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  • Casey Holmes
    Casey Holmes  5 days ago +1002

    Yes my brows are bad in this video.. they’re too dark and lets be real I just gave up on them washed it off and did a bomb wedding makeup look afterwards so I’m okay with it. 😂 Also- for those upset that I didn’t like these products- I don’t lie. I was very disappointed in the quality because I had high hopes. I don’t have a problem with affordable makeup. I use it all the time .. I will not lie and say something is good just because I’m worried people will be upset. Feel free to buy these and try them out yourself if you don’t believe me! lol I’m here to be your spender so you can save. Hope everyone else enjoys the video ❤️

    • Atomic Bomb
      Atomic Bomb 9 hours ago

      hashtagsydney Actually makeup was designed with the purpose of impressing the gods of the ancient, polytheistic Egypt. It was meant to subtly cover imperfections. All eye makeup was standard and designed depending upon standing in the class structure. It has morphed far from its intended purpose. So in honesty, the guy is right. People just don't feel the need to educate themselves on something that could destroy their argument if they don't know it. Like right now for example.

    • Atomic Bomb
      Atomic Bomb 9 hours ago

      Rosie Usborne Just a quick couple of things: First of all, cosmetics were first used in ancient Egypt to do the very thing you claim they aren't used for: impression. Ancient, polytheistic Egyptian WOMEN, wore it to impress their gods. It was a sign of power and they wanted to look their best to maintain an air of superiority. Second, the term "turn off" isn't always a sexual reference. Rather than take the feminist way out and assume "oh god they said a no no phrase," learn to read it context. A "Turn off" is something that can evoke disinterest. Finally, WE GET IT, MALES DO IT TOO. I am a female myself and I just have to say, this "feminist" movement is going to shit if all it is is a victimized poor group of souls who don't know how to actively analyze what they read before they trigger.

    • Atomic Bomb
      Atomic Bomb 9 hours ago

      Casey Holmes It's not a matter of you lying or being biased. It's a matter of you overdramatizing every god forsaken thing. I get you spent a good deal of money but come on, you knew what you were paying for and what to expect. Don't live in the fairy world where a $.00009 palette is supposed to be as good as a $10000 one.

    • Grace Skoczenski
      Grace Skoczenski 12 hours ago

      Can you try out huda beauty’s new faux filter foundation😘😍 love you!!! @caseyholmes

    • Faith Drew
      Faith Drew 13 hours ago

      Casey Holmes no disclaimer needed!

  • Milica Radovancev
    Milica Radovancev 3 hours ago

    Why are you so negative and you look so annoyed???

  • charles scott
    charles scott 9 hours ago

    My only question is do you enjoy BBC. Let me know.

  • Jennifer Patel
    Jennifer Patel 9 hours ago

    I normally love your videos but I found this one super annoying.  The sound of the brushes slamming down and how irritated you were with the products was irritating me.  Why even continue if they suck so bad....I couldn't even finish watching the video

  • Alex Simpson
    Alex Simpson 9 hours ago

    You should try the Aphrodite pallet by bad habits! On the hush website it’s so good!

  • emma
    emma 9 hours ago

    whats thats song at the end called

  • Mariah May Denise
    Mariah May Denise 10 hours ago

    Please please please do another get ready with me

  • Samantha March
    Samantha March 10 hours ago

    Well I got a few laughs! lol - you tried! ;)

  • Kelsey G
    Kelsey G 12 hours ago

    I feel like these shadows would be great for beginners so they do subtle looks (because why would more makeup saver people buy that when they know what they like).... just putting that out there

  • gabbkreiderrr
    gabbkreiderrr 12 hours ago

    I tried the dermacol foundation bc it claims to cover tattoos and I have a couple and I have to cover them up for work.... it doesn't cover them up. So I tried using it on my face so I could at least get my money's worth and I have super oily, sensitive skin and my rosacea flares up super easy... this foundation made me break out SOOOOO bad. My face still hurts.

  • Amber Eubanks
    Amber Eubanks 13 hours ago

    Casey, will you do a updated skin care routine, please?

  • Yarii Iglecias
    Yarii Iglecias 14 hours ago

    OMG i swear after my dogs barked, yours did too!
    I got freaked out for some reason 😂

  • Jennifer Hadaway
    Jennifer Hadaway 14 hours ago

    City color has amazing matte blushes

  • Aubrey Palmer
    Aubrey Palmer 21 hour ago

    ugh. I felt how badly you wanted this to go and I was hoping along with you. Silver lining: It's clear that you can make ANYTHING look good! <3

  • Marissa Tate
    Marissa Tate Day ago

    You should totally do a video of how you edit your videos!!! It would be so interesting and your videos are always flawless so it would be cool to see the process behind that!

  • Mykaila Michelle

    Casey you should buy the bad habits palette dupes!

  • Farah Shahid
    Farah Shahid Day ago

    Awesome you go girl!!!

  • selena duenas
    selena duenas Day ago

    I have that concealer palette & I use the lightest shades to clean up my brows & it's now back I actually like it

  • Kayli Miller
    Kayli Miller Day ago

    **If someone else made this comment I’m sorry for repeating it**
    You should do the same thing but one half of your face with the Amazon makeup dupes and the other half with the original makeup products

  • Maranda Danielle

    Can you do a hair routine video with affordable products? I have noticed I really need a good routine to follow that includes: shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, mask or serums. Thanks!!!

  • kiley.elizabeth
    kiley.elizabeth Day ago

    so here for this video! loved it! xo from my channel to your’s <3

  • Ashley Mangum
    Ashley Mangum Day ago

    I fell in love w that eyeliner about 6 months ago that I went back on Amazon n bought 2 more lol I love it so much

  • Sabrina Douglas
    Sabrina Douglas Day ago

    What brand do you recommend I buy off amazon at a affordable price. @Casey holmes

  • Maegan Mullins
    Maegan Mullins Day ago

    What kind of tape do you use when putting on shadow?

  • Chelsea S
    Chelsea S Day ago

    the makeup revolution pallettes also suck at blending. they all blend together lol

  • kickchick5683
    kickchick5683 Day ago

    Pleeeeeease do a wear test in future videos!'

  • suleima a
    suleima a Day ago

    is it just me or does she look like alissa violet?

  • Raley Wheatstine

    they're not suppose to be the same. maybe similar but not the same.

  • El Mar
    El Mar Day ago

    She looks like a mixture of Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Kendall Jenner 😜

  • Stephanie Alvarez

    U should do this video from Etsy!!

  • Deanna Wagar
    Deanna Wagar 2 days ago

    I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't use a new foundation.

  • Angie Medina
    Angie Medina 2 days ago

    I miss Casey, she quickly became my favorite ☹️

  • Rebekah Burgess
    Rebekah Burgess 2 days ago

    Can you try 3 second lashes? Just seen them on a commercial. Check out. Thank u

  • stefanie gonzalez
    stefanie gonzalez 2 days ago

    Could you please do a look with the colourpop yes please palette. Thanks your the best!

  • Kathryn Patterson
    Kathryn Patterson 2 days ago

    I love that you're always trying new things! You're videos are consistently good, and I 100% trust your reviews! <33

  • Savanna Burke
    Savanna Burke 2 days ago

    wdym it blends away into nothing...i see the color and its amazon makeup what do u expect

  • Kayla Uribe
    Kayla Uribe 2 days ago

    Can you do a morphe eyeshadow palette review!? Thinking of purchasing but not sure yet 😁

  • MyLifeAsBrenna
    MyLifeAsBrenna 2 days ago

    you're 1 out of 2 of the you tubers I NEVER get bored of watching... you could post an hr long video of u eating popcorn and I'd still watch it😂 lmao I love you girl💗

  • Brittany Baker
    Brittany Baker 2 days ago

    Morphe 3502 review please!

  • jackie r
    jackie r 2 days ago

    Hope your event went well today and I'm sure it did!! Can't wait for the launch, I'm gonna go crazy!!!

  • claire sawyer
    claire sawyer 2 days ago

    Hey Casey! I love your videos! What is a good drugstore dupe for Benefit Goof Proof?!?!?!

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 2 days ago

    Rip this vid, just saying haha

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 2 days ago


  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 2 days ago

    Get wrecked eyeshadow!!! 😂 She is just so Savage! I love it

  • Shelby McDonald
    Shelby McDonald 2 days ago

    Casey, please do a review over limelight makeup products!! It is allll over my Facebook and honestly looks crappy but others say different and I know you’ll be honest!

  • Anjuli Rivera
    Anjuli Rivera 2 days ago

    The struggle was real in this video. Lol. Loved the honesty, especially since Amazon loves to entice me.

    JVLUV 2 days ago

    can you do an updated favorite foundations, concealers and powders video please

  • Raquel M Vlogs
    Raquel M Vlogs 2 days ago

    Hey does anyone remember it was a long time ago I forgot what video it was but all I remember was it helps you keep track when your followers are most active and went to post pictures to get the most likes

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 days ago

    Very nice video!

  • Granny Sally
    Granny Sally 2 days ago +1

    Let’s take a moment and admire how adorable her background is for the new season 😍

  • Debbie Tomassi
    Debbie Tomassi 3 days ago

    Oh goodness, what a mess, poor Casey!

  • Kia Yang
    Kia Yang 3 days ago

    Awww daisy girl!😍💘

  • maria shatila
    maria shatila 3 days ago

    At some point..she looks like Jessica Simpson 😵

  • Marrisa Montes
    Marrisa Montes 3 days ago

    Please do a video with the 35O2 palette!

  • Eyeshadowaddict 42
    Eyeshadowaddict 42 3 days ago

    What's the name of
    The lashes?

  • Rachel Devenish
    Rachel Devenish 3 days ago

    I love that eye primer, more so than my urban decay. I have really greasy lids and it never creases.

  • Ciara Oskerson'Hinds

    Review tartes magic start pallets!!

  • Amy Steffy
    Amy Steffy 3 days ago

    This makeup look turned out not very good 🙈 but still love your videos! still fun to watch!

  • Kacey Cmeyla
    Kacey Cmeyla 3 days ago

    Totally random but I just come across your channel and I've noticed that your from GA and y'all are Clemson fans and my husband and I are from around the Clemson area and we're Georgia fans 😂 BUT also we both are stationed up in Fort Drum! Anyways love your videos definitely have a new fan ❤️

  • Amber Guerena
    Amber Guerena 3 days ago

    Bad habbit’s Aphrodite pallet is way better on shophush!

  • Alondra Sims
    Alondra Sims 3 days ago

    I feel that she always do the same makeup. I like her vlog channel better 🤦‍♂️

  • Cassidy Paige
    Cassidy Paige 3 days ago

    literally complains more than anyone i’ve ever met.

  • Katrice Allen
    Katrice Allen 3 days ago

    Is it bad I use the huda beauty dupe pallete?

  • Carianne Moore
    Carianne Moore 3 days ago

    For a newbie to makeup, what powder would you recommend for setting concealer? One that hopefully won't break my bank. As I currently don't wear it much. Thanks Casey, love your videos!

    • logan t
      logan t Day ago +1

      Carianne Moore RMCA no color powder :) it's $12 for A LOT of product

  • Mari S
    Mari S 3 days ago

    Buy the elf mad for mattes and the prism pallets and you got all you need (if you’re looking for something on the lower end of the price spectrum)

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 3 days ago

    Girl, you need to try the primark highlighters! I have mine in brunch club and its one of the best highlighters I've ever used by far. 4$ and blinding !

  • Liane Morejon
    Liane Morejon 3 days ago

    Did you ever end up trying on the lashes? Did they look as great as you thought?

  • maDDmaX
    maDDmaX 3 days ago

    Uh idk about those lashes. Don't get me wrong they're so pretty but The buyer on Amazon states they're 100% real Siberian mink fur....😬😒

  • LoveSheeeeena
    LoveSheeeeena 4 days ago

    Takes makeup off immediately and does a whole new face*

  • Ericka Vanessa
    Ericka Vanessa 4 days ago

    Any small youtubers want to support each others channel ❣️

  • shawna conaghan
    shawna conaghan 4 days ago

    Wish you had tagged the products. 😥😥

  • Marcela M
    Marcela M 4 days ago

    You’re the best! I enjoyed the video! I love how that foundation looks too!!!

  • Mercedes Tennyson
    Mercedes Tennyson 4 days ago

    Could you make a how to self tan and or a tutorial for false eyelashes sometime?

  • Angel Ruth Ashley Smith

    I got the highlight trio in an Ipsy bag and fell in love with it. I’ve always loved the gold color and swatched it next to champagne pop and they’re almost identical. It’s such a good product for how cheap it is. I normally use it to highlight my brow bone. & that powder was amazing!

  • Ferny Carrasco
    Ferny Carrasco 4 days ago

    If anyone's looking for a dupe of the rose gold palette, you can buy the Aphrodite palette by Bad Habit on shophush.com, it's identical, and the color pay off is AMAZING, aaaand it's 10 bucks ;)

  • Stefany Flores
    Stefany Flores 4 days ago

    Idk if it's just me but the Dermacol seemed to really accentuate texture. But that powder made it look much better.

  • Ellamya LaBrie
    Ellamya LaBrie 4 days ago

    You should do another YouTube video with popular products on Instagram and there’s a brand from Walmart called almay and I would love a haul and review on that drugstore brand!

  • Daniela Vazquez
    Daniela Vazquez 4 days ago

    Those eyeshadow are frustrating me just by watching you apply them 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Kiaraivelisse xo
    Kiaraivelisse xo 4 days ago

    Loved the video!!

  • Carly Norman
    Carly Norman 4 days ago

    What is so incredibly appealing about you is how you clearly invest in your channel. You don’t just do the same review on the same PR packages everyone gets. You do your own thing, your own research and put your own money into it. I respect that. I’ll be loyal forever 👌🏼

  • Bruh It's Casey
    Bruh It's Casey 4 days ago

    My names Casey!!! 😆

  • Katt Chaos
    Katt Chaos 4 days ago

    I want that blush. Can you please put the link in the description box? :)

  • Ryan Ceccarelli
    Ryan Ceccarelli 4 days ago

    This was amazing!!!!! You're a trooper.. everything was a hot ass mess but you made it look gorgeous anyways

  • Natalie Gracee
    Natalie Gracee 4 days ago

    I love your background decorations 🍁😍

  • Ashley Blosser
    Ashley Blosser 4 days ago

    Man these products were a hot mess!! Bit you're adorable!! Can't wait for Rosie Daze!

  • Makeup Maniac By Linda

    LOVE how you experimented with all these products 😍

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith 4 days ago

    I literally got that eye shadow primer in an ipsy bag once lol

  • abrie avocado
    abrie avocado 4 days ago


  • Callie Whaley
    Callie Whaley 4 days ago

    That city color highlighter came in my Ipsy bag once!

  • yatzury avilez
    yatzury avilez 4 days ago

    Hey I love that you always try new staff what's the eye lashes name ?? I love them

  • Hillary Brunner
    Hillary Brunner 4 days ago

    The Aesthetica beauty sponge works great for the price on Amazon

  • MauraPoppy
    MauraPoppy 4 days ago

    What’s that brush you’re using to apply the yellow powder all over your face? I’m looking for something like that! 😍

  • Amanii Aguayo
    Amanii Aguayo 4 days ago

    your skin is looking good 😍

  • Emi Shamir
    Emi Shamir 4 days ago

    You did great job Casey you look amazing. Love your videos for years now #oilyskimgirls

  • Spoopy Little Elf
    Spoopy Little Elf 4 days ago

    my hair bleach was processing when I clicked this and now I've gotta wait to see the lips;-;

  • Spoopy Little Elf
    Spoopy Little Elf 4 days ago

    blush is a little to warm to be mauve tbh

  • Autumn L.
    Autumn L. 4 days ago +1

    You keep saying dupe, but I don't think you quite know what it means lol

  • Christina Danniell
    Christina Danniell 4 days ago

    im so glad you did a video like this!!

  • mbowlin1119
    mbowlin1119 4 days ago

    did i miss the brand of lashes?!

  • Serina Schuhart
    Serina Schuhart 4 days ago

    I usually love these videos but this one I got as frustrated as you were