London Boulevard - Mitchel and Gant Argument Scene


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    UBZUKKI 2 months ago

    Any good?

  • MorriseyForever
    MorriseyForever 5 months ago +1

    1:45 Super Hans?

  • CrazyDuckie94
    CrazyDuckie94 5 months ago +3

    Ray Winstone was so scary in this film, brilliant acting, on point for the character

  • Eat This
    Eat This Year ago

    Colin Farrel's 'London' accent is fucking pitiable

  • M.A. Nathaniel
    M.A. Nathaniel Year ago +1

    Class acting !

  • Joe - movies reviews & fun stuff

    Why was this movie not as popular as most gangster films? Very underrated Brit flick.

    • Paul Bradley
      Paul Bradley 11 months ago

      It was very good, but already done in Carlitos Way

    • Eat This
      Eat This Year ago +1

      Joe Granby - movie reviews & some fun stuff because it was a bit shit, pretentious. Could have been great

  • Isaac Jamil
    Isaac Jamil Year ago +2

    Ray Winstone is smoking hot

  • Lonnie Booth
    Lonnie Booth Year ago

    Colin's accent is shite.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago +4

    he should have just kept his irish accent

  • mike prescott
    mike prescott 2 years ago +1

    I didn't fuckin say it!!!!

  • Go Bogies Go
    Go Bogies Go 3 years ago +1

    Camera man nearly fell over!

    • Sausagefest
      Sausagefest 9 months ago

      Go Bogies Go 😂😂

    DDD BBB 3 years ago

    2:45 what is he saying?

    • mike prescott
      mike prescott 5 months ago

      as houses!

    • Moffstang
      Moffstang 2 years ago

      Think he said "You're safe if that's what you mean"

  • Pagan Pilgrim
    Pagan Pilgrim 4 years ago +9

    Jesus. That was intense

  • dark prince
    dark prince 4 years ago +15

    absoulte power acting