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  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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  • Ray Watson
    Ray Watson 3 days ago +1

    "I speak English the language that Jesus spoke". "Were not dumb, I'm just not that interested"

  • Exercise&Relax
    Exercise&Relax 3 days ago

    "That woman is now my wife." Lol

  • Patrice Marie
    Patrice Marie 6 days ago

    ..... My God! ....You got a lot of roll overs ....
    to keep these gigs going! ....... funny stuff!

  • Karen Coley
    Karen Coley 9 days ago

    I am binge listening as we it!

  • penn707
    penn707 10 days ago +5

    Why do Russian men always wear 1980 style track suits?

    • Eldin Salovic
      Eldin Salovic 4 days ago

      Because its a status symbol back in the day that you had connections in the west.

  • Paula Adams
    Paula Adams 11 days ago +1

    It's 7 am and I'm here 😂

  • obbor4
    obbor4 12 days ago

    As long as football fields are 100 yards long, and it's 60 feet six inches from the mound to home plate and ninety feet between bases, we will never adopt the metric system.

  • seo aronson
    seo aronson 12 days ago +1

    you are so funny!!!!

  • Woowoo
    Woowoo 12 days ago +2

    It's very true about us Australians.

    • Woowoo
      Woowoo 11 days ago

      @KingdomKom Well, I agree to a point, however even the many Western nations like the US and Australia are quick to show outrage at human right injustices that occur elsewhere -Syria, Palestine, Rohingya refugees etc, but who are then allowing terrible human right injustices to happen in their own backyard - refugees, discrimination against minorities and not to mention major injustices here in Aust toward the indigenous population. Western liberal countries are quick to judge, but fail to see the injustice in their own backyard.

    • KingdomKom
      KingdomKom 11 days ago

      @Woowoo Point taken on any country's digressions which are at times inhumane and inexplicable, very few countries support the freedom of democracy and human rights. America has a paradox of its colonial inequities and promotion of freedom of oppression. I applaud Australia for its courage and commitment to those same principles, just like the rest of the Commonwealths. Besides the US, what other country is devoted to open society's freedom, and sacrifice national treasure for its existence? Ukraine would be a great example, where NATO is the front line of my example. We share common values of a democratic world, even with its inequities.

    • Woowoo
      Woowoo 11 days ago +1

      @Paula Adams Ha! So true and really just like everyone else!

    • Woowoo
      Woowoo 11 days ago

      @KingdomKom Yeah, Australia has many good things going for it, but some pretty crappy stuff as well ( just like any country and each one to different degrees). I took his comment about Australians judgement as very true, Australia has looked to the US for decades now to try and to shift the relationship with the colonial power UK. But I think at times Australia has gotten too far into bed with the US, hence why it what he said struck me as spot-on.

    • Paula Adams
      Paula Adams 11 days ago

      Because y'all have similar skeletons in your closets. 😂😬

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse 13 days ago

    Merica, fuck yeah!

  • Von Musklaus
    Von Musklaus 19 days ago

    Sorry, but he is a bit irrirating. I don't find him particularly funny ?

  • DeetsterB
    DeetsterB 24 days ago


  • thejasonbischoff
    thejasonbischoff 26 days ago +2

    Any new material? It’s 2019.

  • Han Hendriks
    Han Hendriks 26 days ago +13

    Gaffigan! I'm Dutch and honored to be ridiculed by you. U bent een hele grappige meneer. :-)

    • D Zimo
      D Zimo 5 days ago

      Do you know why Belgian women are so strong,
      They raise dumbels

  • Steve Mclean
    Steve Mclean 26 days ago

    At least Americans are consistently stupid, some Europeans are intelligent, some are idiots. You just don't know what your going to get.

  • Chuck
    Chuck 27 days ago

    I’m often ashamed to be American. So many are sheltered cunts.

  • Nate Free K-9 Help
    Nate Free K-9 Help 27 days ago

    Lol 👍🇦🇺🦘✌️🐶😎

  • Ellis Family
    Ellis Family 27 days ago +5

    There are 2 types of countries in the world:
    1) use the metric system
    2) have landed on the moon

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith 21 day ago

      Love it!!

    • AnnoyingMoose
      AnnoyingMoose 27 days ago +2

      1) Most citizens can walk and talk at the same time 2) Have no idea how to prevent daily mass shootings

  • XmanSully
    XmanSully 28 days ago +7

    I know it's comedy but: only three countrys on this entire planet still use Imperial Units: the USA is in that noble club alongside Myanmar and Lyberia. Even the former empire (UK) oficialy uses the metric system for decades now. However, since the USA is the center of the universe, we grow up automaticly switching distances and speeds. As for Farenheit.... why the ***k would you use a system other then the one that determins freezing point as zero and boiling as a hundred?

    • Jered Hunter
      Jered Hunter 4 days ago

      The Federated States of Micronesia uses Imperial units of measurement. They’re a sovereign country the US considers an associated territory. Technically the count is four.

    • john john
      john john 7 days ago

      obviously you've never heard of babylonian mathematics and base 60/12 unit system. There are distinct advantages that the imperial system has over the metric system. Unfortunately we use a base ten counting system. That's the real flaw. 1/3 in base ten =.333333, 1/3 in base twelve .4.

  • James Mack
    James Mack 28 days ago +5

    Metric system..thank God that never took hold....too tough for us Americans!

    • Eric van Bezooijen
      Eric van Bezooijen 19 days ago

      @James Mack Everyone knows that. 231 cubic inches in a gallon, 5280 feet in a mile, 1 horsepower is 33,000 foot-pounds per minute. Easy!

    • James Mack
      James Mack 20 days ago


    • Eric van Bezooijen
      Eric van Bezooijen 21 day ago

      Converting kilometers into meters is hard! But everyone knows an acre is the area bounded by a furlong on one side and a chain on another. Easy peasy!

  • Nick B
    Nick B 28 days ago +1

    Just finished Economics II. The old R rated material was pretty funny

  • Alisa Gossage
    Alisa Gossage 29 days ago +8

    "You should check out our history . . ." Yeah, because Europe never spelt blood in the name of conquest.

    • John H
      John H 2 days ago

      Kind of the all-time world champions

    • Steve Mclean
      Steve Mclean 26 days ago +3

      Do you mean we wrote 'Blood' during numerous invasions?

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 29 days ago +1

    Kilometres? You were up in Abbotsford weren’t you Jimbo, I meant Jim. 😐 Sorry.

  • Murray Gibson
    Murray Gibson 29 days ago +1

    Jim may gaff

  • Nono
    Nono 29 days ago +8

    I hope I didn't pack heroin either.

  • Nono
    Nono 29 days ago +9

    I wasn't taught to hate Russians, but I do travel all over the world and see them everywhere. They seem to scowl all the time and look really grumpy. But it's just a look that they have. Most Russians I've hung out with are a lot of fun and very friendly people. They just don't smile all the time when not engaged in conversation.

    • Jesus Freak
      Jesus Freak 12 days ago +1

      Corey Ukraine 🇺🇦 pride!!

    • Corey
      Corey 15 days ago +1

      I'm only part Ukranian, but I look really Ukranian, and everyone tells me my resting face is a combination of boredom and annoyance, even when I'm in a good mood. I think it's just the facial structure lol

    • Charlie Dillon
      Charlie Dillon 29 days ago

      Eastern Euros the same. Basically people from cold places don't smile as much

  • DreamBeliever365
    DreamBeliever365 29 days ago +17

    The Russians bigotry. Wow, people got quiet. I totally get what he’s saying. Back in the day... it was... Watch out for the Russians. He makes total sense. Lol

    • white vanilla
      white vanilla 13 days ago +2

      Russians aren't that bad tho. They are just normal people like us. Muslims are the ones we have to worry about now lmao

    • Eric van Bezooijen
      Eric van Bezooijen 21 day ago

      Just keep them away from vodka and your elections :)

    • Aramonde Hasashi
      Aramonde Hasashi 26 days ago +2

      The Red scare has come back if you watch the news.

    • DreamBeliever365
      DreamBeliever365 28 days ago

      Piano chords for EDM tracks Russia is unpredictable and likely has a chip on its shoulder. Back when I was a kid, we were nearly in a world war, it seemed. Very nervous about that.

    • Piano chords for EDM tracks
      Piano chords for EDM tracks 29 days ago +3

      Same thing here in Finland

  • ReaganPatriot
    ReaganPatriot Month ago +3

    “Still there “...😂😂😂😂

  • Sheila Gebhardt
    Sheila Gebhardt Month ago +12

    Thanks for keeping it classy! We love you!

  • thejasonbischoff
    thejasonbischoff Month ago +1

    Ah ah ah ah....

  • thejasonbischoff
    thejasonbischoff Month ago +1

    Do some African jokes.

  • Criss Gerwing
    Criss Gerwing Month ago +4

    Jim I like watching you work. Not just your voice...your facial expressions are so funny. 500 kms × 6 = 300 miles. Yes we in Canada sometimes like you folks. I have to say that I have family down there.

    • IWillSurviveTheHighFive CauseIAmResilient
      IWillSurviveTheHighFive CauseIAmResilient 29 days ago +1

      Yeah I don't mind Americans either. Many of the tourists I've met here in Toronto are generally well-behaved and courteous. I think Americans lose it when they travel to countries where they don't speak English. I was in Italy with family just over a decade ago and, man, were the American tourists rude, loud, and whiny. And it wasn't just one person/family. These were different Americans in different cities. The frustration was visible.

  • 241Tsunami
    241Tsunami Month ago +4

    I’ve been watching this video for like 5 min and it is frozen in time as the most racist video on the Dutch , without the Dutch you would have no TV , no radio , no electricity , no windows , no shoes and no English language . The Dutch created all those back in the 1500’s . There was a large war that broke out and they won again so they decided to share their goods and their inventions . It’s something everyone can be happy about . Tell 10 friends and then send back to me also to prove you care about me also .

    • 241Tsunami
      241Tsunami 11 days ago +1

      DB Montgomery , yes , all true but butter prices have been rising and thereby cake will cost more . It matters not the country apart from praising (it) . If it were not for Dutch licorice there would be no roads either as the colouring agent is from licorice and they invented it and have large fields of it .
      This is all insider info so please keep it to yourself . Can you imagine if butter prices rise and no more cake ? Can you imagine no more roads as they can’t get the materials ?
      Like wise we both know the global embarkation process to monetize non Dutch palates has led to many large scale spin off benefits that would have otherwise never come about . It’s the shallow people that like to keep the honour to their country when in fact theft was never legalized so that nullified their intent as being honest and forthright.
      Jim knows all this stuff and that’s why he is such a success , he knows how to keep it under wraps and allow bits and pieces out with perfect precision . He owns many Dutch butter farms btw.

    • DB Montgomery
      DB Montgomery 12 days ago +1

      I have Dutch ancestors and they used to watch TV that was powered by their windmills back in 1502. I think they personally invented the English phrases “whatchu talking about Willis” (short for Wilhiem) and “ remote control “ ( a wooden shoe with a radio circuitry in it.)

    • DeathBeforeDecaf
      DeathBeforeDecaf 29 days ago +1

      Not true. But good to know the stereotype about the Dutch is true. How's the butthurt?

    • David Findle
      David Findle 29 days ago

      Lmao...stfu and go make some wooden shoes..bork bork

    • gralno
      gralno 29 days ago +5

      Tv in the 1500’s???

  • hello beauty
    hello beauty Month ago +3


  • JimElford
    JimElford Month ago +22

    Everytime I walk through the airport metal detector I feel like Arnie in Total Recall, any moment they're gonna detect my gun THAT I DONT HAVE.

    • Chicken Chauffeur
      Chicken Chauffeur 29 days ago +2

      two...weeeeeks......twooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! GET HIM....HER!

  • X Marks
    X Marks Month ago +14

    Do I have HotPockets on me ? 😱

  • X Marks
    X Marks Month ago +61

    Can I bring HotPockets on the plane ?

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 Month ago +9

    We spy on allies. Have 800 military bases around the world and constantly start wars in other countries. When we are not going to war we are using cia to overthrow governments we don't like. But yea, we are not dumb, just not that interested in your country...unless we wanna steal something you have, lol.

    • TheTraffic247
      TheTraffic247 25 days ago +1

      @DeathBeforeDecaf seems like you got rammed with one yourself. Stop being such a sensitive little snowflake.

    • DeathBeforeDecaf
      DeathBeforeDecaf 29 days ago

      Got a pole up your ass? What a buzz kill

    • TheTraffic247
      TheTraffic247 29 days ago +1

      @Noah Spurrier depends on the type of party.

    • Noah Spurrier
      Noah Spurrier 29 days ago +1

      TheTraffic247 - you must be fun at parties.

  • Dallas Du Toit
    Dallas Du Toit Month ago +23

    Never fails to improve my day

  • Mary O
    Mary O Month ago +26

    "Bjorn Borg, Bjorn Borg..." 🤣

    • Paula Adams
      Paula Adams 11 days ago

      I'm still 😂

    • Doctor Smith
      Doctor Smith 29 days ago +1

      @Mary O

    • Mary O
      Mary O 29 days ago

      @DeathBeforeDecaf - Bork! Bork! Bork!

    • DeathBeforeDecaf
      DeathBeforeDecaf 29 days ago +2

      Sounded like the Swedish chef from the Muppets 😉

    • Pete Kondolios
      Pete Kondolios 29 days ago +1

      @Doctor Smith
      That's gold DS,gold !

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain Month ago +30

    It's based on tens...

  • christine beaudoin
    christine beaudoin Month ago +13

    You have a gift!

    • hxion
      hxion Month ago +2

      Caliente pocket

  • Major blitz
    Major blitz Month ago +201

    Dude at some point you have to quit posting so I can get back to work.

  • Sweet& Kind
    Sweet& Kind Month ago +54

    Big Fan of Jim Gaffigan!!He's funny as hell😄😂with his stand up,and he's acting in more movies these days.The movies he acts in are perfectly suited for his personality,Jim is really an amazing comedian and actor!!👏👏💖

  • Henry Dolle
    Henry Dolle Month ago


  • daonlyrainsolo
    daonlyrainsolo Month ago +4

    Numba one