Can you pay for a better meme?

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • In this video i pay strangers to make funny pictures(AKA MEMES). I got less than i bargained for..somehow. I think the next experiment should be something specific. These guys need something to work off of.....
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 984

  • Barck Obama
    Barck Obama 4 hours ago

    U look like my nigerian uncle who wants my adress to visit me

  • Angie Bird
    Angie Bird 11 hours ago

    I don't remember you *-.*-

  • Angie Bird
    Angie Bird 11 hours ago

    Have we met?

  • ComfyCorgi
    ComfyCorgi 12 hours ago

    so you got an editor that uses ost from hentai games on your videos, hell yeah

  • Videos Undamaged
    Videos Undamaged 15 hours ago

    So you’re just copying davie504 now?

  • M W
    M W 18 hours ago

    Please keep the stache!

  • Ashura_
    Ashura_ Day ago

    0:14 hello *GAY*

  • theslasher2 YT
    theslasher2 YT Day ago

    Ompaville vs idubbz

  • Poofer Slayer342

    Ok daddydubbz

  • El jitomatero
    El jitomatero Day ago

    That chick totally riped you off, get a refund and send her to slavery

  • john Vicaire III
    john Vicaire III 2 days ago

    I like how it ends

  • Hrvoje Tonkovac
    Hrvoje Tonkovac 2 days ago

    Please shave your mustache

  • Doran Clerinx
    Doran Clerinx 2 days ago

    why did that 14 year old girl sent you a bukkake

  • Doran Clerinx
    Doran Clerinx 2 days ago

    Dude..I just think that that comedian guy the picture was stolen and its just indian people making freeking bad memes..Ugh I cringed so hard at these its amazing. Im going to amke one righ tnow lol I can do this shit for that money

  • Dingo69
    Dingo69 3 days ago

    Maybe like two were good, you got ripped the fuck off tho

  • Eden
    Eden 3 days ago

    The mustache is good, but your new hair, god I hate it. Why would you shave it into that shape?

  • Maddy R
    Maddy R 3 days ago

    I miss your hair you goddamn psychopath

  • ZombieMiezz
    ZombieMiezz 4 days ago

    I like Life in Jars.

  • SoulTeacher437
    SoulTeacher437 4 days ago +1

    ian with a mustache is really weird to me, i love it, but i remember before he had it.

  • Павел Коровин

    Your moustache is the meme, you idiot cringe lord. Jesus loves you.

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone 4 days ago

    "This is bad ass! I'm gonna be remembered for this..."
    (lanky bouncing with semi-rigid floppy arms)

    Yeah, Ian. I'll remember.

  • imicca
    imicca 4 days ago


  • Lilly like da flower

    This is like the onion outsourcing thing but with memes

  • O K A Y
    O K A Y 5 days ago

    432k likes for iDubbbzTV

  • Dr. Doof
    Dr. Doof 5 days ago +3

    These were the most wretched, vile, half-assed, excuses of comedy my two eyes have ever had the displeasure of looking upon.

  • Metal Face
    Metal Face 5 days ago

    Where's the fishing channel bro

  • frankie.
    frankie. 5 days ago

    ok boomer

    Make that $$$$$

  • Henrik
    Henrik 5 days ago

    10:09 *When you are really fucking scared of stars*

  • andimax1030
    andimax1030 6 days ago

    "My audience is a bunch of edge lords" Smears wiped cream in face. Now that isnt funny REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Josef Mengele
    Josef Mengele 6 days ago


  • ghost_torik
    ghost_torik 6 days ago

    he got 7.77 mill

  • That Guy With The Stuff

    Okay but why does Idubbbz in the thumbnail looks so much like Janice Griffith in the thumbnail of “Janice Griffith is a badass sorority queen?” Anyone???

  • Ethan Laing
    Ethan Laing 7 days ago

    Thanks Iduubz, you helped me survive testicular cancer

  • Rory Corrigan
    Rory Corrigan 7 days ago +1

    This has adds ffs 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Soares De Souza

    this was a total waste

  • Joker FTW
    Joker FTW 7 days ago

    He looks a lot like Gus Johnson or a pedophile

  • Jaimee Brooks
    Jaimee Brooks 7 days ago

    I swear to god you are my ex boyfriend’s doppelgänger. You look and sound just like him, your body type. It’s insane!!!!!!!!! Ryan Wolanski is his name.

  • itsjustajk kid
    itsjustajk kid 8 days ago

    Ay jesus here like this comment for forgiveness

  • Melissa Moore
    Melissa Moore 8 days ago +3

    It's been a while since I've watched ur videos and I guess the captain really does go down with the ship

  • ceren
    ceren 9 days ago +2

    1:46 just made my day

  • life just great
    life just great 9 days ago +1

    11:13. yep life is juuust great

  • life just great
    life just great 9 days ago +1

    Life's great 👍.😸

  • Cassie Hogan
    Cassie Hogan 9 days ago

    If anyone likes premium Snapchat add manicmess_22. You won't regret it!

  • SSS
    SSS 9 days ago +1

    Why do you waste money on this? We don't deserve it.

  • David Bray
    David Bray 9 days ago

    You know the "zany" intro skit at the begging of content cops?
    That's what this entire fucking video felt like, but without the "what we do here is go back" song.

  • Raoul Ceasornicarul
    Raoul Ceasornicarul 9 days ago


  • Michael Mackinnon
    Michael Mackinnon 10 days ago

    Ian, get that thing off your face.

  • Stardust Valgulious
    Stardust Valgulious 10 days ago +1

    Why does it sound like Ian is being sarcastic all the time?

  • Dante Chappell
    Dante Chappell 10 days ago

    Pewds 2.0

  • JustAFellowMemer
    JustAFellowMemer 11 days ago +11

    He isn’t as funny because TVclip has got more strict just post on porn hub it’s simple

    • Chris Pryor
      Chris Pryor 8 days ago +1

      His new humor his so fucking funny because it’s shrouded in so many layers of irony and sarcasm, his old stuff was just “I said edgy thing haha”

    • Lily h
      Lily h 9 days ago

      JustAFellowMemer idk his new content is still very funny

  • Communist chameleon
    Communist chameleon 11 days ago

    Yesterday’s leftover Jews

  • Boorka
    Boorka 11 days ago +10

    It's sad that he actualy paid for some shitty memes that were probably stolen from reddit.

  • Koarina
    Koarina 12 days ago

    get your money back.

  • Rafa4tw _
    Rafa4tw _ 12 days ago

    Yoo whats the video of maxmoefoe and the tennis racket? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Craphead cart
    Craphead cart 12 days ago +1

    I feel like you should have a guy hiding in the closet for one frame. Just barely peaking out.

  • Sinnsss
    Sinnsss 12 days ago

    Sksksks crap content unsubscrided jk

  • Sinnsss
    Sinnsss 12 days ago

    Love you En

  • Sinnsss
    Sinnsss 12 days ago

    Then you can make videos about your child aka content crap

  • Sinnsss
    Sinnsss 12 days ago

    So i can make memes for it

  • Sinnsss
    Sinnsss 12 days ago

    Ian make a baby