaha through Sioux City, and Sioux Falls.

    • Lemoon 135
      Lemoon 135 3 months ago

      Two of those are not in Nebraska

  • Dutch
    Dutch 8 months ago

    1. Crawford 2. Chadron 3. Harrison

    • Lemoon 135
      Lemoon 135 3 months ago

      Yeah I would love to see a town with a park and about 300 Ford Taurus

  • Steve Vasquez
    Steve Vasquez Year ago +4

    How do you get a chick with a limie accent telling you about nebraska?

  • staredsky
    staredsky Year ago +6

    boring slideshow made from someone having no idea of what Nebraska is, just watching at wikipedia or similar copy and paste, to catch some views.

    • Ana Romanelli
      Ana Romanelli Year ago

      Thanks for your feedback, the video is really informative, no matter if the author inspired from some sources as wikipedia, and the purpose is to catch not some views but many views.))

  • Ana Romanelli
    Ana Romanelli Year ago +2

    Wonderful places!

    • Lemoon 135
      Lemoon 135 3 months ago

      Ana Romanelli I think you meant to post this on the video for Colorado

  • SillyNa Cannada
    SillyNa Cannada Year ago +11

    Kinda surprised Henry Doorly Zoo wasn’t listed.

    • Lemoon 135
      Lemoon 135 3 months ago

      I was surprised when they didn’t list the airport because that means you are leaving

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      Sorry we forgot to mention, thank you for the comment

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    Video Tutorial Year ago +2

    Really unusual road attractions

    RIDHA TAHAR Year ago +1

    Nebraska has had both the picturesque landscape and the features of the modern city