Saints vs. Rams Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • The New Orleans Saints take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 2 908

  • Lorraine Escalante
    Lorraine Escalante 2 days ago

    i hate the saits

  • FOE7
    FOE7 3 days ago

    Where was this rams when 49er dominated them...

  • Jugg Fresh
    Jugg Fresh 5 days ago

    The saints better then the Niners Huh 😂😂😂 And look what the Niners just did to the Rams

    • TheOnlyHumanBeing
      TheOnlyHumanBeing 3 days ago

      They are. Drew brees got injured and They didn't have a game plan with Bridgewater.

  • GenocideGeoff
    GenocideGeoff 6 days ago

    49ers proved to me today that the Rams going to the superbowl was indeed a fluke.

  • Derek Savage
    Derek Savage 16 days ago

    Here are your top 5 reasons to root against the Saints
    1. Saltier than Salt Lake City.
    2. Coaching staff supported Gregg Williams
    3. Drew Brees supports anti-LGBT groups
    4. They reward people who beat their own MOTHERS (Dez Bryant).
    5. So entitled that 500,000 of their fans sued the NFL because of a missed call.
    Any real fan of the NFL would hate the Saints and all their fans.

  • MattVacc 37
    MattVacc 37 22 days ago +2

    So saints how’s it feel to lose your QB and Carson wentz isn’t even hurt yet
    Yeah all you guys get is karma, it’s pathetic honestly like It’s still been a week and I’m still laughing right now because you really got what you deserve all those fans making fun of us now you just get to know how it feels
    Enjoy your 7-9 season
    Don’t care what record we get

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon 19 days ago

      Actually we're 3-1 Sir and We beat Cowboy and Hawks and Rams lost to Bucs... How does it feel to disrespect a team that respected your guys in beating the Vikings?

  • Alex From Earth
    Alex From Earth 22 days ago +5

    The saints have no excuses they got manhandled. You really think if the fumble was scored that would of changed the game lol. Please when have the rams gotten shut down just because of a touchdown. you saints fans are sore losers and delusional.

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon 19 days ago

      @Alex From Earth When we play at home we don't give up 55 Points to Pirates stealing Wins.

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon 19 days ago

      @Alex From Earth Cool it nice to see a team in my division manhandle the Lambs. 3-1 3-1

    • Alex From Earth
      Alex From Earth 19 days ago +1

      @Ice Dragon you need to take a long long look in the mirror. And 27-9 is way more sad.

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon 19 days ago

      Ram Fans are 100% Trash with their Fanbase. Welp CHOW!!

    • Ice Dragon
      Ice Dragon 19 days ago

      Also aged well that Rams aren't undefeated and lost to Bucs at Home 55-44.. Just sad.

  • weakbrainthrombosis
    weakbrainthrombosis 24 days ago

    14:30 2nd quarter rams punt saints player egregiously blocks rams gunner in the back.

  • NinerByNature 88
    NinerByNature 88 25 days ago

    Cant wait until week 6. The monsters thats on the niners D-line is going to be all over Goff like white on rice. We all know, when Goff is under pressure, he makes a ton of mistakes.

  • Chinh Nguyen
    Chinh Nguyen 26 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for brees now :/

  • Likwid
    Likwid 27 days ago

    Ok that was definitely a fumble by Goff and that should of been a td by Cam Jordan.But anyways get well Brees.Rams are a very good team but Im glad that they didnt win the Superbowl last year! Go Saints ⚜️

  • P Nis
    P Nis 27 days ago +1

    Saints in trouble now with Teddy Bridgenigga

  • Darío Diál
    Darío Diál 27 days ago

    Es increíble que vean tanta gente este deporte sin sentido.

  • Tarence Hicks
    Tarence Hicks 28 days ago

    Rams are ass the took an entire half to score 6points foh y’all wont beat 49ers

  • Alfy Rios
    Alfy Rios 28 days ago

    Saints are cursed.

  • 9erboi 1980
    9erboi 1980 28 days ago

    With out brees...a easy win ror lambs

  • Jenner The Skeleton
    Jenner The Skeleton 28 days ago

    Wtf fire these refs they took our touchdown for no reason

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy 28 days ago +5

    Rams own the Saints

  • Enzo Otto
    Enzo Otto 28 days ago

    This doesn't change the fact, that ya'll didn't do squat at the Super Bowl, suckas.

  • Jimbob
    Jimbob 29 days ago

    Whew! The Browns have their work cut out for them this Sunday night. Lord, grant them the strength to endure!

  • Ryan St. Pierre
    Ryan St. Pierre 29 days ago +1

    Rip Saints y’all season over lmao

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 29 days ago

    At least the kicker did his job by making the field goals.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 29 days ago

    When that ball was out, that was a touchdown. Smh. Either way I hope Brees gets better and let’s stick to our QB what we have now. Gotta lot of work to do. Go Saints.

  • novato tornero
    novato tornero 29 days ago

    The Saints failed to beat the Dirty Loser Rams at their house, Taysom Hill came through for Teddy Bridgewater.

  • Mr. Randomly
    Mr. Randomly 29 days ago +1

    Looks like the Saints OL stopped working when Teddy B came in... I’m 💀

  • McGregor Clan
    McGregor Clan 29 days ago

    Dont lose hope my people. Drew may be down but he is not out...except for 6 weeks, But think, Drew returns against the Falcons. Remember, hope shines brightest in the dark

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye Month ago

    Lol kicker has the most points in the game

  • joseph Sinkewich
    joseph Sinkewich Month ago +2


  • Ozair Hussain
    Ozair Hussain Month ago

    Aside from Thomas, the Saints haven’t done a good job of developing their receivers and that showed in the game

  • taco highlite
    taco highlite Month ago +3

    Teddy bridge water is amazing y’all just aren’t grateful with your team like we are and watch out these comments get pretty toxic.

    • cowboysfanforlife
      cowboysfanforlife 29 days ago

      Finally someone said it!!! Bridgewater is the highest paid second string QB in the NFL, and thats not for no reason, give him a chance the saints will be fine for a couple game without Brees, wish you guys the best, GO COWBOYS

  • سلیم کہاں
    سلیم کہاں Month ago

    Those referee seem to be against the saints for some reason. Damn!!!!!

  • goldmovie
    goldmovie Month ago

    nobody is talking about how the refs completely screwed the saints out of a huge 10-3 lead on that fumble?? it’s bullshit that they can get away with WHATEVER they want!

  • Nololo Popolo
    Nololo Popolo Month ago

    Rams aren't going anywhere this yr.

  • Sonic Spammer
    Sonic Spammer Month ago

    Saints defense is looking good. They held the rams offense to just 6 points until about halfway through the 3rd quarter. That's pretty good. They were simply just getting worn out. Saints fans dont worry about your season, you're definitely not out just yet.
    - Rams fan

  • Jayy Nano
    Jayy Nano Month ago +6

    That was a fumble the refs shouldn't have blew the whistle

    • Jayy Nano
      Jayy Nano 24 days ago +1

      @999___888 not if the ball carrier does it if I'm not mistaken

    • 999___888
      999___888 25 days ago

      @Jayy Nano it's not a penalty if he hits the facemask of the helmet?

    • Jayy Nano
      Jayy Nano 25 days ago

      @999___888 that's a stiff arm tho

    • 999___888
      999___888 26 days ago

      Also 9:17 clear facemask.

  • Pouncingpuma7
    Pouncingpuma7 Month ago +1

    Stop skipping important things like Brees getting hurt.

  • Kendo Pilor
    Kendo Pilor Month ago

    Im not a saints fan but damn all these real fans already jumping ship its only week 2. At least it happened now then like week 15 or later and you made the playoffs and hes out for it. He'll be back hopefully around week 12

  • William Murray
    William Murray Month ago

    Rams are good but i believe they will have their hands full with Cleveland Sunday Night🏈

  • Deniz Tarsus
    Deniz Tarsus Month ago

    I switched off the game after the missed Saints TD

  • Josh350
    Josh350 Month ago

    If the Rams would have gone this hard against the Patriots, they might have scored 6 points.

    • Dude Ranch
      Dude Ranch 28 days ago

      Ill admit the Pats have scarier defense than these JV chumps

  • Evan Story
    Evan Story Month ago

    Well our season I over

  • CostFrost
    CostFrost Month ago

    Good job on the kicker of the saints though

  • Colin Barthelemy
    Colin Barthelemy Month ago

    How do people not talk about Brees throws his recievers into getting laid out, some passes into traffic game after game

  • zaubnino77
    zaubnino77 Month ago

    They cant overturn that incomplete pass call?

  • MisteR SiR
    MisteR SiR Month ago

    Saints offensive line is horrible. Every Saints offensive play on here was 3rd and long asf. Penalties

  • Angel Cadena
    Angel Cadena Month ago

    haha. what u butthurt saint fans have to say now lmao. rams is obviously the better team now. n I rly Don't wanna hear any excuses. already hear enough from bears n colts

  • Perkaholic
    Perkaholic Month ago +5

    3 things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and Saints fans whining about the refs

  • Anker Peet
    Anker Peet Month ago +1

    Wish they just used Hill instead of Bridgwater

  • BIG Wayne Gee
    BIG Wayne Gee Month ago

    Now I know why the ref's wear Striped uniforms, perfect

  • Josh Romero-Burgan
    Josh Romero-Burgan Month ago +2

    Rams gotta get gerald everette more involved. Hes a dog in open field

  • Kelvin Mathis Jr.
    Kelvin Mathis Jr. Month ago

    Trequan was flying on that injury play 8:26. Potential to breakout play

  • Trill Troy
    Trill Troy Month ago

    “ a flag is down & so is Bridgewater” 😱

  • Nevin Sneed
    Nevin Sneed Month ago

    8:51 Almost made me run out the house!

  • Geno J
    Geno J Month ago

    No one talking about these helmets, yet?

  • ajman da boss 56
    ajman da boss 56 Month ago

    wow, the rams stadium looks like a college stadium

  • Dalonghair
    Dalonghair Month ago

    Saints vs Rams & Refs part 2

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose Month ago +1

    Wow saints get shafted by refs everytime they play the rams smh

  • Jojew
    Jojew Month ago +3

    The Rams are just better

  • Warkmonster
    Warkmonster Month ago +2

    Saints Bountygate (especially game targeting Favre) ......
    2017 - The Minneapolis miracle
    2018 - The blown pass interference call
    2019 - Brees gets injured


  • Andre Rodriguez
    Andre Rodriguez Month ago +4

    I love Coop's 66 yard run. But I love how Woods runs with him the whole time and block 3 different saint players even more! Team player to the fullest.