• Published on Oct 10, 2017
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Comments: 1 340

  • Casey Holmes
    Casey Holmes  2 months ago +1282

    Yes my brows are bad in this video.. they’re too dark and lets be real I just gave up on them washed it off and did a bomb wedding makeup look afterwards so I’m okay with it. 😂 Also- for those upset that I didn’t like these products- I don’t lie. I was very disappointed in the quality because I had high hopes. I don’t have a problem with affordable makeup. I use it all the time .. I will not lie and say something is good just because I’m worried people will be upset. Feel free to buy these and try them out yourself if you don’t believe me! lol I’m here to be your spender so you can save. Hope everyone else enjoys the video ❤️

    • Chloee Peeters
      Chloee Peeters 22 days ago

      Casey Holmes I think u blend ur eyeshadow too much no offence x

    • Bayley Atkinson
      Bayley Atkinson 27 days ago

      Dennis Jordan i hardly ever wear makeup and guess what! My complexion isn't even at all. i still have acne spots! WOW?! Insane right?!?!

    • Shanon Thomas
      Shanon Thomas 29 days ago

      Love your honesty! Please, never change! XOXO 😘

    • whatever i guess
      whatever i guess Month ago

      Atomic Bomb Agree with everything you said!

    • Lola_gutierrez49
      Lola_gutierrez49 Month ago

      Casey Holmes I really want an update on the powder I'm on the fence about getting it

  • Elii Santana
    Elii Santana 3 days ago

    I got frustrated by just watching 😑... I would've got a hammer and break that makeup

  • Jill MacDougall
    Jill MacDougall 5 days ago

    “guys buy these lashes!!!!!” *doesnt tell us the brand or link them anywhere* lmao casey

  • Kylie 100
    Kylie 100 6 days ago

    I think the both eyeshadow palettes looked great on you

  • PositiveVibes ASMR
    PositiveVibes ASMR 7 days ago

    In my opinion I think the dupe of the Huda beauty and Kylie palettes are worth it because both of them together are only around $20-$21 but the real Huda beauty and Kylie palettes together are over $100 (not sure of the exact prices) and the only difference is the colors in the dupe palettes arent the exact same color as the real ones but they are just as pigmented. That's just my opinion I would rather spend $20 than $100.

  • Monnette Mullenix
    Monnette Mullenix 8 days ago

    What was the name of the powder?

  • Dijah zebida
    Dijah zebida 9 days ago

    she reminds me of an older alissa violet

  • Hailey Divitaris
    Hailey Divitaris 9 days ago

    Does anyone think she fucked it all up when she put it underneath?

  • faith schaffer
    faith schaffer 9 days ago

    Those products don’t look as bad as your making them seem but it looks good

  • deliama100
    deliama100 9 days ago

    You remind me of zoey from zoey 101

    • Molly
      Molly 5 days ago

      Lmao I always thought that too!

  • Emily Lipscomb
    Emily Lipscomb 9 days ago

    I use the same highlighter pallet!! It’s so good

  • Chloe Butcher
    Chloe Butcher 9 days ago

    What were the lashes?

  • Meriah M
    Meriah M 9 days ago

    That foundation looks so good on your skin

  • quds x
    quds x 10 days ago

    u look like Brittany spears

  • Destiny Barnes
    Destiny Barnes 10 days ago

    Your videos are so boring

  • Nahed Zikry
    Nahed Zikry 10 days ago

    You spent freaki’n 11 minutes on eyeshadow and then say it’s a miss like what’s wrong with you

  • Samantha Kwait
    Samantha Kwait 10 days ago

    I'd like to know if any of these products end up becoming regulars in your makeup routine or if you just kinda wasted your money and never used them again

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 10 days ago

    It's literally December and you haven't posted the products.

  • Khloe Ochs
    Khloe Ochs 10 days ago

    Your being so rediculus like it’s amazon make up it’s not high quality make up

  • Brody St.Brice
    Brody St.Brice 10 days ago

    These are fake as you can see from the title 😂😂😂 she acting like she was supposed to expect somthin great

  • Ary Rosa
    Ary Rosa 10 days ago

    i have zero coins... but im kinda glad i cant afford anything, all my makeup was gifted to me (Im 15 i dont have a job yet) because I learn how to finesse with makeup, and I'm really into it. I want to do great things in the future with makeup, I strive to work on runways, and even create my own makeup line. One day when I pick up a better product, It's gonna be so much easier just because I don't have to finesse as much. And I say "when" because I'm determined enough I know I will be succesful with what I want to do. If my parents let me I would already be trying to do things with makeup.

  • Kayla juarez
    Kayla juarez 10 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks like Britney Spears ?😱

  • Kaitlyn Kime
    Kaitlyn Kime 10 days ago

    You remind me of Britney Spears

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez 11 days ago

    I loooove Elizabeth Mott powders!!! What up Beaches is really similar to the Balm Bahama Mama. The Show Me Your Cheeks blush is an amazing cruelty free & vegan replacement to Nars Orgasm!!!!

  • Rexy Santiago
    Rexy Santiago 11 days ago

    Damn you look so wasted with that eyeshadow look lol

  • Emilia Borrero
    Emilia Borrero 11 days ago

    get over yourself omg its not the end of the world

  • Rei Noelle
    Rei Noelle 15 days ago

    She looks like Alyssa violet so much

  • The real lady K
    The real lady K 16 days ago

    Man I was really hoping that the eyeshadow palettes were gonna work and I was having high hopes for it but man it looked terrible anf I've seen the reviews of it anf I thought it was gunna be good expectally on the huda beauty " dupe " one and now I'm not gunna get it since I've seen be used live thank you Casey.

  • DiscoveryOfSelf
    DiscoveryOfSelf 17 days ago

    I got dupes of both the kylie and huda pallets and they were amazing! I got them off ebay though. Amazing pigment and colour with no issues. I paid $6.85AUD for the huda pallet and $6.70AUD for the kylie pallet. I think with dupes it is a very hit and miss type of situation.

  • iiCxdarPrixt MSP
    iiCxdarPrixt MSP 17 days ago

    She is clearly over exaggerating this. The makeup from amazon is very good. Y’all are used to $500 makeup. If you were born in my family, you’d be getting amazon makeup. If you asked for a Kylee Jenner makeup, welp, you would end up in your room.😒

  • paranormalkaylee
    paranormalkaylee 20 days ago

    "it just look like a cheap eyeshadow in my opinion" because it is .....

  • Bethany Wright
    Bethany Wright 22 days ago

    What the hell was that ending? Anyway, I think the people that aren’t super into makeup and have no experience with high end products will enjoy these more, especially the shadows. Someone that doesn’t have much experience using highly pigmented, well made eyeshadow probably won’t think anything about the way they blend.

  • Dee Liteful
    Dee Liteful 22 days ago

    I love watching your channel, but why do some of you gurus say “If you wanna see how I did this look, keep watching”?
    I’d think it was obvious we wanted to see the look or else we wouldn’t have clicked on the video lol.

  • Brooke Mccarter
    Brooke Mccarter 22 days ago

    I have that concealer pallet and I’m 13 and it is a really nice pallet for how young I am

  • Cassie Chapa
    Cassie Chapa 23 days ago

    So you told us about the lashes but never said where to get them lol

  • Astrid Wolfe
    Astrid Wolfe 25 days ago

    I feel like you were being highly judgmental on the eyeshadow. I was impressed for $10 off Amazon. I think all of this was rushed and you didn't give a real review. No hate intended, I'm just pointing these out!

  • MakeupbyChinky
    MakeupbyChinky 25 days ago

    I have both the beauty glaze and flossy palettes as dupes. I actually like the BG one and the pigment from my flossy palette is amazing ! Got them from AliExpress tho

  • Lan Poeschl
    Lan Poeschl 26 days ago

    I love your reviews and I think they are very helpful. Can you review one of the new Morphe palette? Like the 3502 or Dare to Create palette?

  • Angie Rodriguez
    Angie Rodriguez 26 days ago

    I love the Sacha powder!! It’s so good, literally one of the best powders me and my classmates tried in makeup school, the darker shade too, it feels so smooth

  • Emory Franco
    Emory Franco 26 days ago

    you should do half of your face with high end and the other half with dupes

  • Esmeralda Cortez
    Esmeralda Cortez 26 days ago

    I kinda stopped watching for a little but youre skin looks better!!! Love you!

  • Lucy Rios
    Lucy Rios 26 days ago

    uhh am i the only one noticing that she didn’t take the eyeshadow swatches off her fingers before putting on the primer??? LMAO WTF

  • AmberPandaaa
    AmberPandaaa 27 days ago

    You say it ain’t showing up on your eye then when it does you moan like wtf

  • Palma Tago
    Palma Tago 27 days ago

    You should totally do a jessica Simpson inspired makeup tutorial! You look sooo much like her!

  • Lisa Bradford
    Lisa Bradford 28 days ago

    Sure wish I knew the brand of the lashes

  • Argery Valerio Arguedas

    I never use concealer after foundation mainly because it doesn't work for me and it doesn't look natural at all. Bobbi Brown 😉

  • CarriexCash
    CarriexCash 28 days ago

    What was the brand for the lip colors?

  • Sophia Luppino
    Sophia Luppino 28 days ago

    Hi can I be friends with you?? You are a doll

  • lara 90
    lara 90 28 days ago

    u got what u paid for like,,,, what did u expect

  • Elaine Kim
    Elaine Kim 29 days ago

    U should check out ShopHush they have a clear dupe of the Huda palette and i heard its good

  • Ilana D'Agostino
    Ilana D'Agostino Month ago

    i got the same palette (the dupe for the Kylie palette), but i got one that was only $2.39 and it was amazing. it looks identical to the real one and the quality is unreal. i guess it really depends on which one you get😕

  • Shannon brown
    Shannon brown Month ago

    You paid $10 for an eyeshadow palette stop complaining! Your going to get what you've paid for! Obv it's not going to be as good as the huda beauty palette that's cost a hella lot more! And stop saying it's gone! It's not gone! It's still on your eye!

  • Heather Elyse
    Heather Elyse Month ago

    I love how positive you were with each shade at first but then you tried it and it was horrible. LOL you never gave up trying....so glad you did this video. It its great for people to know, especially with the holiday season coming up! The mission should be to find good quality eyeshadow on Amazon

  • Patty's Secret Pleasures

    I am watching ur videos can u plz tell me everything you put on your face after the foundation you talk about concealer, and some other things thanks

  • Haillie Ryan
    Haillie Ryan Month ago

    You know what I think it was the eye primer that made your eye look so bad (sorry lol)

  • Danielle Denton
    Danielle Denton Month ago

    Love videos like this

  • ItsJasmineJoy
    ItsJasmineJoy Month ago

    what were those first lashes?!?!! 😍😍

  • Ons Farhat
    Ons Farhat Month ago

    Lol you are very funny! Looovee the video!

  • Ashton Dellinger
    Ashton Dellinger Month ago

    People seriously get too upset about stupid stuff. It's her opinion... chill. Your eyebrows look great, so don't listen to the haters! #snapchatfam

  • Danielle Howard
    Danielle Howard Month ago

    Can’t find the link to the eyelashes x

  • le lo
    le lo Month ago

    Always fun when they don't put links in the description

  • MissBeautyEmily
    MissBeautyEmily Month ago

    That bronzer looks like my perfect contour shade!! 😍😍

  • Tara Myint
    Tara Myint Month ago

    I love your videosss and I love you

  • Hannah Riley
    Hannah Riley Month ago

    It’s amazon, what did you expect😂

  • stacey shantie
    stacey shantie Month ago

    Where to find the name of these products in this video

  • Ada Moua
    Ada Moua Month ago

    I'm not trying to hate but what if cheap (looking) products are what some people can afford?

  • Charity McDowell
    Charity McDowell Month ago

    Honestly, I LOVE this video!!! I think it's amazing how easy it is to SEE the difference in how your makeup looks using these products versus designer or even drugstore products! I mean NO OFFENSE to you AT ALL!!!! I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!! You are the first person I ever subscribed to on You Tube!!! It's hilarious how bad your makeup looks! I'm thrilled that you did this! Thanks for saving me the trouble!!! XOXO, C

  • AmbitiousKittenGaming 01

    I have the concealer palette to, and it works pretty well for me

  • Marchizie catz
    Marchizie catz Month ago

    lol but do you think the population would wear their eye shadow like that with a ton of brushes and transition shades and putting a lot of colors into the eyes??
    generally people would use their fingers or those sponge shits to put it on 😂 and put 1-3 colors only hahaha

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Month ago

    You and jasmine hand could be passed as sisters

  • Desi Erickson
    Desi Erickson Month ago

    “I hate being negative”. The whole video you almost only negative tf😂

  • Whatever I Want
    Whatever I Want Month ago

    Even I could do better with cheep makeup

  • Elli Heath
    Elli Heath Month ago

    How did you know the foundation was long wearing just as you applied it 🤔

  • Nas Sie
    Nas Sie Month ago


  • Catalina Mal
    Catalina Mal Month ago

    does the setting power have flashback???

  • Andi K
    Andi K Month ago +1

    I don’t think the shadows were not that bad, I think you were a little harsh but no shade

  • emily facemire
    emily facemire Month ago

    When she used the foundation primer her face got so flipping red

  • Holly Rowley
    Holly Rowley Month ago

    i got that same concealer pallete from wish and i really liked it

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown Month ago

    What brand is your powder brush?

  • Stranger Things And IT clips


  • Macy Thrasher
    Macy Thrasher Month ago +1


  • priscilla salazar
    priscilla salazar Month ago

    I have the beauty glazed and it is so much better then what she showed.. its probably the primer?

  • Alysa loves you
    Alysa loves you Month ago +1

    Yay I just love watching people complain about things that are actually pretty good. I have seen so many better videos with honest reviews but still being kind. Please try to be a little nicer in your reviews

    Please don't write hate comments I'm 10 and I just want to comment this for advice.

  • Alex Manso
    Alex Manso Month ago

    Sorry hun for the flossy pallet toser ya eye you should have set your eye with a translucent powder so there’s NO COLOR and I quote you said “it’s kinda yellow in the inner Conner and kinda orange over on the outer v” if you didn’t put the CREME COLOR TO SET YOUR EYE AND PUT A TRANSLUCENT POWDER it would have worked better cus again it’s TRANSLUCENT MEANING NO COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Got Tea?
    Got Tea? Month ago

    This made me laugh SO hard hahahahahahaha she was getting so so pissed off about the shadows, I love you 😂😂😂😂

  • Annie Simmons
    Annie Simmons Month ago +1

    You filled in your "eyebrows" where you didnt even have eyebrows 😂😂

  • makaroni cheese
    makaroni cheese Month ago

    she kind of looks like alissa violet am i the only one??

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones Month ago

    Brittany Spears!?

  • Swimmin, Flippin, Katherine

    The second palette looked hot Cheeto inspired😂

  • make_upyourbeauty by Sarah

    You can pay over $100 for a palette and the colors are never the same as in pan. Some of these products look better than high end products LoL people like me who aren't on PR for free makeup have to depend on this stuff lol

  • ruth bruning
    ruth bruning Month ago

    lol I got that highlighter palette in one of my ipsy bags

  • Rochelle
    Rochelle Month ago

    Makeup revolution do better eyeshadow palettes for like £8

  • DayLynn Rayne
    DayLynn Rayne Month ago

    I have this pallet and mine don’t dust away.

  • Sabine Ashley
    Sabine Ashley Month ago

    what brushes did you use?? 💕

  • Elizabeth Trudeau
    Elizabeth Trudeau Month ago

    Omg stop complaining th ats what you get for buying cheap makeup😂

  • Endless Emelia
    Endless Emelia Month ago

    (No offence, could be a compliment) you sound a little like Kim Kardashian!😂😍😍😍

  • Endless Emelia
    Endless Emelia Month ago

    8:37 ... what. Was. She. Picking. Out. Of. Her. Cheek.

    What the actual f**k?!

  • Jocey L.
    Jocey L. Month ago

    Omg Casey's eyelashes are EVERYTHING😍😘

  • Cailey Hillman
    Cailey Hillman Month ago

    whats the outro song

  • Kyrstyn graham
    Kyrstyn graham Month ago

    Wait but what is the name of the lashes :(